Dr Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters 10cl

Scotch Bitters • 10cl • 38%
Product details
Dr Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters
Country Scotch Bitters
Region Scotch Bitters
Distillery/Brand Dr. Adam Elmegirab

Dr Adam Aphrodite Bitters

Named for the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite Bitters are made with numerous ingredients which have alleged aphrodisiacal properties. These include Chocolate, Cocoa nibs, Ginger root, Red Chilli, Arabica Coffee and Ginseng. The bitters are handcrafted and bottled by Dr Adam Elmegirab, and they are perfect in a variety of classic cocktails. They are very spicy, with the coffee and chocolate taking the fore, with notes of sultanas, molasses, and charred oak.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Dr Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters
Excellent - will become your go-to bitters
Fantastic bottle of bitters that add a different complexity to your drinks. Works extremely well with aged spirits, particularly tequila and rum. This bottle is so favoured in my collection, I reach for it before any other bitters.
Scottish M , United Kingdom
5 years ago
Really lovely complex flavours.
Kelly L. W , United States
7 years ago