Dr Adam Elmegirab's Boker's Bitters 10cl

Scotch Bitters • 10cl • 31.5%
Product details
Dr Adam Elmegirab's Boker's Bitters
Country Scotch Bitters
Region Scotch Bitters
Distillery/Brand Dr. Adam Elmegirab

Dr Adam Boker's Bitters

These were created in 1828 by John G Boker. They became very popular in New York and they were synonymous with the "golden age" of cocktail making. They were used throughout Jerry Thomas's book "How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant's Companion" famously known as the first bartender's guide.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Dr Adam Elmegirab's Boker's Bitters
The original cocktail bitters, reborn
It’s wonderful to have an accessible interpretation of the original cocktail bitters. These are excellent in pre-Prohibition cocktails: a good bitterness, with a warm clove note on top.

Do not expect something as versatile as Angostura, but when a cocktail calls for a bitter note, Dr Adam’s Boker’s Bitters are just the thing!
Neil , United Kingdom
one year ago
Really nice tasting addition to a cocktail or a gin or vodka.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
I wouldn’t buy these
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
A taste of history
Original and the best.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Well worth having
These are lighter than Angostura (not a bad thing) & well worth a look - make a great Old Fashioned with lemon & orange twists.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
more complex
Did a bitter tasting and this clearly won. Much more complex and pleasant than other bitters in our tasting. And the bitter flavor is pleasant.
Benjamin D. H , United Kingdom
8 years ago