Linie Aquavit 70cl

Norwegian Aquavit • 70cl • 41.5%
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Linie Aquavit
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Distillery/Brand Linie


A fine Norwegian aquavit aged in a fabulous and unusual manner; Linie is taken in sherry casks for a four month quest, sailing to Australia and back again before bottling. This results in many changes of temperature, speeding up the maturation in a very curious way!

Winner of 3 spirit awards

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding
Aquavit - Golden - 2015
International Wine & Spirit Competition
Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding
Aquavit - Golden - 2013
International Wine & Spirit Competition
Aquavit - Golden - 2014
International Wine & Spirit Competition

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Fish Info not yet available
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Milk Info not yet available
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Reviews for Linie Aquavit
So good on a cold day!
I had a tipple of this in Oslo and loved it. It's a bit much for me neat, so I mix it with cranberry juice and tonic water, over ice!
Excellent service, quick delivery with amazing packaging!
Kathleen , United Kingdom
one month ago
A Winner !
My Norwegian friends introduced me to this years ago . Loved it then and love it now! It was just a shame it’d not available other than online , but my delivery was good and speedy ! Wish I’d perhaps waited as the price has dropped snd you get a free Santa gift now ! :-(
Denise Smith , United Kingdom
2 months ago
Wonderful classic Norwegian aquavit!
A timeless classic. Don’t serve to cold though, just slightly chilled
Måns K , Sweden
2 years ago
One of the finest
Recommended by my knowledgeable Danish friends I have now drunk it for years especially with heering & brod (rye bread) as first experienced at the Copenhagen Yacht Club
Peter R W , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Bought just to try, will buy again.
I’m normally a gin and tonic drinker, however I bought this because I like trying new things and it’s amazing. Really nice flavours, and a nice warming feeling after you drink it. I just drunk it straight at room temperature.
Martin , United Kingdom
4 years ago
It depends what you mean by "room" temperature.
It depends what you mean by "room" temperature. Definitely not the temperature of a modern centrally heated room, but more like that of a cellar, say around 10 degrees Celsius. Putting it in a freezer is sacrilege! It is supposed to have flavour and whether you like that flavour is a matter of personal choice. Ask yourself would you freeze a single malt whisky!
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago
Thank you so much Linie !!
I have Norwegian ancestors and had my first Linie Aquavit in Oslo over 60 years ago. Feeling terrible after being over-entertained by Norwegian business associates the previous evening, at lunch the next day an ice-cold Linie was recommended. Trusting my hosts, I drank it, as advised, in one swallow. It gave the pleasant sensation of a warm explosion in my stomach. I told my hosts that, in fact, I did feel rather better. My hosts advised a second glass “ for the other leg !” After enjoying the second Linie, I was amazed to feel refreshed and clear-headed so that the rest of the day’s business went well and was entirely successful.
Linie’s history has always been an interesting talking point. My brother also enjoys Linie but, having a Swedish wife, he enjoys it at room temperature ! We both also enjoy a good Scottish single malt whisky !
Ron E , United Kingdom
6 years ago
A sip, not a shot.
Akavit is not meant to be consumed cold; this is a common mistake that I have seen in parts of southern Europe and the Americas - the worst thing: people pulling a bottle of Akavit out of the freezer.

Consume at room temperature. Let it rest a bit. Throw a few drops of water in if it the flavor and spice is too intense, but the point is to taste the flavors, not numb it up and shoot it down. I also love it with a single dash of any earthy or piney bitters and a little water, lemon, and honey.

Linie is great - it's a staple and is a good entry for folks interested in Akavit.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Very unique. My favorite shot.
Place the bottle in your freezer--not in a room temperature bar. Enjoye a shot with some good food or sip on it's own.

As a certified single malt Scotish wisky taster, but a rum fanatic, I must say that as a single shot--I prefer Linie Aquavit. In particularly if it is cold outside.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
The mistake of Aquavit
No - You do not sip it or mix it or whatever. Aquavit is traditionally used whith heavy food, such as pork bellies. Drink chilled together whith cold beer, then You will get the full potentional. The exeption is Løytens Non Plus Ultra - that you drink with coffee in stead of Cognac.
Halvor F , Norway
8 years ago