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36 Year Old Grain Whisky

A 36-year-old whisky is like a bridge to the past. Every drop has been quietly developing, gaining depth of flavour over the years. This 36-year-old beverage tells a story, one where time and care have been crucial in creating a drink of distinction.

While single malts often steal the limelight, grain whisky has an important history. Born in the 19th century, when the demand for spirits grew in bustling cities, grain whisky offered a new direction. The introduction of the column still in the 1830s, thanks to Aeneas Coffey, signified a move from traditional pot stills, allowing for continuous distillation. This wasn't just about efficiency; it gave birth to a distinct 36-year-old spirit.

The essence of grain whisky comes from the variety of grains it employs. Beyond the usual malted barley, there's corn, wheat, rye, and unmalted barley. This mix shapes its flavour, which, in a 36-year-old version, is refined and multifaceted.

Using a column still results in a spirit that's cleaner and lighter than what you'd get from pot stills. Over the years, especially in a whisky as aged as 36 years, it unveils a spectrum of tastes, from sweet hints of toffee to fruity and floral undertones.

The barrels used in maturation also influence the profile. For instance, American oak might introduce tropical notes, while European oak tends to lean spicier. But one thing remains consistent: the beauty of a 36-year-old grain whisky and its role in enriching the world of whiskies.

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