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3 Year Old Grain Whisky

A 3-year-old whisky begins to show hints of its maturation process. As it ages, it slowly takes on subtle colours and characteristics from its cask. At this stage, the fresh, lively nature of the original distillate remains dominant. The cask's influence subtly adds depth but doesn't overshadow the core essence of the 3-year-old spirit.

Grain whisky, especially when it's 3 years old, offers a different narrative in the world of whiskies. While single malts often grab attention, grain whisky's story, tracing back to 19th-century innovations, is intriguing. The advent of the column still during this period brought a new dimension to the art of distillation, shaping the profile of grain whiskies.

A 3-year-old grain whisky derives its unique profile from a mix of grains. This includes the sweetness of corn, the mild touch of wheat, the spiciness of rye, and the traditional feel of barley. When distilled using the column still, this whisky stands out for its clarity and alcohol content.

On tasting a 3-year-old grain whisky, one can expect a gentle range of flavours. While it primarily leans towards sweet notes, there might be occasional hints of fruit or floral overtones. This young whisky, aged for just 3 years, highlights the nuanced craft behind blending and distilling.

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