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22 Year Old Blended Whisky

A 22-year-old whisky offers a depth that many find captivating. Over these years, the spirit evolves, gaining a richness and character that stands out in the world of spirits.

Blended whisky combines various malt and grain whiskies, showcasing a balance in the diverse world of whisky. This style is known for its even nature and broad appeal, often seen as an easier introduction than the bolder single malt or grain varieties. The process of blending involves choosing from a range of distilleries, resulting in a flavour that's both intricate and approachable.

The creation of a blended whisky requires careful selection. This choice focuses on the age of the malt and grain whiskies, their flavour notes, and unique aspects. Master blenders, using their refined tastes, blend these different whiskies into a smooth and appealing flavour story. For many starting their whisky journey, blended whiskies offer a detailed yet unassuming taste.

In terms of age, a blended whisky's label reflects the age of the youngest whisky included. However, it's often the case that older whiskies are blended in, adding more depth and refinement. These whiskies are versatile and great for drinking neat, with ice, or as the base of a cocktail.

On the market front, blended whiskies remain popular due to their pleasant flavours and good value, especially when compared to single malts. Their wide availability and variety appeal to many, reinforcing blended whisky's longstanding place in the whisky community.

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