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Belgian 13 Year Old Whisky

At 13 years old, whisky enters a phase of compelling complexity. This extra year beyond a dozen imparts an added richness, crafting a balance of flavours that resonates with enthusiasts across the globe.

Belgium's venture into the world of whisky production, while relatively recent, successfully combines its longstanding brewing expertise with the intricate art of distillation. The country's mild maritime climate, particularly in wooded regions like the Ardennes, sets the stage for the slow and necessary maturation process in whisky production. This allows the 13-year-old whisky to absorb complex flavours from the casks slowly. Distinctively, many Belgian distilleries draw from their rich brewing history, using malt varieties typically found in beer. This results in unique flavour profiles, enriched by the specific fermentation characteristics and regional yeast varieties. In doing so, the whisky captures a hint of Belgium’s beer-making legacy.

Belgian whisky showcases a variety of flavours, spanning from light and floral to rich and spicy notes. The diversity in this 13-year-old whisky is heightened by the innovative use of different casks, including those that have previously contained sherry, wine, or local beers, each adding additional layers of flavour. The spirit of innovation is a hallmark of Belgian whisky makers. They experiment with a variety of grains, extending beyond barley to include rye and spelt. Their adventurous nature is also evident in their cask choices, with a preference for local oak types that introduce a different array of tannins and flavours, setting them apart from more traditional options.

Though it is still in its early stages, Belgian whisky is making a name for itself on the international stage, with increasing exports and numerous awards attesting to its quality. The emerging category of 13-year-old Belgian whisky is a testament to Belgium's deep-rooted brewing traditions, blended with a modern and innovative approach to distillation. This ensures a unique and varied experience for whisky lovers around the world.

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