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Wild Turkey 101

(70cl, 50.5%)
Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101 Details

(Wild Turkey)

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Whiskey or Whisky

What's in a name? Wild Turkey 101 whiskey is called whiskey because it's produced in America. Were it from Scotland it would be spelled Wild Turkey 101 whisky, rather than whiskey.

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Wild Turkey 101 Bottling Note

This bottling of Wild Turkey has been aged for 8 years before coming out of the barrel at 109 proof, it is only diluted slightly before bottling at 101 proof with plenty of pep.
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Wild Turkey 101 (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is quite subdued, yet there remains a beautiful toffeyed sweetness. Notes of toasty oak and melted vanilla ice cream, a touch of zesty citrus and butterscotch. The palate is full and rich with notes of cigar box sweetness, pepper, caramel, or ‘carmel’ should I say? Notes of honey on granary toast with a little melted butter. The finish is long and rich with spice and toast notes.

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User Reviews of the Wild Turkey 101

Capt Ed

I am a 101 drinker since I started sneaking my Dads as a teenage sneak [[I am now 82 years old]]. Rather than all that BS above - just say "It is a Drink" -- or if that is too wimpish, "It is what a Bourbon should be" -- or that is still won't do // you call it whatever you want to and I will let you buy me one. --- How's That?

30th August 2014

Damn good stuff

I'm drinking 101 tonight for the first time in about a year and I forgot how delicious this is. It's fairly spicy at first but after you taste it for a second there's a big sweetness to it. I've been drinking a lot of Knob Creek lately and the dirty bird has a lot smoother and longer finish. For the money I'm hard pressed to find a better bourbon. (But if you want to spend more on bourbon go for woodford)

7th August 2014

As bourbon as bourbon gets. Drink it straight.

The first time I tried some 101, i will say I did not approach with too much caution. Quite the throat scratcher as a previous reviewer stated. This isn't a bourbon that will make you sell everything you possibly own to get a drink, but I must say it is everything you'd expect from a whiskey. Very nice on the palate and the finish is even smoother, and stays. If anyone were to fall back home and say i don't know what to drink, this is definitely one drink that will not disappoint. Many say that buffalo trace is better, but I don't think so. They're very different, yet still hold that straight bourbon feel, and do it with great success. I will say that perhaps buffalo trace does finish a little more pleasantly, but doesn't stay as long as 101 does. Sipping 101 is more enjoyable to me than is Buffalo trace, but both are still fantastic. My verdict, 101 is that kind of drink you need after a long and hard day.

31st July 2014

great bourbon

All you sissies cry baby's and complainers can keep too your crap drinks its a bourbon not a Canadian Irish or blended crap to those of you putting this in the same class as those its bourbon great bourbon...

20th June 2014

Classic Turkey

I am about to open my forth bottle of 101 having been previously nurtured on the lower strength gobbler. This particular 'straight' is pure, clean and a throat tickler. It is one of those whiskies that does not appreciate being watered down or polluted with soft drinks. To be drunk as it comes, hot or cold, pure nectar. It’s difficult being unfaithful to 101 once you have tried it.

19th March 2014

Outstanding bourbon!

A really interesting fellow, so single-malty in the nose. In the mouth you have dried fruits and a cigar. Great finish based on tobacco leafs and white pepper. Elegantly dry in the aftertaste.

1st March 2014


Love it..a bourbon with balls that has the same qualities as the rest with spice....this is not Buffalo Trace...this isn't a gentlemans sippin' whisky, cut it with some soda and make it a great old fashion!

28th February 2014

Outstanding, consistently excellent bourbon

I love this bourbon. High quality ingredients and production process result in a great product that is quite affordable. It beats the pants off that blended crap others drink, such as Jameson, Johnnie Walker, and Bushmills.

20th February 2014


A bit too hard-hitting. Little subtlety. As another user mentions, certainly not as good as Buffalo Trace.

17th February 2014

it is what it is

It is what it is. A strong bourbon that euro water drinkers might not like because it has only seen one oak barrel. Not light by any means. I am wild turkey 101 is what it says when neat.

15th January 2014

50% ABV but smooth enough to sip neat. That's magic.

Raw power abounds but smooth as silk. Fine for sipping, neat or with a teaspoon of water. Big big bourbon taste. This is a must-try. And it's not even that expensive !! I love it.

13th January 2014

I liked it.

My in-laws bought me a bottle of this at Christmas. Personally? My favourite so far. I am by no means a connoisseur but I certainly prefer it to Jim and Jack's various offerings. With regard the previous review: I wouldn't really expect this whiskey to be in the same ballpark as the two Irish and one Scotch whiskey the reviewer typically drinks. Apples and oranges...

8th January 2014

Not impressed

I can only offer this review from the standpoint of having sipped the bourbon over ice. I have not mixed it or had it in any cocktails. That being said--I was not impressed. It's very strong and you start to a buzz after just a few drinks. The description on the label says that this bourbon offers "hints of vanilla ice cream, toffiness, butterscotch with notes of cigar box sweetness". The last part is the only thing that's right--taste like it was filtered through a cigar box--very oaky. I couldn't really find a review before purchasing so thought I would contribute. I typically drink Jamison, Johnny Walker, Bushmills. This is not even in the ballpark.

7th December 2013


Well, I must say its decent. But that's it. There's better in my opinion. Buffalo trace beats this hands down. Still worth a try but I don't see me buying this again.

12th November 2013

Good stuff, get the rare breed if you can

The dirty bird is good stuff, but if you can find it pick up the Rare Breed edition which is bottled straight out of the barrell. It's about ten bucks more but worth it. Although Jesus 42 dollars for WT is crazy. That's 100% mark up from the US prices

25th October 2013

Pure quality

For a well known mass market bourbon, WT is still an amazing product. Very consistent, good flavor profile with a nice spicy rye kick to it. Smooth and easy drinking. A dangerous bird indeed. While I have my fancy single barrels and small batches around, I still always keep a bottle of the bird handy.

25th October 2013



17th April 2013

Best whiskey around?

This stuff is the best stuff you can buy a drink it all the time and it rocks

3rd February 2013

blast from the past

its been 22 years since i last tasted w/turkey. was fortunate enough that santa brought me a bottle for christmas forgot how much i liked it

20th January 2013

Long time favourite

This has been my favourite for a long time, at this price point.

24th October 2012

One major problem...

There's only one major problem with this whiskey and that's this: at this moment in time, it's out of stock! C'mon Master of Malt, I wanted to order some of this!

12th November 2011

Great for the Price

This is an excellent bourbon for its price point. It can be had neat and holds up well with mixers. Recommended.

7th July 2011

best ever

better than jack daniels

2nd April 2011


A very very good bourbon, and at this price- excellent.

19th February 2011

For the price...perfect.

Fort a cheap whisky, this is excellent! Highly recommended.

5th December 2010

Jason Earl Usack

Reminds me of living in a tree house, I loved that summer!

31st October 2010

Ian Harrison Smith

It is a good bourbon no doubt but not the best in my travles at least Mr.Greenwood if u see this than Please Tell me were you have gone

13th August 2010

Mr Anthony Greenwood

The nicest Bourbon I have tasted in my travels all over the world.

25th May 2010

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