Country Japanese Whisky
Distillery/Brand Yamazaki
Style Single Malt Whisky

Yamazaki 25 Year Old

Sought after Yamazaki single malt matured for a quarter of a century! A fantastically complex whisky, aged in the finest Spanish oak, American oak, and Japanese Mizunara oak casks. Yummers.

Tasting Note by The Producer

Nose Mizunara smoky notes of incense, followed by a complex bouquet of mature kaki persimmon and ume plum notes.

Palate A smoky first sip of Mizunara sandalwood notes that open and deepen into complex layers of kaki persimmon subtle sweetness, tart ume plum notes and gentle shoga ginger spicy notes.

Finish nd long finish with Mizunara smokiness and lingering subtly sweet wood notes that remain.

Winner of 5 spirit awards

Best Japanese Single Malt - 2014
World Whiskies Awards
Japanese Single Malt 21 Years and Over - 2014
World Whiskies Awards
Best Japanese Single Malt - 2013
World Whiskies Awards
World's Best Single Malt - 2012
World Whiskies Awards
Best Japanese Single Malt - 2012
World Whiskies Awards

Allergy information

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Cereals Containing Gluten Info not yet available
Crustaceans Info not yet available
Eggs Info not yet available
Fish Info not yet available
Lupin Info not yet available
Milk Info not yet available
Molluscs Info not yet available
Mustard Info not yet available
Nuts Info not yet available
Peanuts Info not yet available
Sesame Seeds Info not yet available
Soybeans Info not yet available
Sulphur Dioxide / Sulphites Info not yet available
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Reviews for Yamazaki 25 Year Old
Intense yet elegant aromas and flavours that pushed me to search out a bottle of my own
I was invited to a dinner with a small group of wine nerds. One of them brought a sealed bottle of Yamazaki 25 to finish off the meal. Needless to say, the 10 of us finished his Yamazaki 25. The aroma was so overpowering that one person from the adjacent room came over to ask what we had opened. The flavours were so intense, yet elegant, and the finish, though not the longest, was more than satisfying. I managed to locate a bottle within two weeks, which I have now hidden away, awaiting the right occasion and friends.
Joseph S , Hong Kong
5 years ago
Billy , Indonesia
6 years ago
The #3 rank dram out of 3
Color: Dark amber, dominant raisin and spice in the nose. Oily, bold, powerful flavors that confirmed the raisin and spice, cinnamon, dry fruits (apricot, coconuts, pineapple, etc.), with a very long finish. Comparing side by side with the other two, this is not as complex and finish is not as long. 93 points. #1 was the Hakushu 25 and #2 was Macallan 25. Sorry.
Steve C , Hong Kong
7 years ago
MR. Andersson
The best a man can get..
Lennart H , Sweden
8 years ago
Japan the best for ever
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Had in Osaka
Had at least 2 glasses everyday for about 3 days on my trip to Osaka. It's $60US/glass at the Suntory Museum bar and restaurant, but $200/glass at the Ritz (go to the former).
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Amazing whiskey
I had a chance to try this a few times on trips to Japan. This is an absolutely fantastic whiskey. The nose on it alone was worth the price (though I've never purchased an entire bottle).
Aaron E , United States
9 years ago
The Dowry
Upon the recommendation of a friend I bought this whiskey as a sort of Dowry for my new father-in-law. Bought it in July and waiting until December to try it.
I'm a Kiwi, with all my ancestry tracing from Dundee, so I like my Scotch. Talisker has always been a favourite of mine, and this 25 in my books compares in quality to the Talisker 10. Thats sounding a bit disappointed for a $1000 bottle of scotch. Obviously it tastes nothing like the Talisker, its very heavy, you can taste the wood all through it, so much so its gotten a bit of a treacley twang, and lost the sharpness of how you'd expect the woody finish to be.

For such an expensive whiskey, I was maybe expecting a bit more. Or maybe a bit less - of a battering ram of a powerful brew.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Absolutely sublime whisky!
One of the best whiskys I've ever tried!
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago
Have you tried it?
Because if you have, you won't be hating...
The predominant note reminds me of Vinsanto, the mouthfeel is velvety with an almost plum-sweet finish. If there is one word that I can use to describe the layers of flavour it would be "synergy". Absolutely sublime.
“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." - Oscar Wilde.
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago