The Macallan Gold - 1824 Series Whisky 70cl

Scotch Whisky • 70cl • 40%
Product details
The Macallan Gold - 1824 Series
Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand The Macallan
Style Single Malt Whisky

The Macallan Gold

This is the new no-age-statement Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the famous Speyside distillery of Macallan. Macallan's new range has done away with age-statements and instead focuses on the colour of the whisky. The concept being that the older the whisky is the darker it will be... Regardless of how true this really is, it's certainly a great whisky packed with assertive vanilla and citrus flavours.

This bottle was part of a private collection - if you'd like more detailed photos just get in touch!

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose This burnished gold spirit presents a lemon citrus nose, the orange peel and an interlacing sweetness that softens but doesn't eliminate the zest. A quiet note of vanilla is followed by dark chocolate - more assertive, yet not overly so - with a lingering floral and light oak notes.

Palate Citrus and boiled sweets rule the palate, along with hints of ginger and cinnamon, while soft oak tones reveal toasted apples.

Finish The finish is medium sweet, malty and slightly dry.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for The Macallan Gold - 1824 Series
Nasty burnt rubber nose - do not buy this.
This was a gift and expected a clean smooth dram from such a big well-know distiller. Unfortunately this was not the case. Tasted side by side with 14 other drams this came rock bottom even compared to a 5yo cask sample.
The nose has an over-powering stench of burnt rubber. This continues a little dampened in the palate. Any qualities here are completely wiped out and it's difficult to see this as anything other than a cynical marketing exercise. I am a fairly tolerant whisky taster but this was beyond the pale.
Aran , Switzerland
3 years ago
I really like this and would definitely recommend. I have two other whiskies in at the moment .. good ones but I will probably finish this first ... excellent.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Apples at a high price
Fresh and slightly spiced apple with a nice rounded finish that doesn’t linger.
Brunaj , Canada
3 years ago
Very pleasant. All those so called ‘experts’ who want to adulterate it with coke or water wouldn’t know a good whisky or whiskey if it jumped up and bit them. They should stick to their el cheapo bourbon
Kevin c , Ireland
3 years ago
OK at Best
Bland and tasteless relative to other scotches. I have drank better tasting Rye's and Whiskey's for 1/2 of the price. If the price was half it would be a good low end Whiskey to mix with coke, at this price- no thanks.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Easy drinking single malt
A lot of 'experts' on here who dont have a clue. This is a nice easy drinking single malt. very good indeed. As I have 73 in my range and have tasted all, I can tell.
James G , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Tasted like grain whisky!
Thin, flavourless, harsh waste of money.
Geronimo , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Average at best
Average at best, not really worthy of the Macallan name.
It's lacking flavor and character to be frank.
I tried this straight and let it air out a little hoping to bring out some flavor.
On the first sip I noticed a little harshness, slight vanilla flavor and definite notes of cherry.
There was absolutely zero finish though. After the first hit of flavor this fell flat on its face and never recovered.

So then I figured I would put it on the rocks and finish a glass with my cigar (Drew Estates Nica Rustica).
Big mistake. Putting this on the rocks pretty much made it tasteless. It was like drinking water.

All in all at the $50 price point you can do so much better than this.
I saddened by Macallan putting this out as their 15/18 years are my all time absolute favourite scotches to drink. I just cannot afford them very often.
Chris N , United States
4 years ago
Great Entry Scotch!
Overall, I really enjoyed this as a good entry level scotch. I am new to drinking scotch, but growing up aroundy Dad, I've had a lot of different tastes over the years.

I understand that everyone's pallets are different, I do enjoy this scotch quite a bit!

I heavily prefer it neat, than on the rocks tho. The chill is nice, but the water from the ice takes away from the overall flavour.

It's sweet, than spicy. Smooth, than bold.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Watery shite. Thin, flavourless, tastes like Jack Daniels after the ice has melted in it. Definitely avoid. If you've £40 to spend you can do so much better - GlenDronach 12, Glenfiddich Solera, Glengoyne 14 - all so much better. I'd take a bottle of the Naked Grouse over this (for half the price) any day.
James G , United Kingdom
4 years ago