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The Macallan Gold - 1824 Series

(70cl, 40.0%)
The Macallan Gold - 1824 Series
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(84 Reviews)
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The Macallan Gold Bottling Note

This is the new no-age-statement Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the famous Speyside distillery of Macallan. Macallan's new range has done away with age-statements and instead focuses on the colour of the whisky. The concept being that the older the whisky is the darker it will be... Regardless of how true this really is, it's certainly a great whisky packed with assertive vanilla and citrus flavours.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: This burnished gold spirit presents a lemon citrus nose, the orange peel and an interlacing sweetness that softens but doesn't eliminate the zest. A quiet note of vanilla is followed by dark chocolate - more assertive, yet not overly so - with a lingering floral and light oak notes.

Palate: Citrus and boiled sweets rule the palate, along with hints of ginger and cinnamon, while soft oak tones reveal toasted apples.

Finish: The finish is medium sweet, malty and slightly dry.

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User Reviews of the Macallan Gold - 1824 Series

Oh dear.....

I have a bottle of Macallan Gold here (a gift) - and after reading all these reviews, I'm not sure I want to open it!!
I know that temptation will win, and I shall open it. Hope it is a decent drink! I'll be back and let you know my thoughts.
Fingers crossed!

19th November 2015

Down the sink...

This is awful. I literally just poured it away. Nasty, harsh, burning.

14th November 2015

Not as I'd hoped....

It wasn't the worst I've tasted, but for $70 canadian, I wish I would have kept my $70 for my dream dram piggy bank. Again, it's not horrible. The nose was almost one dimensional, with your basic notes... vanilla, citrus, etc. I would use it if my regular company would come over. Worth tossing in a decanter and not show off the bottle. This is not to discredit Macallan. The rest are all fine products.

29th October 2015

Macallan gold

Usually the first fill of a whiskey is very harsh and of poor quality. I think Macallan is getting rid of their waste product. What a waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!Need my refund too expensive for a poor quality whiskey.

18th September 2015

Smooth and very easy drinker

Smooth and very easy drinker. It doesn't have a longer lastIng flavour. Good intro whisky for someone new to the world of whisky. This is a whisky for mid-week or if you wanted a catch up with a friend over several drams. I love speysides and the highlands, I would buy another bottle of this but would probably go for a GlenDronach if it was on the same shelf.

20th August 2015


A strong,smooth and creamy whisky. don't understand what all the so called experts are moaning about.
As for North Americans telling anyone about better whisky, nah! i'm not having that.
If you drink grouse stick to it. This gem isn't for you.
Here's tae wha's like us

23rd May 2015

M Chambers

A bit harsh when neat. Much better when 50/50 with water. I prefer the original.

19th May 2015

What a let down

I received "Maccallan Gold" as a gift because I had once had Macallan whisky at an event and it was the best I had ever tasted. Obviously it was a different product. This one is very harsh, it burns all the way down so that I can taste no suttleties. It does warm one on a very cold night but any whisky will do that, even our very good Canadian whisky. I will have to try this with water, something I never do because I like my whisky neet. Such a shame that so much money was wasted on an inferior product.

27th April 2015

Very very disappointed

This is not a smooth rich malt as I remember Macallan. It is positively harsh, thin. I have given it away after the first 2 drams. (The recipient prefers a blend which she dresses up with lemonade). I had selected a bottle of MacAllan 12 year old but rejected it when I found the price was £64. What a serious marketing error the no age statement is, but it is content of the bottle not the label that I judge

12th April 2015

NAS rubbish

Drinking whisky isnt only about pouring the whisky down ur throat. I want information about the stuff I buy. I want to know what casks are used, 1 st fill?, 2 fill? etc, artificial couloring?, chill filtration? etc. I want to know about the distillery, their stills, location etc. It should be painstakely obvious that I would want to know the age of the whisky too.
Hey why dont they remove all labels on all kinds of spirit, mix em up scotch, bourbon rum etc...what a challenge that would be. We can get togehter and guess what we are really drinking...

Dont think so.
Stop the NAS rubbish

2nd April 2015

Isn't life strange

Ain't it funny that so many of those who excoriate this rather nice whisky can spell neither "Macallan" nor "whisky"!

10th March 2015

So it's ok!

I read reviews and was nearly put off because I too do not like trend for NAS on bottles. I took a chance and surprise surprise it's a good dram. Not spectacular however smoothish with a little smoke, nice honey and longish finish. A little overpriced but nowhere near as bad as these reviews make out.

24th February 2015


tried this at an airport bar near Heathrow. at first thought the bartender poured a JW Red by mistake. kept adding water to try to make it drinkable but never got there. MacAllan mailed it in on this one; NAS movement to mass produce whisky resulted in poor quality. do not buy this swill, there's better stuff out there still.

26th December 2014

Mmmmmmmnnn !!

Very good! perfect for a new scotch drinker, I love

24th December 2014

should be rebranded Mac DUFF

Poor taste and weak notes. Entirely poor if I could give it 0 out of 5 I would.

17th November 2014

just not good enough

I'll start off by saying that I've nothing against NAS malt whiskies - Old Pulteney Navigator is a fine dram. I used to enjoy a Macallan - especially the 10yo Cask strength from the distillery and the basic 10 was fair enough but too pricey for what it was. These days, I stick to the excellent Glendronach range or the Aberlour A'Bunadh for my sherried whiskies - far better and much cheaper!

16th November 2014

Mc B

don't like the change to colours prefer the age system if it is'nt broken don' fix it

13th November 2014


Can't really understand the poor reviews here..this is lovely.,fruity, spicy, rich and excellent value for such a cheap Scotch...really smooth finish and the sherry comes through's not amazing but a perfectly drinkable, enjoysble and cheap whisky

21st October 2014

I am

Very disappointed !

14th October 2014

Macallan Bourbon

This isn't scotch...

29th September 2014

Just Bad scotch

I willingly paid $300 for an 18 year old McCallan three years ago. This NAS is just bad scotch. Dec 19/13 poster summed it up the best. It is a vile nose. The taste is better, but really is this what the McCallan people want us to remember? This scotch is actually available at the LCBO in Ontario Canada. I strongly urge any and all potential buyers to avoid this awful abomination. The value is not there and the company has clearly decided to trade on their name rather than building on it. I hope you make lots of money McCallan, you will not be getting any more of mine.

26th September 2014

Has my bottle gone off?

Just opened a bottle - initially, the nose is delicious, well put together, deep and rich with velvety toffee and a load of other good things going on. The palate also does not disappoint. However, after 5 - 10 minutes in the glass a smell and taste that is somewhere between burnt rubber and PVA glue takes over. Really odd and a shame after such a great start!?

15th September 2014

Macallan mastery in a new guise.

I have been a fan of Macallan since I started drinking whisky 30 years ago. This is certainly a different whisky from what I remember, but it still rates in my opinion. What I don't like is dropping the age labelling. Whisky drinkers have spent decades perfecting the understanding of aged malts why make us pay for a blind tasting?

Still, it is the liquid in the bottle that counts and this certainly lives up to the tasting notes.

21st August 2014

As a regular drinker and aka. Alcoholic.

Not too sure why this whiskey should be considered a good whiskey.

5th August 2014

Pure alcohol

as the title says, it's almost as off putting as drinking fuel. I've always been a Macallen fan and luckily my cabinet is still home to over 20 older bottles of Macallen. what a sad shame that Macallen has decided to lower quality standards and raise prices. going in this direction is a clear statement to the North American market that they are only catering to the Asian market... too bad, we North Americans actually care for quality, the other markets can have your crap, send North America the real stuff Macallen.
what a waste of money...

25th July 2014

I've been drinking Macallan for a while...

....and quite like this one, and am a bit surprised by all the negative reviews. Each to his own.

24th July 2014

Fay Sweet

Sorry to say... This is sad, flat, bland and deeply disappointing. It has become increasingly difficult to get hold of a decent Maca... And this isn't it.

10th July 2014

Not the Macallan I Know & Love

Little nose to speak of.
Pallid aftertaste with faint toffee notes.
Does not deliver.

29th June 2014

First and probably the last

My first venture into Macallan after hearing so much about it. Hands down the worst whisky I have tasted. Vicious burn, bland and heartburn inducing. Had to give it away.

25th June 2014

Used to live off the 10yr Sherry Oak

I don't understand any of the negative reviews unless one simply doesn't enjoy the traditional Macallan. For over 2 years I drunk the Sherry Oak Macallan 10yr every day, changing bottles every 10-14 days or so. So I was rather used to the taste. I always preferred it to the Fine Oak 10yr which is maybe what some people here were used to. I was very worried indeed when I heard that Macallan were discontinuing it. Now - I haven't done a direct side by side comparison, and it is certainly a while since I have had the 10yr Sherry Oak. But from memory the Gold is very, very similar to it - and it is a Sherry Oak made using Spanish casks. And aside from how similar it may be, it is certainly a very very fine single malt. Really being dictated to by an age is like following an old wives' tale - like red wine with meat, white with fish.

25th May 2014

The Old Funker

I love a Speyside and always look for a supermarket special offer at £20 quid and rarely break the rule but,I thought I'll treat myself at £30 and now I believe in my £20 rule.It was a waste of that extra tenner as special offer £20 bottles of Speyside are just as good. So i'll keep watching the supermarket shelves.

11th May 2014


I have been drinking Macallan 10 year old for over 35 years, for my birthday my daughter bought me the Macallan Gold she told me she could no longer get the Macallan 10 year old, the store told her it is the same Whisky, well I am very disappointed its nothing like the 10 year old it is horrible,
The problem is you cannot change it once it is open I rang the store and they told we would never had told your daughter it was the same Whisky, but they did tell her, Well Macallan you and the store have lost a good customer

7th May 2014

An delightful entry-level single malt

I found the nose very enticing, but the absence of the sherry influence was noticeable. The palate was nice, but weak, kind of disappointing, unlike any other Macallan I have enjoyed. The finish was non-existent. This would be a nice right-before-bed dram. Nothing to excite your mind or tastebuds, like a warm glass of milk. If you are trying single malts for the first time, this is the scotch for you. If you’re an experienced scotch drinker, I see no reason----other than curiosity----to purchase The Macallan 1824 series Gold single malt....allan

30th April 2014

Macallan Gold

Interesting how many people have got flawed bottles of this stuff. Having now tasted a non flawed (or at least, less flawed, because despite being thin there was a highly unpleasant ethanol burn) sample, it's nothing to write home about at all. Glenfiddich and Glenlivet do floral, delicate, smooth whiskies very well for much less money. If you've got £35 however, you are spoiled for choice of better malts for consistent quality, feel, taste, and even snob cachet.Junk.

20th April 2014

Avoid the band wagon

I understand reasoning for bad reviews HOWEVER....its truly a sweet, smooth and creamy whiskey. Don't jump on the popular band wagon of hating this whiskey because it is a "no age statement" whiskey. It is very tasty, very rich, and I truly enjoy it. I have been enjoying Scotch whiskey for many years and take reviews rather seriously. It was a rather uneducated branding move for Macallan, however the taste is enjoyable. Drink up! Slainte

18th April 2014

Macallan Gold

In my opinion this is one of the smoothest whiskies have ever tasted. What planet are these so called experts living on. This, I found, was the perfect finish to a good meal. The rich, sweet after taste lingered for many minutes. I detected a hint of honey or some similar additive which made the whisky stand out from its rivals. Well done Macallan for providing something a little different. The absence of an age indicator was not a factor in forming an opinion. Moreover, the price was very competitive.

16th April 2014

nice finish

I have been drinking a bottle of this (in Canada:) for the past 2 months or so. I understand and respect the poor reviews of this Whiskey. Having tasted the 10, 12, 15 and 18 a number of times I have to agree this does not live up to the well established name of "Macallan". However, I really enjoy the finish. Its creamy and rich. Something keeps drawing me back to enjoying another dram of it. Its truly not "that bad". I happen to enjoy it here and there.

Overall, an enjoyable whiskey. you will certainly finish the bottle my friends. Enjoy.

5th April 2014


the worst Whisky I've tried in years. I had to spit it out. judging on the liquid in the bottle and it's flavour, I can't give this ANY stars. Id rather drink Grouse...

2nd February 2014

Some guys here...

... shouldnt be calling themselves whiskylovers.
if you absolutely want know the age, then look it up. i'm sure they arent keeping the age secret. like previous macallan, the ruby etc is just the name of the bottle, exactly like the 12y or 18y bottle. feeling ashamed of most of you.
i'm giving this one a decent rating although i would rather buy the 12y if i had to choose.

29th January 2014

what am i drinking

Very disappointed

24th January 2014


At £29, fine. At £35, absolutely not. Confused, sulphurous, and rough, not a pleasant sort of rough either. Frustratingly, a pleasant nose, and strong evidence of some very good stuff being murdered in a rather coarse manner. If anyone can confirm sightings of a finish at Heathrow, please report it to the authorities without delay.

16th January 2014

A blast from the past

Love this whisky. Reminds me of the 10yo from about 10 - 12 years ago. A classic Macallan. A flawless clean classic sherried Macallan. Michael Jackson would have loved it. Bamber.

13th January 2014

It is what it is

To me taking the age off the bottle is unacceptable. Although I believe that some whisky aged 12 years is better than some aged more years I still would like to see an age. Put a 9 on the bottle if its a 9 year old. Trying a 30 year old whisky is not just about taste but about the rareness and care of a 30 year process. As for the Gold - I thought it was pretty good. Still very much Macallan as a brand, but somewhat young tasting and a little rough around the edges.

6th January 2014


I was a big fan of Macallan until I tried the Gold. What a disappointment ! It is so unfortunate to realize that even one of the best brands of Whiskeys will sacrifice quality for profits.

30th December 2013

Real disappointment

I honestly had few concerns about this being no age statement- the proof being I bought it! I loved 10 YO Sherry, and Fine Oaks but this was a joke from Macallan.

There's was no smooth, chewy mouthful of Sherry, only cloying then vapid mouthfuls of disappointment. I hated this and would far rather have had a blend! This really disappoints me and please don't think me snobbish for writing this, because, as I say, I had few reservations. This is just a terrible Scotch. I would not touch it again and suggest your money is better spent elsewhere.

22nd December 2013

worst single malt nose 2013, strong contender here

The nose is just vile. I don't really know how they managed to make it so unappealing but I'd be hard pressed to find anything but pungency and subtle oakyness, and maybe add a shy wisp of honey melon. The rest is a queer mess that primarily smells of greasy filth (a surprise for a Spey to be sure) that's really off-putting next to almost any whisky with a decent nose, which is hard to forgive this being a NAS bottle that can potentially be engineered there and back again leaving open the question if this seriously was something someone specifically wanted to make. The taste of the Gold is surprisingly better than its nose would lead to believe. Slight tangerine sweetness with a bit of cream taffy and ginger, then the burned and filthy notes promised by the nose. Luckily the strongest aftertaste component is sweetness which helps forget the dirty and lacking mouthfeel. The tail is a metallic tang. In each of my drams I found the last mouthful to have a strong clear alcohol taste.

19th December 2013

Евгений Украина

Определять возраст по цвету - это бред. Представте, что производители автомобилей перестанут указывать объём двигателя, а производители компьютеров - размер оперативной памяти, строители - перестанут указывать площадь помещений!!! Всё это будет определятся на глаз(по внешнему виду)!!!
Как Вам такое?

8th December 2013

A catastrophe

I don't care about the branding - the age statement was just another brand. The previous 10 year old was a mighty thing, though, and the Gold is awful by comparison. Thin, raw-hot and utterly absent the rich, luxurious character that used to define The Macallan. Go for a Glendronach instead and berate Edrington for releasing this rubbish at all.

4th November 2013


Light and subtle, complex, honeyed. Less robust than famous grouse. Different drams for different moods. Would certainly buy another.

21st October 2013

An Actual Review following a Tasting

Some of these reviews are sad. Taste the whisky before rating it. This a decent bottle. I bought two small sample bottles from the shop to try it. Decent flavours, but nothing brilliant. Better choices for the money.

20th October 2013

My Last Bottle Of Macallan

I have loved Macallan for many years, now the love affair is over. The Gold is young, too hot, and flat; very poor. I will switch to my second favourite, 18 yr Glenlivet, which in Ontario, is the same price as 12yr Macallan.

1st October 2013

The Macallan Gold

Quite agree with most of the comments...just look at the color!!!!Shit of the shit!Is a Hypocrisy to call it gold!!

17th September 2013

Cutting corners. Cutting ties.

Macallan are cutting their ties with their fan based in search of riches in the East. This whisky is not a patch on the 10 or the 12. It is a great disappointment & tastes flat. You can taste the young whisky used to pad it out. If this is what Macallan feel represents their brand then I would suggest that you vote with your feet & stay we'll clear of this. Balvenie, Springbank or Glenfarclas are all better destinations.

24th August 2013

Very good actually

I've been told this whiskey is between 6 and 10 years of age, but as some others said, this isn't important to me. The very nice colour (I hope natural and unaltered with artificial colour), the great taste of this whiskey and the quality of the presentation makes it a winner. Even the price is not bad considering this is a McCallan and I'm from Canada where Scotch whiskey costs more.

24th August 2013

birthday treat

just has some for my birthday , lovely way to end a great day

13th August 2013

Dennis Reid

Having read all the comments and considered them carefully I have only this to say, price, colour, age are all important to some people, however, the original 10 year old was always my favourite ma Allan, when aged longer it didn't suit my palate, this is the point, personal preference, find something that suits your pocket, eye or whatever butters your muffin but keep drinking the water of life.
Tried the masters edition, on the gold now, think I may be be a sherry cask kind o guy. Enjoy.

26th July 2013

What does age say?

In the discussion of age: If a label says 12 years old, the youngest whisky in the bottle has to be 12 years old. So what if a whisky on the distillery has matured really well and has a wonderful taste at 9 years old? You then have to let it mature for another 3 years to be able to use it. By then, it might be over the top....

24th June 2013

my first taste of Macallan

I have tried many whiskys and I collect some and drink some. I have 5 or 6 open at any one time and of different ages and price ranges. I would like to add that this whisky is a lovely drop to drink and is good value at this price. It is my first taste of Macallan but most certainly not my last. give it a try.

8th June 2013


I love your new Series! There is something for everyone...

6th June 2013

Marketing uber alles!!!

Sad Macallan's move, completely cynical and anticonsumer. I COMPLETELY do not understand the new line /lines?/ of this distillery. From now on I would go for Aberlour, Glendronach and Benromach.

1st June 2013

Not good

They are just trying to make more money with lower quality whisky. Also high volume = low quality. Good bye Macallan. However those older bottlings like 15 yo Fine Oak and the Travel series are still the ones to sought after.

22nd May 2013

it's very simple...the liquid in the bottle matters not the numbers on the label

I think all these folk who are complaining about there not being an age statment on the bottle anymore are utterly pathetic, nothing more than fools who have convinced themselves that they know about whisky,this whisky is a blend of 9-15yo macallan so its not like you're paying £36 for a 3yo malt, it's quality not age that makes a good whisky. btw its a great whisky.

20th May 2013

Superb dram

Finished my first bottle and off to get another soon. An age statement, to me, seems like a way for a distiller to print money without always giving a thought to the quality. Doing away with it (as many are doing - Ardbeg, Talisker, etc) seems to make sense to me, as now you have to go by the TASTE (heavens forbid). If you really want to know about why Gold is £35 and Ruby is £120, the info is out there but it's up to you if you think the taste is worth the money. This is just a lovely, smooth whisky and the price-point is spot on.

14th May 2013


Heres my rating

13th May 2013

When selecting a whisky, age is not shorthand for quality

And I will always o for a quality.
Sorry Macallan

13th May 2013

Bites the tongue, not as good as the age-stated bottling

Not much to say, maybe I happened to buy a very young bottle, but horrid bite on the tongue. Nose and finish are ok though.

12th May 2013

Sad exploitation...

This is a cynical (money motivated) move by Macallan. The good stuff is for export only (since they make more money that way.) No more Macallan for me. If it doesn't state the age, it's worthless... (We pay a premium knowing it's age (Is any 40 year old whisky REALLY better?(of course not!) but we pay the premium knowing it's age (stupid, but true!)) I'll never buy Macallan GOLD. It's a rip-off.... Macallan are doing so much brand damage with this cynical release...

5th May 2013

Quality not age

Totally agree with the above statement. Unless stated otherwise, an age statement on a bottle is still a blended bottle (and always has been). Having tasted this whisky, along with the Amber, Sienna and Ruby that are to follow, I can tell you that it is very good. The old age of a whisky doesn't mean it's better than a younger whisky of a different brand. Macallan are doing away with the majority of their age statements as age statements are unsustainable and they just doesn't say enough about the whisky. These 4 new 'brands' better describe the drink you are getting. 'Gold' is lighter in colour due to the barrelling and blending it undergoes - it's still a minimum of 9 years old btw. My favourite was the Sienna... Mmmmmm! The Ruby is eventually to retail at about £100-£120 (or so I was told). Time for the age snobs to take a blind taste test maybe?

15th April 2013


What else is there to say?

12th April 2013


Sorry, forgot to rate . A def 10/10 ! I enjoy all whisky and have tried more than 110 different brands from all over the world and I've learned one very valuable lesson , DON'T BE A SNOB ! So , try this stunning drink, even if it's just a sample .

12th April 2013


I've been drinking,Mac for a very long time and this one is one of my new favourites ! There's some silly comments here from some people that really are gonna miss out on a stunning dram ! PEOPLE , stop being snobbish ! The wonderful guys that make whisky know what they're doing . Sorry I've wondered off track . In a word STUNNING ! Drink this or miss out on a great dram !

12th April 2013

There's only two things I care about when it comes to whisky

and if I was rich it would only be one, and that's taste. Any numbers or writing on the bottle is just marketing, even if it's justified. A nice whisky will speak for itself, which is why I check these reviews.

12th April 2013

Most distiller's are removing age statements.

The reviewer above stated it perfectly, but more needs to be said. The whisky industry can't keep up with demand of all the young novices who are coming in thinking age is everything. By law, the age on a whisky is the youngest whisky in the blend. Yes, single malts are BLENDS, unless it states its a single "cask". "Single Malt" just means all the whiskeys blended come from one distillery. A whisky isn't good cause it's consistently aged well. It's good cause the master blenders consistently BLEND it well. But if a million people want a great 12yo then eventually you won't have any good 12yo whisky left and you need to add some 13yo-40+ to balance it. So if they need to declare the youngest whisky, then they end up needing to charge low crappy 12yo prices for a whisky with 40yo whisky in it. Removing the age allows them to charge a bit more, while still giving us a reasonably priced whisky that tastes good. Sure naming it after the color is a little dumb, but don't hurry and crawl to Glenlivet, because they'll most likely lose age statements too in the not-too-distant future.

9th April 2013

The Truth About Age

Most people don't realize that age statements are actually a fairly recent thing in the whisky industry. I think its a shame, because people then associate age with quality, which is not the case at all. A whisky can be old, dark and shit. Age is not synonymous for quality, its just there to reassure the snobs. Real connoisseurs use their taste buds and don't give two shits about age. Macallan is making a very smart marketing move and Gold is actually quite excellent.

25th February 2013

Roddy Nicolson

Take away the age statement and it could be anything. So no more Macallan for me, I'm off to buy some Glenlivet; a whisky that says exactly "what's in the tin".

12th February 2013

smart way to make the whisky more expensive

so a ten year old from a bourbon cask is younger then a 9 year old from a sherry cask, it's stupid, they lost their minds completely the last years, first with the new line Fine Oak and now this.The Rolls Royce of whisky became a Volks Wagen Polo, glad I still have some old Macallan sherry oaks, and then ot's over, still good replacement for it e.g. Glendronach has a great line.

27th January 2013

Yes. It Tastes Good.

The colour of the whisky is lovely - a light golden butterscotch colour which is very inviting. Taking some time to breathe in the aromas there is a lovely refreshing fragrance of lemon and lime along with the gentler, more subtle sweetness of vanilla. The taste of the whisky seems to have several different layers to it. The first taste when it hits your mouth is definitely the citrus flavour which gives way to a deeper orange tone as you swirl it around your mouth. The heady vanilla kicks in in earnest at this point, lending itself more to the butterscotch side along with the creaminess you would expect. The aftertaste (I find taking a big deep breath in really enhances this bit) is of dark chocolate with the gentle heat of ginger. The lingering flavours are lightly heathery - that combination of a brisk outdoors walk followed by a warm fireside - which makes you want to curl up in front of the fire, close the door and lose yourself in the simple pleasure of enjoying it.

So to bluntly answer the question posed above - yes. It tastes good.

26th January 2013

Super Stuff

I'm a big fan of this new Macallan!

11th January 2013


I thought this page was a review of whisky? Whilst I agree with some of the sentiments and concerns raised among the whisky experts (of which I am definately not one) this is not a blog.....does it actually taste any good?

4th January 2013

Yes, but e150 could just toss all that out the window....

Try putting just a dash of caramel color in a vat of water. Look like whisky? Distillers do it too; however, our German and Swedish friends with those labeling disclosure assure us Macallan is unadulterated, which is pretty stunning. Still, who cares? Go for taste. Macallan has always been consistently delicious and Gold is just great for sipping with guest. Light, and delicate; yet complex is its array. Lovely.

3rd January 2013

No age?

P.S. I'm only 24 years old so don't worry, some of us younger guys still appreciate the older traditions of scotch (that's the whole point right?)

2nd January 2013

No age?

Macallan has always been my favorite, but take away age statements and I might have to reconsider. I agree with the comment above, couldn't have put it better than that.

2nd January 2013

Colour of the whisky for indication of quality?

I would hate to think that whisky one day be judged by colour alone. I think this would be dangerous to the industry for whisky companies such as Macallan by setting this example of quality for their product.I know lots of companies add caramel to their malts to make them look older etc and young whiskies can taste great (and a few Ardbegs spring to mind) but by changing the younger minds perception of quality whisky in the future could be quite damaging to the public who likes their older malts. It could be a strategy to make money faster over a shorter period of time or hopefully its just to offer a cheaper product to a different market.

15th December 2012

Great whisky

Its great!

10th October 2012

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