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The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak

(70cl, 40.0%)
The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak

The Macallan 12 Sherry Details

(The Macallan)

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The Macallan 12 Sherry Bottling Note

A sherry wood matured 12 year old from Macallan, a superbly balanced affair, one of the best of its age group.
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The Macallan 12 Sherry (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Crisp and sweet. There are notes of sultanas and fresh apple blossom. There is a defined floral note with a beautiful Sherry, calvados emerges with a tropical fruit note and golden syrup.

Palate: Medium-body and quite firm. There are notes of hot pastries and marmalade, sultanas and peels with a developing sweetness from the barley sugar.

Finish: Good length with a solid oaked note.

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    User Reviews of the Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak


    The trouble is people with little experience of malt don't know how to taste ! they don't know how get the best out of whisky and then leave unjustifiable, poor reviews.

    27th March 2015


    just got a bottle for $70 in GA, 1st Macallan - and it's REALLY good. I'm probably going back to get another bottle before I'm 1/2 done w/this one. new-ish to whisky, but this one is superb

    14th February 2015

    Sulphur bomb

    Bought a bottle of this here in Fukuoka, Japan for 4500 Yen and couldn't believe the amount of sulphur on the nose. Really put me off the whisky. It's unfortunate, because on the palate it was quite nice and I'll certainly finish the bottle. But it will be the last one I buy. For 5200 Yen I can buy a Glenfarclas 15, or for 6300 Yen I can get a Glendronach 15. Both of these whiskies are far superior in my opinion. I think Macallan are kidding themselves. You can only ride on a reputation for so long before people wake up. Very disappointed. On the bright side, whisky is relatively cheap in Japan.

    13th February 2015

    Well well well...

    It's a nice tipple but the price is going up and up. Personally I've been charmed by the GlenDronach single casks. Big beautiful sherry bombs

    6th February 2015

    Worst of the 4 single malts I purchased

    Sour vinegar. For a sherry cask there is not much sweetness. It smells like a household cleaner and the finish is bitter and sulfurous. It's gonna be a long time before I try another Macallan product unless it's free. I don't even know how I'm going to get through this bottle.

    6th February 2015

    One of the Ones...

    I can't say that Macallan 12yr is the best because I don't know it yet. There are many more single malts yet to try but I can say from the many I have already tried, I like the Macallan 12yr too much and in my opinion, it is wonderful from start to finish! If the finish is not smooth enough for you, drink water and save the great whiskey for me!

    26th December 2014

    The Best

    I have tried many different brands and types of Scotch. Macallan 12yr is the best.

    23rd December 2014

    Gave it Another Try...

    Had a bottle on the shelf for a while, as I wasn't really drawn to it on first impression. Decided to go back, pour a neat dram with an open mind, and write about it. After letting it sit, I started getting some light brown sugar and pear skin on the nose underneath the floral and syrup notes. That was quite enjoyable! However, I wasn't too fond of the rough palate. Thankfully, the finish notes of spiced muffins and fruitcake candies washed in and smoothed out the experience. Some have commented on the issues of aftertaste, but all I experienced was reminiscent of sour cherries or cough syrup - be that good or bad to anyone else.

    18th December 2014


    I have been drinking Macallan 18 and12 for a long time and I am not impressed by the new marketing strategy. How is it possible for a whiskey maker to tell all of its long term customers that they will now change all of their product so they can serve more bottles of a totally different drink. They obviously do not give a hoot about their customers. I for one will not buy another bottle of Macallan until they bring back the product that I want to drink and not the one that they want me to drink .

    16th December 2014

    good solid whiskey

    Yes, might be slightly overrated but it is still a good and solid one and it all depends on the price. I got my last bottle for $65, which is more than fair. Prices vary enormously from country to country if available at all. But be warned: some might find an aftertaste as described in other reviews. My personal explanation - and I might be wrong - is that european oak is used and not american oak, which has simply a different taste and has an impact on the whiskey. If you can live with that and love the taste: 5 stars, if the aftertaste is too harsh: 3 stars.

    13th November 2014

    it's ok, nothing great

    It's good but too expensive for the basic taste. Smooth for a young single malt.

    23rd October 2014

    Why is this discontinued!?

    this is probably the best scotch I have had! I am very disappointed that this scotch is being discontinued in North America. the balvenie 12 double matured is very close, but still not nearly as good.

    25th July 2014

    Solid three

    This is my first sherry cask and not at all what I expected. it's good but not exceptional, it's about $95 after tax at my local store. A whiskey trying to be cognac.

    15th July 2014

    They still sell this in the US and I'm hoarding it

    To my US mates, buy buy buy. This is one of the last single malts made in the Highlands that is done right on every level. It's a main stay in my bar and I but at least a bottle a month to ensure it will be here for as long as possible in my private reserves. In my mind, this is the single best scotch in the world.

    4th July 2014

    Expected big things, but I was disappointed

    Personally I'd go GlenDronach 12 every day over this one.

    16th June 2014

    Stood the test of time, not sure why they showed as discontinued, it is the best single malt EVER

    Stood the test of time, not sure why they showed as discontinued, it is the best single malt compared with many such as 12 year Glen Morangie (both Sheery and Rum casked- they have fancy name lkee La Santa and Quinta Ruben..:)) which are greta too but no cigar) 12 year Belvanie (Sherri and Rum casked), 15 year Glen Livet, 12 year Dalmore, 17 year Belvani all of these were tasted side by side just to be sure.
    There you have it, the best single malt so far. Anyone knows anything better than this pleas post. Just a note, I normally like good tasting Cogniac, Single malt world is new to me..

    6th June 2014

    Best Tasting Single Malt I ever tasted. (Period)

    Best Tasting Single Malt I ever tasted. (Period).
    Starts of with sweet apple with constant sherry notes with dominant oak all around.
    Simple breath taking!

    1st June 2014


    I am used to Peated whisky!This is my second sherry whisky and i am proud of buying this!well the finish with apple is something different for me!i think that this will be my start of exploring sherry whiskies!

    29th May 2014

    Simply amazing

    this is my first single I was introduced to as a kid in Aberdeenshire and it is still my favourite from memories to simple but amazing,this is one drink that you can truly appreciate!

    13th February 2014

    A gentleman's whiskey.

    blah blah blah. I'm drunk on this right NOW.

    26th January 2014

    Over rated

    Agree regarding the Sulfur/Sulphur aftertaste. for the same price or less a Lagavulin is much better value

    21st December 2013

    Very Good

    The Macallan 12 Year Sherry Oak is one of my favorites. I used to stick to The Balvenie (15yr Single Barrel, Triple Cask 12yr, etc) but decided to give The Macallan a try. I was not disappointed, it's a very nice single malt whisky. I will be buying another bottle of the 12yr Sherry Oak, among others from The Macallan.

    5th December 2013

    ps I'm Scottish

    and whisky is called whisky not scotch :-)

    2nd December 2013

    Leaves me cold

    I've never understood it's popularity. It's got a tight, bitter aftertaste (or taste even) just about pleasantly offset with some honeyed sweetness. Drinkable, but not my first choice.

    2nd December 2013


    Macallan 12 Year Old a GREAT SCOT...

    1st September 2013

    it is single malt

    Being a Yank of Scot extraction I have a fondness for all things Caledonian. Like tartans, each whiskey has its distinctive hue and character. To compare them is like comparing women they have their own individual charm. The 12 yo is no different it stands on its own, and is what it is. I like it, and will drink more of it. The negative reviews strike me as blend drinkers. They drink Bass Ale and think it all ale should be the same. Sulfur/Sulphur?? Maybe I am not sophisticated enough to notice, but as a brewer of beer I would notice it. I did not.

    13th August 2013

    Scotch snobs

    I have been seriously drinking scotch now for about 5 years, so a mere novice. In those 5 short years I have found not one dram to dislike. I have been introduced to several producers, each different, but non did I dislike. Each has it's own qualities and personalities, but as an everyday day drink the 12 year old Macallan to my taste is ideal. Stop being uyoa (up your own arse) and enjoy the bloody stuff.

    3rd August 2013

    Sulphur and Sulfur are regional differences....

    The second review from the top is a jackass, but this scotch is not. In America, we spell it Sulfur, not sulphur, so take your snobbery elsewhere. There were in fact notes of Sulfur (kind of a burning rotten eggs taste) in the first glass I had (From the bottom of a bottle). But upon giving it a second chance(for free thanks to my favorite barkeep) I was pleasantly surprised. The skunky sulfur notes were replaced with smokey peat notes.

    But on to the Scotch. It's not bad. But I was not blown away. It is a fine drink of its own right, but it lacks the flavor complexity, and intensity that merits a higher rating. It is the Terry Redlin of Scotch. A fine artist, but nothing worth raving about.

    2nd July 2013

    Keith William MacHendry

    Well, all the bourgeois yahoo reviews apart, I still love this 12 year old MacAllan & that is just all.

    1st June 2013

    To the "A Classic from Speyside" poster

    "Sulfur" is actually correct.

    28th May 2013

    Mike M. Macallan 12 Year Old USA

    Have enjoyed Highland Scotch (Macallan) for over 20yrs. and all others that I've tried (including those from the isle), in my opinion can not compare to the pure enjoying satisfaction of Macallan. What you get from the sherry cask is what MAKES Macallan what it is. Have enjoyed the 12, 18 and 25yr and can say without a doubt the older the vintage the better. This is one Scotch that I felt was ahead of all others. The satisfaction I get from this is top notch. Others have noted a dis-satisfaction on the Macallan taste in recent times, and I would have to agree. There is something lacking from years before that I can't put a finger on. I can only pray that Macallan is not allowing the best cask to be sent to Asia (China) instead to those who would truly enjoy and appreciate the time and quality that makes Macallan a Scotch when mention, one eyes to get wide with acknowledgment. I for one would be sadden if Macallan allowed it's profits to over rule it's quality. With that I suggest those to try the CASK STRENGHT Macallan if you can still find it! Hears hoping quality out weighs quantity! THREE FINGERS ONE CUBE!

    27th May 2013


    I'm new to the single malt scene. I'm finding my palate more suited to non -prated speysiders at this point. I like the sherry nose and finish and have had satisfactory experiences with balvenie 12 doublewood, glenfiddich malt masters edition, and aberlour abunadh. I just tried a dram of the macallan 12 at a local pub and was glad I did not spring for a bottle. It had an odd,off puting element that was diminished with the addition of water, but never quite went away.

    8th May 2013

    Inconsistent and declining

    I suspect that may of "All those who say it is over rated" DO know about whisky. The fact that celebrities drink this says more about marketing than anything else. It's a perfectly ok whisky (no "e", thanks, since this is Scotland), but it is a shadow of the 90s bottles and too often is slightly sulfured. If you get a bottle that's been open a bit, the sulfur may have blown off and it's then quite palatable. For serious traditional sherry cask, go for Glendronach. If you have vintage bottles, save them so that one day you can show newbies how Mac used to taste.

    11th April 2013

    Great one

    Always a pleasure to have a Macallan

    8th January 2013

    Macallan 12

    I have been drinking ths single malt for 5 years. All those who say it is over rated don't kow much about whiskey or its history or the fine people including celebrities that have it as one of their favourates. I happen to enjoy the likes of Tslisker, Glenlivit, Dalwhinie etc. To new comers, this is it in the world of the blessed waters.

    27th December 2012

    Not bad, not great

    I got spiced maple sugar for the nose, and a touch of wood on the palate. Overall, I'd say it's light and sweet, with less body than the MoM Speyside Single Malt. Certainly drinkable, but not my first choice.

    12th September 2012

    Overrated and a huge disappointment

    I so wanted to like's just a weak whiskey that becomes watery after a few minutes. It has a decent nose, but more then a malt whiskey it's sub-mediocre,could go even as far as saying it's bad.

    23rd August 2012

    Okay, but...

    In the palate and the finish, there is some late bitterness, which indicates that at least slightly sulphured cask have been used. Not the best sherried malts from Macallan. The Fine Oak 12 yo is considerable better, although less sherried than this one.

    3rd March 2012

    Never mind the Macallan ...

    I've not even opened my bottle of 12 y/o Macallan yet, but I wanted to comment on the absolutely superb quality of the packaging used to protect my first order on its journey from Master of Malt's cellars. Having worked in the packaging industry for 38 years, I've never before come across the inflatable sleeve protecting the precious amber nectar. Brilliant! Thank you - with that, and your keen pricing, you've guaranteed my repeat business!

    3rd June 2011

    A good sherried drum

    I hate suphured whiskies (unfortunately I have some), but I really like this one. Maybe there is a very-very little hint, but it's way below the line.
    By the way: sulphur in UK, sulfur in US (see wikipedia) :)
    From Hungary

    7th February 2011

    Been my favroite for years

    It is the best in class , always been the same "Great"

    28th December 2010

    Zoo Keeper

    Competitor adverse opinion is a shinning star

    7th December 2010

    To follow me for many years on

    It is fantastic in the sherry class. One of the five best. This Macallan deliver the very most to me. /MN in Sweden.

    2nd November 2010

    Don't know about this one....

    Can tell you the Macallan 12 Fine Oak is brilliant, shameful if this one is sulfered but maybe that was just the 2009-2010's hoping

    17th September 2010

    A Classic from Speyside.

    This is a superbly balanced malt. If the above reviewer cannot spell sulphur then how can he hope to taste it!

    30th July 2010

    Over rated

    Doesnt deserve its global popularity. Unpleasant sulfur notes are prominent. Low scores in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible reflect the poor quality of this product.

    30th May 2010

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