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Teacher's Highland Cream

(70cl, 40.0%)
Teacher's Highland Cream

Teacher's Details


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Teacher's Bottling Note

A very famous blended whisky, a rather good blend too. Jim Murray awarded Teacher's Highland Cream 90 points in his Whisky Bible.
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Teacher's (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is fruity and well malted with gentle sweetness. Some smoke and a touch of honey. The mouth feel is quite big with a supple maltiness and the vaguest whisper of muted peat. The finish is well fruited with toffee, malt and a faint hint of smoke.

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    User Reviews of the Teacher's Highland Cream

    It was once the greatest blend

    OK,I'm a geezer.Teacher's was rich, balanced,smooth & complex in The Day. Schieffelin ( sp!) told me in '72 that they'd gotten the same blend since Repeal. No, it ain't the same now! I'll venture that what's missing is a Glendronach signature (Teacher's once owned it). I also miss Bell's 12 & Vat 69 Black, but that one's on Diageo.

    20th May 2015

    John Pritchard

    How disappointing as it is now not the Whisky I will purchase. It was our favourite drink and has been for years. I've just bought two litres , it would normally only stay in the house for a couple of weeks. This will be in the cupboard for years.
    Absolutely HORRIBLE!!!

    13th May 2015

    I am done with Teachers.

    5 years ago thc was great. It had some highs and lows in the interim. The last two bottles from different stores made me know that teacher's as we rememer it is gone. It is awful!!!! It now has a very menthol smel and taste. Disgusting. BTW Ardmore traditional now has the same menthol flavor. I know that I am not an idiot. I hope the distillery tasters are not either.

    12th May 2015


    Rare, because I can´t find Teachers in Austria. Isn´t it.
    Reinhard König, a man who loves Teaches.

    1st May 2015

    Excellent Value

    Teachers Highland Cream is the best low-cost Scotch I have tried. A half-gallon ( 1.75 litre ) is only $32.99 at my local shop and it is better than many blends that are twice that price.

    14th April 2015


    I have been drinking White Horse. I could no longer find it in my area, so I tried a bottle of Teachers. I found it to have a chemical taste and very rough. I had some non scotch drinkers taste it and they thought it was awful, too. I thought I must have gotten a bad bottle. Don't they have any quality control ? it all couldn't taste like this ot they couldn't stay in business

    12th April 2015

    Blending Teachers

    I know this is probably a cardinal sin, and I face a severe lambasting from aficionados of the Malt, but I added an almost homeopathic drop of Laphroaig 10 to a glass of Teachers... its an interesting dram I can tell you. They should do a smoky edition of Teachers, I would love to see what they could do with the Islay Malts.

    4th April 2015



    30th March 2015

    I like it

    I have received bottle as a gift. It's no Dimple or Chivas, but a totally do able blend for a good price. Wouldn't buy it myself though, I prefer the single malts and high end bourbons

    27th March 2015

    Absolutely Fabulous

    Fantastic value too! Though a bit one dimensional!

    23rd March 2015

    Great Tasting blend at this price range.

    I buy this blend often fot its value and taste [smokey & peaty].The blend can change sometimes from bottle to bottle as many others do in taste but are never bad.I bought one this week at £14 and thought at first it was almost a full peat malt,Superb tasting.The Best bottle yet of this blend i have had.Which is why i have left this review as it deserves a mention.This blend is always worth a try.

    6th March 2015

    best basic blend out there!

    It's true that there are bad bottles out there that are of somewhat lower quality but none the less... best basic blend out there hands down!

    Creamy with that hint of smoke always lingering in the background, brilliant!

    People whining about "harshness" and whatnot should go back to their soft drinks, not everyone can handle a proper man's drink.

    12th February 2015


    I'm Teacher's virgin. So far so good. Hits the chest quite hard,nice and neat of course. but that's how i like it. Lol.

    20th January 2015

    Hint of sweetness? That stuff is so sour and bitter that I cannot drink it with my usual spring water but lemonade. Will not buy again - this purchase only came about because it was a pound and fifty pence cheaper than the cheap and cheerful supermarket own brand. Rating minus zero.

    15th January 2015

    chemical taste

    Maybe I had bad luck with this bottle, but this one tasted horible. I imagine that paint thinner would have a similar smoothness :-(

    8th January 2015



    1st December 2014

    My Favourite.

    Of all of the different types of alcohol I've tried— this is the best. From Ale, Lager, Vodka, Cognac and of course... whisky; This is what I find myself coming back to. I'd happily fork over some extra cash if the price ever rises. Buy this!

    28th November 2014

    Fantastic blend that offers great value.

    Do I profess to be a sophisticated Scotch drinker.....simply put no, but what I do know is what flavors, tastes and aromas I like. Teacher's simply has a lot of what I like in a Whisky! If you're new to Scotch this is a must try, I've spent 4 times more on a highly rated Single Malt that left me deeply disappointed and is till sitting on the shelf. Teacher's is easy on the tongue and smooth all the away down with a slightly smoky after taste, do yourself a favor and don't rule it out.

    19th November 2014

    Good allround whisky

    Not a peat bomb (but more peaty than most standard blends) - more like a dry and discrete smokiness compared to islaywhiskies and thet let some of the dry fruits, maltiness and oak take part on the palate too - easy but in this case distinct markers of good allround whisky in my opininon. Good for the price and differs from the mainstream blends like Grant's, Famous, Ballantine's, Bell's, JW Red.. Besides Islay Mist the best blended whisky I've tried.

    13th November 2014

    classic, traditional, good blend - but, joining the critics chorus - variable recently

    Always had a soft spot for this one. It comes across as honest and well made. When it's good I find notes of mellow oak, bacon, smoke (not Islay smoke but rather dry highland smoke) and dried fruits and vanilla, some hint of honey and even sherry. The mouth-feel is substantial and the finish okay (when you get a good bottle) and even great (when you get a great bottle). I refer everyone to the great Ralfy (online)as regards to batch variation and reviews of teacher's overall (he's done two; one in 2009 I think, and another in 2013)...

    9th November 2014

    Like the start but not the finish

    On the west coast of Canada I haven't come across Teacher's very often. In that price range it's Grant's, Ballantine's, Dewar's most of the time and Dewar's is my preferred choice. This was about $3 less on the day so gave it a try. I liked the promises of peat in the nose and the initial taste delivered but it quickly turned into a pure grain alcohol, I could have been drinking vodka as the taste evaporated. I'll stick with Dewar's, it's more consistent from start to finish.

    4th November 2014

    The most awful taste in the existence of time an space

    Completely undrinkable. Me and my friend came to the concussion that this is what a gas chamber would taste like. Don't wast your time and money.

    1st November 2014

    A let down finish...

    It starts with an excellent nose, continues with a nice balanced palate but finishes with an aftertaste, shorter and flatter than expected. What a shame...

    30th October 2014

    This is simply the most superb and affordable blend on the market today

    I love smoke and peat. And while this isn't a characteristic whisky that's heavy on those notes, it has just enough of a presence to make it my new every day dram. It handily bests the more commercial JW Black that I'd kept in my cabinet, with a LOT more character.

    The Nose: A fair amount of citrus and honey mix in with the solid oak notes, with peat and smoke providing distant highlights. This is the smell of a promise.

    The Palate: Here is where the character of this blended whisky lives. Very solid and earthy. There is a slight fruitiness to the base of this palate, but it's quickly sublimed by the heaviness of the oak and peat and smoke in the background.

    The Finish: A moderate finish. There is that alcohol presence as it's a 96 proof blend with plenty of leather to its belt. But it's not a punishment, more of a reminder that this is a dram meant to be substantive and enjoyed on a regular basis.

    This is NOT a dram for the effete whisky snobs that have so recently glutted the market who love to rave about "the hint of vanilla from the thighs of fresh island girls who helped rake the malt" nonsense. This is a working man's dram. One that provides quality at a more than reasonable price, and will leave you warm and feeling incredibly fulfilled after no more than your second glass.

    Final Notes: Don't let the price fool you. While this is an eminently affordable everyday dram, there's nothing about it that sacrifices quality. This is a blended whisky of both character and taste. I love it.

    30th October 2014

    It's OK for the price.

    I've about 2/3 of the way through my first bottle. When compared to other whiskies in the same price range, it's not bad, though I won't buy it again. For the money, I'll stick to The Famous Grouse or Dewar's .

    4th October 2014


    Teachers is my preferred 'go to' Scotch for every day drinking. It very often is on a special price, here in NZ, and is the best value for money drink, of any description , when it's on special. I have tried most of the blended scotches, but this consistently beats them, for it's smokiness and smoothness. They make a great product.

    1st October 2014


    Must be personal taste. I like my malts but when I can't really afford that (most of the time these days, alas) I'll buy a blend. Never liked this stuff. The blended dram drinkers in my close circle all prefer Grants or Grouse. I tend to agree.

    29th September 2014

    The one and only!

    I've tried them all and I keep coming back to Teacher's Highland Cream. Teacher's has one of the highest amounts of Scotch single malt whisky of any of the blended Scotch. Tasting notes; Out of the oven fresh baked yeast breads malt,some fruitiness and just a charm of peat smoke. The malt taste rounds it all together and it really tastes creamy! Teacher's is by far the best blended Scotch on the Market.

    26th September 2014

    Good blend

    When feeling like a blended one I always go for Teacher's.

    The new blend gives you a proper peat/smoke punch and this blended whisky is BY FAR the best blend in its price category. BY FAR!!!!!!!

    26th September 2014


    I have drunk Teachers in the past,it was my fathers favourite blended.But I always found it to have a peculiar( to me!) creamy type taste never a hint of smoke or peat.
    Yesterday I noticed that it was on offer in Sainsburys £11 a bottle. It was my intention to make a batch of blackberry whiskey, as I currently have a mountain of blackberries. I tasted it ( to make certain it hadn't gone off!)and immediately caught the smoke and peat. A completely different and much improved blended and entirely to my taste day to day whisky. I bought 3 more bottles today...
    I read the label and find they have blended the grain with Ardmore.
    I generally buy this when in France, it is a 46 per cent peaty, cold filtered malt and retails there for about £18 a bottle.
    A good blend.
    I will be buying this again.

    24th September 2014

    Each to his own

    The huge range of ratings here just show that taste is subjective, and you can't tell if you'll like it until you try it. Luckily, this is (objectively!) cheaper than almost everything else reviewed here, so it has to be worth a try! It may not be the most 'complex' taste going, but it's distinctively smoky / peaty flavour makes it my favourite of all the widely available stuff in the UK.

    17th September 2014

    Teachers highland creamh

    Sadly, very hard to find in CA

    6th September 2014

    Good blended whisky.

    So...yeah. Is this stuff as good as a $75 bottle of single malt? No, of course not. But it's head and shoulders above any of the blended stuff in the same price range and better than higher priced blends like Johnnie Walker Black and Chivas.

    If you like smoky, peaty malts it's going to be a bit thin. And if you like lighter, fruitier malts it's going to be a bit too smoky. For my money, it's got just enough peatiness to be interesting without being overwhelming.

    Neat or with a drop of water or an ice cube it's a good sipper. And it's cheap enough to make cocktails with. Versatile.

    15th August 2014

    Good everyday scotch

    being a scotch drinker on a budget can be surprisingly easy, as I've found with Teachers. It's smoky and peaty enough to give a kick after a rough day at work, yet smoth enough to drink everyday. My rating is based on what it is, and not against the more expensive single malts...give it a try if you love scotch and keeping your money

    9th August 2014

    Liquid Germolene

    Ballantines or Haig are vastly superior blends, and if you like sherry cask then Aberlour 10 is only a little more expensive again. This stuff is simply horrid.

    4th August 2014

    my new favorite

    I've enjoyed Arbeg for a long while. Lately though have searched for something a bit less smokey. I've found it with Teachers. Now my go-to scotch.

    2nd August 2014

    Aussie Battler

    Mate, I can't afford to buy single malt but I reckon this stuff is pretty good for the money. They say you get what you pay for but that can't be said for this Whisky. It punches well above what you pay for it and in my experience with the blends it's top of the pops. It's one of the smoothest blends I've tasted and I've tasted a few! It's my new favourite along with Bailie Nicol Jarvie and cheaper than Black Bottle, Ballantine's 12yr or Johnny Walker black which are also good blends but higher priced in Outback Australia. I know everyone has different tastes but you won't go wrong with Teachers. If the taste has changed recently then it must have been bloody amazing cause its still good now!

    29th July 2014

    Nogood boyo

    For some reason my mother in law decided that I loved Teachers whisky and so to keep the peace I used to humour her. This was 40 years ago and I still shudder at the harsh taste. Recently I renewed my love/hate relationship (with the whisky not herself) and confirmed the latter emotion.

    3rd July 2014

    New to whiskey drinking

    I'm a beer drinker, but Beer is to filling and fattening. I was surprised how much weight I lost when I stopped drinking beer . I always hated the taste of bourbon whisky. I tried Scotch and loved it. I am definitely not a Scotch connoisseur. I've drank one single malt scotch whisky "The Glenlivet" and love it, and several less expensive blended whisky's including J&B, Dewers, Usher's, Cutty Sark, Johnny Walker red, and Teacher's. I don't know much about the terms smokey, vanilla, or peat taste. I like the Glenlivet and Teachers best of all. The Teachers has a pleasant smell and taste. Its not so sharp that you can't sip it straight and it has a pleasant sweet after taste. Its robust enough to hold its flavor over ice. This is the best of the blended whiskies I've tried. and it cost about as much as a case of "natural lite"

    24th June 2014

    ive tryed it

    i just threw it down the drain.

    this is the worst whiskey i ever drunk!!!

    23rd May 2014

    A Great Tasting Blend and Superb Value.

    I have tried many blended whiskys to see if their is better for the price but keep returning back to Teacher's.Smooth tasting with smoke and peat.For Me the best tasting Blended Whisky for the price,might also say it tasts better than some full malt whiskys i have tried.A Great Blend.

    23rd May 2014

    Agree about it being variable.

    First bottle i had was great, i was seriously impressed, but have had a few more and it's never been the same.
    It's ok, about on a par with Bells, etc

    30th April 2014

    Very Variable

    No other blend varies as much as Teachers, sometimes its a great smokey and deep dram other times it tastes like chemicals soaked in grain whisky. It has a very high malt content for a blend but they chop and change the components to keep costs down, they have a lot of old stock from Silent distilleries and there is sometimes a good reason why they were closed down. Last bottle of teachers I had distinctly had the note of Ben Nevis, a malt that has declined massively over the last decade, very sickly and discordant.

    28th April 2014

    jim. from inverness

    just bought a bottle to day in south africa.takes me back 30 yrs can it get better'. enjoyed .all ways well received in inverness .nice dram

    18th April 2014


    If your love the Ardmore traditional quarter cask 46% proof, then you love the Teachers Highland cream (45% malt), exactly the same tasting notes as Ardmore quarter cask.Only tamed.
    Jumped on it only because of the great price of 12£ at the local supermarket discounted (from 17£).After i tasted.What a surprise, it's Ardmore!
    It's even stated on the back of the bottle!Should read before buying years ago!
    My favorite scotch whisky now, better than my favorite's. Grants Ale cask (Sweet and refined), Black Groose (Peaty and simple),13y old Whyte Mckay (aged and tad booring) that are a bit more expensive.

    11th April 2014

    Nothing but good

    I am newish too whisky, tried Teachers a few months ago, on my 5th bottle now. all have been stunning, peaty, creamy, vanilla, very smooth. The latest bottle, is equally as nice but different, not so peaty a little more vanilla, but still smooth and delicious. so inconsistent ? maybe - still damn good though - for £13 com'on its a steal !!!

    1st April 2014

    Nogood boyo


    27th March 2014

    If you get a good bottle - 5 stars!

    My 1st bottle of this was quite bad, very alcoholic - youngish - harsh... none the less reading reviews about good bottles out there I gave it another try and the new bottle is brilliant. Like day and night compared to previous bottle - amazing!

    That ardmore peaty malt really leaves its signature in this one, nice smoke, creamy - vanilla - honey- fruty - spicy oak.

    5 stars in blended no age basic category for sure! If you get the good bottle that is. ;)

    12th March 2014

    A smokier taste

    For those who prefer a smokier taste to their whisky, Teacher's is the perfect blend.

    12th March 2014

    Just a thought

    As a regular teachers drinker I completely agree with the inconsistency comments, one thing I've noticed, however, is that the small bottles always seem to be of better quality?? Just a coincidence ??

    19th February 2014

    Did I have a bad bottle?

    I've had 1 bottle and after a few drams just had to exept that it was awfull. Blended it with Ginger Ale so I didn's have to throw it away.

    The start was fine, but the aftertaste was just kind of bitter in a very unpleasant way. And very strongly so. I can imagine synthetic oil tastes like this. Guess I had a (very) bad bottle. Will give it another try to see if it was just bad luck. But I will buy a bottle of Ginger Ale with it just to be sure....

    12th February 2014

    When its good... its quite superior

    AS others have said, I've had different experiences with different bottles of the same brand. That said, Teachers was my gateway whisky. Before Teachers I had no use for Whiskys and was more of a cognac/brandy man. The great bottle of Teachers I had made me change my mind and start drinking whiskys.

    13th January 2014

    Varies from OK to Excellent

    Yes, as some reviews have mentioned it varies a lot from bottle to bottle. Some bottles are EXCELLENT. Some are closer to what you would expect for the budget blend price.

    5th January 2014

    Best so far

    As a relative newcomer to whisky I've tried quite a few budget blends as well as a few single malts and out of what I've tried blend wise (bells, grouse, white&mackays, grants etc) I think this has the most exciting and satisfying taste, a bit of smoke and Pete and generally a very nice whisky to drink neat.

    28th December 2013


    good for the price

    24th December 2013

    Better than expected

    Not the best smell but the taste is quite good and for the price it is even better. Like the slightly peated flavor and full mouthfeel. You can tell it's young but it deserves a try. I drink it neat and enjoy every sip.

    24th December 2013


    Best of the value blends. You can pick up a bottle of this for £13 most weeks in one of the supermarkets.

    23rd November 2013

    Loved it ftrom the beginning

    beautiful peat , smooth , touch of smoke ,fruity , well balanced scotch I'm a big fan and I love the price as well .

    18th November 2013

    For what it's worth

    I'll give it a 4 out of 5, or 80 out of 100...

    Now I use a different rating system compared to many, including chaps like Ralfie (whom I have utmost respect for) and I should add as a disclaimer I'm not a whisky connoisseur so don't take my word for it but compared to a malt like Glenmorangie, Dalwhinnie, Lagavulin or something of that character then it doesn't hold it's own but...... it's a very pleasant sip for the price, and I'd recommend it to chaps like myself who need to conserve costs whilst enjoying the scotch.

    27th July 2013


    In Its own class a great whiskey

    15th June 2013


    I am new to whisky but I like whisky. So on a scale of 10 this would be a 5 or so. Why? If I had to choose from blends Chivas would outwin this by a few point. Nevertehless this tastes a lot better for me than JW red. Nice light smoke but ,no fruit for me, on the nose, delightfull creamy caramel toned with vanilla on the palette and a bit spicy aftertaste in the finish. Hmmmm...from the expirience I have till now JackD wins but this is also a good option.

    1st June 2013

    White Knight

    When knocked back with a little water to open the flavour, the overwhelming smoky after taste draws forth in most expressions. Nose is fruity and young, early taste is reminiscent of young oak barrels with no real body to the whisky. The grassy/peaty overtones in the nose and first taste, with the smoky finish will trick inexperienced or narrow thinking whisky drinkers into thinking its classy. It's inconsistent between bottles and painting by numbers, even at the price. There is better, more challenging blends to enjoy at this price point

    30th May 2013

    TRY IT


    21st April 2013

    Teachers is not consistent

    I really like some. I really hate others. I go for Black Bottle now!

    8th February 2013

    Not what it used to be...shame

    I have been a loyal consumer of Teachers for many years, but no longer will be. I have just purchased a another bottle after a string of duds to be confirmed it is not what it used to be. In its former glory was a perfectly suited everyday sipper. Now it tastes like cheap grain whisky. It reminds me of J&B rare(raw!!)

    30th October 2012

    careful what bottles you get...

    Very inconsistent. Varies from bottle to bottle almost. Some is decent to good, some is just undrinkable. If you get the drinkable stuff well that's decent enough to buy it. It's a decently rich and smokey blended whiskey, shame it's so inconsistent.

    20th October 2012

    Lesson learned

    My personal experience with Teacher's has been a good one over the years. It has enough edginess to stand out yet enough smoothness to be pleasant. Also there is just the right amount of depth and, lets say, a robust elegance. I feel this is good, honest and fairly uncompromised whiskymaking.

    17th October 2012

    You can't go wrong with Teachers

    If you are looking for an outstanding Scotch whisky that is an affordable daily pleasure, also delicious, here it is. Smooth, full-flavored, some nice peaty honeyed smoke, this makes the taste buds and olfactory sense very happy. And did I mention it costs but a pittance? Whether neat, with water or as a relaxing beverage over ice, Teacher's is outstanding. It is also a great compliment to a nice cigar.

    13th September 2012

    A good friend....

    Only can say Teachers Highland Cream is the poor mans Lagavulin!!
    divine for this price!! The best you can have in blended scotch!!

    12th September 2012

    More than a whisper...

    There is far more than a "whisper" of peat in Teacher's. While it isn't overpowering you don't have to quiet the crowd to taste it. I'm new to scotch and am looking to develop a taste for peat which, initially, I found off-putting. This is just enough for me, as I think I'm starting to appreciate it.

    Dare I say, a nice introduction to scotch for those who don't want to spend $100 and find they are no fan of peat.

    13th May 2012

    Very Alcoholic

    Aroma very alcoholic, something sweet on the palate and dry final. You might get different than the original since I bought it at an Argentine market, and the bottle is not bottled in Scotland, is fractioned in Argentina. I hope the test bottle bottled at source to compare.

    7th May 2012


    very spicy and creamy

    16th March 2012


    very good and special at this price

    16th March 2012

    a lovely blend

    This is by far my favourite of the readily available budget blends. Subtle smoke and peat. Deserves a place in every whisky cabinet (at least the cabinets of those of us who need to pace our spending), though in all honesty I think I'd still drink Teacher's if I were a rich man.

    25th January 2012

    A grand old fashioned dram

    Tasty stuff without breaking the bank. Very moreish.

    27th November 2011

    Primski Dyk

    just tasted Jameson, Teachers and Ballantine's.
    Teachers got the most complicated taste. Not too sweet, very slightly smoky.

    11th September 2011

    Really great blend

    Smooth, spicy, fruity and slightly,slightly smoky.
    Contains 45% of malt whisky (Ardmore).

    26th April 2011

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