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Talisker 10 Year Old

(70cl, 45.8%)
Talisker 10 Year Old

Awards for Talisker 10


Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2014

International Spirits Challenge


Islands Single Malt 12 Years and Under - 2014

World Whiskies Awards


Highlands & Islands up to 12yo - 2014

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Scotch Single Malt - Island - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Double Gold
Double Gold

Single Malt Scotch - to 12 Yrs - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Gold Outstanding
Gold Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Island - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Daily Dram - 2013

Malt Maniacs Awards


Highlands & Islands up to 12yo - 2013

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

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Talisker 10 Bottling Note

A classic Island dram from the Isle of Skye. Always highly rated, this was an Editor's Choice at Whisky Magazine. Lots of spice and fresh, tangy peat.
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Talisker 10 (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Thick, pungent smoke. Notes of kippers, seaweed, apple peels. Fresh and fragrant.

Palate: Full bodied with huge plumes of smoke and volcanic, peppery peat. Intense.

Finish: Long finish, barley, malt.

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    User Reviews of the Talisker 10 Year Old

    Aspiring Aficionado

    To begin with, let explain my seemingly eclectic palate. My favorite whiskies are : Glenfarclas (all years) , Oban 14, Lagavulin 16, Tomatin 18, and now Talisker 10. I don't have the knowledge of more sophisticated Scotch drinkers and can't explain about "tarry rope" flavors and the like because, for one thing, I've never eaten a tarry rope. But, I DO know what I like and really like this whisky! I bought my first bottle a few days ago and it is now finished and I will buy more. Enough said.

    19th March 2015

    Aspiring Single Malt Aficionado

    I'm really not a big fan of peaty whiskies. The Glenfarclas line are my favorites. But I really like this whisky! I bought a bottle a few days ago and I finished it of last night. The more I drank, the more I liked it. I really can't explain why. I just know what I like. As of now my favorites are Glenfarclas 10, 12, and 17. Oban 14, Lagavulin 16, Tomatin 18, and now Talisker 10. Can anyone out there explain my palate to me? It all seems to be pretty eclectic. I'm not a very sophisticated Scotch man yet and really can't go into detail about "tary ropes" and other flavors because I've never ate a tary rope. I can relate to "nutty",vanilla" ,oak,smoke,etc..

    19th March 2015

    Easy good balance between peat and sweet

    Palete/taste range: - Sharp alcohol, peat, peaty smoke, barley, increased thickness, round, sweetness, salty and sweet long finish!! What a balance between peaty smoke and sweet/salt! But it is a teaser for your tastes. I am new to malts but love this one! Found it on discount in supermarked.
    How to enjoy: - to relaxation after long hard day at work. Prefer to sip it neat from small glass. ;-)
    I highly recomment this one! At least buy this one before the other Taliskers.

    17th March 2015

    Beautifully Peated

    I'm not a lover of the traditional Islay peaty powerhouses. However, I just tried a sample of this Talisker 10 from Skye and it is surprisingly well balanced and beautifully peated.

    Understandably, peat is a very polarizing note. Some love it, others hate it. I feel this one could easily appeal to both. From a neat pour there's plenty of peat smoke, cinnamon sugar sweetness, barbeque sauce, and sea salt on the nose. The palate is round and smooth. The chaps are right; there is an ashy and peppery quality there, but they're wrong on one thing - it's not that intense. Despite a slight soapiness and medicinal note in the aftertaste, this dram was quite enjoyable!

    If you like Talisker 10 but want to taste around, try the Bowmore 15 Darkest. Similar flavour profiles, but the Bowmore has a few extra years to build some sweeter sherried characteristics that I think play quite well with the peat.

    16th March 2015

    Something's changed

    I mean no disrespect, as I do appreciate Talisker's products but I do think the 10yo has changed over the past couple of years. It doesn't have as much depth and complexity. That being said Talisker 18 is still divine.

    11th March 2015


    This is delicate taste whisky. Medium smokey. It smells amazing - peat, salt... I like to breath him.

    7th March 2015

    Just the right amount of peat

    Very smooth for a 10 year old. Great peaty presentation. Best with 10 drops of water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before enjoying.

    7th March 2015

    The bottle needs to breath

    First night with this bottle was confusing. The mouthfeel was hollow and every flavor was overshadowed by a vicious chemical note. It was a rough ride from start to finish where maybe 1/10 sips showed some hope that my money was not wasted. I wasn't discouraged because I enjoy interesting experiences but I knew if this bottle continued on the current path there was no way I would ever purchase a second bottle.

    Fortunately, given some time, the bleach like whisky was replaced with a gentle but flavorful tonic. Its a balanced blend of peat and fruit with a hint of the medicinal. I don't agree with the Masters of Malt tasting notes as it makes it sound like a full Islay experience when they say "full bodied with huge plumes of smoke". My bottle comes off more like a hybrid whisky. For people turned off by the sometimes overpowering flavors of an Islay whisky, Talisker 10 might be a nice adventure.

    18th February 2015

    In the absence of green

    Talisker 10 year truly is the power in that old green label, and I actually enjoyed it way more. If you miss green label like I did this is going to be a peaty kick of nostalgia.

    12th February 2015

    Beginner's review

    I'm usually really not one for the darker whiskeys, yet this is one of the few that I really like

    1st February 2015

    vs. JWB...

    Talisker 10 taste to me like Johnnie Walker Black. Yes, makes sense because it's the same parent company, but it is a dead ringer on the eye, nose, & palate. So, why pay twice the price? It's good scotch; but...Yeah, I'll just buy two JWB next time. 6 stars for the price difference. Save money and just buy JWB.

    31st January 2015


    Ok.... I stole a bottle of Laphroiag 10 off my dad in the summer. (He's not a whisky drinker, so it's ok). I found it difficult to drink at first but then it clicked. The TCP/Dettol reaction that you all mention was also my initial thought but then you grow to love it.
    After finishing that off, this Talisker was recommended to me. I bought it this morning and I've yet to open it.
    I'm new to single malts and to this posher end of the whisky scale but I'm so looking forward to opening this baby tonight.
    I'll rate it once I've had a few.

    30th January 2015

    Good to the last damn...

    I have had to wait until i reached 80 to be given a bottle. What kept my spendthrift family so long? If I remind them I have birthday in February do you think they might have a whip-round for another bottle ? One can only live in hope. M.J.C.

    20th January 2015


    Even for a beginner like me, this is not too "islay". enough peat&smoke, whiff of honey, salt from the air, seaweed, some black pepper spice at the finish. wow....For the price, definitely one bottle of this in my cabinet.

    13th January 2015

    One of my favourites

    My first touch with Talisker 10 yo was a couple of years ago in a pub in London where I was on a vacation. The taste was too strong for me having in mind that I'm in use with stronger drinks than the average from where I come... Later a got a bottle of it from my wife for my B-day and I can say that after sever 'conversations' with that bottle it turned to be one of my favorites so far. Like it more than Lagavulin for not being so much peated. Love to enjoy it at home in the cold days while reading a book on the couch. And every drop seems to be a true pleasure. Looking forward for the next one. :)


    12th January 2015


    It tastes like a cross between Lagavulin 16 and Ardbeg 10. It's not a good thing or a bad thing just an in between whisky.

    11th January 2015


    Smells and tastes okay to start... then the aftertaste... if i wanted to drink medicine/dettol I needn't pay £30+ for the privilege of calling buying this whiskey! Yuck!!

    11th January 2015


    I'm afraid I have to agree with Andy's first assessment. This offering has more in common with industrial effluent than whiskey. My wife loves it so I have tried it on a number of occasions....very difficult to get past the 'nose' stage without gagging.

    Each to his own, I know. And I have tasted worse. I couldn't finish the free sample at the Old Fettercairn distillery.

    3rd January 2015

    Back to the future!

    First tasted Talisker on a visit to the distillery some 30 years ago at the tender age of 17. Can't even remember what it tasted like and part from a few Glenfid's haven't really done whiskey for a very long time. Memories stirred seeing it in the shop and a bottle came home. I can't give you palate descriptions, I have no idea on that score but if it's your first taste let me describe it so you won't be surprised. Imagine you are on the end of cold and windy wharf and the local fishing trawler has just returned. Pulling along side the skipper hits reverse and you get a mouthful of diesel fumes, fish, salt spray and you breathe get taken away just a touch. That's your first taste of Talisker - no wonder some hate it! But take that, your home and the warmth of the peat fire is upon you. That's the true Talisker. Think hard life, history and the elements. No soft highland tartan and civility here. Embrace it!

    3rd January 2015

    Peter Batts

    It is one of our favourite malts but what on earth is volcanic peat?

    2nd January 2015

    new to it

    i got a bottle of this for christmas from my wife. on my first taste i found it very strong and almost bitter. think it was just my tastebuds going into shock. on my second glass i grew to enjoy it , and, when this bottle is finished i will buy another :)

    1st January 2015


    Nice "punch",but to much caramel ,horreble mouthfeel.
    Ok value.

    31st December 2014


    Right then, I am now going to be man enough to back pedal on my last review....! I previously stated that the best place for this whiskey was down the sink..! Well to be honest I have changed my view in the last few days..! When I first tried Talisker I had been drinking standard type mild flavored Whiskey and tried Talisker straight afterwards, do that and you will also have the same shock effect on your taste buds. I am now on my 2nd bottle of 20cl Talisker that I could not impose upon my friends as gifts, and to be honest I am now starting to enjoy it....!I am now giving them some 20cl bottles of Jura Whiskey that is very pleasant from the outset..! To be honest now I have got over the shock smell and taste of Talisker, I have got to admit that I would indeed buy it again for myself....! I find it best neat with no ice or water or any other additive, I never thought I would say this so soon but you might just have a convert......!

    14th December 2014


    Had a nip of Talisker last night. Have to agree with Andy - dreadful taste of industrial chemicals. More like drinking TCP than whiskey!

    13th December 2014


    I have been drinking whiskey for over 30 years, I bought some 20cl bottles for presents so decided to open one to see what it was like..!
    My goodness what a shock...! it tastes like bad medicine or cleaning fluid, I have never tasted anything like it...!I cannot impose that on my friends, best place for this shit is down the sink....! Sorry but that is my opinion...!

    10th December 2014


    Very smoky, powerful taste, not for the faint of heart! Definitely has a sea water kind of aroma in there. The first time I opened the bottle I was astonished by the burnt smell that emanated from it, and the taste stayed true to this first impression. I did not like this scotch. 2 weeks later and half a bottle later, I either got used to the taste or the bottle got used to me, I'm still not sure which. But this is some fine scotch, for sure. The only problem is that now the highland park 12 bottle I bought alongside this one, lies untouched in the cupboard, for being too watery and dull...

    22nd November 2014

    A genuine advance of incalculable merit.

    I was given an unwanted bottle of this stuff by a chap at work who knew I liked a nip of Scotch. He said he had tried it and described it as "paint stripper." Well I think it's superb, a masterpiece, and ridiculously inexpensive for what you get. It has far more substance and authority than Black Bush and is much easier to drink than Highland Park, but somehow beats each at their own game.

    19th November 2014

    try this.

    this was the first bottle I bought from from this range from talisker,
    and what a great whiskey this is.10/10 for me

    2nd November 2014

    A Reserved Peaty Dram

    Just finished my first glass of this. Prepared by swirling filtered water in my glass, dumping it out, then adding whiskey for just a few drops of water to open the nose. I can tell this is a whiskey I will be keeping in my cabinet. Without question, this carries the peaty flavors through from the malting process, so if you don't like peat, this is not for you, stick to the many lovely non-peated scotch whiskeys such as Glenmorangie 18 or Aberlour 12. However, this is nowhere near as peaty as my all-time favorite, Lagavulin 16, or the iconic Laphroiag 10--this Talisker is much "easier" to enjoy. Relative to Lagavulin, the intensity of the peat is maybe 35% as great, meaning this would be easier to have more regularly, not just when I'm "in the mood" as is the case with lagavulin or laphroiag. The briny flavors imparted from the sea spray passing through the open windows and impregnating the casks in Talisker's aging room is a delightful addition to the palette here. As another commented, the finish is, in my opinion rather short, one of the weaknesses here (level of complexity would be another) I'd award it gold rather than double gold. Highly recommend!!

    31st October 2014

    Not for the faint hearted.

    This is a tough whisky,as the ancient Scots said it, and remarkably divisive. I'm new to it. I bought it on the way to a gig and looked forward to it all evening. When I got home I threw a few logs on the, thankfully, still burning fire and poured a glass. My first impression was that I'd made a terrible mistake. It tasted medicinal and much too rough. I found myself wanting another taste however. The more I sipped, the more I began to appreciate the roughness of this wonderful whiskey. It somehow makes you feel like you're tasting history. You can imagine generations of islanders sitting by their fires being simultaneously warmed from the cruel northern Scottish weather

    25th October 2014

    One of the better 10 year peated SM

    Talisker 10 year has to be one of the better 10 year ols single malts out there.

    On the not so delicate nose i find sea, wood, sweet fruit and a bit smoke. The first touch in the mouth is an explosion of taste where one could distinguishe the pallete. The finish is long and fades slowly.

    Not a dram for sunny days, but it fits perfectly on the winterevenings.

    I would say the Talisker is a Highland Park 12 on steroids.

    10th October 2014


    Very Good!

    5th October 2014

    Love the opinions (and this whisky!)

    These reviews are great - both the lovers and the haters (I'm among the former, btw). Makes learning about Scotch that much more fun!

    22nd September 2014

    Love it

    Absolutely love the smokey, peaty taste.

    21st September 2014

    Skye in a glass

    Aroma of sea spray and smoke - Dunvegan on a winter night. The taste is peat and smoke and it finishes with a bang, not a whimper. This is not a whisky for the faint-hearted, but then, neither is the Isle of Skye!

    12th September 2014

    Smell is good

    It smells amazing! But then you taste it, it's not a good whiskey

    24th August 2014

    Not for your peat enthusiast

    I just picked up a bottle of Talisker 10yo for $70 because I had never tried Talisker before. My flat opinion as a peat and bourbon lover.. this is a very very weak whiskey. It has a smooth smoky nose and a very pleasant malty arrival, but that's as far as it went for me. The development was very mild, and the finish was almost nonexistent! When I'm drinking an expensive peated whisky, I at LEAST want a nice long finish. If this was a $40 whisky, I would have very little to complain about. What I ended up doing with it was (yes this may make some of you cringe) blending it with some high end bourbon. 2/3rds Talisker 1/3rd high end bourbon. Now after blending it, THEN it actually became something very very good! The bourbon helped drag out the finish in the most amazing way! So the only reason this even gets 2 stars, it because (for me personally) it was somewhat saved by blending it.

    22nd August 2014

    Must have

    In my opinion, it's a must have for your big three. No mather what happen, I like to keep a bottle of Talisker, Laphroaig QC and a Lagavulin 12. It tells you how I valued this scotch. Smoky, peated and heavy salt. The nose is just incredible. Close your eyes, take a whiff, and you can almost feel yourself sitting on the sideseas cliffs of Scotland with the waves crashing into the rock. However, I have found out it's not the best to match with a cigar, it completly messes with the palate. Have a more smoky oriented scotch like Bowmore or Ardbeg, or a heavy coal Laproaig for your week-end cigar. Have a good one.

    18th August 2014

    ash tray

    Smoke overwhelmed everything. Experimented with adding more and more water a bit at a time to no avail. Nose: Smoke. Taste: Smoke. Finish: Ash tray with notes of death. I like a dram with a hint of smoke but I'm more for the light, fruity, floral whiskeys so if you're the same avoid this one. However, if a smoky whiskey is your thing I can highly recommend it because that is exactly what you will get.

    17th August 2014

    Nice, but boisterous

    Comes along confident and strong, but is already gone before you've really met. Just a bit too boisterous for my taste, I guess, but still nice enough for the odd occasion.

    13th August 2014

    Very hard to Beat (P.O'S)

    I'm very fond of this oaken/smokey dram that sets itself up as a late night whisky. You can take a view here that Talisker dosen't compete with Islay malts but parallels and bests them with salty depth. This has become my go-to malt for peat & smoke and to be honest; there always seems to be a 'Tally' in that mahogany cabinet next to the green leather chesterfield in the walnut wood wrapped cigar smelling office down a cul de sac in the house of Lords. (My life hasn't worked out that well, but this whisky gives me that feeling).

    2nd August 2014

    If You Like Smoke and Peat . . .

    Do not pay any attention to some of the bad reviews of this whisky. It is certainly not for everyone; but for those who look for a powerful, but flavorful dram of Scotch Whisky . . . this is for you! Granted, it is an acquired taste ( I started with the sweeter . . sherried . . scotches, such as Macallan 12); but once you get used to the peat and smoke, you are hooked! This is very, very good whisky. It is rich, strong, earthy, salty, smoky-sweet . .. goodness in a bottle.
    You need to try this. I love Highland Park 12, but this steps it up a bit. It is wild and wonderful!

    1st August 2014

    A Good Strong Flavor

    More heft than Speyside, but not quite the complexity of the great Islay drams like Ardbeg and Laphroaig. A bit medicinal. All that said, damn fine whiskey.

    26th July 2014

    My First Real Smoke and Peat Scotch

    Fairly new to scotch, but have tried quite a few; Highland Park 12 being my favorite at this point. Decided to venture out into the heavier flavors of peat and smoke. Heard so much about the Talisker being a good starting point. I must say that it is just fabulous. The color is a beautiful amber; the nose is marvelously smoky and (to me) caramel and maple; the taste . . . well... I love it. I could be happy with this from now on. And it is very reasonably priced. Talisker 10 is a very, very good scotch whisky.

    24th July 2014

    One of our favorites!

    Both the missus and I enjoyed Talisker as our first scotch when I was stationed in the UK. Probably the most drank scotch for us. Love the smokey, smooth dram!

    9th June 2014

    Kippers marinated in petrol

    A big departure from my usual choices of speysides and bourbon, I thought I'd try something different. I bought a bottle and have struggled to finish a single finger. I can't get past the taste of smoked kipper to taste anything else and 5 minutes after having my first few sips my breath smells like I've been gargling petrol. Anyone fancy swapping for a half empty bottle of Aberlour?

    30th May 2014

    rugged beauty

    The rugged and beautiful west coast of Scotland in a glass, not as extreme as an Islay, a briny salt & pepper powerhouse that never fails to deliver wave after wave of maritime malt character.
    Simply one of the best (but not for everyone)

    27th May 2014

    The best

    Talisker 10 year old.........the best, enough said.

    26th May 2014

    What's next...?

    Once i first discovered the smoke in scotch, I could never go back to the unpeated varieties. Highland Park 12 was my first foray and, WOW, was i hooked after that. I wanted to try everything i could get my hands on. Unfortunately, I'm not rich...but, luckily, the neighborhood pub has around 200 bottles (I know, lucky me). Once i finally got a round to the Talisker 10, the HP was no longer my fave. Talisker is such a great dram. There will always be a bottle on my shelf!!

    25th May 2014

    not as smokey/peaty as expected

    I only got this because I had heard it was a smokier whisky, but was dissapointed in this respect. I found it wasn't anywhere near as smokey or "woodsy" as Laphroiag 10, for example.

    21st May 2014


    My first smokier malt I recieved as a gift and I have to say I realy like it. Not as "hard" as the Connemara turf mor so easier accessible. Enjoy!

    10th May 2014

    любовь с первого взгляда!


    2nd May 2014

    Andrea Simpson

    I really like it! I cautiously bought a drink at the Red Fox Inn in Virginia first-ha! But I enjoyed it so I got a bottle. It is smokey, not as smokey as some to me. I would rate it high middle. The apple taste is there though. However not at all too sweet-I am not a bourbon or Irish drinker for that reason. We're under tornado watches here in North Alabama so I got a wee dram of my newly bought bottle. I mean if you *are* going to be blown away...

    28th April 2014

    Approved by Burns

    Burns said '' whisky as I conceive it, means Islay, Talisker or Glenlivet.''
    So it has a heritage, and is much more interesting than most whisky's of its age. But is you want ultra peat stick to Islay, this is only a suggestion of peat.

    28th April 2014

    One of my Favs

    Love Talisker 10. Plain and simple!

    21st April 2014

    Intriguing dram

    I discovered the diversity and complexity of whisky a year ago and at first didn't like the peated malts. However as my palate and appreciation for whisky has developed, I am beginning to really enjoy the smoky varieties. I'm just back tonight from a friend''s who had bought in Glenmorangie - a lovely light sweet whisky, and a 10 year old Talisker for us to try. After a dram of each, I was surprised to find I preferred the Talisker. To my perception, it gives initial sweet fruity notes, with an overall layer of smoke, and with kippers and salt finish. Lovely, sweet, salty mix; complex, and satisfying. Very enjoyable. More intriguing and not so straightforward as the, albeit lovely in itself, Glenmorangie.

    18th April 2014

    TALISKER 10 YEARS OLD - Whisky Vibe - 8.5 Stars

    TALISKER 10 YEARS OLD, produced by Talisker Distillery, Islands has matured for at least 10 Years in oak with an ABV of 45.80%.
    The whisky is Deep Amber in color and visually clear with Moderate depth to it.
    On the nose it has Medium intensity, Medium complexity with aromas of Apple, Iodine, Seaweed, Kipper, Pungent and Smoke.
    On the palate it is unctuous and slightly sweet with flavors of Barley, Brine, Iodine, Peat, Smoke, Pepper, Honey and Sherry.
    The whisky is of Full body, Balanced, with a Dry, long (7+ secs) finish.

    Tasting Notes generated by Whisky Vibe App.

    17th April 2014

    Great Whisky

    not as brutal on the senses as your Laphroaigs and Ardbegs, but a very nice Scotch nonetheless - a good place to start out if you wish to try Peated Scotch - if this is too full-on for you then steer clear of the Islay lot!

    9th April 2014


    drinking this whiskey reminds of the tale of the emperor has no clothes for people are just afraid to admit the truth that this is just terrible whiskey

    9th April 2014

    Subtle Smoke

    I'm a relative newcomer to smokier malts, having "grown up" with Glenfarclas and Cragganmore, I wanted to try something a little different.

    My first impression is of smoke and iodine of course, but those are pretty round and don't jump out of the profile to kill anything else going on. Alongside those flavors are green meadow sorts of flavors that reminded me of clover.

    As an aside, when I had finished the drink and was smelling the empty glass I got a very clear sea harbor sort of scent.

    6th April 2014


    As an Irish Whiskey drinker I'm not overly fond of smokey/peaty flavors, however, I did enjoy the Talisker 10. Quite a potent drink as it has been said but the flavors are quite distinct from each other creating a evident in the long finish also not overly expensive. I would definitely keep a spot on my shelf for it in future.

    28th March 2014


    Zwaar overroepen deze Whisky hoor, niet veel beter dan de gemiddelde blend!

    24th March 2014

    not to talisker's usual level

    Rather disappointed in last bottle of 10 year I bought (March 2014 Canada). Missing the level of peat I have come to expect from them. Can't detect a Lot number on the bottle. Will I buy it again? Yes, with hope it was simply a bad batch.

    22nd March 2014


    The people below who state this is the worst whiskey they ever tasted on not Scotch drinkers I think they better stick to umbrella drinks-- because first off this is not a bery smokey or even very peat tasting but for the 12 year or under it's one of the best--- the negative reviewers should stick to bud light or diet coke because they sure are not Scotch drinkers

    13th March 2014

    Love it

    Especially if yo can get it for reduced price in supermarkets, it is unbeatable.
    I have got bottle before and now I bought another one. Consistent bottling.
    This is my go-to whisky.

    3rd March 2014

    A new found dram......

    I like it! The slight smoke/peaty/seaweed lends much character to this whisky. The nose is almost intoxicating in itself. Has a long, dry finish that reminds me somewhat of a good Cuban cigar. This whisky is not for everyone of course.

    2nd March 2014

    I thought there was something wrong with the bottle ...

    Definately the worst whiskey I ever had: it smells awful – like smoked (or burnt) pig meat (for the second nip I had to hold my breath to even be able to get near it) –, tastes way too spicy/smokey, has an bitter aftertaste (like you just drank some medicine), and even the bottle looks weird.

    The package looks nice though.

    1st March 2014

    What a Dram

    First bottle,what an excellent Whiskey.
    Light Peat, salt and spice flavours...Love IT..

    28th February 2014

    I just don't get it....

    Although this had a decent aroma, it tastes awful! I appreciate a nice, smokey, peaty malt but this leaves a horrendous aftertaste which I can only compare to a foisty smell. It tastes artificial and chemical like to the point where I thought something was wrong with it. I can't understand the positive reviews. This is the worst I have tasted.

    21st February 2014

    good stuff

    Never liked peated whisky until I tried this one, so much flavour and character.

    15th February 2014

    Great Dram

    Nice dram that balances sweetness and smoke very well. Everybody has their own view, but those that voted this down are wrong. Plain and simple.

    8th February 2014


    A delightful whirlwind of complexity and contradiction in the nose and on the palate. Peaty, smoke infused tastes and smells of the sea married to salted caramel with a nice spicy undercurrent running through it. At 45.8% vol (91.6% proof in old money) this is one deceptively strong and extremely rewarding dram.

    1st February 2014

    Just can't warm up to it

    I bought a bottle and after three tries, this scotch is not for me. I don't find it unpleasant, just salty and sweet and not very interesting or worthwhile especially when I have a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig 18 sitting in my liquor cabinet.
    To each his own.

    30th January 2014

    Perfect late night dram

    The tastes like a late night with a few good friends, light low, fire burning in the stove, talking openly about love and life, or just enjoying the old jazz record playing softly in the back. Those nights that should never end. This Whisky tastes like those kind of nights. Share with your best friend.

    26th January 2014


    Like drinking benzene with phenol dissolved in it. Tasty.

    26th January 2014

    great with diet coke

    Just kidding! Hey, who deleted my previous review??
    Unlike Laphroaig 10, that tastes like turpentine that caught fire which was put out and then bottled while a bottle of phenol was thrown in accidentally into the cask, Talisker 10 is less intense. I didn't smell much smoke but lots of wood and peat. Taste is harsh without a little water which smooths it a little giving it a slightly sweet (oranges?) and salty finish. So if you are in a foul mood in the evening and want to indulge in some self flagellation, pour yourself some Talisker 10 to complete the evening's moroseness.
    Lagavulin 16 is so much better.


    25th January 2014

    Peat amd wood

    After all the rave reviews, I bought a bottle of Talisker 10. Now, I am quite fond of sweeter, lighter scotches like the balvenie 17 double wood, 21 portwood nd the dalwhinne 15 as well as the peaty, smoky scotches like the lagavulin 16 and laphroaig18.
    Talisker 10? A very nice scotch. Very little smoke but lots of peat in the nose. Taste is a little raw with oak and some sweetness and quite dry. Phenol is not that noticeable. A very nice scotch but I prefer the Lagavulin 16 which is much more tasty and complete.

    25th January 2014


    I too cannot stop thinking about my next dram of this remarkable stuff. The nose alone is intoxicating. It's everything I think of the romance of Scotland and scotch.

    24th January 2014

    One simple expression

    Holy cow that's the good stuff

    21st January 2014

    Like a song

    To rate:

    15th January 2014

    Like a song

    Sometimes at night I dream a certain piece of music that is with me when I awake. This Talisker, I find its taste coming to me during the day, when I'm nowhere near the bottle, much like that music I dream. A fabulous example of what art man is capable of.

    15th January 2014

    unpredictable but amazing

    This whisky is like the beautiful girl that smiles at you, calls you forward, and then slaps you in the face. As she walks away she turns around and smiles again. The smell, and look of this whisky all becon you to drink. As you draw this drink your lips and start to take it in, POW!! It hits you firm, hard and square in face. As the sting subsides, it calls you back in for another. Its irresistible and amazing in every way.

    12th January 2014


    I had never drank a whisky of this caliber before. The start it so immensely up your face. Heavy turf and pepper taste along with a strong kick powerful enough to make you pour another glass. You either like this, or you don't. It's not for the faint hearted, that's for sure. Bit expensive for a gamble, but sometimes you just got the roll the hard six.

    10th January 2014

    A beast!

    Massive nose, crazy apple peels. Peaty smoke engulfing the palate, loads of creosol sharpening things up and lengthening the already never-ending barley-driven finish. Amazing!!

    2nd January 2014

    No In Between

    Read the reviews...there's not a "3" on the board! You either like it or you don't...but if you love Scotch Whiskey then you owe yourself a taste test. Don't expect a smooth, sweet highland malt second barreled in a wine cask, or the grassy taste (harsh on my taste buds) of a lowland malt. This is not a scotch for everyone. Whiskey is not wine! Forget the nose...use your taste buds! If you like your women're gonna love this one! I love different kinds of tastes, but this one is good and worth repeating. I'll get another bottle!

    27th December 2013


    Put together earwax, embalming fluid and a very old antiseptic and there you have it. Also don't forget a lingering nasty aftertaste that made me wonder all evening how anybody could have there taste buds so screwed up to actually like this stuff.

    26th December 2013

    Glace cherries it is not

    When I was a student, I took up smoking a pipe. A ridiculous affectation, but whatever. While I was induling in this habit, I bought a brand of tobacco called Sobranie. Nice, but strong stuff. Well, having just downed a good measure of Talisker, I have that same taste, but without having had my lungs cleaned with brillo pads. Glace cherries it is not.

    13th December 2013

    Hard bastard

    I was gifted a bottle of this recently and it's good stuff. A nice strong flavour. Wouldn't say no to another bottle.

    11th December 2013

    Kilt and All

    Talisker was first introduced to me about 5 years ago when a group of us chaps were playing fiddle by the sea. We would try to describe the experience to each other as we passed around a dram between tunes and chuckles.
    A sheep herders moss covered dirty kilt saved from a camp fire, washed in an old iron pot on an open fire, then the scorched wool is hung up in a musky old cedar lined closet surrounded with moth balls until dry. The tattered band seemed to be all in agreement on the taste. Yet, we couldn't stop adoring the whisky until it was all gone. Now it's a favorite dram of all times.

    10th December 2013

    Changed my perspective

    Wow what an absolute treasure! Came into malt drinking as a fan of floral unpeated whisky, but after imbibing on the talisker 10 I feel like the floodgates have opened. Thick medicinal peat on the nose, which gives way to sweetness and spice on the palate. Lovely warming finish, I'm off to grab a bottle for the cabinet!

    7th December 2013

    Peat and pepper

    Always been one of my favourites with its curious peppery edge. Is it just me - or do a lot of the detractors seem to use American spellings and terms, flavor, sneakers etc? Perhaps they should just stick to Southern Comfort and Coke.

    3rd December 2013

    Another fav

    Well I must say that this reminds me of Kilchoman Machir Bay but more smooth. Same smokey peaty nose and taste with a perfect finish. If you like this one try Kilchoman as well. I will be a regular up in the Skye! If you dont like this then go back to drinking bud light.

    30th November 2013

    Peat,salt and caramel

    My wife and I love this malt. She calls it "toffee scotch" after its long peaty sweet finish. Must say I have always been a fan, and it makes a nice contrast to the Islays as its taste "attack" (forgive the audio terms)and peaty "sustain" give a more storm swept experience!!

    26th November 2013

    If it's good enough for Robert Burns its good enough for me.

    Talisker is awesome. The only thing better might be Lagavulin. The 18 is really good, but I don't think its worth the extra $. If you get a chance go to the distillery on Skye. Saw a whale breech while driving there. Memorable trip.

    22nd November 2013

    A whisky that does justice to the sea

    A must-taste for any peat loving palate. Amazing dram for its price range, with the smokiness riding shutgun, while sea-stuff of all kinds (seaweed, seawater, seasalt) take you faraway across turbulent oceans. If Cthulhu were a whisky, this would be it.

    16th November 2013

    Better Taliskers out there

    Smells wonderfully sweet on an initial nose (I immediately thought of cider) and with a lovely smoke, but simply too tough on the palate. It's a little too strong for my liking despite the relatively modest alcohol content, so one for some watering down. Completely agree with the above comments about a medicinal/chemical quality. Aftertaste is pretty smooth but not enough going on generally - I'm really confused by all the rave reviews. I'm off to tuck into the Distiller's Edition.

    11th November 2013

    Amazing elixir

    Best whiskey I have ever had.

    8th November 2013


    The smoked element to this whisky is absolutely foul. I can't help but think something has gone seriously wrong as it just tastes of burnt plastic. i forced down a measure telling myself it would get better but quite frankly it made me feel ill. I cannot fathom how people can enjoy this whisky and can only assume that the good reviews are marketing plants!!!

    27th October 2013

    Not a rookie's gamble, but a prize to real men who can handle it.

    Peat-forward whiskies, such as Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Talisker, etc., are not for the faint hearted. It is a classic whisky in every right, and is what a whisky should be. Right now, floral/sweet/light, and boutique bottlings of fragrant multi-wood casks are all the rave because they're feminine, and dessert like. Cragganmore, Talisker, Oban, Lagavulin, Glenkinchie, and Dalwhinnie are the "classics". They are meant to warm you up on a cold scottish night. The smokiness makes it pair exceptionally well with food. And it is fairly complex despite being 10 years old, although peaty whiskies are best young. If you hate this, stay away from Islay whiskies, if you want to like it... start drinking blended scotch instead of feminine perfume bottlings. I didn't taste a big medicinal/bandage rubber saltiness out of Talisker as much as Laphroaig, and Lagavulin was saltier and less smoky. Anyway, it's not the whisky, it's the drinker.

    26th October 2013

    first island dram

    Smokey rather than peaty to me. Very enjoyable would buy again.

    25th October 2013


    Took neat in a proper glass. Extra strong at nose before sip. Halfway stage mixed 20cc of water. Smoothened out. Sweet, lingering and peppery at the back. Forces you to think. Very good.

    21st October 2013

    My first ...

    17th October 2013

    My first ...

    Well, maybe I should say, that this is my first "superior" whiskey, so I am not sure if I am able to judge. But I would like to say, that it was good decision for this whiskey. I really love that smoke and spicy taste.Price performance ratio is just AWESOME!

    17th October 2013

    First dram

    At first this whiskey seems almost salty like seaweed but the salty ocean like taste makes way for a smokey leathery nose and an equally smokey taste along with the addition of tangy peat an overall pleasure to drink however given a choice between this and oban I would have to pick the latter

    17th October 2013


    Over the years I have sampled a relatively large number of single malts (though thankfully, I am nowhere near even halfway through those available!)and I must admit that while I have developed a distinct preference for some (Laphroaig, Dalwhinnie15, even a Bowmore on occasion)I just can not get past the peppery, rough taste of a Talisker. Given my open armed appreciation (naturally, with varying degrees of enthusiasm) for just about every other single malt I have tried, it's a curious thing. It tastes, to me only perhaps, like a good single malt that has been tampered with. Puts me in a minority, I suppose, but there you go.

    6th October 2013

    Most Excellent

    Awesome depth and complexity. The very best in its class IMO.

    4th October 2013



    22nd September 2013


    Yes, but not in a good way. Simply tastes like TCP. I can compare it to nothing else I've ever tried. Really disappointed.

    20th September 2013

    So good!

    A powerful whisky to be tamed! If not love at first, be patient, you'll be surprised!

    12th September 2013

    Al Simon

    Love the notes for a 10 yr old..! Lots of charecter that may seem heavy for many.. especially the for ones in the likes of the Glenfiddich 15 and 18 yr notes.. ! This is in with Laphroaig.. Agree with one review, it is hard to beleive its a 10yr.. as it has the maturity of a 12 or 15 yr and that many of those 12 and 15 struggle to have..! An unbelievable 10yr..!!,

    3rd September 2013


    I never drunk a whisky like this in my life total failure

    29th August 2013

    Dr Greg

    A beautiful whisky. I adore Laphroaig and am glad to add this to my short list of favorites. Phenolics are tuned back a little and the spiciness steps up. If you cannot appreciate this - well then, give it one star and declare that you are not a whisky drinker.

    28th August 2013

    Full of character

    This one doesn't go unnoticed, very recognisable! Shared it with a friend and had the best Week-end. Love the salt, the pepper, the peat, and man ... that attitude !

    17th August 2013

    Can't decide...

    Talisker 10yr, to me, seems to be in predicament; the green apple and sage in the nose are completely overwhelmed by an aggressive alcohol note (it genuinely burned my nostrils) and the pleasant toffee apple/herbal taste of the mouth are shadowed by heavy burnt peat and black smoke which mellow into a really satisfying finish. A real rollercoaster whisky; I think it benefits from more water than usual to extract what it does well.

    15th August 2013


    The whisky is top notch, full of pepper and peat.

    8th August 2013


    Too smoky and peaty? Try Laphroig! This is a very good bottle, I love it! Maybe ever so slightly too strong... but well, can't really complain about that!!!

    25th July 2013


    It's very good whisky. If you want something with some balanced kick, well then try it . It will wake you up and appreciate whisky with a little attitude. Unless you're a smooth whisky snob.

    22nd July 2013


    I like it. Smoky and peaty..some spicy

    4th July 2013


    Excellent whisky this.

    2nd July 2013

    How can anyone give this a one star.

    This is one of the very great whiskies. If you can only give it one star you know nothing about whiskey.

    16th May 2013

    Best 10 year old singe malt out there...

    I can understand why some who are new to whisky do not like Talisker 10 as much as some others. I put this down to its rather fearsome delivery which to the unaccustomed can appear somewhat too much. Like many of the Islay drams (Talisker is from Skye but the comparison is valid) it requires a certain amount of initiation before its full enjoyment can be achieved (easily achieved by drinking more whisky!)
    Talisker for me encapsulates Scotland in a glass, its like a big Scotsman walking up to you in his kilt and giving you a big fat whisky kiss, add a heather moorland windy island location and you get the picture. Its fantastic stuff. For me perhaps the best 10 year old single malt out there. Only the 18 year old surpasses it in my book...

    13th May 2013

    A mediocre scotch.

    It's certainly not awful, but this has a somewhat rank flavor in the midpalate that clashes horribly with chocolate mousse. It's a yeast-like, somewhat chemical flavor. It might be good alone but do not try to pair it under any condition as it tastes somewhat bizzare.

    27th April 2013

    Expensive bottle of Gasoline

    I heard good things about this scotch so decided to spring for a bottle to share with a buddy of mine. We both sat down took a sip, at first taste it seems like its going to be good until that odd gasoline flavor hits you. I could have bought a gallon of gasoline for $3.57 and saved myself a ton of money!

    25th April 2013

    The haters are alien life forms

    How anyone who has actually developed their palate and not respected the Mighty Talisker, not love or at least respect this exception variety staggers the imigination... Yet not as much as I stagger after drinking this liquid of bliss. I have a difficult time stopping once I start this beauty. It is the most dangerous liquid I have ever tasted, and I have tasted many many varieties.
    The haters must be a different species that amoung us.

    I can not speak to those who drink over the $200 US mark
    But I can speak to most others... Try it for yourself, but first develope your pallet...

    One path would be:
    Glenfiddich18 (or 15 to save $)>Clynelish14>Oban14>Talisker10>Cao Ila12>Laguvalin16
    Move slowly and then back and forth(uh...take days if not weeks :-) You will know your own mind on the matter.

    24th April 2013


    This is one of those whiskys that sends new drinkers running for the jack and coke hills, its not by any means "tasty" but my god i emptied that bottle faster than anything in my collection. It's a smoky, almost cooked pork and fish and seawater nose, and a tough, spicy peppery peaty palate, and a finish that makes you think you could speak honey but breathe fire.

    19th April 2013

    Incredible Stuff

    This whisky far exceeded my expectation for one at this price. It's packed full of flavour and has a bit more of a punch with it's slightly higher alcohol level. If you want something a bit different to try then this is a good move...

    17th April 2013

    Excellent Malt

    I'm relatively new to scotch, as I've only been exposed to American Bourbons and a few select scotch brands such as Johnny Walker. After becoming a big fan of Johnny Walker Double Black, I had to try other malts. Talisker 10 is so far my favorite. I just tried Ardbeg Uigeadial, which is very good (4 out of 5), but I'm going to have to say Talisker 10 gives me everything I'm looking for from nose to finish. I can't wait to try many other malts (Laphroaig 10 is next).

    12th April 2013

    Taste the land

    I can understand this not being for everyone, but having been a scotch fan for many a year, the Talisker 10 has become my go to. I particularly like it after a steak dinner.

    5th April 2013

    rating to above....!

    See above!

    1st April 2013

    wowzers in my trousers.....

    A friend and I recently began our journey into single malt whiskey. Talisker 10 was the second one we tried. At first I was a little unsure, but as we sipped our way though we realised we were on to something very special! Acquired taste? You need to aquire the taste as it is a beaut and shouldn't be missed!

    1st April 2013


    Spicy and sweet. A very good whisky! You have to try it...

    1st April 2013

    lost the quality.

    im still unsure of how this has changed, theres something nusual about how ir progresees, its not right.

    31st March 2013

    Bee's nectar

    Absolutely superb ! My favourite in the price range. I liken it to water as it slips down so easily. Dick Clark

    29th March 2013


    ... like teen spirit

    15th March 2013

    Excellent value

    Nicely balanced smokiness with sweetness. This is a bargain other brands are charging twice what Talisker want for comparable whiskies.

    11th March 2013

    This thing is crap

    I don't know that everyone else is drinking but this is horrible. Opened the bottle and all i smelled was gauze from a medicine cabinet. Tried a couple of glasses to give it the benefit of the doubt and very medicinal tasting like no other. Ready to pour it down the drain.

    1st March 2013

    Ripper Drop, you nailed it!

    I am a huge fan of Talisker 10 for ten years since I was gifted a bottle for my 30th. I confess though, I take it with Ginger and LOVE IT! it is the foundation of my interest in whisky.

    I'll try the Oban as its the penultimate "classic" on the list for me.

    Bottoms up!

    23rd February 2013

    William Hadden

    one of the best whiskies in my opinion would recommend to any whisky lover .

    9th February 2013

    Nick Law

    Unequivocally the best value scotch in its class.
    Most reviews from reasonable sources are spot on with regards to their tasting notes.
    Huge peaty nose. Peppery, spicy full palate and massive lingering finish that warms your soul.
    Tasting through a Riedel single malt glass.

    23rd January 2013

    woop woop

    We have a winner!

    7th January 2013

    Ripper Drop

    At first, I hated the taste of this whiskey, but....after time the more you drink it the better it gets! One of the best Whiskeys I have ever had the pleasure to taste. To all te haters please get the bottle out and have a glass with dry ginger you will be supprised!!

    7th January 2013

    Once tasted, you'll never forget

    You'll love or hate this. Very peaty. and so rich. I was sold at the first sip. absolutely I will never forget this classic new friend.

    3rd January 2013


    Liked it...quite a bit.

    1st January 2013


    In my opinion the best 10 yr old malt you can get from any Scottish distillery. It's remote location on the Isle of Skye in "the shadow of the Cuillin Ridge" may seem rather romanticised and irrelevant, but it does have a mark on the whisky - powerful smoke, powerful peat and some darker, richer notes of winter fruits, spice and black pepper underlying rich sea salt are the prevalent elements of this whisky; the maritime nature is more like a stormy bay, it is hard to describe this malt as it is so unique. Definitely an acquired taste; in building up to this malt I would suggest the Oban 14 yr old, and perhaps a couple of Islay malts - I like Port Charlotte and Laphroaig. Overall an incredible malt.

    31st December 2012


    The best $50 scotch in the world...unless you don't like peat smoke

    29th December 2012

    Everlasting Love

    I had this half an hour ago and I can still comfortably taste it- in a good way.
    It is fantastic stuff, easier to drink than other 10 year olds and a real surprise with the enjoyablitlity of the smokey taste. Wow this is a good one. Top two Scotchs I have tasted.

    27th December 2012


    My first heavily peated malt. Although it seemed a bit rough at 1st i eventually had to acknowledge that this is well made whisky. Like switching from an Amstel Light to a Duvel, for all you beer drinkers. Powerful yet balanced. Nice peppery finish.

    25th December 2012


    My first heavily peated malt. Although it seemed a bit rough at 1st i eventually had to acknowledge that this is well made whisky. Like switching from an Amstel Light to a Duvel, for all you beer drinkers. Powerful yet balanced. Nice peppery finish.

    25th December 2012


    There's no such thing as a bad whisky, some are just better than others and this one is simply the best.

    23rd December 2012

    Island Scotch

    It's good, I like it, more of a slow sipper. I do like the fruity sweet easy drinking Scotches of Speyside but if you want thick flavor and powerful notes this one is balanced and not as strong as Laphroaig. A good buy. If you dont like fine....but dont bash on Talisker

    17th December 2012

    Wonderful, with excellent length

    Ive past the Isle of Skye many a time & also through the Kyle of Lochalsh. For me Talisker is simply the best starting with a beautiful balance of peat, sea & the slightly medicinal flavour only Islay malts portray then a long lasting taste, mere words can't describe how good it is & a real bargain!

    9th December 2012


    I have toured many distillaries and tasted many whiskeys and this is by far the best yet.

    23rd November 2012

    Worth buying a few cases of!

    This is superb. Nose: Metallica, even some Mozart. Palate: Thin in water, but thick on taste, despite the 45.8%. More notes of Mozart /Metallica. Finish: a bad day when the bottle is. What a waste of money other whiskeys are! Chill people... Yes, let's have this at cask strength as well!

    Great when smoking a smokey type smoke thing...

    Pseudo intellectual, ridiculous person you are!!!

    17th November 2012


    without a doubt the best whiskey i have tasted to date, smooth and silky pure nectar

    5th November 2012


    One of the loveliest Whiskies I have tasted. I always buy a bottle at Christmas when I'm relaxing at home. You get more than what you pay for with this one.

    28th October 2012


    An excellent dram, and super smooth for a 10 yr old, and best drunk, like Bourbon, at near body temp...Quite sweet, then the spice kicks is slightly smokey, and if you are not keen on the smoke, then do not breath in when sampling....a good intro for the Islay monsters that will undoubtedly follow...Skye's only distillery and one of Scotland's best.....Struth..

    21st September 2012

    The golden path between Speyside and Islay

    A fascinating and warming interplay between peat, lemon, apples and wood. Probably the best price in its category.

    6th August 2012

    I enjoyed it

    Nice whisky for the price. Hope the company do not lower the quality as it gets popular.

    6th August 2012

    Excellent for newbie to try

    I am happy to admit that I am completely new to the whisky world. A friend gave me a mini bottle of this to try and oh my, what a beautiful dram! I don't have to go into tasting notes as its all covered; what I will add is that if I can appreciate the uniqueness and damned awesomeness of a dram why can't an avid malt drinker? SIMPLE! This is most likely has a marmite affect you either love it or hate it!

    26th July 2012

    Each to thier own

    Dear "Simple the worst!" - please send me your bottle of unwanted Talisker as I shall gladly drink it!

    This is my particular favourite whisky. Bit strong for some but nector of the Gods to others!

    12th July 2012

    One of the best!

    One of the very best in Scotland. They call it the taste of the sea and I agree. slightly smokey but not overpoweringly so, slighly sweet but not too obviously. Great quality for a reasonable price.

    30th June 2012


    I've tried lots of whiskies to see if the reputation of Talisker 10 is a bit exaggerated, but every time I keep returning to this. One of the best whiskies around, regardless of price or age - and at this price it's an absolute bargain! Just as good as the 18 year-old in my opinion.

    22nd June 2012

    Number one for me

    Simply the best in its class! Plant a bottle with me when I'm gone.

    30th May 2012

    Too TCP for me, close but no cigar.

    At first, I was very impressed with the value.
    Then, the TCP medicinal after taste took over and really bugged me after most drams. So much so that the risk is too much and I prefer a safer bet such as the Laphraig Quarter Casks - it has fantastic reviews too.

    26th May 2012

    The tastiest burnt sneakers I've ever tried!

    Funny review above... but he seriously needs to have a word with his palate! This stuff is simply delicious!

    7th March 2012

    A Classic Whisky

    A great example of an Islay whisky. A light sea-breeze start, then a good kick of smooth smoke and medicine and a long lingering finish of tobacco and oak. Sorry, I hate to say this sort of thing, but if you hate this dram, I don't see how you can like whisky, maybe you're on the wrong drink?

    21st December 2011

    Try it from a warm glass

    Seriously, if the glass is warmed first by boiling water then this is simply superb. The heat takes the edge off and liberates the flavour and smell. Taking this to Thailand as my small piece of home abroad.

    30th November 2011

    Not Firewater!

    Description was absolutely spot on. Good tangy peat / smokey with a lasting taste that was pleasant. Vividly reminded me of my time in scotland.

    8th November 2011

    Not bad

    I'm not really a fan of peaty whiskies but this one isn't bad. Got a bottle cheap and thought i'd give it a go.

    4th November 2011

    Very enjoyable.

    I loved this whisky. Unbeatable with a cigar!! I found it smooth and smokey. My whisky of choice. For those moaning about it being awful, if you live in Leicester, I'll gladly come round and buy your bottles off you! Mark C

    24th October 2011


    I was offered a sample of Talisker at a recent sailing event and the whisky was smooth to the palate and pale gold in colour. I was given a £2 voucher off my next bottle and purchasaed a bottle soon after.Alas, the content of my bottle does not match that of the saqmple and despite in depth enquiries with the producers, it hasn't solved why my sample is not same as bottle. Hence the title of Firewater for that is what is in the bottle. I will not be buying it again.

    2nd October 2011


    I was offered a sample of Talisker at a recent sailing event and the whisky was smooth to the palate and pale gold in colour. I was given a £2 voucher off my next bottle and purchasaed a bottle soon after.Alas, the content of my bottle does not match that of the saqmple and despite in depth enquiries with the producers, it hasn't solved why my sample is not same as bottle. Hence the title of Firewater for that is what is in the bottle. I will not be buying it again.

    2nd October 2011


    I was given a sample of Talisker at a boat show. It was light golden and smooth to the palate, so I bought a bottle but oh dear, the content of my bottle is likened to firewater and nothing like the wee sample. Yet I am told there is no difference. I know my whiskies and the content of my bottle is definitely not as per sample!

    30th September 2011

    Simply, the best single malt.

    Talisker 10 is simply the best single malt. Great bold flavour and aroma, this is truly what a single malt is. Those who do not enjoy Talisker 10 lack the palate for a true single malt.

    24th September 2011

    My choice

    It has been my prefered whisky since the first sip.

    14th August 2011

    Simple the worst!

    I am a lover of malt whisky, but this does not do it for me, don't know about smokey, it taste disgusting. Tempted to throw it away as I will never drink it, maybe someone will call round who likes it, until then it remains in the back of the cupboard and will probably end up in the christmas pudding, if no one else likes it!

    30th June 2011

    Also better after sitting with bottle open

    Now, after 7 months of open bottle, my Talisker 10 is rich, delicious and sweet. For the first 6 1/2 months it tasted to me like crawling through the desert dying of thirst with nothing but seawater to drink.

    19th June 2011

    simply the best

    What a beautiful drink.

    10th March 2011


    'strange stuff indeed" i see you posted exactly the same on another forum, the stupid comments about bottles was probably you as well. why do you bother?

    5th February 2011

    Better after sitting

    I have had a liter bottle of this for 5 years now. I don't drink much but when I do I like Single malts on occasion. When this was new, it was a bit too much fire for me, but now that it has been around for a while it seems to have calmed down a lot. Last time I had a glass I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    23rd January 2011

    Simply The Best

    Wow, what a beautiful tasting Whisky, smells good, tastes lovely. Definitely one of the best I've ever had. A true favourite of mine, cheers, Tej. Riat

    7th December 2010

    Perfect 10

    A smash hit! No need to try the other Talisker expressions or ages. This one beats all.

    5th December 2010

    The best!

    Love it. The smokiness is obvious, but to me it has a sweetness to it as well. Must be a love it or hate it for anyone to give a low score, but I've not tried anything better & I like most single malts. Interestingly, I don't notice any peatiness, unless people are describing the smokiness as peatiness.

    29th September 2010

    The power of the wild sea of the north in a glass

    Very peated and spicy, this dram is not for everyone. Very powerful and strong, or you love it, or you hate it.

    27th September 2010


    This was disappointing. Nose: metallic/off notes. Palate: Thin, watery despite the 45.8%. More off notes/metallic/bitter caramel (e150a) taste. Finish: 5 seconds. What a waste of money ! Chill filtered, caramel colored... let's have this at cask strength with a craft presentation!

    24th September 2010

    Undeniably good

    a beautifully balanced whisky if Islay/highland is to your taste. Understandably popular.

    23rd September 2010


    from nose to mouth to eyes to feet-this whiskey tops them all

    18th September 2010

    also dissapointed....

    This whisky has no balance, soot and asphalt. Am I drinking or resurfacing a road? I can see where Johnnie Walker gets that nasty wang I dispise.

    17th September 2010

    First impressions

    After reading some reviews and a recommendation I sprang for a bottle. The first taste lingered for a long time and I kept thinking... what is that? It was more than just the smoky after glow of a house fire, there was canvas and rubber in that house. Then It came to me visually. Burnt sneakers.

    10th August 2010

    What a great Taliser Offer

    Cheapest Talisker on the web (oh yeah, Talisker is very tasty)

    10th August 2010


    Nothing else comes close. Firey and spicey without being overwhelming. The best whiskey I have ever tasted.

    22nd July 2010



    22nd July 2010

    Perfect malt

    This is one of the best Whiskies I've ever tasted.

    29th January 2010

    An Island Classic!

    In a world where we worship the bland and untalented this shines like a beacon as uncompromising and unique. Love it or hate it this classic Single Malt should be revered as a superb example of the art of distilling!

    15th December 2009

    Strange stuff indeed!

    I like a good strong whisky but this tasted just like a rabbit toasted in lamb! I did not like the bottle as it did not look like whisky!

    15th December 2009

    mrs d smith


    3rd December 2009

    This IS the Best!!

    Cannot see past this Talisker 10 for a great, easy to enjoy malt. With a big body but not too overwhelming. Great from start to finish!!

    19th November 2009

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