Country Swedish Whisky
Distillery/Brand Spirit of Hven
Style Single Malt Whisky

Spirit of Hven Megrez

The fourth single malt whisky from Spirit of Hven's seven stars series, produced from grain to glass on the tiny Swedish island of Hven. Megrez is lightly peated and, like the first three releases, it was bottled at 45% abv.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Candied peels, ginger, vanilla, red fruits and a whiff of smoke.

Palate Barley, cooking spices and a hint of pepper. By the mid-palate it has turned sweet with figs and orange peel.

Finish Long and smoky.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No.4 Megrez
Sumptuous, silky and scientific
This is a special place, where natural organic approaches are predominant. Nothing is rushed, or fudged. It is all genuine, and, natural. And naturally, it is top quality. The whiskies are superbly crafted. I think it is more like the pointilliste approach to art – perhaps Henric Molin is the Georges Seurat ou Paul Signac of whisky? The island is lovely in Summer-Autumn (I went once, on 20th September 2012), and nearly (but not quite) everyone on the island is kind, considerate and welcoming. As nearly (but not quite) all Swedes are. I would heartily recommend their Seven Stars whiskies (now up to No 4, Magrez). The distillery (Swedish destilleri) is part of a fantastic whisky bar, restaurant, and hotel-conference complex on the tiny island, itself a 30 minutes ferry boat ride from the rather shabby town of Landskrona. Much better to go up the coast to the fascinating town of Helsingborg instead.
El G , United Kingdom
7 years ago
Another rip-roaring success!!
Henric Molin and team are on the tiny island of Hven/Ven, somewhere fought over between Denmark and Sweden - and not far from the Orosundbron ("The Bridge" - the Crime series). Well it would be a crime to overlook such quality. All of the whiskies (and by the way, there are several pot-still gins, aqvavits, vodkas too) are superbly crafted. If Par Caldenby from Smogen is Van Gogh, then Henric Molin is Georges Seurat, with a pointilliste attention to every detail. Both styles are masterly. I really recommend the Seven Stars series, and this number 4 (there will be 7, as there are 7 stars in the Big Dipper constellation) in particular. The island of Hven is fascinating, as it is the place where Tycho Brahe worked (OK so not everyone knows the story of heliocentricity I know) - without his work, then Johannes Kepler would not have made the laws of planetary motion (see There is a great museum on the island devoted to this. The island itself only has around 350 inhabitants, but 1000s go there in the Summer to visit. Nearly everyone on the island is glad to see strangers, and are kind, thoughtful, welcoming and considerate (much like nearly all Swedes I know). STRONGLY recommended. Get the whisky. Go to Skane (the bread-basket of Sweden - food and drink are excellent there).
El G , United Kingdom
7 years ago