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Speyburn 10 Year Old

(70cl, 40.0%)
Speyburn 10 Year Old

Awards for Speyburn 10


Scotch Single Malt - Highland - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2014

International Spirits Challenge


Single Malt Scotch - to 12 Yrs - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Speyburn 10 Details


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User Rating
(41 Reviews)

Speyburn 10 Bottling Note

This 10 year old single malt was a gold medal winner at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A classic from the Speyburn distillery.
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Speyburn 10 (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is quite citrussy and zesty. Sugared orange peels and herbal notes, wood shavings and pine oil, rubbed spearmint leaves and winter spice. There are notes of malted barley and cereal sweetness. The palate is of medium-body and quite smooth. There are well-balanced notes of cereal sweetness and arak, malt extract and aniseed with hints of something herbaceous and a touch of smoke. The finish is quite long with lots of barley.

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    User Reviews of the Speyburn 10 Year Old

    On my fourth bottle in two months

    Taste is a preference. It's about individual sensitivity and tolerance. I like my alcohols smooth but with a kick. I don't drink much whiskey but of late I got addicted to certain Scotch ones. Glenfiddich 12 and Speyburn 10 are two of them.

    At $32 in Kentucky with two fine crystal whiskey glasses, it's cheap. So cheap that I didn't have much expectations. I bought it for a friend of mine who just wanted to try out a cheap one. I instantly liked the sweet smell that was soft on my nostrils. In the mouth it didn't burn at all. Tasted like honeyed orange peels with some light roasted hastel nuts. Lingering after taste that prompts you for a second one soon after.

    Not paired well with spicy food, but if you should have whiskey with your South Indian spicy chicken, this would be your best bet.

    Today, I was passing through New Hampshire and got this for $22 with no taxes. I bought 2. I regret it already. I must have bought the whole box!!!

    28th August 2015

    Secret Getting Out

    An exceptional single Malt for such a great price. I am finding it Sold out way to often guess the secret is out. Worth a taste!!!

    16th July 2015

    Well surprised

    Good, nice taste, for a Friday after work refresh and think about the weekend!! Rating 4

    2nd May 2015

    Top notch

    So good. I hope the price doesn't go up 25 is under priced. A lot better than a lot of your 40 dollar bottles.

    22nd April 2015

    very good

    As someone said here, notes of barley, honey and fruit(s) predominate, but the oak influence is also very well managed. This is a seriously good and charming single malt from Speyside, carrying off the feat of being both dry yet extremely refreshing!

    13th March 2015

    Good one

    This was my second single malt and it is very decent. It isn't very punchy but that's its strength. It's very smooth and subtle. Would I buy another bottle? Absolutely

    8th January 2015

    Good whisky!

    This is a good bottle of whisky! a must try

    5th January 2015

    Speyburn heaven

    All I can say is for the money you get a rich fruity single malt with bags of bite and a warming honey flavoured after glow - simply superb

    2nd January 2015

    quite a nice value

    just got a bottle for 28USD and quite a nice taste and value for a bottom shelf brand...and to Mr YUCH below? go back to don't have a clue...I come here for reviews all the time and they are always spot on...go ahead be leery...or maybe just go away...Merry Christmas to all my fellow Scotch drinkers

    20th December 2014

    Pleasure and surprise

    Just picked up a bottle of this at Gelsons supermarket in LA for $19.99 dollars which in my British money is just around £14. So I'm giving it 4* on that alone. This is a £40.00 Whiskey in the UK. However it's subtle, sweet, airy taste deserves that extra half star. If you know whiskey then you know that it's the individuality of taste that deserves credit and this has it.

    8th December 2014

    A pleasant surprise

    love it, love it!

    7th December 2014

    great value

    nice Speyside malt - honey, fruit & barley notes dominate

    2nd December 2014


    This is a perfectly solid whisky for, at least, in my area, a very good price. I got it for about $25 after tax, and it tastes as good as something in the typical $40+ entry-level malt range. The tasting notes on this page are accurate, if slightly exaggerated, but overall it's good stuff and good value.

    20th November 2014

    Come on Man

    this is probably one of the worst scotch whiskey I have ever had it lacks a lot of complexity band over all flavor. if this scotch whiskey was 50 bucks it would be a rip off but at 27 (va) it is ok but still a pallet killer if you ask me .

    19th November 2014

    Great for the price

    For those that prefer peat..stick to the Islay malts. For those that can appreciate a true Highland Dram, this is for you! Soft and subtle, it drinks like an expensive Highland malt. Just what you'd expect, fruity with an outdoorsy aftertaste that lingers on the palate without being bitter. A 'must have' for those we cool nights to warm the insides.

    16th November 2014


    Was just as surprised as anyone else to find that this whiskey far surpassed anything else on the middle shelf at my local grocer. Was staring longingly at the Glenmorangie, but didn't have the cash for it so settled on this. Little did I know it would be pretty comparable for less than a bottle of Jameson's. Barely any smokiness to be tasted here, but super drinkable nonetheless. Don't listen to the few snobbish reviews here expecting Lagavulin's for less the half the price. A solid purchase.

    31st October 2014

    Patience is a virtue,....

    Bought this one on a whim whilst perusing my local grocer liquor stock. Got home and before knocking the horns off this bottle I checked what had to say. This was cheap compared to most single malts, $24 plus the governor, and I was, of course, a little trepid about what to expect of this modestly priced whisky. To my surprise,ralfy thought it was, for the price, pretty decent. I thought the citrus nose with vanilla, sugar, and fresh cut grass was ok, but the taste did not impress me much. I got called away by a phone call, and whilst I was away 15 minutes, that gave this scotch a chance to open up. Consequently, the finish got very smooth with a definite red apple note, which I did enjoy. I wouldn't proudly serve this to close friends, but will have no problem taking this bottle down whilst watching football this fall. Not a bad purchase at all, and easy on the wallet to be sure.

    11th September 2014


    I tried to be open-minded about this Speyburn, but it was awful. it smelled like cheap bourbon and had a horribly uneven, burning aftertaste that not even a glass full of ice could hide. I'm now very leery of reviews I read on here as many of the reviews were quite glowing. spend $8 more and get Glenmorangie

    8th September 2014

    Shockingly good...

    If Speyburn 10 cost $75 per bottle -- it would not be a disappointment. That it cost $27 (in Virginia) is absolutely amazing.

    Complex and entirely agreeable. The only problem with it is that it's way too easy to drink a lot of it.

    So -- yes -- this is the best "cheap" single malt Scotch whiskey I've ever encountered.

    4th May 2014


    Lots of citrus on the nose and a delightful variety of banana, toffee, and hazelnut on the palate. Smooth finish. Like most highland malts this one features fruit and nut aspects with no smoke or peat that just turn me off of many products from Islay. Take it neat and enjoy! This is a mighty tasty whisky, and I got it for less than $25--I'm in love!

    13th March 2014


    Well first of all what is on the outside. This whiskey seems to have an identity crisis. It proudly declares 'highland single malt' both on the front & on the rear label, however on the blurb it declares 'This classic Speyside Malt' so which is it highland or speyside?, however this isn't my main quibble. I read further down... now my Danish isn't great but german is ok, and they declare in somewhat smaller print (& not in english at all)that the whisky has an artificial colour. Feeling already a little betrayed already I opened the bottle, only to find the contents very drinkable Manufacturers note: I would have quite enjoyed this without the colour so leave it alone, the product would taste as good without and I dare say look as attractive! A reasonable for the price malt. Keep it in for passing aquaintances!

    27th February 2014

    Best Deal in Single Malt Scotch

    This is a great buy. I know I have passed this bottle up in the past because I fell into the logic of low price, low quality. After doing some research (like what you are doing right now!) I came to realize how much of a hidden gem this 10 year Scotch truly is at $23 in Chicago. If you are a beginner or like the smoothness of Highland/Speyside Scotches like Glenmorangie or Glenlivet, you will enjoy it. I prefer Glenmorangie, but if I just want a casual drink, Speyburn is my go to drink. If anything, you'll enjoy the extra cash in your wallet by passing up the other expensive options.

    25th February 2014


    If you want Peat buy Islay ardbeg 10 superior than most.I'm from Scotland I know.

    9th January 2014

    Big Surprise!!

    I am a big fan of The Glenlivet and also like Glenmorangie. I bought this as it was the cheapest single malt Scotch in the store and I just figured I would suffer through it if it was bad. I tasted it and was completely blown away. I actually feel that it is smoother than the aforementioned brands. I will be purchasing this from now on.

    9th January 2014

    A single malt for this's heaven

    got this on sale for 20$ and I didn't have much hope for it due to the price. Was I ever wrong!!!!! The taste is of a bottle of something double the price. it's incredibly smooth, easy to drink and has a refined taste that will delight any single malt fan. not the best single malt I've ever had but certainly the best for a single malt for under $35

    29th December 2013

    WOW! $19.99 here in Maine

    wow this stuff is way better than anything in its price range. drinks more like a 45+$ dollar bottle.

    28th December 2013

    One of my favorites

    You just cannot go wrong with this one.mfor $23 in Hawaii, it is awesome!

    27th December 2013

    Surprising gem from my local liquor store

    My guy Ramon sold me this today and I'm glad he did. I'm Scottish and I was shocked to get this lovely bottle of Jock for less than $30. It's a handsome drop, well balanced with great flavours. Aside from the "bargain price" I'd buy this any time because it's very good. Forget the "peaty" comments - it's not meant to be peaty.
    I would definitely buy this whisky again, I'm thrilled to have found it.

    12th December 2013

    Scotch fan in Hawaii

    you're spot on - if you want campfire the get Lapphroig - but it's an Islay and wyill cost you 3X as much. this is a very good highland for less than 1/2 the cost of most highlands

    30th September 2013


    For the price and age, this cannot be beat. To anyone expecting peatiness, it is a Highland single malt, not an Islay. For someone that is looking for something Glenmorangie but half the price, this is the ticket.

    15th June 2013

    Tipsy Hiker

    For a friend of scotch single malt whiskeys this misses the feel of "sitting on a campfire". When I first tasted this whiskey the first thing that came to my head was: Tequila. Citrus/lemon dominates this whikey. A good price for a kind-of-...OK -whiskey. A bit of disappointment for me though..

    25th April 2013

    Dangerously Good Dram!

    I am shocked on how good this 10yr single malt is for the price! I would recommend to anybody, you won't be dissapointed.

    13th April 2013

    The mymic

    Tasting notes from the chaps at master of malt are spot on, its a wonderful dram, for a really good price. You could spend 5-10 pounds more and not get something as good.

    5th February 2013

    A Tad Light

    Missing the peatiness I expect in a good single malt. Good beginner whiskey for the price

    24th January 2013

    Yes Indeed

    This whisky drinks a lot better than the $20 that I paid for it. It's rich, smooth and velvet texture made me check my receipt several times. I gave a bottle to a friend, who said "I really enjoyed that mate."

    13th January 2013

    It is amazing!

    Everyone loves this whiskey! It flies off the shelves here in Hawaii!

    7th January 2013

    Pleasant tipple

    Really enjoyed this whisky. I preferred it to most low-end single malts. Would defiantly buy again.

    4th April 2012

    Worth it!

    welcome to all things Scottish-if its Not scottish its CR**P!"
    aye its still true

    25th October 2011

    why is this so great yet so cheap?

    Every weekend a my father and i buy 2 bottles of single malt.
    The first is usually whatever we hear good things about,which we then add to an evergrowing collection of single malts put together; the second is a Speyburn 10 year which we usually drink rather quickly.

    My family has been in the liquor selling business for generations, and all i can say is that its a shame this isnt sold by a distributor, its better than most blended and cheap single malts for sale in the states,

    really an amazing whisky for the price.

    25th October 2011

    Speyside 10 yr.

    I've had Dalmore 12, dalmore malt, glenlivet, glenfiddich 12 and macallan 10. The speysside 10 tastes better, at least tonite. Buttery, mild and strong finish. Lots of flavors in between.

    15th January 2011

    For a mere $26. US - amazing!

    Nose is lemony, not over sweet or harsh, nice lasting finish. Watch out it's quite drinkable! You'll wonder why you've paid 3 times as much for half as good.

    9th December 2010

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