Rock Town Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey 75cl

American Whiskey • 75cl • 45%
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Rock Town Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey

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Country American Whiskey
Distillery/Brand Rock Town

Rock Town Hickory

Made by Arkansas' first legal distillery since Prohibition, Rock Town, the wheat that goes into making this whiskey is smoked in genuine hickory smokers to give it a sweet but smokey twist. Whiskey barbecue, anybody?

Winner of 3 spirit awards

Craft Distiller Whiskey - 2014
San Francisco World Spirits Competition
American Whiskey NAS - 2014
The World Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
American Craft Whiskey - 2013
San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Reviews for Rock Town Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey
Not sure if this can ever be bettered.
One of the best spirits I have ever tasted, it was outstanding...fantastic flavour that was not overpowering or too smoky in an unpleasant way, but sweet and clean tasting. I have never experienced such a long satisfying finish and you can make a wee dram last a whole evening....I kept nosing it, tasting it and admiring it all evening, a veritable taste sensation.
James D , United Kingdom
6 years ago
Best spirit I have ever tasted, great bouquet, bold smooth smokiness in the mouth, sweet not harsh and the longest finish I have ever experienced, it lasted about 5 you can really take your time and savour this nectar of the gods.
James D , United Kingdom
7 years ago
I thought this would be an interesting alternative to your smokey Islays malts, I thought wrong. Can get much better for the price.

Just don't really like the way the way the 'smoke' tastes seems almost acrid.

Spend a bit less and get a Laphroaig or spend a bit more for an Ardbeg 10.
Andrew M , United Kingdom
7 years ago
A light and fairly clean taste, with subtle flavours on the palate, rather than being overpowering like a bourbon is. A subtle hint of slightly sweet smoke comes through at the finish. Overall a beautifully balanced whiskey.
Richard , United Kingdom
8 years ago