Proper No. Twelve Whiskey 70cl

Irish Whiskey • 70cl • 40%
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Proper No. Twelve
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Country Irish Whiskey
Distillery/Brand Proper Whiskey
Style Blended Whiskey

Proper No. Twelve

MMA fighter and boxer Conor McGregor has stepped into the ring of whiskey making with Proper No. Twelve, a blended Irish whiskey produced with the help of former Bushmills distillery manager David Elder.

That's right - Conor McGregor Whiskey!

Featuring malt and grain whiskeys drawn from bourbon barrels, the team created nearly 100 blends before deciding upon the one in the bottle. Proper No. Twelve takes its name from Dublin 12, the area where McGregor grew up.

Conor McGregor says that his goal with Proper Twelve is to create a whiskey that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether they're a whiskey drinker or not. So far, it seems to be working – the whiskey has been well-received by critics and consumers alike.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Vanilla pod, floral barley and a touch of sandalwood.

Palate Orchard fruit and honey notes arrive first, backed up by a kick of white pepper.

Finish Drying oak heat and a drizzle of caramel.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Proper No. Twelve
Never buying again
Got a first bottle a few years ago as a present and thought it was actually pretty good. After finishing the bottle, I thought I would buy another myself.
After opening and trying it, I found it to be absolutely horrible. It tasted like i was eating dirt. It has been lying in my drinks cupboard for over a year and a half now, so I thought I'd give it a go again as most whiskies change after being opened. Nope just the same, it's a no from me..
Joe D , United Kingdom
one month ago
OK simply OK
It is OK and it is fine to drink on its own or a really solid mixer. Typical Irish whiskey with creamy sweetness. The downside of it is that it smells and tastes like watered down Kinahan's Small Batch (but it is almost half the price here in Australia,so you get what you pay for). It does have a little bit of an 'x (lower case) factor' with very pleasant floral note. Scolding reviews of this must be politically-charged.They should take note, however, that McGregor sold his majority share.
Александар , Australia
3 months ago
Foul stuff, tastes watered down
Bob , United Kingdom
3 months ago
Better than they say
Had to try because of the negative feedback this whisky has. Honestly, despite it being bland at start, I liked the peppery kick at the end, bringing notes of vanilla and shortbread. Considering, an okay whisky with friends, but nothing too special. Still better than they say. Give it a chance.
Master of Malt Customer
4 months ago
Unbiased opinion
I drink a lot of whiskey, Jameson was my go to in my early days then moved towards redbreast, especially the 12 and sometimes 15 year for a treat. Had stayed away from proper twelve for quite a while as had heard it wasn’t good but decided at one point to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s hard to argue of a much smoother whiskey than this. Take away all the 1 star reviews here which are clearly haters on Conor McGregor and you’re looking at about a 4 star average which it deserves
James G , Australia
5 months ago
Not too bad
This bottle has taken a slating. I'm no whiskey expert but this isn't the most expensive bottle in the world so what do people expect. Forget that it's Conner McGregor's, give it another name and I guarantee people will like it more. I'm feeling the haters don't like it. So, it's fairly mild tasting, a good beginners whiskey. It's only a 4 yr old whiskey from old bourbon barrells so the flavour is quite mild. Fairly sweet and an easy drink. Goes down well.
Master of Malt Customer
6 months ago
Hope your lucky and get a good bottle ours was nasty
We bought a bottle yesterday we had a shot in a pub but yesterday's bottle was disgusting it tasted of wood and Cork we obviously got a bad batch and have thrown the rest of the bottle down the sink. Of course you can't complain direct to them but if I can't get my £24 back then who can. Just be careful of buying this don't waste your money.
K , United Kingdom
9 months ago
Group fave!
Had this in a tasting and was surprised how nice it was, so bought a bottle and shared with the poker group, who all liked it too!
Ben W , United Kingdom
10 months ago
Not Nice
Not that nice at all. There is alot better whisky avaliable for cheaper then this.. Don't Bye save your money.
Master of Malt Customer
10 months ago
So many other whiskies that are far better at a little higher of a price point.
It's just "okay". I don't enjoy this whiskey enough to actually drink it so I use it in my gravy recipe. It's cheap enough for this purpose.
Justin , United States
one year ago