Old Pulteney 21 Year Old Whisky 70cl

Scotch Whisky • 70cl • 46%
Product details
Old Pulteney 21 Year Old
Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Pulteney
Style Single Malt Whisky

Old Pulteney 21

Malt from the most northerly mainland distillery in Scotland. This 21yo is an exceptionally well-matured version well worth a try. Highly rated by writers and entusiasts alike.

This bottle was part of a private collection - if you'd like more detailed photos just get in touch!

Winner of 2 spirit awards

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding
Scotch Single Malt - Highland - 2014
International Wine & Spirit Competition
Distillers' Single Malts 21 years old and over - 2014
International Spirits Challenge

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Old Pulteney 21 Year Old
If you have a bottle left = Enjoy :)
Feel privileged to have been able to enjoy a bottle of this wonderful whisky !
Even got it on offer at £96 around 18 months ago & now sadly they're fetching around £300 as they're no longer available over the counter.
Knew i should have bought 2 :'(
LEE F , United Kingdom
5 years ago
I agree with Jim Murray's assessment in "The Whiskey Bible."
My favorite so far. Previously it was Glenmorangie 18 year extremely rare. I'm hoping they re-continue it. I'm running low.
Kent K , United States
6 years ago
Smooth honey and butterscotch. The very lightest splash of water unfolds some really wonderful citrus. One of the better highland scotches
One of my favorites
Patrick , United States
6 years ago
Would try this again.
Very smooth, easy to drink, subtle after taste.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Wish it was more available in USA
my favorite by far
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Beautiful stuff
Smooth with a distinct citrus and butterscotch after taste.
Beautiful specimen really!
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Try this
I like it in a snifter that is been heated up. really brings up the citrus and butterscotch flavors and aromas. Yummm!
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Old Pulteney to me reminds me of dad, old, well blended, mature and Christmas isn't Christmas without!
sandra , United Kingdom
7 years ago
Old Pulteney 21
By far one of the best non peated whiskys I ever tasted. Very complex, full bodied, long aftertaste, bit of honey. I always end with OP21 during tastings ...and everybody agreeing it is divine whisky.
Daniel E , Belgium
7 years ago
A great one!
Rarely do I pay any attention to Jim Murray's ratings, but this one is well worth the price. I love it so much, I stocked up on 12 bottles. Not as superb and complex as the 25, but if you are looking for a surprising bottle for the price, you really should try this. Great neat, or maybe let the ice melt.
Chuck P , United States
7 years ago