Miyagikyo Sherry & Sweet Whisky 50cl

Japanese Whisky • 50cl • 55%
Product details
Miyagikyo Sherry & Sweet
Country Japanese Whisky
Distillery/Brand Miyagikyo
Style Single Malt Whisky

Miyagikyo Sherry & Sweet

A single malt from the Miyagikyo in Japan, with a sweet and Sherried flavour profile. As such, they decided to use a rather straightforward name for this release - Miyagikyo Sherry & Sweet.

This bottle was part of a private collection - if you'd like more detailed info and/or photos just get in touch!

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Miyagikyo Sherry & Sweet
So grateful
I received this as a gift and can only say I am eternally grateful. Smooth at the front of the mouth and a long and full finish that tells a story that lingers and lingers inviting you to the next chapter, and the next.
M F , United States
4 years ago
Dark cherries, austere, deeply enjoyable
Part of a three bottle key expression series - or six bottle, if you add the other three Yoichi releases in - this was originally only sold at the distillery. As far as I know, it's now a core expression, though likely still relatively rare. The first and most obvious thing to know is that you have to like heavily sherried whiskies. It's an NAS blend of multiple sherried casks, and the variance comes through. There are the usual sweet sherry notes - plums, raisins, cherries - and an interplay with rougher, bitter cherry notes, and a dryness and sourness that I love. The specifically Japanese art is marrying these, and - in my experience - each is allowed to appear, but none to dominate. It's punchy, in that sense, rather than syrupy and pandering as so many sherried whiskies can be. Bitter-sweet, and ultimately strangely elegant, with the high ABV holding it together, rather than riding roughshod. The alcohol is so well integrated, in fact, that you really don't notice it until late in the bottle, and then only with a bleary regret at the little spirit that's left. Water rounds it out, and opens it up, though it's equally accessible with or without. Best served with: the Malty and Soft companion expression in the same range, for an extraordinary contrast that is equally complex but wholly different.
Dae M , South Africa
5 years ago