Mellow Corn Whiskey 70cl

American Whiskey • 70cl • 50%
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Mellow Corn
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Country American Whiskey
Distillery/Brand Mellow Corn
Style Corn Whiskey
Natural Cask Strength? No

Mellow Corn

Jim Murray describes this as oily with a sweet and spicy flavour. Mellow Corn is distilled at the Heaven Hill distillery.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Mellow Corn
Different, but very nice.
Wasn't sure what to expect, but this is good stuff. Buttery, smooth but with that nice spicy kick. I'd definitely buy another.
Nick V , United Kingdom
2 months ago
Mellow yellow
One of the best value corns nothing harsh about this one.plenty of aftertaste .
John , United Kingdom
2 months ago
Worth the money for your imagination to wonder.
I,ve had it before but not for a few years. Just ordered a next bottle. Sippin this on a summers evening will make you think of the American frontier around 1880 when this is what they would have sipped on a summers evening. History in a glass. Enjoy partner.............
Ian Dunn a.k.a the v , United Kingdom
8 months ago
Good basic Bourbon!!!
Very pleasant taste, bourbon at its best. And 100 proof! Me like!
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Not what I expected, not as good as bourbon
I was expecting a sweeter more mild dram. This is spicy, black pepper, slightly sweet, kind of dry, nutty, but not as good as a decent bourbon or rye. Prefer the spice and cinnamon of a rye or the vanilla, black tea, caramel and richness of bourbon. Definitely doesn't come close to a good scotch or Irish whiskey.
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
It is a nice taste.
Alexander F , United Kingdom
one year ago
Who cares if the bottle has a screw top, it's too good not to have!
Have fancied trying this after seeing it in a Y/T review a while back. I enjoy trying all types of whisk(e)y, so never having come across a corn whiskey, I opted for this.
Upon tasting the 'neck' pour I wasn't sure, but once the air got to it, I found it to be exactly as described - oily, buttery, sweet and spicy. It just got better with every sip, and just like the W/T 101 at 50%, it is so easy to drink and I've no doubt the bottle will last that long!
Oh, who cares if the bottle has a screw top, it's too good not to have!
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Strong of flavour and bite. Not for me
I thought I would try this as I've never tasted Corn Whiskey before. It has a lot of flavour and a bit of a bite. Not really my thing though. It's different I'll give it that.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Simple, smooth flavor
I wasn't sure what to think as my tastes ran more towards smoky flavors. But this bottle's grown on me - it's subtle but I keep coming back again and again. A good product for a good price. For me it certainly delivers on price, smoothness, and kick.
Marley P , United Kingdom
2 years ago
It's as good as a good bourbon, just looks tacky
You can buy this where you are? Then buy it! Good lord get a case if it's going for the $30 cad I paid for it before it vanished from Alberta 2 years ago. Honestly great whisky for the price, excellent distillate just in used barrels, considering it's a heaven hill product I'm sure the barrels are likely used once for bourbon, and used freshly again for this corn whiskey. Sad I can't ship this from your website back home, Canada's liquor law is shite
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago