Mackinlay's Shackleton Blended Malt Whisky 70cl

Scotch Whisky • 70cl • 40%
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Mackinlay's Shackleton Blended Malt
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Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Mackinlay's
Style Blended Malt Whisky

Shackleton Blended Malt

Inspired by the whisky left behind by Antarctica by Sir Ernest Shackleton in the early 1900s and discovered frozen but intact over 100 years later, this blended malt continues in the footsteps of The Discovery and The Journey. It's created once again by Master Blender Richard Patterson based on the flavour profile of Shackleton's favourite tipple, though now more accessible than the aforementioned limited edition releases.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Golden Grahams and crunchy brown sugar. A hint of cinnamon-dusted malt.

Palate Juicy apple and orange, with contained honey richness.

Finish Lingering butterscotch and waxy orange.

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Shackleton Blended Malt
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Winner of 2 spirit awards

Blended Malts - 2020
International Spirits Challenge
Scotch Whisky - Blended Malt - 2017
International Wine & Spirit Competition

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Reviews for Mackinlay's Shackleton Blended Malt
Full rounded mild flavor though fades quickly
I like this drop, especially for the price. Ignoring the subjective but fascinating background, an attempt to make objective comments on a subjective subject, the tasting: Some commentators have said it is light, and it is. Mild on flavor, it also fades very quickly though the odors can be enjoyed through the backflow through the nose from the throat ( I forgot the technical term for that). It does have a much appreciated well rounded, full mouth taste. The early notes - I didn't get vanilla, more aniseed but yes, mild smoke which was pleasant to pick up.
Angus M , Japan
one year ago
Don’t miss this one, especially at $40!
Like sitting on a deserted beach all by yourself and sucking in the whole experience!
Gary P , United States
one year ago
Great regular unpretentious Dram
A misunderstood Blended Malt. All of my whisky drinking friends have a bottle of this in their whisky stash for when we need a break from the complex stuff. Its often available at a discount and as such is excellent value. An unpretentious regular dram. Tasty, fun, and is a great starter whisky to get people off the grain
Ronnie , United Kingdom
one year ago
Likeable Highland blend from the Nose .
£18 purchased. Grainy notes with usual hints of vanilla and honey . Slight smoke on the palate with lemony zest. Medium finish . Enjoyed this one for value as a blend . 4.2/5.
Ian W , United Kingdom
one year ago
On offer, it's a big bang for your buck
It's a great, spicy, cinnamon, tasty blend. At £18 on offer from the supermarket it's a steal and has a permanent position on my whisky shelf.
Boomer , United Kingdom
2 years ago
For whisky drinkers rather than whisky analysts.
This is thoroughly decent blended whisky, which is actually nicer to drink than many of the, much more expensive, ‘Single-Malts’ currently filling up UK supermarket aisles (some of which are downright nasty).

Perhaps not for people that cannot resist the words ‘Single Malt’ and a fancy (unnecessary and wasteful) box. Nor for those that can allegedly detect umpteen different flavours in each mouthful.

This stuff tastes like whisky and slips down nicely.

John T , United Kingdom
2 years ago
No better than the cheapest supermarket blends, at $34, $24 too much.
Not as good as I expected, a bit thin & not as robust as the given name would imply, I wouldn't rate it any better than some of the cheaper supermarket blends, Black & White, Passport etc.
Paul , Canada
2 years ago
Not complex, easy going and a nice starter whisky
Blended whisky review☺️

Shackleton is based on a sample from the perfectly preserved bottles found at Shackletons base camp for his 1907 Nimrod expedition. Master blender Richard Patterson was tasked to create a dram that replicated the drink the team took out. About thirty notes on Amazon.

Colour added. I think chill filtered. Nice bottle design but shame it doesn’t come in a box.

Nose:-Very sweet so I liked straight off. Vanilla. Caramel. There’s a hint of smoke. Not strong. Hint of baked bread. It is very light on the nose. You can see it will be light from the get go.

Taste:-Icing sugar. Slightly syrupy. Very very light. Baked pastry. Vanilla. It’s exceptionally light. Glenmorangie light. Summer drink. Only 40% though so no ice needed. There’s no fruit. It isn’t overly complex but has a nice dry Sherry finish.

I like this. It’s perfect for the summer, or to introduce someone to whisky. This ranks with the Cutty Sark Prohibition edition. They are not hard work. You can sit with mates and enjoy these blends without concentrating on them.

Dom Antcliff , United Kingdom
2 years ago
The Cork , Easy to open ....... Hard to close. Pearl! Can you hear me Mrs Thom??It's not great but its not innofensive
The cork come out really easily
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
A Nice Blended Malt
A nice smooth peppery, oily, warm whisky.
A nice blended malt
John H , United Kingdom
2 years ago