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Laphroaig 10 Year Old Whisky

(70cl, 40%)

Laphroaig 10 Year Old
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Laphroaig 10 Bottling Note

Laphroaig 10 Year Old is really smoky and iodine rich. This has to be one of Scotland's most characterful drams. Laphroaig is known for their medicinal malts, and the classic 10-year-old is no exception.

Laphroaig 10 is matured in ex-bourbon barrels for at least ten years and has a distinct peaty flavour.

Laphroaig 10 Year Old was first released in 2004 and has since become a popular expression of the Laphroaig whisky brand. It has won numerous awards, including a Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge in 2010.

Tasting Note by us with John Campbell at Laphroaig Distillery

Nose: This opens on big, smoky muscular peat notes. There are spices, and liquorice, as well as a big dose of salt. This whisky has become slightly sweeter in recent years, and it appears beautifully on the nose, amidst the classic iodine/sticking plasters and cool wood smoke we love.

Palate: Seaweed-led, with a hint of vanilla ice cream and more than a whiff of notes from the first aid box (TCP, plasters etc). The oak is big, and muscles its way into the fore as you hold this whisky over your tongue. An upsurge of spices develop – cardamom/black pepper/chilli.

Finish: Big and drying, as the savoury, tarry notes build up with an iodine complexity.

Overall: The only malt from Laphroaig’s range that John Campbell recommends with water; try it, it opens up the palate massively, providing a dazzling array of additional flavours…

Reviews for Laphroaig 10 Year Old
Really this stuff is crap
This is a totally overrated scotch. It is actually unbelievable that people would pay this kind of money for this crappy scotch when there are so many American bourbons that would sell for half the price that are twice as good. Lol I just think people like to say, I’m drinking scotch for some inane reason
, United States
26 days ago
Not what it was!
This used to be delightfully "challenging", but it has become almost bland. Certainly not the product I learned to love and appreciate. Such a pity!!
, United Kingdom
4 months ago
The taste of South Islay
I have drunk more Laphroaig 10 over the past forty years than all the other whiskies added together. It's like being dragged down to the sea shore in a storm and having your face pushed under the water before being pulled out and left to recover by a fire whilst having your cuts dressed with TCP and sticking plaster. In a good way. If you don't like peat don't buy this. If you don't like smoke don't buy this. If you don't like the smell of the medicine cabinet don't buy this. If you are wedded to Highland whisky don't buy this. If you love Lowland whisky for God's sake don't buy this. Just leave it for us to enjoy. Slàinte! 😊
5 months ago
One of my all time favorites
I simply love this stuff. It's what I always thought whiskey could be, but never quite was.

Rich, bold, smoky, briney...

This whiskey is a firm handshake. It's just what I love. Nothing compares to a good Islay, and this is my favorite.
, United States
7 months ago
My Fav so far
I've only been through about 4 dozen single malts over 20 years but this is my favourite overall (so far). It took the crown from Lagavulin 16 over two years ago and every so often I do a taste test between Lag 16, Arbeg 10 and Lap 10 and each time I prefer the Lap. I do appreciate the others and many other single malts from other regions I have tried but for me it's the Lap 10.
8 months ago
Not for beginners! Smoky, Savory, vanilla sweet, Salty
It's complex for sure. My suggestion is with a dram glass or snifter with a few drops of water. Your first time tasting this will be like you felt like you just inhaled smoke from a campfire. The water opens it up and really makes the flavor come out. Not for beginners! Smoky, Savory, vanilla sweet, Salty. I am glad it was available here in the Northeast of the US for the holidays. The scotch enthusiasts in your life will appreciate the warmth and hardiness after coming in from the cold.
, United States
8 months ago
There’s a reason as to why it’s known as the best
Amazing. I’ve been on my whisky journey properly now for around 3 years, tried this in a bar (new bottle) and thought that it was too strong. I wasn’t deterred though and thought, right, I’ll build up to it. Bowmore 12 got me interested in whisky around 15 years ago, and I’ve bought a few bottles e.g. smokehead to know what smoke is, Jura for fruits etc etc, aiming for peat and smoke whiskies. I’ve come back to this and how things have changed. I absolutely love it and would recommend anyone who doesn’t like this but still likes Islay to build up to it. Pallet and nose as mentioned above, lots of vanilla for me, very smooth, smokey, little tcp and sweet. I kind of get coal like in steam engines and pine. Water makes it sweeter, so beat neat for me.

Iechyd da!
, Spain
10 months ago
It’s good it’s not that moreish
If I tried this 10 years ago, I would have put half a 1 star review claiming it tastes like coal water. Once you’re desensitised to everything else Scottish, have a go of this.
one year ago
I want to hate this whisky
It's but a sad shadow of its former glory. Taste the cask strength side-to-side and you'll immediately notice there's something very wrong about this mass-produced version.
It's been watered down to a mere 40%, has been chill-filtered and robbed of all its amazing flavors. The end result is something very bland and lifeless compared to what it started with.
This is an insult to the original unfiltered, undiluted whisky and the vast potential it used to have. I really want to hate this whisky. Yet... I cannot stop drinking it.
Even after robbed of its soul it still is truly amazing. Considering the much cheaper price and wider availability, this whisky almost feels like a steal.
Yes, it's a shadow of its former glory. But I still love the shadow it makes. I've tried a myriad times, but I could not hate it.
, Korea, Republic Of
one year ago
My heart loves it even though my head wants to pick fault.
I stopped drinking alcohol altogether in Feb/22. Previously really enjoyed my smokey malts; got into the non-chill filtered/cask strength thing. Also read a lot of the 'it's not as good as it was' comments and learnt more about casks (another worry there - all the good casks are gone, apparently) and also the overproduction volume equals diminished product views.

All in all whisky got a bit complicated and worrysome.

Anyway, I picked up a Laphroaig 10 (chill filtered/40%/mass produced) and put it away for the day I fancied a drink and today is that day and it's wonderful.

It has all the stuff you either love or hate about Islay; I've no idea where this bottle stands in the pantheon of whisky but for now, I remember why I got into Islay in such a big way in the first place.

(I'm not saying the more precise and informed views are wrong - I've just decided to return to blissful ignorance)
, United Kingdom
one year ago

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