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Laphroaig 10 Year Old

(70cl, 40.0%)
Laphroaig 10 Year Old

Awards for Laphroaig 10

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Islay - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Islay - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Laphroaig 10 Details


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Laphroaig 10 Bottling Note

Really smoky and iodine rich. This has to be one of Scotland's most characterful drams. Laphroaig are known for their medicinal malts, and the classic 10 year old is no exception.
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Laphroaig 10 (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by us with John Campbell at Laphroaig Distillery

Nose: This opens on big, smoky muscular peat notes. There are spices, and liquorice, as well as a big dose of salt. This whisky has become slightly sweeter in recent years, and it beautifully on the nose, amidst the classic iodine/sticking plasters and cool wood smoke we love.

Palate: Seaweed-led, with a hint of vanilla ice cream and more than a whiff of notes from the First Aid box (TCP, plasters etc). The oak is big, and muscles its way into the fore as you hold this whisky over your tongue. An upsurge of spices develop – cardamom/black pepper/chilli.

Finish: Big and drying, as the savoury, tarry notes build up with an iodine complexity.

Overall: The only malt from Laphroaig’s range that John Campbell recommends with water; try it, it opens up the palate massively, providing a dazzling array of additional flavours…

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    User Reviews of the Laphroaig 10 Year Old

    The 'Marmite' malt...

    Loving the reviews on this one. Nothing meadiocre - you either love the punchy "burning hopital" taste or don't. But don't give up on first taste... Add a splash of water to spread the flavours out a bit. Delicious.

    18th February 2015

    A lot of exciting flavors

    If you're bored with heavy sherry whisky then maybe you should spice it up with Laphroaig 10. I haven't tried their other products but if the quality permits, Laphroaig will always be in my home. Every glass is just a new experience of flavor. It might not be everybody's top 5 but if you haven't experienced the strong flavors of Laphroaig then you're missing out.

    8th February 2015

    One of my favorites

    I might be biased because Laphroaig 10 was my first single malt, but I love it and every one of their expressions. I put the QA Cask (Travel Retail exclusive), the 10 Year Cask Strength (a monster), and the Triple Wood above the standard 10 year, but for the price, this is my go-to.

    3rd February 2015

    got minitures


    28th January 2015

    Liquid Smokiness

    At risk of being lambasted by all those who thoroughly enjoy this from the other reviews, I personally couldn't get past the nose on this one. I don't mind smoke and saltiness, but this unfortunately lost all of its appeal when all I could smell was what I feel is best described as simply artificial liquid smoke. Obviously this is a unique malt with its overly abundance of peat smoke and salty qualities. So I assume those that love it, love it, while others may find it very difficult to see any appeal.

    28th January 2015

    Mr C.P.Rixon

    My first taste was a fantastic sensation the second best whisky I have ever tasted. Thank you very much.

    17th January 2015


    If this was cheaper here in Ireland, I'd buy an unlimited supply of this :D

    10th January 2015

    Great, one of my favorites

    The quarter Cask is not as good as it used to be but I find great comfort in this one. Heavily peated but When you add a drop of water it opens up a whole range of flavors and a medium long finish. I think they might have used first Fill Ex bourbon casks, The quantity seems to be quite good. I really like the balance between Heavy peat and all the other flavors, I highly recommend this one, but stay away from the non-H statement versions

    2nd January 2015

    My go-to whisky.

    The default malt for the lover of smoke and peat. I love the rugged harshness of it. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea and perhaps not one for a new whisky lover, but it's absolutely everything you hope for from ancIslay.

    2nd January 2015

    All-time favorite

    The first time i tasted a Laphroaig 10, i almost spat it out. Only politeness and the eagerness on my brother-in-law's face prompted me to hold on to it and force a sound of appreciation. A week later, the taste was still on my mind but I wanted to taste it without supervision and make up my own mind. On the way home, I bought a bottle of Quarter Cask. From the very first taste I loved it. Quarter cask reconciled me to the muscle of Laphroaig but now i have gone back to the 10 for its boldness... it's also easier to find here. If you don't like Laphroaig the first time you taste it, do yourself a favor and don't write it off until you've gone through a bottle. Also a shout-out to all other malt-loving ladies... simply too few of us.

    23rd December 2014

    Second go at a Peaty Islay

    I tried Talisker a few weeks ago, and had to choke it down as I imagine anyone who's not accustomed to a strong peaty/smoky scotch does. So now I'm into the Laphroig and the first dram was a bit on the ugh side, but now that I've had a couple sips, it's getting tastier and tastier.

    I typically enjoy the lighter Speyside drams, but thought I'd grow my tastes and enjoy some of the Islay varieties. I'd definitely say this has a ton of flavour, and lingers pleasantly on the tongue. The nose is reminiscent to me of coal smoke, but that only reminds me of being back in Ireland.

    I definitely wouldn't recommend this to an uninitiated Scotch consumer, but for those of us that have tried the lighter Scotches and liked them, it's not a bad change.

    22nd December 2014

    It's the Scotch all others are measured against

    Laphroiag 10 is 'My Scotch' - if I drink any other it's only because my green bottle is empty !! Strong, peaty, loaded with sea spray -it's not just a taste of scotch, it's a taste of Scotland ! If I'm not drinking Scotch I'm drinking Rye ! Primarily Whistlepig - Rye is to whiskey what Laphroiag is to Scotch - strong, powerful, complex favors.

    4th December 2014


    This is a very powerful, full flavoured Scotch which represents the smoky Islay style of malt from what I have read. I tried Aberlour and Bowmore before but apart from that am new to single malts. I like this - it is smoky and has a kind of medicinal flavour that I like but others may not. It is like the Bowmore but even further in the same direction.

    Subtle it isnt but it is a whisky with a strong character and its gained a new follower in me. Its nay for the lassies!


    1st December 2014

    Love It

    I never really could get into Scotch that much. I usually prefer Rye's and Bourbon's, like Michters and Booker, respectively. That changed with this. I pretty much can't stomach any other Scotches except the peated varieties like Laphroaig and Lagavullin. I can drink blends like Johnnie Walker, but anything other than that and the Islay Scotches and "no thanks I'm not interested." This is the best of them in my opinion. Way better than Lagavullin and much cheaper. If you like smoke, this is your bottle.

    24th November 2014

    Busting my Scotch Cherry -- From a Bourbon Drinker's Perspective

    Okay, so I'm a bourbon drinker who prefers big bold bourbons like Bookers, Noah's Mill, and Knob Creek barrel strength. I recently had the good fortune of acquiring a bottle of George T. Stagg 2014. Once that happened, I strangely went thru a period of remorse: unless I stumbled upon a bottle of Pappy's, I might have reached my zenith in the bourbon I bravely saddled up and decided to try some single malts.

    I purchased a bottle of Macallan 12 and it was a wonderful drink. Smooth, mellow, and so much different than bourbon. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, I wondered, how much different could Scotch be? So the next night I purchased a bottle of Laphroig 10 bottled at 43 ABV in the States. I poured a dram and damn, did it smell like a campfire. I added a few drops of water and let is breath for 15 minutes or so and took my first drink: at first is was big and bold, not entirely unlike a bourbon. I could taste the sweetness and the oak, but then the smoke and the peat took over in the finish and I wasn't at all sure I liked it. I finished the dram with mixed feelings and the next morning I could still taste the smoke. It tasted like I'd smoked cigars all night.

    But here's where it gets interesting. The next night I went back to the Macallan's and damn if it didn't taste thin and, and...I don't know, just missing something. It felt very uninspired. So I poured myself a bit more of the Laphroaig and it was wonderful! The second night all my misgivings simply evaporated, and I thoroughly enjoyed my dram. It simply rendered the Macallan 12 bland in comparison. Now I'm not sure where to go in the Scotch world. Suggestions are gladly accepted.

    21st November 2014

    The only single malt I don't' like

    Way to peaty for my pallet. I felt like I was drinking a pine tree. I know it's good stuff, just not for me

    14th November 2014

    Good entry Islay.

    Having previously tried the Quarter Cask, i found this more reserved. Definately pretty easy to drink and in no way a 'peat monster'. I would call this a good entry Islay, to get the basics upon which to base further enquiries. Good, but i deffo prefer the QC!

    9th November 2014

    One of my favourites!

    Along with Lagavulin which i adore and Cardhu,this is a sensibly priced easy drinking malt and remains one of my favourites. An easy drinking smooth whisky not as peaty as the others,but a lovely regular tipple. Recommended.

    4th November 2014


    I have received a bottle of Laphroaig 10 yo as a gift and it's absolutely perfect! Beware though, it's definitely not for everyone's taste - I gave some friends to try and most of them simply hated it or even were repelled by the smell alone. "Burning hospital", as one of the comments have stated here, is the most suitable description for this scotch ;] However, for those who enjoy smoky scotch, this one is a must to try.

    3rd November 2014

    Rubbing alcohol, anyone?

    I have been drinking Scotch for about 14 years, and I drink it neat. I have tried as much variety as I could afford and was excited to try this one in a whisky bar last year. I didnt want it after the first sip. I really cannot fathom why anyone would. It is almost painful, it is so bad. I migt use it to cauterize a wound, but that's it. This is the only Scotch I have ever had that I didnt like in some way.

    29th October 2014


    I'm a rookie with single malts but have tried many and liked them all thus far. This really opened my eyes to the many flavors a single malt can show and the array of those flavors. Taste buds dancing disco

    28th October 2014

    Entry level Islay

    Not bad but try the 12 year and the quarter cask-- excellent!

    23rd October 2014

    one of the best

    One of the best scotches I have had the pleasure of imbibing. It is my favorite. This and Lagavulin 16.
    I think the 10 is actually better than the 18 which seems too mellow in comparison. Absolutely lovely and a very well priced too. Smoky, peaty with an underlying sweetness but not too sweet like the 18.

    20th October 2014

    My favorite, full of flavor

    As my quest progressed, I was getting a little disappointed in some of the selections I had tried. I wanted a full flavor with peat, smoke, a hint of leather, and who knows what else. Nothing else had met what I expected till a friend told me about Laphraoig. The nose is great, there is a great grape peal on first sip, followed by a leathery peat and smoke. The flavors expand and maintain for a good length of time, making it a great sipping scotch. This is my favourite.

    20th October 2014


    remember when you were 8 years old that big scab on your knee cap you pulled off admit it you ate it? ; an old horse blanket; Listerine mouth wash; a Travis Club Senator cigar; shoe polish; insecticide;
    a soiled bandaid; paint; burning asphalt; is absolutely DELICIOUS !!
    (oh and just a bit a hint of homemade vanilla ice cream)

    12th October 2014

    Why do you allow this?

    I see that you review these before they are posted. The reviews from people that just don't like it are fine, but to allow reviews from people that use in for a mixer really have on relevance
    Ron in Texas

    11th October 2014

    I love it...and my wife hates it!

    Laphroaig evokes one opinion or the other. It seems nobody is neutral on it. My wife, a true Scot, prefers what she calls the "subtle" whiskies like Macallan or Balvenie, but my taste favors the Islay malts, and as other reviewers point out there's nothing subtle about this malt. What I like about it is that there are so many strong aromas and tastes to it. While I try and buy many other malts, this is the one I always come back to.

    10th October 2014

    Fit for a King!

    Can there be anything better in life than to sit at ones fireside with my old dog Camilla a glass of Laphroaig in hand and talk to my plants. The nearest I will get to feeling like a King. Charles W.

    9th October 2014

    If there is something better than this, I don't know of it.

    There are a few single malts that come close to this sort of smoky quality (e.g. Ardbeg 10, Lagavulin 16), and even a blend (Johnnie Walker Double Black), but nothing that I have experienced yet quite hits the mark like this Master of Peat.

    5th October 2014

    Doesn't get much better...

    I love a good single malt and Laphroaig is one of my absolute faves! THe smokey, medicinal qualities took a little to get used to one the first sip, but they are what define the character of this malt. So beautiful and yet so discernible to the other malts. The peat is beautiful in this bottle and honestly, for the price, you really cant beat the experience.

    3rd October 2014

    I don't rank many things a 10...

    ...but this is one. The first nose nearly put me off this whiskey, then I tasted it. Burning bandages, salt, and iodine give way to complexity of flavors that I still find hard to describe. The gentleman who desicribed them as "burning hospital" would not be wrong, but burning in a good way. The finish is a little oily, like fine diesel fuel mixed with wool rags and sweaters.

    I completely agree with the warning below that for some, after experiencing Laphroaig, everything else seems....lesser. This whiskey is as subtle as a fist in the face, has flavors that explode like a 1-ton bomb, and a finish that stays for precisely long enough.

    Not everyone's dram of whiskey, for sure, but this is now my go-to for cold, rainy Pacific Northwest nights.

    Do sample this before buying a bottle.

    29th September 2014

    Must have for all peat beginners is not for everybody - you won't drink with coke or orange and soda ;)
    Try before you buy!

    26th September 2014

    I must be a complete noob

    Undoubtedly smokey. Beyond that, I can't comprehend how this could be enjoyable to anyone whose sense of taste is still intact. After one drink I was met with a case of shaky-chest and left with a disgusting taste that was tough to erase.

    21st September 2014

    Experienced only need apply

    40 years ago my first Scotch was Johnny Red. We all start somewhere, and I liked it. As I have evolved, I began to learn about whiskey. Laphroaig 10 is my drink of choice. I keep other singles and blends around, but when I want to ride the flavor train this is the one I reach for. For those who don't like it, as your taste matures, this is where you will end up.

    15th September 2014

    Head this *WARNING*

    It's hard to enjoy any other Scotch the same after this. It's like going from Moscato to a good Cab, or from Coors Light to Guinness. You'll drink them, but they won't ever taste the same. Laphroig 10 Yr is special and deserves a class of it's own.

    13th September 2014

    I usually like Islay malts......

    ....but this was the first dram I could not finish; it was vile! The nose was medicinal with shoe polish, and the taste, for me, was very unpleasant. I was surprised, I really like Lagavulin, Caol Ila and Talisker but this was so different. Not for me!

    12th September 2014


    I've gone through a few bottles of this and generally been happy, but my most recent bottle had a very strong plaster-y aroma. I understand that this is within the normal range of flavors but this time it was very oddly pronounced, though it weakens after letting it settle for a bit.

    10th September 2014

    Not quite sure

    i have just had my first taste of this whiskey and my first respinse was "iv bern poisoned with TCP antiseptic" sorry and so checked out other peoples reviews. Im glad to say im still alive and after relaxing, got quite used to the flavour and aromas.

    8th September 2014

    perfect scotch

    drank it neat, no water or ice and it is perfect, full body smell and taste. Let it few seconds in mouth it will change your game, it's something special, you'll remember your first Laphroaig 10 y.o.

    5th September 2014

    A whiskey to be savored

    This is by far a whiskey that would be sipped, tasted, and enjoyed. I can truly say this is not a whiskey for beginners. This has an advanced taste and a nose that is rich in peat and smoke. I have just found my benchmark for scotches from Islay. Well done.

    5th September 2014

    Darn good for the price

    I've had a couple bottles of the 18 and it's among my favorites. Just for the sake of it, I decided to get one of these. To me, other than ABV, I find it virtually indistinguishable from the 18. I don't know whether that says more about me or Laphroaig. They're both terrific if you like smoky malts. I'll probably keep buying the 18 just because I can afford it and it looks cooler, but for non-millionaires looking for an intro to Islay/Laphroaig, save your money and try this first.

    2nd September 2014


    Horrible! The worst oral disinfectant you could ever taste! I washed my mouth with gasoline to get the taste out.

    2nd September 2014

    Hate it or love it

    At first, this Laphroaig is the hooligan amongst the Scotch. A complete nutjob, screaming in your mouth and splashing weird tastes like first aids kits and seaweed all over your tastebuds. But then you realize this dram is just a big, friendly bloke who wants to have a good time. The big salty and smoky flavours remind of a cosy pub, cloaked in a thick wall of sigarette smoke. This surely is a masterpiece, simply because it's so confusing and so unedged. A vicious drink for vicious people. (RB)

    29th August 2014

    Fine example of Islay, not for beginners

    I'll always keep a bottle of Laphroaig 10yr in the den. It's certainly not as smooth on the finish as other Islays of the same age, but what it lacks in finish it more than makes up for in classic peaty goodness. A fine example of Islay Whiskys, this dram comes on strong with sweet oak and peat smoke, quickly dries out and leaves you wanting more.
    As an aside, I have yet to encounter a more drool-enticing bouquet in all my years as an Islay man. Simply phenomenal on the nose. Brings me back to slow fires on cold winter days...
    I would still recommend a smoother finishing dram for those looking to introduce friends to the world of Islay singles, maybe something like the Caol Ila Moch - something that comes full circle to finish.

    15th August 2014

    Waste of money

    This is the first whisky I have not liked. I can't believe anyone can like this drink. When my wife asked what it tasted like the first thought that came to mind was disinfectant.

    14th August 2014

    A very nice Sctoch indeed!

    Opens with iodine on the nose. Very much oaky on the palate, at first it has a nice sweetness to it. The finish is a dry, very smokey peat finish. Something about this leaves you wanting more. Definately my favourite peated scotch thus far.

    14th August 2014

    A ladies choise!

    Good whiskey for all ladies with character.

    4th August 2014

    A taste of and tribute to where my parents called "Home."

    This is the most distinctive and flavorful single malt that has ever been my pleasure to drink. I know of no other with such a complex, yet singularly distinctive flavor. The smokiness of the peat!!!! Oh what a pleasure to look forward to my reward at the end of each days tasks. Carry on Laphroaig! Carry on!

    18th July 2014

    Shamelessly evokes memories

    Prior to trying Laphroaig 10, I was not aware of just how literal a single malt could taste. The nose was a cool, breezy Autumn night on the beach. The palate took me back to Connemara, sharing tender moments with my wife by a peat fire. It mostly reminded my wife of the frequent disappointment of burning her toast. For those sea-loving folks who prefer their beef rare, their toast charred and their coffee black, this is your dram.

    15th July 2014

    petrol,gas and everything sweet

    Absolutely awful. The water of death. It s good to clean the rust and the toilet tastes of gas. No elegance in the taste, only strength. Kind of an industrial chemical liquid.Waste of money

    13th July 2014


    Now, Laphroaig 10 is something else. It's like the well behaved semi monstruous son of it's fully monstruous father, Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength...all the characteristics of iodine, salt, smoke, sea etc are there, only slightly muted. That being said, I find it to be a wonderful whisky, being so instantly recognizable once you've had it for the first time. Women also either love or hate this whisky. I love the women who love it:)Some expressions I've had over the years have been overly sweet; for such a robust whisky it has to have a delicate balancing act between the peat, the salt and the sweet/savoury/bitter notes.

    23rd June 2014


    Laphroaig is the Best islay scotch and for all the non believer's that claim its so horrible, then you just aren't an islay type of drinker. No need for bashing here this is not a drink for everyone only certain seasoned scotch drinkers need apply and nowhere does ardbeg or lagavulin come close to laphroaig in quality or craftsmanship. Stay Blessed

    15th June 2014


    I have been a Scotch drinker for 30 years and had, until recently, never tried Laphroaig. It was recommended recently in a discussion with a new friend when he found out that I am a Scotch drinker as well. He said it is a "must try" so the next day I bought a bottle. This is the most *interesting* Scotch that I have ever tried. After the first glass the jury was still out in my mind but I have had the bottle now for two weeks and have consumed about one third of it. My tastebuds quickly acclimated to the taste (which is different than any other Scotch that I have tasted) and I now have a new friend. In fact, I enjoy each drink more than the last. The negative reviews don't surprise me because this is to other Scotch what a double espresso is to a cup of decaf. This is Scotch for the Scotch drinker and only the serious need apply. If you really love Scotch you will love Laphroaig. It is high quality stuff so don't think that it is inferior to any other Scotch in its class. It just has more taste. My next purchase will be more Laphroaig.

    4th June 2014

    Simply the best

    Just a fantastic whisky always my favourite and I have tried a lot of single malts keep a blended for guests. You don't want to be giving this away. Be selfish keep it all to yourself

    31st May 2014


    this is just a wonderful spirit. peaty, smoky goodness. it's bottled at 43% abv here in the united states. i'll always love laphroaig 10.

    29th May 2014

    My treat to myself!

    Spot on!

    26th May 2014


    I do not drink a lot of Scotch whisky. I generally drink straight rye neat - no ice. However, I feel that Laphroaig 10 Year Old is a truly superior whisky. I very much enjoy it neat and without any water or ice. A world class product - thanks to all who help produce it!

    25th May 2014

    sometimes just the thing

    I like to keep a collection of various whiskies and Laphroaig Quarter Cask has been a repeated tenant on my cabinet since it was released a few years ago.
    Before then, I always had a place for the Laph 10, but here in British Columbia the release of the QC took L10 of the shelves. Couldn't but it anywhere.

    The QC came in at about $30 more than the L10 (if memory serves), but it was so good that I didn't mind.

    Today I'm in my fav shop and see that the QC (at $80) is not available, but I can get the L10 for $100. So I went for it - for old time's sake.

    The 10 is not as friendly as the QC - which is thick, rich, and warm like a blessed -- well almost like a peaty Scottish bourbon with a summer sundown finish. It doesn't taste a bit like bourbon, but it has that finish that a good bourbon has (eg Knob Creek), the warm slow sundown in the belly.

    The 10 is mean, cruel, calling to mind a wild sea against rocky beaches - while we consider death. However as many here have suggested, a splish of water makes it more friendly and expressive.

    I do not regret this purchase of the 10 but I will continue to prefer the QC.

    15th May 2014


    too sweet in fact, even with two drops of water

    11th May 2014

    Not for everyone

    It's not for everyone, I didn't like it at all. Don't buy it only because it comes from nearby to other whiskies you like, has nothing to do with Caol Ila etc. I hated industrial smell and the fact it is died with caramel (what for?). Nevertheless, it didn't take long to find a fan of it and sell the bottle.

    10th May 2014


    "No strong drinks, only weak men" exemplified.

    28th April 2014

    Peter Whicker

    Diff not sure, will try again.

    27th April 2014


    I was given a very old looking bottle as a gift. The cork fell apart when I opened the bottle, and the contents had a very sharp taste - it almost felt "fizzy". But with a little ice cold water it isn't bad.

    19th April 2014

    Can't help myself

    I love it. I have tried the other single malts. Speyside malts are okay, mild and nice. Islay malts are where there's real taste. The best I've had is this Laphroaig 10. Ardbeg comes in second followed by Lagavulin. Talisker is too sweet.

    19th April 2014

    unashamedly peaty

    If you don't like Peat, you definitely won't like Laphroaig; I'd fully agree with the advice to take with water, the result is a revelation. Ive never been a huge fan of peat but with water this is wonderful stuff.

    18th April 2014

    dont bring your skirt

    For a beginner it's a wild ride. but if you can hang on til the long finish you'll begin to appreciate it.

    18th April 2014


    Gouache is a paint we used to finger paint with in primary school. This whisky has a nose that is exactly gouache. It also tastes like it smells. I love the Jura brand (Superstition) among other single malts, but when I ordered this for the first time at the restaurant tonight, I was extremely disappointed! I guess it is just not for me..

    11th April 2014


    Frist islay malt i have bought and boy am i happy love the smoke and the taste just go,s on and on was a bit scared to buy reading some of the reviews but what i say go for it u wont be disappointed

    29th March 2014


    What an enormous disappointment. Been wanting to try this for the longest time. I've had 20 dollar Scotch that taste better than this. Chemical smell that haunts you as u drink it. Almost like a burnt plastic. For 2/3 the price I'll buy a Glenlivet 12. So much better.

    29th March 2014

    Doesn't work for me

    Bought this bottle on recommendation of a dear friend. The medicinal flavor of the 'froig 10, for me, is a ship stopper. I'm putting the bottle away in the box -will trot it out only upon request! Different strokes for different folks, but for me this is a disgusting dram. Yuck, Much prefer the Lagavulin 16 or Auchentoshan Triple Wood.

    16th March 2014

    One of the classics

    A classic peaty malt which set the standard for Island malts as opposed to Highland. It's main rival Talisker is perhaps not quite so strong tasting, but then Laphroaig has mellowed in tone over the years since I first enjoyed a glass of "TCP" as it was then described. It does take some getting used to if your grounding is in the sweet and sometimes bland Speyside malts. Maybe work up from the likes of Bowmore, peaty but not so astringent. Of course when I fist started drinking Laphroaig there were not many choices of malt whiskey so it was straight in at the deep end. Get used to it and some of the others are tastless by comparison. I read that the quarter cask varieties have restored some of the old intensity of many years ago so I will have to try some. If you love a malt with character then you should have a bottle in the cabinet but keep it away from any sweet martini friends as that would be a waste.

    16th March 2014

    cask variance? addendum

    After giving the bottle a rigorous shake it seemed to get much smokier but still not as intense as I remember weird

    12th March 2014

    cask variance?

    Just bought a bottle of this in upstate ny. Where did the smoke go. Have laph 10 before as well as ardbeg,caol ila. Opened the bottle: no smoke on the nose, palate: sweet vanilla and some medicinal but no smoke. Very disappointing. Someone please tell me this s result of cask variance.

    11th March 2014

    Great with a good IPA

    Somehow the peatiness enhances the bitterness of the IPA and vice a versa.

    3rd March 2014

    Not for the beginner

    I am just starting to dabble into the single malts and I can understand that to some who have been drinking single malts, that this may be the bees knees (though from reading some of the reviews, grammar may not be their forte) - I would have to agree with the worst reviews though - as one who has been brewing for ten years now, this scotch has almost a chemical smell.
    Unless you know what you are buying, go with a Macallan 12 year - same price range as Laphroaig 10 at my local retailer in Oregon but the Macallan is 12 is just wonderful, at least to this scotch beginner.
    PS - a big ice sphere in the glass helps the Laphroaig go down ....

    28th February 2014

    Greetings from M.R. in Finland

    I must agree with John Campbell in that the taste of this whisky is greatly enhanced by the use of water (I myself prefer ice, since I like the first sip to be "stingy"). I would also add that the taste had a bit of salty liquorice - which is, by the way, very popular in Finland! - and quite peaty. I really enjoyed this one, but it is something you have to learn to taste, it is like you become good old friends and, in the end, you will be looking for your meeting in the blue darkness of the January nights of the North.

    8th February 2014


    Not a bad one per se, but with a really medicinal taste, did not regret the purchase, will not buy again.

    6th February 2014


    Trust me, I know better than you. This is terrible and offensive.

    2nd February 2014

    The Best

    I've tried a lot of whiskies and this is my all time favourite. Even compared to the more expensive Laphroaigs. Powerful peat and iodine. Beautiful soft bitter sweet oak. Delicious flavoursome malt. No room for improvement at all.

    29th January 2014

    Liquid Fireplace

    Pleasantly surprised by this 10 year old. Loved the smell.

    19th January 2014

    If you can't take the heat….

    This is my all-time favorite scotch whisky. It comes on like a freight train, and leaves like a summer breeze. It definitely is not for the faint of heart. Best enjoyed with a little water - preferably bottled water, since the chemicals in tap water can destroy some of the flavors. The water opens up the whisky, and lets all the subtlety and nuance out. Note that drinking scotch neat can somewhat dull the tongue, and actually detract from the experience. Enjoy this on a cold blustery night in front of a nice fire. Should be on anyone's list.

    15th January 2014

    A peaty delight

    Though Lag and Ard are damn fine in their own right, Laphroiag is the gold standard by which to compare others in my opinion. Slainte mhor!

    13th January 2014


    ...a little water opens it up quite well. A little too dense if you drink it neat. The water spreads the peatiness and the other flavours come out of the woodwork to sing. A nice long finish that doesn't taste smokey. Interesting.

    13th January 2014

    whiskey mixer

    The one and only mixer one should grace any whiskey with is surely another whiskey!

    9th January 2014


    One finger and I was defeated. I respect those who made it to the bottom of the glass.

    29th December 2013

    It's very marmite

    Just so happens I love marmite, got into malts about 2 years ago and I have returned to this malt on quite a few occasions. I just can't help it she sucks me in with her peaty Smokey iodine claws every time. I've tried quite a few islay malts and ardbeg 10 is my next purchase so when she arrives let the battle commence. Or in the famous words of Harry Hill which is the best peaty smokey islay out there? There's only one way to find out? FIGHT!

    27th December 2013


    I'm relatively new to the scotch game and this was my first real taste of an Islay single malt. It is markedly different than anything I've tasted before. I'm guessing the smokiness is something that requires a little getting used to. I will give this one another go in a few months. it's been an hour since I enjoyed this scotch and I still taste nothing but smoke. It's like someone had a bonfire in my mouth on a rainy day. Once the smoke dissipates, I will enjoy a dram of Macallan 12yr for "dessert".

    19th December 2013

    Love this stuff

    I'm a bar tender so while I have become quite familiar with my whiskies, I'm fairly new to the single malt game personally (I'm only 27 yrs old). That being said, I am absolutely in love with Laphraoig 10 year. The smoky nose, round body and notes of vanilla and spice are just wonderful. HIGHLY recommend.

    14th December 2013


    The only scotch I crave.

    14th December 2013


    I love its taste
    I don't think any single malt in it class is taste like this

    13th December 2013

    is this different now?

    I love Laphroaig 10 Yr, probably my top 2 or 3 favorite scotches. I got one recently that, was so different, I actually called the store and told them that something was up, either a switch or a 1 off or something. Tasted like a blend. I went to another store, miles away and got another bottle just to verify. Same thing. Much less smoke much more mellow? Is this just me? 4 stars, only because of the decades of fantastic whisky that Laphroaig has produced.

    7th December 2013


    Overrated, would maybe use it in an Irish coffee. A waste of money.

    6th December 2013

    What a Great Surprise

    I was a Chivas, Glenlivet drinker and I thought this was what a good Scotch was all about. I am here to tell that the Laphroaig 10 and quarter cask, although a bit pricey for the second, has shown me what true Scotch should taste like. I agree with the above post that you will find everything that is good in life in a dram. Also, I would drink many glasses of Scotch at a sitting and find there is more drinking and appreciation in one or two glasses sipped slowly. Deffinitely the best .

    25th November 2013

    The Whisky Punch

    This 10 year old brings alot of flavors when added just a small teaspoon of water to open it up. My first glass of this whisky tasted like a punch in the face from a burned fist..! I manned up and accepted this first punch, the second glass.. the rest of the bottle.. Oooh what a damn fine whisky this is. Certainly not for the beginner, but i think for someone experienced, this whisky brings the meaning of life to you.

    25th November 2013

    give it to me

    I am not a whiskey drinker but somebody offered this to me the other day and it blew my mind. This must be the best thing in a bottle,wonderful nose and impeccable flavors.I am now a Laphroag addict!

    22nd November 2013

    water of life

    This whiskey tastes like every good thing you've ever experienced in life

    16th November 2013

    Downright Disgusting

    I couldn't taste the peat or smoke over the iodine taste. As Charles Barkley would say "It's Turrible".

    12th November 2013

    keep me in laphriaig

    just recently discovered this 10 year old. didn't know anything could taste so good. my taste buds may not be the best, but I get the lovely peat smoke to start, then it settles into oak and lastly I rub my tongue on the roof of my mouth and get sweet and varying fruit tastes.

    10th November 2013

    It was shit

    Tastes like burnt wood with a burning after taste absolutely NOT recommended

    3rd November 2013

    Wow drink to bring to a BBQ!

    judge it on the 2nd glass.
    didn't quite like it in the 1st glass. it's got a different taste than most whiskys, but this is light yet flavorful. goes well after BBQ meat, marshmallows and chocolate.
    if you have to mix it with coke, then you are better off buying an everyday type JW black label... or glenlivet- as that's the sugary type and a little more intense.
    I enjoy this with ice and a little soda water.. less than I would have when i open a glenlivet.
    I can't take most whiskeys on the rocks S I finding too intense, but this one would be possible (on the 3rd round though)

    2nd November 2013

    Excellent Islay whisky, as usual from Laphroaig

    The Laphroaig 10 year old is a must for any single malt fans and always a high standard + very reasonable for the price.

    11th October 2013

    It grows on you, until you love it.

    Laphroaig 10 is a no-holds barred, unapologetic, Islay single malt. It is by no means, a good beginner's first single malt. The best way to warm up to an Islay, is to drink cheap blended scotch known to be antiseptic (J&B, Passport), cask strength bourbon, or blended scotch known to be peaty (Johnnie Walker Red, Ballentine's). You will start to taste less bandaid, TCP, phenol, iodine and more towards salty breeze, seawater, shamrock dew, walnut oil, smoked scottish salmon, brined roe, deli pickles, earthy peat, cardamom, oil-cured olives, old vanilla, extinguished hickory campfire, ash, something malty, limestone filtered water,

    2nd October 2013

    Calling all whisky lovin women....

    Just sat and read all these reviews. Very amusing and interesting! I was introduced to Laphroaig 10 by my lovely dad, a serious single maltster, and so it reminds me of him - a real character - and sitting on a headland in Cornwall looking up at the stars, and sipping... For me there is no better drink for stirring the soul. Tastes divine too. How many other women out there love it??

    1st October 2013

    TCP too hucking much~

    I drink it, i vomit... how poetic?

    14th September 2013

    Novice Scotch Guy

    Can't say I loved this stuff or hated it... Pretty mellowed out already when the barkeep slipped me this one. Took me camping, fishing and on a long sea cruise in one glass. Woke up next morning ran down and bought a bottle of this brew. Terrific stuff.

    7th September 2013

    @ This kind of nonsense is ok??

    Woooow there! You seem to have left quite a few of these Mike!!! Sorry your reviews weren't approved sooner (they do have to be approved by the way) but you're beginning to make us feel a bit like Kevin! It's scary... - The Chaps at Master of Malt

    29th August 2013

    a signature classic

    a light clean whisky, not oily at all, with a huge tarry resinous burnt-rope THC overtone - so, intense flavor, but yet not bitter or burning or rough; quite smooth in fact - taste is a matter of opinion, but take an opportunity to try this one, if you like smoky whiskies at all, or even if not - well worth it

    23rd August 2013

    This kind of nonsense is ok??

    "I spent a lot of money on this and was very dissapointed! I usually take my dram with Iron-Bru but this whisky absolutely killed the Iron-Bru. Not recommended!"

    But sincere reviews are not??
    Very sad state of affairs...

    22nd August 2013

    A Safe Bet for the Lover of Islay Whisky.

    With this one you cant go wrong, that is if you are a fan of Islay whisky.
    Very good indeed, a safe bet.

    Note to the person who rated this bottle with 1/2 a star,
    -You ought to stay away from Laphroaig and all Islay whisky,
    Tescos own brand whisky is probably more your style?!


    22nd August 2013


    I just got the first bottle of Laphroig and was quite disappointed after the first glass... Two days later I came back for another - it went down way better than I thought. Now, with the bottle almost finished I can say that I am in love with this malt. It looks like I will be heading to the shop tomorrow for another one.
    What a complex, peaty and smoky body; what a looooong finish, you can taste it in your mouth long after you finished your glass... The scent is just amazing. A lovely dram for an affordable price.

    28th July 2013

    Weird but amazing...

    As a beginner I bought a bottle without expecting anything in particular... well, I heard it is peaty. So far I've explored different brands mainly from Speyside so this came as a bit of a shock!
    Did I enjoy this, though!!! Can't score it less than 10!

    27th July 2013

    My favourite whisky

    Bonfire with a hint of witch craft trail and a body of condensed exhaust gasses from the engine of a fishing vessel. The best and most distinguished whisky I have ever tasted.

    27th July 2013

    This is Scotch Whisky?

    I have been an avid scotch and whisky consumer for a very long time. I grew up in a household that only drank dark liquor. Laphroaig by far has been the worst tasting scotch whisky for me. It stunk of a scent I can never love. I know everyone's taste is bias but now I know what gasoline tastes like.

    26th July 2013

    Good, but not their best

    Good islay malt, but definitely not the best Laphroaig has to offer.

    16th July 2013


    It's no different than drinking "liquid smoke". Only buy if your trying to impress your bros.

    4th July 2013

    Chuck Glisson

    I am a big fan of SMOOTH Whisky[Whiskey?] Because of that, I am not a big fan of Bourbon. I have a preference toward Irish Whisky, and to a lesser extent Canadian Whiskey. I also can enjoy a good Scotch Whiskey, and there are some great Scotch out there, but this is not one of them. Laphroaig is NOT smooth by ANY stretch of the imagination. It has an overpowering "dirty" smoke flavor. Tastes like it was "aged in someones "well used and unclean" Bar-B-Que grill.
    I tried to "Kill" the harshness by mixing it with "Coke", no luck, the smoke cut through the mix like a bad guitarist.
    The fumes from this concoction actually irritated my eyes!
    The aroma is actually pleasant to the nose, but not to the tongue.[or the stomach]
    There are some "cheep" offerings from Canada that actually are smooth, why pay this premium price for paint thinner

    4th July 2013


    Grew up in Texas, drinking "bourbon & branch" (Jack Daniels and water) & had little experience with Scotch until after I entered the service. Went into a liquor store in Dallas late one New Year's Eve, where I learned that they were sold out of almost everything popular. The clerk recommended the Laphroaig, and even offered it to me at the cost of Johnny Walker, saying that if I liked Jack Daniels Black, I'd like Laphroaig. Truer words were ne'er spoke. It was hard to find in the States for many years, but always worth the search. Laphroaig and scrappy terriers are Scotland's greatest exports.

    27th June 2013

    Max Speed

    Tasted this at my brother in laws he won it in a raffle.This was a revelation for me absolutley the best drink in the world a real winner!After first glass you only want more !Great with water let the flavours flow in your mouth superb!

    21st June 2013

    Burnt Plastic

    Been sampling all the good single malts around this price range and Laphroaig is the worst of them all. The nose is very strong phenolic-iodine-disinfectant, and the first sip is not much better. The robust peaty secondary taste is not my favorite, but if that was the finisher I would have been happy. Instead, the final taste notes reminded me of burnt styrene plastic. I'll finish the bottle, but I've had many better scotch whiskeys than this.

    1st June 2013


    İf you know what whisky is, you have to drink this... İt's magnificent and amazing.
    İf you dont know what whisky is, what are you doing here? You must go to beer house...

    26th May 2013

    mrs Allen

    just vile have never tasted anything like it ,,oh but wait yes i remember now ,,reminds me of when i used to have a sore throat ,,,tcp...just cant believe my daughter paid 33 pound for this trash ,,,its an insult to good whiskey

    20th May 2013

    Real good taste and value

    Laphroaig 10 is good to the nose, decent body, and decent finish. I would rather buy Talisker 10, however, I would have to put down an extra $10 for the Talisker. All in all, this is a good buy if you like your peat and it's a worth while buy.

    18th May 2013

    Wonderful Flavor

    I love it straight or on the rocks! it's texture is smooth and the flavor infuses with such smokey taste. More women should try this instead of sugary high carb drinks. Only 40 calories per serving . Wine 120, Coolers 253 (Numbers are approximations). Dont Drink and Drive. Peace.

    18th May 2013

    you collosal idiot

    If you drink this with iron-bru you are a philistine

    15th May 2013

    Second helping

    I love this Whisky, but would never drink it as a first round. To begin a mellow Whisky, you have your favourite, so no point me suggesting, then a second of Laphroaig. Beautiful contrast, the difference of the Laphroaig bursts, but the memory of the other remains.

    11th May 2013

    very medicinal, almost like some chemical product...

    I've heard very good of this malt, that's why I bought it... Though I will not do it again..

    6th May 2013

    Heavy iodine finish

    Smells like lagavulin 16, tastes like same, then the finish hits you...beware! However, as recomended above, i will try with water and hope it smooths. The finish

    5th May 2013

    Extremely medicinal, not for everyone.

    I'm a huge fan of smoke and peat, but the medicinal quality of this scotch just killed it for me. The iodine notes were overwhelming, and I found myself grateful that it was being shared with me and not something I had bought. If it's a flavor you dig, more power to you, but you better like that medicinal quality in your scotch.

    1st May 2013

    Salty Angel Tears

    Laphroaig is like drinking salty angel tears, falling down onto the waves as the crash upon the jagged rocks below.

    18th April 2013

    The first scotch I have ever hated

    I just cannot get over the hospital/band-aide smell/taste. Cask strength 10 year old. Very disappointed. Wish I had Googled it before buying. I had an entire row of single malts to pick from. Maybe if I blend it half and half with Dalwhinnie I can make a good blend out of it.

    11th April 2013

    why Iron Bru?

    Please, stop.

    30th March 2013

    Una Meraviglia...

    Una Meraviglia...

    26th March 2013

    Love love love Laphroiag

    This is my go to Scotch. I do put 1 peice of ice to open it up a bit. Absolutely delicious, makes me want to move to Islay

    12th March 2013

    Most maximum whisky ever

    This whisky's peat level will tattoo its taste on your tongue and you will be perfectly happy to leave it there. Super strong, smoky and unforgiving, but not difficult to drink- quite the opposite.

    26th February 2013

    OK if you like big flavours.

    Brought a bottle of this for my dad on birth day. He's a big fan of Ardbeg and he loved it. As for myself I like a more subtle whisky. I just found that this whisky hits your nose and pallet with a very big bang. Over all in my opinion Laphoaig is very bold in flavour and leaves nothing to imagination. But that's just my opinion.

    13th February 2013

    Top notch

    I'm a Friend of Laphroaig!

    8th February 2013

    Peaty deliciousness

    I've only started to enjoy single malts and scotch blends within the past year and I really like smoke and peat in my drinks so Laphroaig 10yo is right up my alley. My girlfriend said its a bit too medicinal for her but enjoyed it with a little water. I Enjoy it straight or with a splash of water. So far of the 10 or so single malts I've been able to try, this has the most character of them all. Although a lot of people say this is very smoky, I get a lot more peat and wouldnt mind a little more smoke. I get the iodine/medicinal flavor, but definitely get hints of vanilla and wood in there. While I still prefer Lagavulin to this, this is probably my second favorite single malt that I've tried so far with The Macallan in the high middle, and Glenlivet towards the bottom with Tomatin at the very bottom. I started with blends like Johnnie Walker black and still enjoy that as my every day drink, but singles like Laphroaig and Lagavulin are my special treats.

    4th February 2013

    Pure distilled Islay gold!

    Sometimes I prefer it straight, sometimes with a kiss of water - but the big, bold peaty flavors, the smoke, salt and iodine, the spices and lingering finish are warmly satisfying. The ONLY mix with a decent whisky is a few drops of pure water, and a few drops is catalytic to this one. Probably not best for anyone new to single malts, and certainly NOT for anyone who would mix whisky with Irn-Bru, Dr. Pepper, Lucozade, etc.

    29th January 2013

    Mind Bogglingly Bad

    Purchased a bottle. Tried it, threw it out. Tried it the next day, threw it out. Tried it a third day. . . I just simply can not handle this whiskey. I would go so far as to say that it does not taste like any other whiskey I have had.

    I went back to some of my standbys, and well. . . back to normal. I just do not get this stuff, maybe I got a bad bottle?

    24th January 2013

    First whisky I ever drank.

    I have such fond memories of this Scotch; every drop brings back memories. It is fantastic, especially when the weather is cold, a strong wind is bringing the salt air in and you've got a roaring wood fire going. It is hardly possible to imagine anything better.

    15th January 2013

    Iron Bru?

    Ignore anyone who says they drink a single malt with Iron Bru! If anything it goes alongside or with a little water and nothing else! Laphroaig make amazing whisky and although an acquired taste once tasted its never forgotten! I personally love those medicinal notes over the peaty smoke that makes Laphroig unique :-)

    13th January 2013

    Like drinking a campfire

    My stepfather received a bottle for Christmas, and made sure everybody got to try it. Simply glorious - starts peaty and ends smoky. I'm reminded of camping trips and cookouts. I tend to prefer bourbons, but this is easily the best whisky/whiskey I've tasted. I have an open invitation to come back for more whenever I like. He may end up regretting that.

    5th January 2013


    A top malt, damp grass and hay on the nose alongside peat and a slight sweetness attributed to the malt barely but reminds one of biscuit or unrefined sugar, alongside unsweetened vanilla pod ice cream. The taste is peaty, deliciously marked with iodine and quite juicy - like drinking rain or seaweed from the Islands. Slight notes of white pepper and a hint of salt which vanishes rather abruptly. A great malt and a perfect predecessor to moving onto the stormy smokiness and peat of a Talisker. Highly recommended.

    3rd January 2013

    Quintessential Islay malt.

    Ignore 'reviews' by people who can't even spell Irn-Bru let alone know that you don't put it in single malt whisky (blends yes, but not single malt!).

    This is the quintessential Islay whisky and FULL of peaty, smoky goodness. It is not for the faint hearted and I seriously doubt you can call yourself a 'lover' of single malt if you don't enjoy this once in a while (think amateur vs Pro!).

    25th December 2012

    Burnt Plastic

    Not at all to my taste... yes, there was the smoke it is so famous for, but more present were the smell of burnt plastic and the taste of aspirin and peat. There is nothing pleasant about this whisky. I know plenty of whisky drinkers who love it, but it is just so foul to taste that I doubt I will ever order a dram again. I can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it, so I can't give it anything under a 1 1/2 star rating, but I wouldn't recommend this to somebody I actually liked.

    25th December 2012

    Irish Whiskey Drinker

    Absolutely superb, like the Speyside malts and Talisker but this is the best scotch. Tried the cask strength before and hated it but was given a bottle of 10 year old a few Christmas's ago and have been buying it ever since. For a Bushmills Green (10 yo malt) man that's as good a complement as I can give

    22nd December 2012

    Irish Whiskey Drinker

    Absolutely superb, like the Speyside malts and Talisker but this is the best scotch. Tried the cask strength before and hated it but was given a bottle of 10 year old a few Christmas's ago and have been buying it ever since. For a Bushmills Green (10 yo malt) man that's as good a complement as I can give

    22nd December 2012

    Simply the Best

    I for one love this malt. True it is not for everyone, it has a smoked, iodine tang, but without a shadow of a doubt, it has to have one of the greatest characters of any malt available. For me it is an absolute pleasure to drink, and a dram I keep returning to time and time again. I live on the Firth of Forth, I pour myself a Laphroaig, and with the seagulls calling and the ships passing by, I’m in heaven. Only wish I could afford the 15 year old or even 25 year old.

    20th December 2012

    Stands Alone

    This Scotch will knock your socks off....At first I hated it then have a few more sips and by the time the bottle's gone you'll be wanting more

    17th December 2012

    An Islay Must Have

    The Laphroaig 10, in my opinion, is possibly one of the finest and most flavorful single malts out there. And at a price which begs for multiple bottles to be stowed away for a rainy day. Which is precisely what I’ve done.

    The nose is like standing atop a hill overlooking the churning sea as a light drizzle of honey and lemon spatter against your anorak. As you look up the strong peat and iodine coupled with the salty spray of the gorgeous waves remind you what it is like to be in Islay country. And carried on the back of the robust smoke comes just the tiniest hint of black pepper spices.

    The honeyed palate covered in oak shavings and cardamon pods is truly a work of art. The beautifully balanced greens give way to the most delightful peppery profile I have ever encountered.

    The medium finish is just so ever slightly nutty with a dab of, dare I say it, dark chocolate and spice.


    6th December 2012


    absolute beast of a whisky. you just never get tired of that peat blast to start that long lasting finish. along with lagavulin, the best drinks i've ever had.

    3rd December 2012

    A "mood" whisky

    There are times when I really like this, and there are times I don't care for it. Don't be put off if your first try seems bad. Laphroaig is specific for its medicinal/tangy/grassy taste, but is in fact quite light-bodied. While the nose has quite a bit of charcoal/campfire kind of smoke, on the palate it's the peat that dominates.

    25th November 2012

    Excellent stuff!

    I absolutely love this fine dram, it has such a fantastic flavour & it is perfect for relaxing indoors on a cold night. I've bought it several times before & I'm definitely buying a bottle of this for Christmas! This and Talisker are my two favourite whiskies.

    8th November 2012

    Not everyones taste

    This whisky as mentioned before is either a love or hate relationship,but rest assured if you like a whisky with tons of character then look no further.Smoke,TCP, and phenol rich and more peat than most peaty whiskies this is a tough whisky to love.Buy a sample if in dought.

    3rd November 2012

    Love or Hate it

    Laphroaigs 10 yo is one of my most favorite whisky. Very strong, sharp taste, dominated by peat and smoke. There are only two opinions to this malt: Either you love it, or you hate it.

    31st October 2012

    Good change from Gledfiddich

    I am getting hooked after few sips...tasted very different in the beginning,but the smoky touch is amazing....

    28th October 2012

    If you like drinking linimint, this is for you

    Yeauch, the taste of TCP / medical liniment / medical disinfectant is to ovepowering, looking for a tramp to take this off my hands, but they said no

    6th October 2012

    Bowled Over

    The first time I tried this, it knocked me right out of my art deco armchair.
    Blimey, I thought, that's an odd taste: it tastes like medicine!
    I have no idea what the smoke of burning peat tastes like, but those above who liken Laphroaig to TCP have it about spot on.
    For 12 hours following my initial tasting, I doubted I'd spent my money wisely. However, after 24 hours, I was really hankering for another glass of the stuff. Its taste is very distinctive, and now I am 100% hooked on it.
    To my palate it tastes of damp soil suspended in TCP, and it's by far my favourite whisky.
    When I do want a change, I opt for the Glenlivet, which has a nice malty taste, which contrasts well with the Laphroaig.
    I give a toast to the smell of wet tweed and the taste of Laphroaig!

    27th September 2012

    For Adults only

    This is a Fantastic Drink for those who have seen hell and have returned... or have seen heaven and miss it... the complexity and tenacity of this drink are not to be muddled with any other flavor... the only thing I can suggest is to take an icicle and stir it a few times to help cool the peat fires that rage forever in this drink... Enjoy the drink don't be a wuss!

    27th September 2012

    For Adults Only!

    This is a Fantastic Drink for those who have seen hell and have returned... or have seen heaven and miss it... the complexity and tenacity of this drink are not to be muddled with any other flavor... the only thing I can suggest is to take an icicle and stir it a few times to help cool the peat fires that rage forever in this drink... Enjoy the drink don't be a wuss!

    27th September 2012

    Won't forget it...

    I'm new to whiskey and alcohol in general, looking to expand my tastes but this was just too much, far too much, if you are an islay man then it may be for you but to a newbie it will just put you off the wonderful world of scotch, but i'm still young and can drink a scotch older than me with a huge bank balance so maybe i'll come back to it again.. maybe

    19th September 2012

    An ashtray in a glass.

    Which is great if that's your thing. A must try for anyone interested in learning to taste Scotch. It deserves a lot of credit for becoming the synonym for extreme Islay flavors. It's at worst a memorable experience, and at best your new favorite whisky.

    13th August 2012

    Good whisky but a bit overrated

    I'm a real fan of islay and Laphroaig is one of the best in my opinion, but for this one specifically, price is a bit higher for what it is in itself.
    Recommended whisky anyway.

    6th August 2012

    Only for mature palates -an acquired taste.

    Any Islay single malt is an acquired taste; you either love or hate its unique taste. My recommendation is to try before you buy but if, like me, you love the stuff, you'll rarely drink the Highland whisky in preference.

    25th July 2012

    Only for Peat smoke lovers

    The 10 year old is only for people who like the smokey peat flavor - like me. Recently the peatiness has been toned down, I noticed, which is a shame. Many people would also like the quarter cask, more expensive, much less smokey (just a hint) and MUCH smoother. One of the finest single malts you'll find.
    And about adding water, soda, irn-bru or whatever,its simple... Do whatever testes best to you. Remember the best tasting whiskey is the one that tastes the best (to you)Simple isnt it?
    George Menon, Goa

    20th July 2012

    Best Whisky ever

    Do not spoil this with ice, just drink as it is. Sit back, close your eyes and dream of the salt sea, waves, seagulls and wooden boats.

    17th July 2012

    My first scotch

    I sampled several scotches at my local bar one drunken night, and I woke up dreaming about Laphroaig. I no more found this whiskey than it found me. This is the exact taste I have been looking for from whiskey. I have tried many other whiskeys since, and none have surpassed the bar set by Laphroaig.

    14th July 2012

    Excellent for anglers

    Add one tablespoon to every 1/2 pint of maggot, you'll bag up, Danny Fairbrass whispered this into my ear one night and I've never looked back, and I've healed up nicely too.

    12th July 2012

    Laphroaig ate my hamster

    I loved that hamster, he made a blinding cup of tea.

    12th July 2012

    Very good

    Very good, and great value for money, but the Laphroaig Quarter Cask is even better.

    3rd July 2012

    Politically Incorrect

    This is a man's scotch. There is nothing delicate about it. It is so flavorful and smokey, each sip is like getting hit in the mouth with a half burnt campfire log. I love it. This 10 year old topps my list for unwinding in the evening. A little goes a long way. If you plan on drinking half a bottle during a sitting, buy something else. I find this to be their best offering, and will always keep a spare bottle in my inventory.

    22nd June 2012

    A bit disappointed

    When the guy told me it was a very smoky flavor, I wish he had said, "It tastes just like smoke." Big difference. Also, the chloroseptic taste and quality numbed my tongue to the point I could finish it - so that's a plus. Not a big fan at this point, but I will definitely try it as recommended - with a teaspoon of water.

    25th May 2012

    Rusty Nail Ingredient

    I use this with Drambuie and a slight bit of water goes great.
    Scotch with Lucozade/Iron Bru isnt that illegal!?

    25th March 2012

    very good

    Excellent taste, smok and persistent.

    12th March 2012

    great great

    what a flavour. .if hvent tasted thee whiskey u hvent tasted has a smooth nd refleshing flavour.its goes well with well barbequed porks ribs.l am enjoing it.zimbabwe woye

    28th February 2012

    As subtle as sticking your finger in an electric pencil sharpener

    So smokey you surely have to be a child to enjoy this gimmick?!

    I can only taste smoke and, as someone mentioned, TCP. I can't take this kind of pain on my tastebuds: I'm just not strong enough to stick it out and detect any subtleties after the horrid taste. :) Sorry, I'm sure people like it...somewhere...somehow... all the best to you, I won't keep any from you, you lucky things ;)

    19th February 2012

    alice cottrell

    I am surprised and very disappointed at the strong taste and smell of TCP that this whiskey has on offer, I put some that I had in a glass and put it in the fridge for my husband to taste, and it stank the whole fridge out. I have never had whiskey tasting like that in my life till now.
    Its terrible.

    3rd February 2012

    Best Whisky for cleaning with IMO

    Or, its just a peaty, iodiney, alcoholic mess of a whisky which is absolutely delightful and thankfully an affordable standard.

    6th January 2012

    Not great with a mixer

    I usually mix my whisky with banana Yop, however this malt totally dominated the milkshake's subtle creamy taste and the resulting mix curdled somewhat and therefore I cannot recommend it.

    16th November 2011


    Has anyone heard that decanting this malt enhances the flavour and removes the TCP taste?

    15th November 2011

    Irn Bru?!?

    Stick to the soft drinks wee man. Whisky ain't for you

    6th October 2011

    Dear Laphroaig Newbie

    Thank you for your kind comments re our beloved malt. However, please note: when attempting sarcasm and in particular when slating others intellect please utilise a decent dictionary to spell words as you have spelt most words incorrectly incl Whisky (whiskie?!), Laphroaig (Laphroaigh?!), Amoeba (Ameboa?!) and even intelligence (intelliegence?!). Spell check is also free. Regards

    3rd October 2011

    The Dogs Bol**cks

    Tis true

    3rd October 2011


    Laphroaig spoiled my tap water totaly and non of the water's subtelities were present anymore...Anyone looking for something special I recommend any sugar rich cordial carefully mixed in to tapwater and kept in dark and cool place overnight before consumption

    26th May 2011

    At least spell it right.

    It's IRN-BRU

    10th May 2011

    Does this come in a presentation tube???

    This sounds like just what i'm looking for for my work mates retirement present, but does anyone knoe if it comes in that tube thingy next to the bottle in the picture?

    12th April 2011

    One of the best (again)

    Sorry, that should've been a 10...

    1st April 2011

    One of the best

    This one is actually one of the best I've ever tasted

    1st April 2011

    A Good Islay malt

    This is a smoky, salty, sweety and seaweedy Islay malt. A bit too sweet for my taste, though.

    To commentator below: you should stay away with single malts and drink only Iron-bru.

    4th March 2011


    Instead of Irn Bru or Lucozade, do what the distillery recommend -- add no more than a teaspoon of plain water to your dram, and taste the flavour explosion!

    16th February 2011

    Very Good

    Great Islay Whiskey but surely not for the average people who is used to blended whiskeys.

    1st February 2011

    not quiet.............

    Prefer to mix mine with Lucozade however I found this dram spoilt my lucozade somewhat and therefore cannot recommend it.

    31st December 2010

    Uno de los Mejores

    Tiene un sabor muy característico (todos los de Islay, tienen un sabor humo...) muy recomendable. Mezclar con un poco de agua.

    30th November 2010

    My 1st Islay Malt

    The jury is still out on this one (for me)- I am very new to whisky and have enjoyed (eventually) a bottle of Aberlour 10 yr old and a Glen Farclas 12 yr old. This is very different - Smoke, smoke and smoke!!!! Medicinal is a good description - I'll stick with it though and will report on my findings - what a chore!! I just love the amazing variety that whisky has to offer - makes beer look bland!!

    9th November 2010


    how funny that someone ruined a divine peaty whisky with iron bru. This should be taken with an ice cube or a splash of water

    17th October 2010

    Pre Fleur de lis Laphroaig 10

    Picked up a couple of these the other day on a whim. The have a US government tax stamp on them. Truly amazing dram! You can find green apple tartness in this that I do not find as much in the current release. Wonderful bottle for the money.

    17th October 2010

    Is an Aquired taste.....

    For those who like the flavor of iodine as well as a thick sweetness with ravenous smoke this one is for you, I like mine a tad more subtle. If Highland Park is a Tap on the shoulder this one is a Open handed slap on a cold day. Not my thing but glad they make it, variety the spice of life

    23rd September 2010

    Long live Laphroaig

    Laphroaigh is absolutely Beautiful, just Beautiful!!!

    7th September 2010

    From Talisker to This!

    Must say its much cheaper then Talisker but taste very good! I would like to recomend this one for those who like it smokey:-)

    10th August 2010

    Laphroaigh Newbie

    i tried Laphroaigh for the first time at a wedding and considering i don't drink whiskie and was told it has an aquired taste. Well what can i say Laphroaigh was absolutely Beautiful, i savoured every drop and i can't wait to get a bottle or two. i instantly loved this whiskie, and anyone who slates this has the I,Q of an ameboa ( For those too simple to understand a Ameboa is a single cell creature with little or no intelliegence. Laphroaigh is on my shopping list

    8th August 2010


    Laphroaig and Ardbeg this is the Heaven!

    8th August 2010


    not recommended? Laphroaigh is the one of the best whiskies of the WORLD!!! If anyone have a problem with a taste, just don't drink it! In my opinion it is one of the best whiskies I've ever taste! Especially I like the aftertaste, which I discoverded is a elderflower! Anybody have a same experience?

    27th June 2010

    For Islay fans

    A truly delicious Islay scotch,love the peaty smoke and the medicinal aspect.A very close second to Lagavulin 16,a dram that can be enjoyed with a fine cigar and good company to warm a cold winter night in Australia.

    26th June 2010

    Best ever

    I think its a really unique single malt with a taste of its own. i love it and would recommend it any day.

    8th June 2010

    Excellence in a bottle

    Woefully underpriced (don't tell Laphroaig that) - this is bar-none one of my favorite all time whisky's. Beats the Ardbeg 10 hands down in my estimation as it is much thicker on the tongue and has much more depth. If you want an easier dram but still love peat go with the Ardbeg (but it'll cost you a fair amount more). As for mixing - only add about 4 drops of water. If you want to mix something else with your scotch - go with Johnny Walker red or a lesser scotch. Mixing something other than water with Laphroaig is a travesty!

    20th May 2010

    too peaty

    im just not a peaty fan. respect to the different flavour though

    15th May 2010


    Smells like a hospital ward, and tastes like one too. But once you get into peat, Laphroaig has no rivals. A very special dram.

    15th May 2010

    1/2 star are you dence ?

    Only share your thaughts about things you know, leave the rest to ppl who knows.

    17th April 2010


    An absolutely delicious whiskey. Enjoyed a ribeye steak and Laphroaig straight.

    18th March 2010

    God save Laphroaig

    "I spent a lot of money on this and was very dissapointed! I usually take my dram with Iron-Bru but this whisky absolutely killed the Iron-Bru. Not recommended!"

    This guy is clearly a beer drinker..... This Whisky is the best one in terms of quality price if you smoky flavored ;)

    15th March 2010


    I assume the first review is meant to be a joke?

    Lagavulin 16 probably has a more complex flavour than this, and it's much better at cask strength (what isn't?) but there's no topping the medicinal "peat reek" of Laphroaig. This is a lovely drop.

    24th February 2010

    Lack of respect

    Anyone who puts any mixer into a single malt needs to be shipped off to an island somewhere far away, Insulting this peice of peatylicous perfection is a crime! My favourite Islay, It's a beautiful dram, bonfire, peaty, smoky, sweet, medicinal, delicious and distinguished!!

    23rd February 2010

    the best

    i love laphroaig it has such a different flavour to other malts

    23rd February 2010


    anyone who puts iorn bru into single malt whisky is a 100% fool full stop,maybe the auther should stick to a few cans of tennents or a nice bottle of buckfast,pay no mind to the above comments as laphroaig is a very fine whisky and worth every penny!

    26th January 2010


    The review above is an insult to this whisky. Lovely peaty stuff !

    25th January 2010


    The review above is an insult to this whisky. Lovely peaty stuff !

    25th January 2010

    Poor Offering!

    I spent a lot of money on this and was very dissapointed! I usually take my dram with Iron-Bru but this whisky absolutely killed the Iron-Bru. Not recommended!

    15th December 2009

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