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Laphroaig Select

(70cl, 40%)

Laphroaig Select
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Laphroaig Select Bottling Note

For the Laphroaig Select, the Islay distillery has taken whisky from a number of different types of cask, including Oloroso Sherry butts, white American oak, Pedro Ximenez seasoned hoggies, Quarter casks and first fill bourbon casks. Quite a "selection", wouldn't you say? A laid-back addition to the Laphroaig core range of single malts.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Classic, medicinal peat notes up front, supported by citrus-y, chocolate-y sweet notes and soft barley.

Palate: The peat is there, but it's taking it easy and letting the bright notes of lemon, green apples and mint stand out. Darker baking spice notes develop further on.

Finish: Medium length, peat remaining in sight until it's over.

Overall: It doesn't pack a huge punch of peat, which might be just the ticket for introducing someone to the wonders of Islay's smoky expressions.

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User Reviews of the Laphroaig Select

Better than most will admit

If it didn't say "Laphroaig" on the bottle, folks would be raving about this "lighter" Islay malt. Select is a great introduction to Islay, alongside Bowmore 12 (which is less smoky and definitely sweeter). I got a bottle as a gift and I really enjoy it. Not as bold as 10 or Quarter Cask, but wonderfully balanced with some brine and coffee on the finish. Sláinte!

22nd April 2017

Under rated but worthy...

"Oh, Laphroaig lite!" I moaned as I opened this birthday gift...from my 88 YO Nan. I;d seen the scathing comments. I'm a heavy hitter, me. Tried and loved every version Of "Laphroaig Cask Strength" back in the day. Got through countless bottles Of Quarter Cask. Swooned over The 25 YO at A tasting At The distillery - a quite exceptional dram; Won and loved a sample of "Lore." Really enjoyed The PX.. Then I nosed the Select.. WHAT A surprise! And the Taste..what's not To love And enjoy? .Sure I;ve come across longer finishes, but...I had to admit I found myself really REALLY enjoying it. Immediately reminded me of The PX, but lighter. It has subtleties that distinguish it From The 10 YO. As someone has written, if this wasn't Laphroaig it would get higher ratings! Perhaps it's their summer version. But IMHO it stands in its own right as a worthy Islay dram...

6th March 2017

The wind blowing over Islay

So, of course it's not the 10 Yo, but let's be fair, it's not a bad dram. Typically peaty but with a heather honey sweetness you don't expect. Iodine notes and a light smoky first impression. Lacks a bit of strength but still delivers it's Islay heritage.

25th February 2017

The PX is better

Mediocre after the first taste. It seems nice at first, but if you are looking for something special try through PX Cask. Once tasted try it again with a very small amount of water for a wonderful yet subtle change in flavour. The PX in my opinion is a superior whisky.

18th February 2017

Excellent for the price

I don't get why the reviews are so bad on this I'm drinking this right now and thoroughly enjoying it. First thing I notice is the smoothness incredibly smooth and drinkable with that medicinal peaty laphroaig goodness. Good complexity to this too and no added color only downside is that it's 40% abv. I honestly think I might like the flavor on this more than the 10 year classic I love the hints of sherry fruit in this. For less than $40 very happy with this. Cheers! The sugarbear

10th January 2017

Laphroaig Select

I will say its a wonderful clean taste to it. With a lage mix of peaty and a small salty islay finish with small fruit taste running into the whiskey and washes into your mouth. I do prefer the quater cask as its richer. But this is a nice whiskey.

26th December 2016

is it being judged for itself?

If this select was from another brand would the reviews be different? Because it's not like another Laphroaig is it down rated?

22nd December 2016

Laphroaig Lite

An emasculated Laphroaig. Where is the medicinal nose? The peat has been watered down. This is a shadow of the whisky I know and love. It's not a bad whisky I suppose, just not proper Laphroaig. Back to the Quarter Cask, or the 10yr old.

5th December 2016

Drinkable but not a bargain

Much less character, depth and balance than the 10, and it's only $5 less than the 10 in my town. Not a bad dram, perhaps a "bridge" to Islay for the uninitiated? Dunno, sticking with the 10.

2nd December 2016

oooh no? what are you talking about!

Less flavours than other Laphroaigs, yes that's about it. It doesn't taste bad at all though!

18th November 2016

Laphroaig Select

It has quite less flavours than the 10 years, everything is less but if you find this for the right price, give it a buy! (here on MoM and in Sweden it's to expensive to buy when you have Laphroaig 10 for almost the same price)

18th November 2016

Laphroaig Select

If you love Laphroaig, don't buy this. I just did, for my birthday. It tastes so bad I can't even drown my sorrows. Think I'm gonna have a ginger tea.

11th November 2016

Ooooh no. No, no, no.

A very confused mix of sherry, peat and iodine. All doing a battle on the nose and palate, with cringe worthy results. Not sure what the aim was here at all. It's not very well integrated and there's not enough complexity to salvage it, even at this price point...

26th October 2016


Good nose, other than that disappointing. Only bottled at 40%and probably chill filtered. It shows. As a big laphroaig fan I will skip this for the 10 or QC.

23rd October 2016

Sir Johnathon Scrivener MWTX

Very palatable

18th June 2016


"Laid back" looks suspiciously like a euphemism for "not very good". I have not actually tried it, so this is not a review, but a marketing alert. Sounds like some sub-par casks have been blended, bottled and punted out way overpriced. May even (wild guess) be matured in hybrid casks made up of assorted staves of the woods mentioned in the description (such casks exist in the industry I am told- and are shipped in, flat-packed in bits). I would imagine it's like a supermarket generic Isla- you wouldn't complain at £20- but £36 is a joke. Like I say-- I don't know-- it's only an opinion based on it having no age statement... which is a bit much for something that costs £36 . Probably for the US market where they murder it with ice and won't know good from bad.

16th June 2016


If stronger peat and smokey notes is not limed avoid this. The sweet note is easy noted but an almost over powering peatnote first assaults the senses.. Four drops of water opened this to develip the subtelr tobes. Interesting but not to my taste

10th June 2016

Enjoyed It

I found this an enjoyable change from the big peated Islay's. Sure its a tad different and mellower for want of a better word, but this is a good thing IMHO & theres no mistaking it's origins & I will definately buy again

9th June 2016

cofing candy infused with peatsmoke

Ive tasted different styles of Laphroaig. With an open mind Select is very good, IT has Laphroaig s typical peat, but abit laidback and sweet and abit like a smoked cherry ricola.

15th May 2016

Nice enough, but it's no Quarter Cask

The entry isn't quite as smoky and smooth as my beloved Laphroaig Quarter Cask, but it mellows out nicely in very short order. The smoky peat on the nose is not reflected on the palate whatsoever. Those who appreciate a big, bombastic Laphroaig will find the Select Cask frightfully plain. There's a sweetness here that in some ways balances the peat, but in other ways, almost overshadows it. There is definitely a vaguely medicinal note in the body of the palate, for me a bit off-putting, but still manages to pique my curiosity. I can certainly pick out the spices -- cloves, allspice, nutmeg all come to mind. On the whole, this is a whisky that's hard for me to gauge. Do I like it? Do I not? I wouldn't be comfortable saying an emphatic yes or no to either question. Basically, if I were given a bottle, I'd accept it and drink it gratefully. However, for roughly the same money, I can get the vastly superior (in my opinion) Quarter Cask. I like the Select Cask okay, but I doubt I'll buy another bottle, particularly if the QC is sitting next to it, beckoning.

2nd April 2016


I cant understand the negative reviews, this is a lovely drink and a welcome deviation from the classic 10yo - the usual suspects are still all in there, but with a slightly different ending - i'll certainly buy it again

12th February 2016

Laphroig Select

Disappointing - for the American market?

20th January 2016

simply excellent

as is an excellent whiskey...I keep buying it again and again.

17th January 2016


Really disappointed with it, but other distillers do similar ie Jura Superstition and Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, which in my opinion, are pale derivatives of their more illustrious peers.
My maxim is, if it doesn't display an age ie 10yr/15yr etc...leave well alone.
Love the 'vesta curry' analogy below :)

28th December 2015

Great drop

Not usual Laphroaig, but lovely drop as always from this distillery. Peat, sea salt, marzipan, citrus -you got it all. Oak is quite well present as well. Simply I love it.

21st December 2015

Wally likes it...

I love this drop, even when it deviates a bit from classic Laphroaig. Peat is there, yes, then ripe red fruits and oak, sherry cask ?! A hint of dryness at the end with a florally finish, bit of almond and citrus'y aftertaste.
Definitely salt sea nose all the way. Well done Laphroaig.

21st December 2015

Oh dear

Like other reviewers I find this one confused. Perhaps a good introduction to islay whiskies but not one I'll be buying again. I just can't see where it fits in the crowded market of decent but ultimately unexciting whiskies.

16th December 2015


A confused whisky. Unlike others from the Island, lacks identity. A gentle introduction to Islay but no competition to the 15 yr. Old.

7th December 2015


I only bought this as it was £24 reduced from £35. First time I've tried a peated malt and will be the last.
Upon opening it smelt like kippers, and lo and behold it tastes like them too... kippers soaked in TCP.
Worst single malt I've ever had and now I feel ill.

21st November 2015

Soft Islay notes, strong overall expressions

Soft peat flavours are more than made up for by often masked flavours in other strong smoky whiskeys from Laphroaig and other Islay producers. A pleasant drink with a touch of chilled water or an ice cube to bring out all the characters from the many casks.

One of my personal favourites for when I want a bold scotch but nothing too peaty.

10th November 2015

A badged sports car without the engine....

It's reminds me of a's pleasant but a bit confused, a badged sports car without the engine. Certainly not medicinal like Lagavulin or Ardbeg 10 yo , it's oily and light, like Lagavulin but lacks the iodine and kind of simmers out to a pepper note where fruit develops but then doesn't....then finishes with pepper but no punch.. Will put this aside for friends to introduce them to Islay , too light on for me.

19th July 2015

A delightfully laid back Laphroaig

I'd imagine that some of the negative reviews for this new expression of Laphroaig are from hardcore peat lovers who are disappointed by its relatively laid back nature. Now don't get me wrong, I truly love Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig's various peat monsters but that doesn't mean we can't have whiskies like Select with its stunning chocolatey nose and beautifully well balanced sweet/savoury flavour. Here the peat dominates but doesn't overpower. At first I was a little underwhelmed as I was expecting that medicinal slap to the senses. It's there alright but just stood back a little. Once you adjust your expectations you'll find an utterly delightful single malt that has a nice sherried edge to it, great breadth of flavour and a perfectly drawn out finish. Highly recommend.

5th July 2015

Unchallenging - which on occassion is what is needed

I love the peaty Islay style but also equally enjoy single malts from all over - yes I like variety. Now Laphroaig Select is an entry level offering which in my view encapsulates what Laphroaig is all about without too much emphasis on any particular aspect of their usual medicinal, smoky, peaty heavyweights. So an easier to get to grips with dram that I am very happy with. I will not look to this for a cold winters night by the fire but sitting in shorts and T-shirt on the patio as the sun goes down - perfect.

26th June 2015


I bought this expecting a true Laphroaig, which for the record I have been drinking since I was given a miniature by my parents as a 20 something and was immediately hooked. I usually drink it neat. I opened this with some exitement, the nose was there, just, but I found it weak, and slightly bitter on the palate with little longevity. Not in Laphroaig tradition. I have nothing against change, as long it's for the better, which in my humble opinion this isn't regrettably. I will suffer it to the finish, and then put it down to experience. I shall put this in the same category as a Vesta Curry, curry for people who don't like curry, well this is Laphroaig for people who don't like Laphroaig.

6th June 2015


It has a raft of different flavours attacking not only your taste buds but also your nasal receptors. I found that it came across as quite strong for a 40%, but very moorish and you can definitely taste the different casks. I have two bottles, the first of which has a different taste every time i open it (the second one is yet to be opened ;). Flavours i found are: Citrus = 4/10, smoke = 7/10, peat = 6/10, hops = 6/10, spice = 5/10 and sweetness 4/10 (sporadic) and usually to the end of the note. Complete different whisky if you add a splash of water. Overall give it a go, there is no such thing is a bad whisky!

27th May 2015

Not sure what they were trying to do...

This is not nice. It's very young and quite harsh. A bit like someone poured a dodgy sherry butt into a vat of young Laphroaig and tried to mix it together, with terrible results. £35 a bottle? No thanks Laphroaig. Please invest in the future of the 10 year old instead, at this price point.

7th May 2015

Warmed my heart

A chilly evening in Hong Kong (yes, we get cold weather) found me sampling the Laphroaig Select. I was surprised by its quality: the peat was there, but not too harsh and the citrus came through. I'd certainly get another bottle.

6th February 2015

Not too peaty.

I must say that I find this a very interesting dram. Having tried the 10yo Laphroaig and I find it too peaty. I find it overpowering. But this is a whole different story it has that peat smoke but not too much and it really does have other wonderful subtle flavours. For me one of the most delicate Islay malts I've tried.

10th January 2015

Benefits from water

For my nose and palate I find a wee drop of water helps bring it out.

8th January 2015


I'm really not sure what they've tried to do with this but it definitely hasn't worked. Not even in the same universe as Laphroaig 10 or the Quarter Cask. It doesn't have anywhere near the body of flavour or mouthfeel. I was massively disappointed. Avoid!!

5th January 2015

NOT the most richly flavoured of all Scottish Whiskies..... in my opinion

Been a fan of the medicinal, peaty beauties that are the Quarter Cask and the Ten Year old for years so when I saw this one I leapt in without checking the reviews. Big Mistake. This one really needs to remove the tag line of 'the most richly flavoured of all Scottish Whiskies'. In my humble opinion this a poor offering. Lacking in peat it tastes young and unfulfilling on the palate. I can't believe I'm going to say this but its going to end up as a mixer with some Drambuie.

28th December 2014

Different.. but good

My first impression on opening this was that it didn't have quite the same aroma of peat and smoke that I'd expect from a Laphroaig.
Honestly my inner drunkard was slightly disappointed and thinking "Hmm. Not sure about this one".

Having actually sampled it, it's really very nice.

It's definitely lighter, more mainstream Whisky than your standard Laphroaig so not for purists but potentially an excellent gateway drug for anyone who's been scared off by the more hardcore smoky, peaty, burnt out campfire, "love it or hate it" singles.

Despite my initial reservations this is very drinkable and more-ish.

Put it this way, this bottle is unlikely to outlive the Festive season and I'm pretty sure I'd buy another one.

26th December 2014

Fit for a King!

Can there be anything better in life than to sit at ones fireside with my old dog Camilla a glass of Laphroaig in hand and talk to my plants. The nearest I will get to feeling like a King. Charles W.

6th December 2014

Nectat to a 60 year old sweet tooth!

I have enjoyed Laphroaig for eight years, 10 year old, Quarter cask, and Signatory Vintage. This SELECT is a mixture of various casks, and first thought is the distillery is making the most of a bunch of left over casks. Next, I would expect a 46% or 48% bottling for a special, and at 40% I was expecting a standard boring product. Well, I have been pleasantly surprised as this is my favourite blend of Laphroaig single malts. To avoid disappointment in the future, I have a case and am thinking of getting another!

6th December 2014


No age statement as it is far too young and you can taste it. Keep to the ten year old. Beware of no age statement malts like this.

1st December 2014

Laphroaig, you have done it agin :-))

Absolutely marvelous drop of Laphroaig distillery.
The classic peat nose is there immediately but a lot of different flavors and aroma. Citracal, maybe peaches and cherry all wrapped up in vanilla. Palate is sweet with domination of lemon and pancake, maybe cereal in smoke. Finish is lovely lemon peel again and long lasting smoke.
I love this little beauty, MUST for all Laphroaig fans. :-))

25th November 2014

Laphroaig fan

realy like it, a bit diffrent to the 10 year I use to drink.

5th November 2014

different but the same and fantastic

Picked a bottle of this up for a bargain £25 in my local supermarket. I've read the bad reviews which seem to amount to the fact that it isn't just the same old Laphroaig as always. Its definitely something different with the peaty backbone of a classic Laphroaig, the nose still has that pungent smokiness, i don't get sweetness as such, perhaps a bittersweetness. Its the palate where Select really differentiates itself, its much lighter and not overpowered by the heavy pettiness of a 10, a bit thinner but no less invigorating. Im pleased that its naturally coloured although a cask strength would have been even more welcome. I loved this and thought it was a bargain and something very different but with an unmistakable Laphroaig peatiness at its core. Wonderful

4th November 2014

not one for the old stick in the muds

I laughed out loud when i read "it certainly isn't a true Laphroaig" some people, eh?. I picked up a bottle of this with trepidation but I've really enjoyed some progressive drams that the old fuddy duddies seriously disliked, so i wasn't too worried. Some people hate change and it appears that to some people every Laphroaig has to be as gloomier and more peatily oppressive than the one before.

I admire the bravery with this, la frog is such an established experience and maybe a little bit too serious for some. On opening the nose is very familiar peaty smokiness but maybe a little softer, the palate is more spirity smokey and clean and quite light, a real departure from a 10. It is reminiscent of some of the marvellous young bottlings i tried during Feis Isle and for some reason reminds me of the fantastic Kilchoman Machir Bay bottlings. more peaty but no less interesting. I really enjoyed this alongside a wonderful 21 year old Glendronach and it held its own in my household. Seems to be quite cheap in the stores as well so i may stock up on some. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

25th October 2014

Starter Laphroaig

Most Laphroaigs that I have had like the 10, QC and 18 all have an amazing peaty, iodine-y hospital like flavor. That is the beauty of laphroaig that makes me keep coming back for more. Certain people though like the smoother and slightly sweeter malts. They are put off by the heavy smoke the classic islays that most of us love. That’s where the select comes in. It’s a beginner malt for someone willing to try an Islay. The smoke is there but it’s hiding behind a bit of toffee. Add a drop of water and it bursts into a very honeyed sweetness with a hint of smoke right at the end. I wouldn’t recommend it for the Islay heads but it’s a good start if Laphroaig wants to make a malt without the heavy peat. All in all I'd say a decent 7/10

23rd October 2014

Get Rich Quick!

Another sad monument to the 'get it out there quick' brigade. It may be "pleasant and a nice gentle dram' but it certainly isn't a true Laphroaig. Why compromise a great product in the chase for quick profits? By the way MOM YOU really should be able to spell the word Laphroaig correctly - not as you show at the head of the bottling note!

20th August 2014

Delicious Summer Laphroaig

I was very lucky to try this at the distillery in May, shortly before it was officially released. Sitting out on the bay at the back of the visitor centre in the sunshine this went down very well indeed.

It's lacking the peaty, earthy punch of the house-style that seasoned peat-heads will certainly see as a weakness. In its own right, it's very fruity and light and refreshing. I'd happily have this in the garden on a sunny day in place of a gin and keep the smoky, oily, hearty whisky in the cabinet until Wintertime.

16th August 2014

Baby Laphroaig

The nose is classic but then it's slightly downhill. Not as good as the 10 and far short if the QC this is a good intro to Laphroaig but ultimately a let down. Nice idea poorly executed. The only
Laphroaig without a long finish! If I could I would swap a full bottle of select for half a bottle of QC.

Worth trying but maybe wait for a friend to buy a bottle and have a glass of theirs, then you can buy a bottle of the kick ass cask strength instead.

14th July 2014


A shadow of a Laphroaig

5th July 2014

Fine for your first Laphroaig experience.

As a huge Laphroaig fan I was rather excited to see this new bottling arrive in the post. What I was expecting was something that is complex and would require time to open up due to the range of different cask influences. I am now half way down the bottle and unfortunately for me this release doesn't reflect the typical Laphroaig quality we fans are used to. Select has some of the Laphroaig peat reek but not the blast that the other bottlings provide. Select is another no age statement release alongside Quarter Cask, Triple Wood & Cairdeas. It is good to see Laphroaig cutting back on the caramel for this bottling which I would encourage for all of the range. Select in my opinion is let down with the strength at just 40%. To wrap this up this is a very young Laphroaig which was a bold experiment and good enough for entry level drinkers but for me their 10 year old is far superior and the cask strength even more so.

9th June 2014

Avoid this poor bottling

I bought a bottle of this and was looking forward to spending an evening with the contents within. What a disappointment.
Bland, insipid, weak, almost as if it had been watered down and then watered down some more. Buy the 10 year or Quater cask instead

6th June 2014

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