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Johnnie Walker Double Black

(70cl, 40.0%)
Johnnie Walker Double Black

Awards for Double Black


Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Blended Scotch - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Double Black Details

(Johnnie Walker)

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(46 Reviews)

Double Black Bottling Note

A very special 2011 edition of Johnnie Walker's classic blend, Black Label. Double Black was originally released to the travel retail market, and it combines the rich, malty flavour of Black Label with slightly peatier whisky and casks that were more heavily charred. The result is a toasty, smoky whisky with Johnnie Walker's usual rich, malty core - very good indeed.
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Double Black (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Slightly smoky and almost medicinal on the nose, it offers up hints of vanilla, a little tar, a touch of barbecue sauce, citrus and malt.

Palate: Good body and very creamy with a sublimely malty core. It offers up a surprising level of peat smoke which works really well. Creamy sweetness, hints of soft wood smoke, salty butter, custard and cereal grains.

Finish: Good length with notes of malt, boiled sweets, black pepper and cool smoke.

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    User Reviews of the Johnnie Walker Double Black

    Double black

    افضل من البلاك. الطعم سلس وحلو. لا تتردد تجربه

    28th February 2015

    G.D. Smy UE

    my grandmother was a GORDON & I love J W Double Black a fine drink on a cold Canadian DAY OR NIGHT. Keep up the good work. I am going to try J.W. BLUE next. THANKS G.D. Smy.

    21st February 2015


    What is the age of double black?

    20th February 2015

    Sajeevan george

    Double black is great...Tks to JW

    18th February 2015

    Just as good as a single malt

    I really enjoy the smoky flavor of this JW series. It has a pleasant finish similar to many of the single malts. WIll definity add this to the collection. Glenlevit 12 is still #1 but this is right up there.

    10th February 2015

    Double black

    great taste

    1st February 2015

    My favorite JW!

    this blend offers sweet complex smoke, not heavy peat not heavy char but a delicate combination of both. Double Black is oily, sweet, smooth, smokey and sweet - simply fantastic!

    20th January 2015


    Tasty and smoky. Smoky is on the top overpowering other flavor but overall is smooth so you can easily finish a bottle with friends in a couple of hours.

    1st January 2015

    Good Scotch

    I have over 20 scotchs in my collection and was looking to add another, so I picked up a bottle of JW double-black. I usually stay with single malts, but decided on this blended scotch because of the smokey flavor profile. This scotch surprised me since I am usually not a fan of Johnny Walker. It is very smooth with complexity. The finish I felt was short compared to Bowmore, Ardmore, Talkisker, but still tasted great. I usually start with this scotch, then work my way to Laphroig and Ardbeg to finish the night. Also, I found this on the internet: "Caol Ila is unique in this space because it straddles the line between hidden distillery and a scotch whisky brand. 95% of what Caol Ila produces is used in Johnnie Walker’s blends, most notably for Johnnie Walker Black and to an even greater extent Johnnie Walker Double Black."

    27th December 2014

    Single Malt V Blended

    I drink Whisky most nights and I've tried to learn as much as I could over the years. For a long time I believed that singles were what I was supposed to be drinking. Double Black has many of the strengths of the smokey, peaty single malts I enjoy. It has an easier beginning than some, so it's a nice whisky for developing an understanding if you want to know more. It has the depth and smoke that allows you to explore the complexities of whisky. It is certainly a whisky to keep in the cabinet. Good deep whisky with consistency.

    21st December 2014

    Claver Ferns

    The first time I drank Double Black it was Divine with that smokey flavor. I was like ooooohhhh. I have asked for a couple of bottles more.

    11th December 2014

    My Mainstay

    A definite must keep in the bar.
    The best taste & value for the money.

    6th December 2014

    I'm no whiskey connoiseur, but?

    Being a Scot would it surprise you that my very first flirtation with whiskey was at a comparatively young age...(not including when my teet was dipped in it....(some time before Calpol). It was a half bottle of a blended variety which was downed at a school disco, (seemed like a good idea at the time). The immediate after effects put me off Scotch for a considerable number of years.
    However, having matured somewhat my next brush with a finer variety was of Irish descent, in particular a "Black" model. Not as heavy as it's Scottish cousin and certainly more refined than its "white brother"
    I was sure I would only drink with the "Irish" from that day on. Until, visiting a small isle off the West coast of Scotland with I stumbled upon the isles own malt. Light, like honeyed spring water and golden as sun cast raindrops, the sweetness melted on my tongue and I swore I'd only ever drink the isles finest export.
    Until recently.
    A friend introduced me to Mr Walkers double black, albeit I had some reluctance due to the dark, peaty overtones that I perceived would overpower me. As I reached for the proffered glass I was contemplating my excuses to the host as to why I could not indulge beyond a dutiful sample.
    My surprise was plainly visible. Maybe I have matured and if so, I've now found a Whiskey which matches me, its complex, earthy, sweet and lingering. To be savoured and long lasting. Well that's what I tell my wife, as I lock me and Mister Walker in the shed. Again.

    Please drink responsibly.

    8th November 2014

    Irene Cordina-Wilson

    Just been given x2 1 litre bottles. This is such a palatable whisky, not to be mixed with anything, just alone!

    29th October 2014

    Pour me a double!

    Grabbed this in Duty Free before heading abroad as it seemed like a good price at £27 for a litre (and I was initially planning on just getting really drunk on it really fast). Everybody that tried it was amazed at how much they liked it, as was I. I love smoky whisky so was pleasantly surprised with a good value blend that I really enjoy. Even for the price here it's still work it if you really like pronounced smoky flavours.

    20th October 2014

    Mr.mitch aksoy

    Used to drink black label for a Long time, this is my first experience with double black and really like that. Medicined vanilla, smokey and woody smell on the nose, creamy sweetness on plates and malt and peppery body and good length finishing in the end .

    3rd September 2014


    Tastes Like TWG Tea 100% Smoky Earl Grey with Alcohol.
    Water and Ice Ruins It. Dinkable neat Only.

    29th August 2014


    this stuff is not for me at all

    14th August 2014

    Not a Gyp or over charred - very good value for money blend

    Firstly this is like a magnified (double?) version of JW Black in the sense of being thicker, slightly more viscous and smokier. But it also has a few different markers than 12 YO JWB which is more maltier. If you've tasted Talisker then I'd bet this contains a fair bit of smoky peat from that malt and for the price, this as a poor person's Talisker is great value. It does have some cheaper grain notes on the nose but it is 2/3 the price of Talisker. Although the bottle states heavily charred casks are used, the smoke flavour is not off-putting. The rich sweet entry is pleasant and brown sugar carry through with a touch of vanilla and raisin fruit cake intensity filling out the picture as the smoke billows out and gently fades. 94/100 = very good value

    25th July 2014

    A gyp

    First of all, I'd say this is not a 12yr old whiskey...every 12yr old I've ever seen says so on the bottle, even regular Black Label. Secondly, the flavor is thin, it lacks a balanced smoke and it's way overpriced. I'd sooner buy regular Black Label, or better yet, Pinch.

    6th July 2014

    Over Charred Casks

    This does not have the subtle skilled blending of JWB nor the 12 year ageing that ensures such a smooth and satisfying dram. I agree it is astringent as the smoke is mainly derived from charring the casks and not from additional peaty Islay whisky. Diageo should not be charging more than the standard Black for this over-hyped and inferior product.

    2nd July 2014

    Very tasty

    It's a nice compliment to the standard black label.

    8th June 2014

    Nothing like standard Black Label

    I have no idea why so many people have said that this isn't much different from standard black label - it's VASTLY different. It is much peatier and less of a smooth sip. I'll be completely honest, neither the standard black label, not this are my favourite JWs but, if I had to choose, I would say that the standard black label. I think it's a more well-rounded drink in general and the double black has a slightly astringent, unpleasant note to it (in my opinion). I prefer the gold label to both, which I am surprised about because, in general, I'm a big fan of smoky whiskies

    14th May 2014

    The best there is for the price

    Obviously, if you like Black Label, you should like this. It's pretty much a real smoky version of B.L. After adapting to this, regular B.L. just seems bland and weak, and a little more fruity. It is my all time favorite, but I like to venture out to try new tastes. I have not found one yet. I'm sure there is $100 whiskey out there that can beat it, but I can get this at BevMo for $45. Boom.

    12th May 2014

    JW Double Black Vs JW Black

    I have not had any other JW more than this. Example i have not had JW Blue, Platinum or Gold etc.
    So i dont know how JW Double Black is compared that. But compared to JW Black JW Double black is more smoother.
    But i felt it has a little bit of a sweeter after taste. I did not like that. For me the intention of this drink looks like to capture women or Americans. Because both of them prefer sweeter drinks. I am only referring to the majority here.
    For that i prefer JW Black which has a bit rough after taste. Feels manly :)
    Anyways, i would go with a JW Black than JW double black.

    11th May 2014

    интересней просто Блэка

    аромат достаточный интенсивный, без сивушности, вкус и послевкусие с нотами Лагавулина-во как!

    2nd May 2014

    From a newbie's point of view

    I've been given a bottle of this from my college buddy as a graduation gift.

    I haven't tasted much, but I think this is one of the (for the lack of a better term) "manliest" drinks I've ever had.

    Now, my dad and I have some of this whenever we grill some porkchops.

    31st January 2014

    Love the smokiness

    I always have double black as a regular drink. Love the smoky flavour. However, on a rather special day, I would still go with favourite whisky. Nonetheless, JW Double Black has to be the best blended whiskey I've ever had (and which is quite many).

    18th January 2014

    Is there a much difference between Double Black & Regular Black?

    If there is, I can't really tell. Perhaps I should get both bottles and taste them along side to tell the difference. But that won't happen any time soon, as I don't feel like making that much of an investment on a JW bottle that is below Green. Which is way too expensive anyway... so yeah. I guess I'll leave it up to the experts to tell me. Taste-wise to me, its pretty much interchangeable with the Black and a huge improvement over the Red.

    13th January 2014


    I bought a bottle on the plane while traveling overseas . I was pleasantly surprised of the taste and how smooth this double black is. Upon returning home I rushed to store and bought a few bottles. I think this the best JW has produced, I like it even better than the blue

    21st December 2013

    once you go double black...

    i'm a serious whiskey/whisky drinker. I've been a fan of the Black label and Gold label [blue is a bit overrated for my liking] for years but double black is my all time favorite. love the tones, the woodiness and i'm not a religious person but by god...drink this with a quality Maduro cigar and i think I've gone to heaven :)

    22nd November 2013

    Lined it up with the Green Label

    Found that my bottle-o up the road still had around 5 od bottles of Green label. Really liked the double black so I compared the two side by side. Even made the wife try both.

    Green was every so slightly smoother. The double black I preferred the taste of though - its stronger. But to my palette roughly neck and neck. They were the same.

    In Australia the Green sells for around $80. The double black around $50 to $60.

    All in all I think this the over all best for value. Id be very interested in lining it up with the normal black label. But after not drinking scotch in a while I remember being suprised at how good the double black was.

    13th November 2013

    Double black label vs. green label

    Tried the double black label this evening. Found that there was not much of a difference in taste from the regular black label, but, what a difference in price. In addition, my favorite Johnnie Walker, green label, has been discontinued, so now I have less of a selection amongst the JW whiskies. Lately, I've been trying various blends of Glenlivet and have found a new love. Since, my favorite, green label is gone and double JW doesn't do it for me, I find myself leaning toward the marvelous taste of the Glenlivet's single malts.

    9th November 2013

    Interesting and satisfying.

    The marketing is annoying as it is not much like Black Label at all. Once you get that out of your head you realize that what it is is a very unique and sexy blend. Smokey in both a scotch/peated sense and in the character of bourbon, which is new for me in a whisky. The texture is oily and smooth, and the finish is malty and quite sweet, like with all JW whiskies that don't have a red label. The other fun thing about this whisky is the cinnamon/clove spice that comes after the entry.

    Just a very entertaining and complex experience.

    6th November 2013

    Good drop.

    Nice whiskey, not personally as good as standard black as looses some of the profile and smoothness of black due to the added smoke.

    That said on its own its a decent drop, has that smokey, peaty tone but not overly harsh (it's not an ardbeg but not that price point)

    Not sure worth the £10 hike over black label and for the money a few decent peaty single malts drop in like carol ila, Tobermory and some of the bowmores maybe a tailisker 10 on a price promotion day.

    Nice but not sure another bottle will join the collection once this ones done.

    12th July 2013

    Absolutely Not young and not overpriced

    This is an excellent price point to get into a lovely Talisker-like whisky at half the price. It has the standard raisin fruit cake characteristics of normal JW Black but definitely magnified. It is richer and oilier in texture. A very good whisky.

    7th June 2013

    Young and overpriced

    Only a shadow of the Black label, very young indeed. Worrying trend after discontinuation of the Green label.

    4th June 2013

    Not bad, but not a huge difference to regular black

    It's a little bit smokier, but the difference to regular JW black is fairly small. Which means it's still great stuff (JW Black remains my favourite of all blends), but I'm not sure if it's that much better to warrant the significant price difference.

    2nd May 2013

    A great blend

    As I started to familiarize myself with scotch, I was pleasently introduced to JW Double Black. A great whisky for those who are relatively new to the craft and enjoys a smokey flavor.

    15th April 2013

    Favorite Johnny Walker label

    I have to say, I like Double Black better than all other Johnny Walkers (I have yet to try the Gold Label). If you like smokiness/peatiness, give this one a try.

    12th April 2013

    How the ignorant learn....eventually

    I have induldged in whiskey drinking for 20 or so years perhaps dabbled is a better description. Tried JW Black label only the other month and after that first dram have become a firm fan of Johnnie Walker whiskey.

    I thought I knew the basics of a good dram and thought I was familiar with some of the brands that were masters of the art ! how the ignorant learn ! when I discovered Johnnie Walker ,where have you been all my life ..with what years I have left I will celebrate them with a glass of Johnnie Walker whiskey as my companion ....

    10th February 2013

    What a great surprise!!!

    I recently invested in a bottle of JW Double Black. Damn fine whiskey !!! I am purchasing a couple of cases so I will have it on hand, Great job JW,

    1st January 2013

    Simply the Best

    I LOVE this whisky. I am admittedly new to whisky, and the Laphroag quarter cask beat me up. This dram is the PERFECT amount of peat and smoke with none of the "rubber" taste of Laphroag. I love it....

    2nd May 2012

    good blend

    As Austen Powers would say I only really tried this for sh**s & Giggles.
    I usually favour a higher strength single malt, but thought lets try it at 40% and see hat its like.

    There is little i would add to the notes already listed by MOM, they seem rather conclusive and exhaustive; really BBQ sauce?! Really?! :P

    For me this whisky might actually fill quite an important if not bizarre niche; to become my regular accompanying dram whilst i play COD online!

    Alas my trusted Talisker 10 may finally be retired from this honourable charge.

    All, in all i have to say it really isn't a bad whisky.
    As much as i should, i cannot compare it with too many blended whiskys for the simple reason i tend not to drink them, but as a stand alone drink it not bad.

    My fave whisky so far this year though is the Bunnahabain 19 years (murrary McDavid bottling) thats fantastic!

    16th January 2012

    Very Impressive

    My recommendation is always Johnnie Walker

    25th December 2011

    Dr.Glenn Worthington-Eyre

    Over the years I have been an imbiber of Scottish whisky and even JW Blue label. I have experienced Double Black only as a traveller and I can only say I think this is the best J.W. I have experienced, as value for quality I have ever tasted better. Full points to J.W. for giving the world a magical experience at an affordable price. When will this gem be available in the retail stores? I can't wait as I don't travel every week.

    24th December 2011

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