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Jameson Irish Whiskey

(70cl, 40%)

Jameson Irish Whiskey
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Jameson Bottling Note

Produced at the Midleton Distillery, Jameson is Ireland's quintessential Irish blend, a classic. Jim Murray even awarded it an incredible 95 points!

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is full and floral with a smooth sweetness. Marmalade and fudge, Madeira and a little cut grass note. The palate is thick and of good body with notes of orchard fruits, both fresh and cooked with a little vanilla cream. The finish is of medium-length with spice and honey.

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User Reviews of the Jameson Irish Whiskey

M & M. Your superior supervisor.

An excellent choice of Irish whiskey, does not deserve its place on my beautiful hand carved Dalbergia cupboard but rather in my hurley group cup for breakfast. And thats every morning breakfast without fail!. Two cups is never enough before the 8am rush. I juggle 3 and half before Im out the door. And all registrations are done before 10am.

Go on, treat yourself and be my guest.

20th April 2017

Top value and generally a good whiskey

Just bought a bottle of Jamesons for £22 single malt at that price is a good deal and the flavours did not disappoint. There are better single malts but you will pay double the price at least. Will buy this again a rip whiskey for the money 👍

2nd April 2017

Alberto Viloria

Whiskey muy Suave al paladar, muy Facil de Beber y para algunos algo dificil de gustarles por su sabor Medio pero muy Especiado, Floral y con Vainilla y Miel.

13th March 2017

Retired? This could be your daily dram.

As a recent retiree and a lover of peaty single malts, I bought a Jameson's as a potential replacement for a daily dram or two. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I agree with other reviewers in regards to the citrus, fudge and vanilla after tastes. It is a good whisky which I will buy again.

1st March 2017


This an excellent whiskey. For beginners and for long time fan of great drams. Always a safe choice.


3rd February 2017


Harsh. Very harsh. Go and get a bottle of Black Bush. That's a proper whiskey.

27th January 2017

Always a Pleasure Never a Chore

Context, people. Context :) Is this the best whiskey, no. Is it decent, reasonably reliable, available and affordable, yes. For those new to whiskey this is one I would definitely recommend, in fact all popular Irish blends make very good 'starter' whiskies. It's sweet, fruity and very quaffable imo. Is it one to sip and savour, not for me. Is it one for a good everyday whiskey or to order in a bar, yes. Best drank neat.

13th January 2017

Best for its price point!

Based on price, nothing beats Jameson! On the rocks with a cigar in hand! I am not saying Jameson is the best, rather I am saying for the price you can't go wrong!

23rd December 2016

Low price, low quality

For this cheap price you can't expect a high-quality whisky and unfortunately this one is a good example. There's a lack of flavor and the finish is quite dissapppointing.

2nd December 2016


The quintessential Irish whisky

24th November 2016

First tasting tonight

I am a bit disappointed in this whisky after my first try. Nowhere near the flavor of my favorite bourbons and scotch. Hopefully things will improve as I get further into the bottle!

22nd November 2016

More corn, less pot still, unfortunately

It used to be good slightly sherried blend, now it is just a mixer. New crested is disappointing as well, Black barrel is still pretty decent, but for how long?

15th October 2016

The best for the price

Priced like rotgut gasoline, tastes like decent scotch. This isn't the stuff for a special occasion but for a party or when you're low on funds, it is wholly acceptable. Always surprises me even after a hundred times. Fine neat, nice with a LITTLE ice, perfect cocktail mixer (why waste the good stuff?). And: it's everywhere. There isn't a liquor store in Amerca (ok maybe there's one somewhere) that doesn't have this. Hooray for Jameson.

20th September 2016



27th July 2016

Confused about this one...

I bought a bottle of Jameson a couple of months ago. When I opened it and poured a dram, I was a little disappointed. It was certainly drinkable, but I found it to be too sugary with a strong presence of grain alcohol that was not integrated very well in the spirit.

So I closed the bottle and did not touch it for about 1+ months. A week ago I poured another glass, and it was as if Jameson had matured a little somehow, just enough to make it very well-balanced. The sugary taste became more honey-like, the body richer, and the finish a tad spicier. I could also not detect any harsh grain alcohol; it was neither grain alcohol, nor a single malt, just something else.. but a very nice "else"!

Hence, I give it 4.5/5 stars, and I will buy another bottle of Jameson to verify that :)

26th June 2016


.....with a hint of coconut

9th June 2016

One of the best whiskies and rivals many single malts

Fantastic vanilla flavour that is very unique. I prefer it to the crested 10, gold. Price to satisfaction return is off the scale..

5th June 2016


my darling whiskey

28th April 2016

Matter of taste and texture

I personally find Jamesons' whiskey preferable to other whiskies because of it's more essentially 'grounded' taste and the fact that once it's in, it's in and not lingering in your mouth for ages like the sweeter blends.

23rd April 2016

Not bad, but...

I tasted this against Paddy Irish whiskey, and these are my thoughts.

Both whiskies taste similar, but I feel the harsh grain alcohol is dominant in Jameson. Paddy is softer , oilier, and maltier, with more honey and citrus on the nose than Jameson. In fact, I get some green apple pie notes with Jameson that I do not get with Paddy, it reminds me a little of when I mixed Paddy with William Lawson's.

Having said that, it really comes down to personal preference. Personally, I gave Jameson 4/5 stars, and Paddy 4.5/5 stars, and I enjoy both, it is just that I prefer Paddy.

17th April 2016

Great budget whiskey

Jameson is a staple in my bar. Is it the best Irish whiskey? No. But for the price, you can't beat it. While I generally prefer Red Breast of something with some bite, Jameson is always a welcomed favorite in my house. Years ahead of Bushmills in flavor and drinkability.

15th April 2016

Mr Tim Hayes

Had it for the first time on Saint Patty's Day, I was celebrating my late departed father's birthday, and to say the least I thought it was the best I have ever drank!

11th April 2016

Thomas Jackson

Smooth, rich and fine. But whatever you do, do not put ice in IT, that destroys the whole thing!

20th March 2016

Such a nice irish whiskey

M fully enjoy my birthday with master of malt

17th March 2016


The whiskey was OK and very easy to drink neat, but lacking everything a good Scotch single malt dram has to offer. There was no discernible nose, development or finish to the whiskey. A good moderate bourbon would be a better choice. Don't think I will ever buy the whiskey again.

8th March 2016


Affordable, drinkable daily, never hangsover

6th March 2016

mr s boydThe

The finest of whiskey .I wouldn't drink any other

9th February 2016

Mr j wicks

I'm a whiskey virgin,but my oh my no more... Stunningly smooth with an inner glow... Converted

6th February 2016

Loads of flavour

This has an amazing citrus rainbow taste. There's limes, lemons, dandelions, unicorn horn ..
So much flavour. Smooth. Cheap. Goes with anything from straight up ice n dice to coke.
I loves it. I do. So help me God.

24th January 2016

A great one for the price

Along with Powers, Jameson is also a great Irish whiskey considering the price. I drink it with a small bit of water.

15th January 2016

My favorite.

Very rich and smooth. Delicious.

5th January 2016

personal favorite

Not expensive and very rich in flavour

2nd January 2016

Mr Ken

Very nice

22nd December 2015

Proof that mass production and delicious are not mutually exclusive

Usually when a product attempts to have broad appeal, it ends up being terrible. Simply look at mass produced beer for an example of that. Jameson's however, is the exception.

Very smooth and easy to drink, it goes great on it's own or in a drink. It's even not too bad over ice, but I prefer that for my scotch.

Jameson's is also very affordable. Proving you don't need to spend a ton of money for a good drink.

22nd December 2015


The best

22nd December 2015


Started drinking scotch recently, single malts and blends, and seemed to have landed on Johnny Black as my go to for price and taste...tried this recently, price and taste may have replaced the Johnny. Love it!

19th December 2015


I was thoroughly impressed: not a peaty Scotch (yum!) but an easy drinking manly whiskey. Neat, splash of water, sipped, mellow, flavorful, no cheap alcohol taste. I'll have another if Scotch isn't handy. Better than Johnnie Black in ways.

10th December 2015

Incredible for it's price!

Fruit (mostly pear and orange) amd vanilla.

7th December 2015

Truly "enjoyable"

Jameson is a very natural tasting, thoroughly-enjoyable whiskey. I have tried many many different whiskeys in my 58 years, and Jameson just gets it right. Whatever it is they do, they need to keep on doing it exactly the same way forever. It is, indisputably, one of the best ever made.

1st December 2015

Good modern irish blend

Easy to drink neat, easy to mix (but not with coke, for Gods sake!), simple but not boring.
Is it better than B'mills? In my opinion it is nowadays...

25th September 2015

Excellent value!

While this irish blend isn't aged in Sherry casks like.Busmills nor uses toasted oats or and flavor "complexity" I have to admit its a very smooth blend that is excellent for someone to have on hand for an extended night of drinking, at the current price it's definitely worth it.

1st July 2015


I cannot understand why anyone would choose this over Bushmills, or any other Irish whiskey really. Dull as hell, more akin to vodka than whiskey. Faint nose of alcohol and toasted nuts, leather, and coconut. Taste is an echo and little else. Mixing only.

27th May 2015

Acme Whiskey

Nothing special here. its grand for mixing with coke but on its own its nothing special.

Has a nice nose, creamy smells from the casks, but on hitting the tongue its just sharp and overpowering like strong strong spirits, not really allowing any flavours to come through.

Compared to something like the jameson select reserve (only 20 quid more expensive), this is akin to drinking muddy water from a dirty puddle on the ground vs bottled evian.

if you can spare the 20 quid go for the select reserve. if you just want something to go with your coke or to make a hot whiskey or irish coffee, this is perfectly fine.

27th April 2015

Not bad for a blend

Easy on the palate, yet rather one-dimensional in terms of aroma and taste compared to a single Malted Scotch, obviously. This is good 'session' stuff. Easily suits non-aficionados and the ladies.

26th April 2015

Best value for money

The quality of this Jameson has improved hugely since 2011 when I last tried it...
Im really impessed!
It is actually really nice for easy, evening sippin'

21st April 2015

Irish @ its best

Best Whiskey tasted!
Cannot get better.
Full 10 / 10!!

6th April 2015

The only Whiskey i can drink ...

... because is the only one i like (I'm portuguese). Cheers

20th March 2015

Makes good Irish Coffee

Only tried one bottle, so... I tried it side by side with Old No7 and honestly I could not tell the difference. But I do like Jack, so that's not necessarily a bad thing. Tastes better to me than any Scotch I've ever tried. Makes excellent Irish Coffee, so there's that...:)

19th February 2015

Go to whisky !

I remember when i tasted this whiskey the first time , i had Johnnie walker double black that day .. JW double black tasted like sand and paper after i tried Jameson .. the vanilla , the thick body .. the sweetness ! Gosh ! its tastes no different than mothers milk ! and willing to get Jameson signture reserve soon ! and if you are looking for something better ? go to Redbreast 12 ! Cheers X

16th February 2015

Best Irish so far

This is the 1st Irish whiskey I ever had, & now after trying many others is still my favourite. It even beats most of my scotches that cost 2 or 3 times the price hands down. Pretty light & oh so smooth. Very easy to drink. & if on special, damn good value for money.

30th November 2014

Easy to drink...

After visiting the Jack Daniels distillery I drank Jack. It was not easy to love. But after my visit to the Jameson distillery I found my whiskey. Easy to drink. Very smooth. Nice booze.

29th November 2014

The smoothest

If you aren't an alcohol aficionado and just want something easy to put back that won't make you want to hurl this stuff is what you're looking for

27th November 2014

Smooth Whiskey Sour

This is my favorite whiskey for making whiskey sours, especially when making them with scratch as opposed to using syrupy sour mixes. It's so smooth, it's easy to just sit back and sip at the end of a long day.

P.S.-For a really good and simple whiskey sour-use an old-fashioned glass: add one shot of Jameson, one shot of Rose's sweetened lime juice, 1 shot of pineapple juice, and then top with orange juice (I use Simply Orange).

3rd October 2014

The finest whiskey Ever

This is the number 1 whiskey brand in the world. You can never get better

10th August 2014

A Mature Palate Visits a Youthful Favorite

Jameson's was the first whisky I ever tasted, and it remained a reference of mine for years. But back then, whisky was something you were served in a shot glass, and tossed back - and Jameson's is the perfect drop for that kind of consumption.

But for the past several years, I've opened my palate up rather drastically, and thanks to the influence of Islay single-malts, have been truly education about the range of flavors a whisky can offer.

So, in retrospect, I decided to revisit this old friend - and much like the wisdom can never go home again.

Nose - it makes you WORK for it. Light, with a hint of fruit and honey. But without a proper glen cairn or a snifter, I can see that it would be almost impossible to detect anything at all.

Palate - Jameson's delivers on the promise it made with that light nose. There's sweetness, but also a surprising amount of wood that delivers the illusion that some astringent heat may also come along for the ride. However, it never does.

Finish - I'm prompted to ask..."What finish?" It's almost as if I hadn't drunk anything at all. This whisky sits so lightly on the tongue that it leaves little, if anything behind as an impression.

Overall - I'd rank Jameson's as a summertime sipper. It's lightness makes it fit well during a late afternoon/evening session on the porch with an old friend or two. But it's not what I'd call a very memorable whisky at all.

30th July 2014

Old Dave Williams

It may not be a classic sipping Wiskey but it is a very pleasing drinking Wiskey. Jameson with a splash of water makes a wonderful pick me up after a long hard day at work and all at a realistic cost. Go for a hearty malt when time allows by all means but if you just want to chill with a glass that can be refilled at a reasonable cost, this is the one to go for. Superb.

16th April 2014

not bad at all

not bad for the price, given the fact it's a blended grain even better.... unfortunately it can't compare to an islay malt, my whiskey style of choice. perhaps an unfair comparison, i will say jameson is not an unagreable taste - fudge and vanilla, spice and honey, and the best non single malt i have tried, a sweet dram

27th March 2014

Flavor has changed

I have an older bottle and did a comparison with the newer one. The labeling is different and it states made from malted and unmalted barley. The newer is a bit darker and has a more Scotch like taste. It's good, but I prefer the older, more mellow one.

17th March 2014

A great all rounder

I think some reviewers have been a little confused. This is one of the cheapest commercially available whiskies, so let's not compare it with single malts. As a blended, readily available whisky it's lovely stuff. I'm having one now. Far too easy to drink though....

15th March 2014

Not convinced

I've been getting a very peculiar metallic note from the nose of this, slightly coppery, so unusual that it makes it unpleasant. The palate is satisfactory enough I suppose but nothing to write home about. I much prefer The Wild Geese classic blend over this but they are the only two Irish whiskies I have tried thus far. Good for a booze up but I'm struggling to enjoy it on its own merit.

22nd February 2014

Go-To Whiskey

Jamesons was my go-to whiskey for more years than I care to remember, and I shudder to think how many bottles have been poured down my throat - for the price its hard to think of any better, but I rarely drink it any more as ive moved onto better and more varied varieties, usually at over twice the price I have to say, so it saddens me a tad but the above review 'nothing special' is spot on the money, it just took me a long time to realise it.

7th February 2014

nothing special..

to be honest - If you try other mature (especially Scotch) whiskeys, you will find out how weak Jameson is. No odor, no aftertaste.. Just an ordinary buzz to get drunk with. Good though for mixing with cola.

31st January 2014

Some kind of whiskey

It's not a single malt whiskey as you can see in details on this site. Not bad for a blended whisky.

12th December 2013


great whiskey for luv it

5th December 2013

Casual staple.

Yeah, this and Bush are the main over the counter staples that I'd favour. This maybe edges Bush a little bit... but still falls short of the some of the finest Irish whiskeys (see Black Bush, Redbreast and Green Spot for step up). Jason Breen

1st November 2013


Not so good that it matters

15th September 2013

A good blended whiskey for beginners and a great 'go-to' bottle to have

Jameson is certainly a good blended whiskey; the finest of the more commercial Irish whiskies in my opinion. The nose is freshly floral and herby overall with flashes of treacle cake and sherry. It's honey-sweet, creamy with a pleasantly syrupy mouthfeel. It goes down (too) easy and remains for a (disappointingly) very brief time with not much to contemplate over.

Blended whiskies are blended whiskies; you won't find explosions of different flavours very often and they're designed to be easy-drinking, middle-of-the-road drinks and Jameson is a particularly enjoyable example of this. Largely inoffensive and quite vanilla (in both senses of the word!) in general, this would be a great introduction for a newcomer to the world of whisk(e)y. I'm always more than happy to have a bottle of Jameson on my shelf when I find I need a break from the more complex, sensation-overload single malts. Worth a try.

6th August 2013

Intro level Whiskey

It's good for mixing 7 and 7's and has a smooth flavor, gives a bit of a hangover if consumed too much which kills it for me. For this price range I prefer Paddy.

17th May 2013

Not bad at all

While the nose certainly gives a sense of life and body to the whiskey experience, the palette flags in terms of intensity and showmanship. The balance is relatively good, blending subtle hints of menthol with sherry, pear, and apple; and what it lacks in complexity it gives in pure refreshment. Overall, this is a multipurpose whiskey: carefree, unchallenging, flavoursome. Great for mixing with other drinks.

16th May 2013


As a Scot, I know my whiskies. This is up there with the best, better than any blend out there by some distance. It has a nice sweet, almost caramel, taste. Exceptional.

6th May 2013

Smooth, clean, easy

Smooth, easy drinking, good but short hit of tingle/smoke to it. It's good flavour but just not that much of it. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn't tried whiskey before. Comes in 200ML bottles where I am in Canada which I think is a big plus.
I give 79/100, alot based on it's easy nature and price.

12th March 2013


Do i get a free hat if i buy this for St Paddys day?

5th March 2013


All I seen was "This made me realize im an abstinence kind of guy afterall. Sex feels good but that's where it ends."

25th January 2013


This made me realize im a scotch single malt drinker afterall. Jameson tastes good but thats about where it ends.

13th January 2013

Go on then...

Wanted to dislike this Whiskey, initially it was a tad disappointing but it benefitted from mellowing out in the glass. Still not my favourite Whiskey but annoyingly good. I am a Bushmills man at heart and resent the cult status Jameson has- but it is a bit deserving of it!

24th December 2012

The best

Better than scotch. Better than bourban

15th September 2012

Sweet feet Pete

He'll give you the three meat treat

17th August 2012

space furnace

Starz are HOT!

17th August 2012

10 million stars

I'd givez dis whiskey 10 million stars if I could, but then I'd burnses my handz!

17th August 2012


I is been so drunks offa dis I just wants me sum more!

17th August 2012

Really guys?

Seriously, where is the taste, the texture, the class, the after taste, the 'wow' factor? This is a great whiskey for those in the novice class. If you like this, you need to dip your toe in the water a little further - please.

26th May 2012

Love, Love, it!

Last review is part of this review. Jameson is all I will drink. Jameson is #1 In my book.

26th April 2012

Love it!

MId level cost. Love it. Very affordable and love the smoothe taste. I drink sipping Whiskey on the rocks. Who needs all the fillers! Jameson is the best by far that I can afford and I love! I am well aware that there may be more out there that don't comepare but for an average Joe like me Jameson is the best!

26th April 2012

Cheap but beautiful

This has all the character and beauty of an Irish whisky that really shows that Ireland can do it just as well. Smoothness, sweetness, subtle oaking and malts that only the best master blenders can create. One of the greatest blends around. And it costs smeg-all.

31st January 2012


Best choice for sweet whisky lovers.

7th January 2012

One of the best everyday whiskey's

A very good blended whiskey suitable for any occasion

31st October 2011


I started out as a huge Jameson fan. But learning about and trying other whiskys showed me how mediocre Jameson is. Not much depth to the flavors. Very simple though smooth. Definitely a good place for beginners.

28th October 2011

Dave Sharp

We've been drinking Jamesons for many years, tried many other whiskey's, but no others come close... It's the finest!!!

24th May 2011


i tried last week BUSHMILLS but ... i don't know if i'm right but it was too sweet for me...but JAMESON is AMAZING...THE BEST FOR ME:)

20th December 2010


Best blended whiskey in the world. No question.

5th December 2010

The best Irish whiskey

Smooth smooth smooth.My fave Irish whiskey.

7th October 2009

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