Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Ian Macleod
Style Blended Whisky

Isle Of Skye 12 Year Old

A popular expression from Ian Macleod, the Isle of Skye blended Scotch whisky is made using a selection of Island and Speyside whiskies. This is the 12 year old expression, featuring a good boost of Sherried elements compared to the 8 year old Isle of Skye.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Isle Of Skye 12 Year Old (Ian Macleod)
Overpriced screw cap
How this got 5 stars from others is a mysterie to me. For some maybe an upgrade if your main focus is screw cap whisky, but even amongst those it doesn't stand out. Bland and very aggressive in the mouth and throat.
Lieven N , Belgium
2 years ago
My new favorite.
Great color, Great taste. Perfect amount of smoke. Great Scotch for my palete.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
If I could only ever drink one whiskey..
...this would be it.

Had a 10-year break from alcohol, so when I climbed carefully back on the wagon, I went straight for my old favourite, MaCelods Isle of Sky 8 YO, which used to be stocked by Sainsbury's and some Budgens, and £9-11 a bottle...yes I know, happy days.

But then I saw this 12 year old, and had to see what those three extra years did to an already superb dram, oily, smokey and quite complex for a decent blend, in very much the JWBL style.

I was very, very happy when I poured the first 50cl with 50 cl of Highland Spring and a tbs of crushed ice.

Drinking whiskey at 20% abv is a very pleasant way of getting alcohol molecules across the stomach membrane and into the bloodstream quickly, and on a quiet evening at home with the house to myself, a few candles, a nice wood fire and two glasses of this fine offering from Ian MacLeod, and I was a very happy man.

In the absence of the original bottling, I'll stick to this 12 year old, it still has that reassuring oiliness to it.
Seán , United Kingdom
5 years ago
We need more for the upcoming games season
We have enjoyed this whiskey and always bring it with us to the Scottish games for sampling at our Clan MacLeod Tent. Great reviews from all who have tasted it. Recently , we have been unable to get it from the distributer from NYC that supplied our local liquor store. Any way we can remedy this situation ? Our liquor store used to keep a case in the back specifically for us .
Bonnie MacLeod D , United States
5 years ago
Extraordinary aged blended whisky, well worth savouring
Isle of Skye aged 12 year old is immensely pleasing whisky, a dram well honouring the whisky blender's art. With his oak barrel aging, Ian Macleod has done some magic for those of us who savour straight sipping a fine blend; their 8 year is quite nice but this 12 year is an elegant candidate for aged blend favourite. Subtly sweet initially, nicely complex and medium-bodied, and then bringing in a hint of smoke and peat with an exquisite soft smooth touch. More character than 12 year Chivas Regal, much better balanced than 12 year Johnnie Walker Black, Isle of Skye deserves to be much better known, more than worth its slight premium in price.
Beneluxor , Belgium
8 years ago