High West Double Rye! Whiskey 70cl

American Whiskey • 70cl • 46%
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High West Double Rye!
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Country American Whiskey
Distillery/Brand High West
Style Blended Whiskey

High West Double Rye!

What did one rye say to the other in a bottle of High West Double Rye!?

"This whiskey sure is big enough for the both of us!"

High West Double Rye! is made by blending two very distinct rye whiskies together, a lively 2-year-old and a sweeter 16-year-old that was made with a higher proportion of corn. It's the kind of idea that makes everyone in the saloon stop and stare, including the old fella playing piano in the corner.

The result is a mighty fine whiskey with a good kick from the younger rye and lasting refined flavour from the elder. Yee-haw! Get along, now!

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Reviews for High West Double Rye!
Great different experience
Became one of my favorites from first sip. Really nice spicy rye with extremely long finish. This is so different that you either love or hate it. I love...
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Loved it
This is a rye that sings with spearmint and liquorice. Easily my favourite of the High West selection.
Oliver L , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Worth a try
(for the price point @ circa £40) it's as good as you'll get.

Creamy, dry, spicy and sweet. Great in a classic cocktail (Old Fashioned is my go to) and palatable on its own or with a thow of ice.

It's very one dimensional and a tad astringent but it's got a good spicy kick.. The spiciest Rye out there? No. But as a daily drinker at circa £40 bottle, it's on my go to list along with Ragtime Rye, Knob Creek and Rittenhouse.

Richard P , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Its a bit dull.....
I really wanted to like this rye. After reading the Breaking Bourbon review and other good reviews I was expecting an unusual taste profile that would split opinion. However it's just a bit dull, a bit bland, a bit meh. On the plus side if you are after a rye with no burn and light tasting it may be the dram for you.

For me I'd take Pikesville, Few, Sazerac & Rittenhouse over this anytime.

Ben S , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Bold, full flavoured rye
Visited High West and I drank this more than the Rendez-vous Rye... it's bolder, more pungent and whilst younger, really nicely balanced.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
rank and sick taste
I think this stuff would be better as a hand sanitizer. Not drinkable but stong and rank
Dan N , United States
3 years ago
Very Good
Bought this on a whim and was well pleased. Nice overall flavor. I will have to look at their other whiskeys
Brain , United States
7 years ago