Hamiltons Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl

Scotch Whisky • 70cl • 40%
Product details
Hamiltons Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Country Scotch Whisky
Region Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Hamiltons
Style Blended Malt Whisky

Hamiltons Islay

Get a taste of classic Islay peated whisky with this Hamiltons bottling. It's a blended malt made with whiskies produced on the famous Inner Hebridean isle. The Hamiltons range explores four regions of Scotch whisky - Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside and Islay.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Hamiltons Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
You can't go wrong with this Islay for the price.
Excellent value, solid peaty foundation with a touch of seaweed and sea salt. Will buy again.
John O , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Nice Islay for $22 US
I like it. Especially for $22.
Nose: I get the grass they claim on the sleeve as well as pear and light sweet toffee notes
Palate: toffee with very light complexities of peat and a hint of brine. Really nice, bit hot or raw around the edges.
Finish. Light peat with a bit more smoke. Spicy ( ie hot). And lingering light toffee.
Bottled at 40% ABV. A few drops of water destroyed the nose and palette so I dumped it and started fresh.
The very pleasant finish although mild is distinct and lingers.
This is a malt blend, meaning all the whiskys that went into it are malt whiskys - no grain, so there are no annoying overtones of grain sweetness, only the malted badly and oak.
I think this is a lovely light expression of the Islay whiskeys. Great for $22.
Of course doesn’t hold a candle to the peatier expressions or even to the Oban. But Oban 14 is $70 in my area.
Drink this! Don’t expect too much. Be pleasantly surprised.
Jasha c , United States
2 years ago
They should sell this with a mouthwash chaser
I purchased Hamiltons Islay Region blended Malt Scotch Whiskey. Apopogies, but this is the worst thing I have ever tasted in the scotch universe.
dan f , United States
3 years ago
It's a really good budget Scotch
This is a good budget Islay blend. About the comparisons to Laphroaig, to my taste there's none of the briny maritime flavors that mark the 10 year. It hits more to the Bowmore or Ardbeg side of Islay malts. Now, it's not like Laphroaig, Bowmore or Ardbeg, so don't get your hopes that high. Those are masterful expressions worth the price. But as an everyday drinker this Hamilton's is a really good Scotch, much better and more of value than J Walker or other name blends. I have recommended to my friends and no one has been disappointed.
Gerrard , United States
3 years ago
Hamiltons Islay
A definite yes, for a blended whisky. Moderate amount of smoke and peat with some salty caramel. A little lack of depth but not disturbingly so.
Christina S , Switzerland
3 years ago
Even more excellent for the money - USD 21 at Total Wine
Looking for an Islay malt - didn't realise it is a blend, but surprisingly good, and inexpensive. Softer than Laphroig, maintains a delicate smokiness that hits the entire tongue palette. And lasts in the mouth.
Light golden colour, not as light as say Cardhu.
And equally light on the nose - but gently assertive.
Well worth for sipping and especially for cocktails when flavour is needed, nut not the expense.
peter h , United States
3 years ago
I do love the peat monsters but this is sublime.
I hope that this comes into stock again soon - it's a cracker! There's smoke and peat but in enjoyable proportions - I do love the peat monsters but this is sublime. If you are new to Islay malts this is a fine introduction and at a brilliant price. Best bit of blending I've come across in a long while.
Paul , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Surprisingly good
I can’t believe I was missing out on a good Islay for reasonably bargain price, It is as good as other big brands, gonna buy again.
hjkarki , United States
3 years ago
Great Scotch
Great Scotch with a reasonable price tag!
Smokey, peaty, earthy, smooth!!!!
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago
I am a scotch lover of a touch of smoke and peat.....this scotch is just the best i’ve tasted !
Smooth, smokey and somewhat peated.
Just a great scotch !
try a bottle....you will be pleased.
JG from Pennsylvania
Jerry G , United States
5 years ago