Glen Breton Rare 10 Year Old Whisky 70cl

Canadian Whisky • 70cl • 43%
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Glen Breton Rare 10 Year Old
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Country Canadian Whisky
Distillery/Brand Glenora Distillery
Bottler Glenora
Style Single Malt Whisky

Glen Breton Rare

Glen Breton Rare is a Canadian single malt (not many of those around!) which is aged for 10 years in American oak casks. The Glenora distillery, where Glen Breton is produced, resides in the beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The name 'Glen Breton' was a point of contention, even before the whisky was released!

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Reviews for Glen Breton Rare 10 Year Old
Punches above its weight, closer to older 90's style Scotch whiskies
Glen Breton 10 year old is quite rare, it's released in small batches and it's one of those little gems that will vary from year to year, and while it's always been very good, this year it's exceptional, the 2021 release is dusty, it reminds of older Scotch expressions before chill filtration became a thing, very powerful for a 43%, highly flavorful, apples, cinnamon, oak, big wood on the tongue, salty, long, rare, beautiful. Now, that's the downside: it's hard to get your hands on it, so if you have a chance to find some, just like Springbank (which is on par quality) go for it, for if you love whisky, this is it!! One of the best 10 years out there for the price. Just wished they'd put it at 46%.
Allan A , Canada
2 years ago
Glen Breton 10 year old single malt is absolutely marvellous. I had my in-laws do a blind taste test, they all thought it was single malt Scotch, they could not tell them apart. I think it is very much like Scotch, I love it,
John P , Canada
2 years ago
What a single malt should be. Bravo!
All the flavour of Single malt without the Slap in the face of Scotch. If you like Japanese whiskey like most of the Suntori line than this will fot your flavour profile. However If you are into the more brutal or smoky scotch you will find this too bland. A little pricy but worth a try. They also make Fiddler's choice at a cheaper price
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Good but not great.
Bought at the distillery along with the 15 year old. The difference between the two does not justify the difference in price which makes the ten year old a unique value. A good Canadian barley whiskey and unique as a single malt.
Rick , Canada
3 years ago
I'm hooked! ... a nectar of the Gods. I don't know what it is ... I just want more. I can't describe it! I love the nose, the first tongue and the after taste. It lingers for a sweet memory ...
JOAO M C , Canada
4 years ago
Wonderful experience
No, this is not a perfect scotch. But when you compare it to the other canadian whiskey, this single malt is really different. It's unique taste makes it something to try. I just like it.
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago
Smooth,sneaks up on you slaps yu and then you smile
william n , United States
5 years ago
Awful. Boring.I have tasted many single malts in my life. I have never had one so underwhelming. It failed to awaken my taste buds. Glen Breton still has a lot of workto do.
Serge P , Canada
6 years ago
Sorry, but not for me
Alcoholic, unbalanced, bitter wood, almost no fruityness or freshness, sweetish and cloing finish, should I go on?
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
I love it!
This single malt rocks. If more people knew about it you would sell a lot of it!
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago