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Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

(50cl, 40.0%)
Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

Glenfiddich Liqueur Details


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(78 Reviews)

Glenfiddich Liqueur Bottling Note

More complex and flavourful than some of the more run-of-the-mill Irish cream liqueurs. Made with real Glenfiddich whisky for maximum flavour and depth.

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    User Reviews of the Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

    Jessie Robertson

    I'm so disappointed to learn this beautiful drink is discontinued.
    Like all the other reviews we wonder why ?.
    There is no other drink that comes close to the pleasure it gives.

    23rd August 2015

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

    Brilliant. that is why I wish to purchase more

    25th June 2015

    Glenfiddich what where you thinking!

    This is the most amazing whiskey ive ever tasted something must be none all fans of this fine drop must protest until glenfiddich wake up any idea if we bug them enough they have to listen

    17th June 2015

    G Burns

    It is absolutely the best alcoholic drink I have ever tasted. Bring it back please. Could be a a big source of income I'd marketed properly .

    22nd May 2015

    Pure heaven

    I have had about three bottles of this liqueur and I love it (but not at £90) a bottle please please let me know when it,s available at a sensible price??? Glefiddich pull your finger out

    21st February 2015

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqeuer

    I love this Liqeuer-please, please bring it back !! In 2005/6 I discovered I was no longer able to buy this fabulous Liqeuer in Sk. Canada. Over the next few yrs I searched for it in Ab. & BC. Friends searched for it on my behalf when they travelled all over the USA, in Amsterdam, in S. Africa, in France & Austria & Austrilia to no avail. Round about 2008 a friend visited the Glenfiddoch Distilery in Scotland & was told they were no longer exporting it-but it was still available in Scotland. In Apr. 2009 I visited Edinburgh & bought a 1/2 litre bottle. I've been saving it for a special occasion , that's ? right, it remains unopened! Friends have passed, babies have been born, milestones have been reached but none have tempted me to part with this elixir😁 So when will it be? When I'm preparing to depart this world? On my 100th birthday ( ya it's possible- Grandma made it!) Humm, a letter from King Charles? King William? & a glass of ambrosia? We'll see....Lord...I just hope I remember I have it! Please bring it back and send me a case😃

    12th February 2015

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

    No No No No No No. Bring it BACK....... :0( :0(

    7th February 2015

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur


    28th January 2015

    Glenfiddich liquer

    Please, Please please! ?!
    We are from Denmark and just LOVE it, why is it discontinued? ??
    Set it free! !!!

    18th January 2015

    No No No

    What have you done? I've been trying to find more of this for ages and just found out on here it's discontinued. Why oh why? Bring it back please.

    4th January 2015

    Bring it back. Please.

    About 5 years ago I was in a duty-free shop in Perth airport. I had almost reached my limit on purchases, had 500ml left. The girl talked me into buying a bottle. Surprising, because I'm not normally a whisky drinker. I hate her. The ultimate cruelty is to introduce someone to perfection, and then for it never to be available again.

    12th December 2014


    found one bottle in a Barbados liquor store. Their last bottle. Any others will very difficult to find.

    28th November 2014

    Mr Neil Yates

    Great stuff hard to get gave the last bottle bought by my partner duty free away to a friend thinking we could get more wrong,,,, why would they stop making it?????

    25th November 2014

    Mrs a Hardick

    The absolute best whisky liqueur when are you going to make it again

    7th October 2014

    Wish I had bought more...

    bought several bottles at World of Whiskeys at Heathrow in 2008-2009. Love this stuff. I fortunately have 2 unopened bottles still. I do not think it was ever available in the US.
    So how long will these keep unopened? Why not make more????

    26th September 2014

    Furchtbar lecker

    Das Beste, was ich mit meiner Familie und Freunden jemals getrunken habe. Alle waren begeistert. Nichts kommt geschmacklich an ihn heran.
    Nicht zu verstehen, warum die Produktion eingestellt wurde.

    17th September 2014

    Please start making it again - simply the best!!

    It's amazing to think that a top quality Malt Whisky Liqueur has been discontinued. Looked everywhere for a good replacement but nothing hits the mark!

    14th September 2014

    you've got to be kidding

    This is the best liqueur I've ever tasted. I had two bottles from a trip several years ago and have been trying to get more ever since. My nephew is now in Scotland and he said he'd bring some to me, but seeing you've discontinued it, I'm beyond belief. Please, Please make some more and provide a way for us to purchase in the US of A.

    From adevoted Glenfiddich scotch drinker.

    29th August 2014

    bring it back

    i bought 5 bottles five years ago and I am almost finished with my last one; will it be coming back in the future

    28th August 2014

    Any alternatives to an amazing bottle of whiskey liq?

    This is so sad. This HAS to be the first time I enjoyed a whiskey liqueur and very upset to find out its been discontinued. What are the alternatives?

    22nd August 2014


    Not generally a whisky drinker but had heard it was very good so I bought a bottle but now I wish I had bought a few cos it was very good. Writing this review now cos I just found the empty bottle!

    12th August 2014

    Nicki K

    This was a brilliant drink! PLEASE bring it back!

    3rd August 2014

    Malt Whisky liqueur

    This whisky is fantastic,diapointed that you have stoped making it.
    Regards Bill Backers from western australia

    27th July 2014


    I would like it back too.Tasted so good!

    5th July 2014

    I cry myself to sleep

    It's like not being able to watch a beautiful sunrise or knowing that you may never see a loved one ever again.... until we see this sweet essence again that is how the world now feels...... please Glenfiddich, make our world a happier place!

    29th June 2014

    nothing comes close

    Nothing comes close to this amazing drink, please bring it back.

    11th June 2014


    Why has tis lovely liqueur been discontinued?.

    5th June 2014

    don't understand that a product that is so addorable is discontinued

    this malt whisky liqueur we drinked it whit or friends and it was awesome,and we were very disappointed that it will not be sold anymore, what is the reason for it ?? dirk

    2nd June 2014


    can't believe it's discontinued!! Why?? it's the best drink I ever tasted!!

    10th May 2014

    Please bring it back

    Pretty please? :)

    5th May 2014


    We love this liqueur! Does anyone know where we can find it in either the U.S., or Ontario, Canada?

    3rd May 2014

    Mom cries

    since this can no longer be bought. The only Whiskey she drinks.

    21st April 2014

    What we you thinking.

    We have one bottle left. What a smooth drink. Please bring it back.

    20th April 2014


    An absolute beautiful malt. Needs to be put back into production.

    12th April 2014

    Simply the best in the world.

    It's hard to understand why Glenfiddich has chosen to deny this masterpiece to it's customers!

    12th April 2014

    wow...plz bring it back

    I would fly to St Thomas to purchase this fabulous drink. I am so dissappointed it is being discontinued. I want to order more....kathy

    5th April 2014

    Ron Gallagher

    My 2 sons and I savoured the final drops from our last bottle, whilst celebrating a birthday. We were amazed to find that such a fine drop is no longer available. I would urge the manufacturers to reintroduce this liqueur as from the response below there is obviously a market for it.

    30th March 2014

    Discontiuation inexplicable

    The discontinuation of such a fine liqueur is indeed a sad loss to whisky lovers. It leaves a huge gap in the Glenfiddich range of products. I hope that the unanimous support for this liqueur and the cries for its reintroduction will be heard and seriously considered by Glenfiddich management.

    16th March 2014

    Bring it back!!!!!

    I have to agree with my previous writers - PLEASE bring it back!
    This was soooooo delicious! All Whisky liqueurs currently available have honey or god knows what added and it's not an acceptable replacement for this gem! I still have 1 bottle left. Probably will keep it for ages...

    9th March 2014

    The very best!

    The best! We need more please!

    5th March 2014

    Malt Whisky liqueur

    My wife and I bought a crate (6 lovely wee btls)for our wedding at the summit of Ben Nevis back in 2008, wished I bought more for our anniversary, please glenfiddich distillery make a new batch and let us all know,thanks

    26th January 2014

    Glenfiddich Liqueur

    I live in Australia and have travelled to Scotland on many occasions . My last visit in 2013 I was devastated to find this was no linger available. I cannot understand this as it was so popular. Please consider to reproduce this very fine tipple once more

    25th January 2014

    Whisky liqueur

    If something is very good, you don't stop production of it.. U make more and when u do, u will bring a smile to the millions.. Now please bring back this drink and I ll be one of them happy people.

    24th January 2014

    Gleniffidich Liqueur

    Hi guys, we're still having 80 bottles of this liqueur in Bulgaria.

    27th December 2013


    What HAVE you done peeps! My personal and Christmas pressie list is now in tatters!!

    16th December 2013

    Glorious. BRING IT BACK!

    Too delicious to die. You must reconsider.

    11th December 2013

    please bring it back

    I live in australia and tried it on my 1st trip to england in 1999. we have come back 3 times and always get several bottles to bring home. Please please make some more

    30th November 2013

    Please bring this liqueur back

    Please bring this liqueur back it really is the best ever. Why would you stop making something so successfull. ??????
    Mrs F Dare Vale Of Glamorgan S Wales

    29th November 2013

    police steels 2 boxes of 12 bottle's

    By a investigation in my house the police from the Nederlands and Germany did steel dose 2boxes of liqueur.
    Olso the bottles that we bottled at glenfiddich self they took
    The other bottles that I have from glenfiddich and Glenn grant from 1952 til 1956 they left behind. Please glenfiddich bottle some new ones
    I want to buy at least 24 bottles
    A lot of people ask me if I still have them but I have to say no
    Greets Wim Zeelen the Netherlands.

    25th November 2013


    best I have tasted

    23rd November 2013


    Best I've tasted please please bring it back

    22nd November 2013

    The best liqueur!

    I still have a dram or two of this lovely liqueur and have tried for years to get another bottle (two or more if it were still in production). I truly recommend that the distiller bring this back into production.

    22nd November 2013


    why have you done this it is the best liqueur ever made so please bring it back

    22nd November 2013


    please bring this back. Need a bottle or 2 for xmas presents. please!!

    13th November 2013

    I love this Liqueur.

    We can't get this in the US so I've had some friends bring some over. Please don't discontinue it. Instead, sell it in the US.

    6th November 2013

    Geoff Wall

    this is some of the best whiky I have ever tasted - Why-O why have you discontinued it

    25th October 2013


    I am from the state I am looking for this whisky for the longest time cant get the taste out of my mouth, please bring it back the market is here for it

    22nd October 2013

    I have 1

    1 am lucky enough to have an unopened 70cl bottle :)

    21st October 2013


    I've had bottles of this fine liqueur in the past, I can't believe they stopped distilling this outstanding gem. BRING IT BACK PLEASE .

    12th September 2013

    Just was given a bottle

    Never tried it am I in for a treat or should I not open it to increase value

    19th August 2013


    Bring it back please

    18th August 2013

    Bring it back

    The world has been diminished by stopping the production of this glorious liqueur.

    15th August 2013

    Malt in Malaysia.

    I've got gotten a bottle from my friend. Haven't open it yet. Have yet to taste it. How long can I keep it without opening it?

    15th August 2013

    glendfiddich malt whisky likeur

    Ik heb net de laatste fles gekocht, iemand interesse?

    13th August 2013

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

    Why discontinued? Just the best liqueur I have had. Please put it back into production! Sounds like I am not the only disappointed person over this. Kathy

    4th August 2013

    Glenfiddich Malt Whishy Liqueur

    Oh My! I had my first drink in Sawston, England . I enjoyed it as a nightcap with my uncle and aunt whom I was visiting.. It was the best liqueur I have ever tasted, I have been trying to order it for the longest time from where ever I could find it.. But Alas, by the time I got to it, the supply was all gone.. this is the first time I have visited this site and found that it has been discontinued.. On my I guess I should go back to the site that was selling it for premium price.. AND PAY IT.. I really want a bottle. By the by I normally don't drink..

    24th July 2013

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

    I bought a bottle almost 10 years ago at the distillery and am so sad that it is discontinued. It was lovely.

    25th June 2013

    Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

    Please bring it back - my favourite drink bar none :(

    6th May 2013


    Tasted at shop and bought few bottles.

    10th March 2013


    Everyone in my orchestra bought a bottle when we toured the distillery in 2009. I still have a bit left (2/2013) but would love to have more to follow! How can we convince you to bring it back! :o) Kate

    7th March 2013

    5 Star Whiskey Liqueur

    Absolutely delicious!! Please bring it back.

    19th February 2013

    @ Liqueur

    Although made with Glenfiddich whisky, this is a liqueur made with honey and spices. If you wish to continue your exploration of single malts we would recommend one of our Tasting Sets or you may want to continue to explore Glenfiddich's range of malts. This liqueur is extremely good however and is no longer in production! If you know a store that still has some then by all means grab a bottle before it is too late! - The Chaps at Master of Malt

    13th February 2013


    Hello everyone, I am starting my journey of Single Malts and i realy anjoyed Glenfiddich 12Yo and 15YO Solera.
    I found this Glenfiddich Liqueur at one store here (reasonalby priced)but never buyed it.
    Would you suggest me to buy few bottles of this?

    12th February 2013

    The Best Whisky liqueur ever!

    This is the best liqueur ever, my Christmas will never be the same :(

    26th November 2012

    Speriamo di poterlo riacquistare!

    Il miglior liquore di whisky mai provato! E' un peccato che l'abbiamo tolto dal commercio!
    Speriamo in un ripensamento!
    Ciao ciao da Florence, Italy

    4th November 2012

    how come it's gone.

    Best whisky liqueur I've ever tasted. What's the reason for it being banished? Hutch.

    30th October 2012

    Bring it back!

    What a travesty, bring this excellent tipple back now! :/

    23rd November 2011


    This drink is off the charts good.

    16th May 2010

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