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Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

(70cl, 40.0%)
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

Awards for Glenfiddich 12


Speyside Single Malts up to 12yo - 2015

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Speyside Single Malts up to 12yo - 2014

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Glenfiddich 12 Details


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User Rating
(104 Reviews)

Glenfiddich 12 Bottling Note

This classic Speyside from Glenfiddich was the Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2007 International Wine and Spirit Competition, aged for 12 years in American and European Oak casks.
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Glenfiddich 12 (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Grain. Slightly floral, mineralic. Spirity, orchard fruit, malty, honey. Citrus develops.

Palate: Light, floral, spices. Very smooth.

Finish: Sweet, touch of oak and general fruit, oily.

Overall: Stereotypical Speyside. Consistent - a good benchmark.

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    User Reviews of the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

    Que whisky !

    Me encanta, este junto a Strathisla son de mis whiskys preferidos. Son whiskys de 12 años que le otorgo 9/10. Un escalón abajo de la excelencia, muy buen whisky.

    23rd August 2015


    Can´t get any worse. It´s like buying an empty bottle, there is nothing there?

    29th July 2015

    Perfect Single Malt for a beginner

    Always loved this stuff and always will. this is the malt that started my Scotch Whisky journey =)

    15th July 2015

    The best scotch under $80

    anybody who gives it 1 star is a snotty upper crust wanker all of the glenfiddich scotchs are great for their respective price points

    2nd July 2015

    A balanced review

    Goodish starter whisky that is easy to "get" when you're just starting to try out single malts. It is not something I'd buy on master of malt where I'd tend to go for something that is not so widely available (if you live in the UK this is widely available at corner shops, supermarkets etc). Very palatable with some honey, fruit and flowers. In my opinion it is worth forking out the extra for the 15 year old if you are a more experienced whisky drinker as I think it is better value for money but that depends on your budget. I'm not going to pretend that I drink this outside of the setting of a bar/restaurant with a poor range but when I do, it seems alright to me, not excellent but alright.

    18th May 2015


    I wasn't a fan.

    28th April 2015

    very light

    This is a very light whisky.I'd prefer Coke .

    26th April 2015


    Ett litet päron, men inget mer, finns ingen kropp, utan kropp inget att bygga med. Tråkig.

    15th April 2015

    so so...

    on par with Canadian Fourty Creek.. except that this is double price of the Fourty Creek. I am just very disappointed at this but I am may be biased as I have been drinking only the higher end single malt.. But either way, this was an unexpected journey with Gelnfidich 12 years. If you don't know any better you might give a high rating for this but you will be disappointed if you had anything better....

    11th April 2015


    It's a great whiskey I have ever had, I have been drinking whiskey for the last 45 years.
    GF is the only one I enjoy and price very reasonable .

    20th March 2015

    Can't go wrong!

    Like many, I started with this one. Since then I've had many...still consider myself a student of malts, not a master.
    Having said that, it's simple for me - when in doubt, get the green cardboard box. You just can't go wrong. I live in a hot country, and there are few pleasures of life that cannot be surpassed by a glass of fiddich with a cube of ice and a few drops of water after a hard day's work. Screw the snobbery, this one is a malt for every season and for all ages.

    4th March 2015

    Excellent Value

    An easy drinking malt with some subtle and interesting pear and spice flavours. One can always easily recognise the 'fiddich 12. Excellent value from MOM and better than most similar priced premium blended scotch. Just don't add too much water or ice.

    22nd February 2015

    Other scotches with mineralic flavor?

    I really like the mineral-limestone-ish flavors. Can anyone recommend another reasonably priced scotch with similar flavors?

    20th February 2015

    One of the best starter Scotches

    GF 12 was the first Scotch I had ever tried. I've drank dozens since and at a recent tasting, we did a flight of GF's and nearly everyone there was surprised at how good it was for the price. $40 in America. Yes, the 15 is better, but this is a good gateway Scotch.

    6th January 2015


    light, smooth with subtle robustness and richness

    21st December 2014

    First and I hope not last

    Glenfiddich 12 was the first malt I ever tried, back in the 1970s. It was recommended to me after I said, "I don't like Scotch" (having tried only bad blends until then). Of course, it did the trick and I became a confirmed whisky drinker.

    After 25 years or so of rampant rambling through various malts, blends, and Irish whiskies, I was diagnosed with a medical condition that required a complete stoppage of imbibing. Poor me! Nevertheless, I still need to have a malt around for friends and family, and with the holiday season upon us I chose the GF12 for this year. It will appeal to the widest range of malt drinkers and best of all, it was on sale for only USD 35.

    I may just cheat a little and try a teaspoon. Perhaps one of these days I'll be able to indulge again, for real. Happy Holidays to all!

    20th December 2014

    Ask my Roommate

    I came to Scotland on vacation and had the time of my life. After looking at many different whiskeys I decided on Glenfiddich to take home as a keepsake for a very special occaison. It made it all the way back in my suitcase. I had a what I thought was a good friend stay with me for a few months to start a career in a new town so she could save up enough to move her and her husband here to Savannah Georgia. To make a long story a little shorter. I found one evening my special bottle of whiskey not only was open but was half gone. I needless to say was furious and heartbroken. So much so I told her to take the rest of it because all I would do is get madder every time I would have to look at it. Its a classic case of no good deed goes unpunished. So my treasure from a magical vacation is gone and I dont have a clue what it tasted like.

    20th December 2014


    About a year ago, I gave this an '8' based on memory... I remembered it as having an interesting hint of pear, and a definite taste of Scotland.

    Since then I had occasion to taste and found it unpalatable, mineral and metallic and with very little flavour beyond that. The whisky must have stayed the same, so I guess I changed. Sorry Glenfiddich.

    4th December 2014


    good to taste

    30th November 2014

    Consistent Classic

    I generally prefer richer and more complex whiskies but Glenfiddich 12 is great for a lighter Scotch. For the price it is extremely difficult to knock.

    27th November 2014

    I'm ashamed to say I spat and didn't swallow.

    I literally have to spit this in the sink when a friend poured me a dram. I drink scotch btw. This is utter pish and not worthy of the name. Buy yourself a decent malt like Pulteney or Acuhentoshan.

    18th November 2014

    a calssic

    Sorry for my English it's not my first language. I've been reading the posted comments and in my opinion anybody who compares this whisky to a cheap blend or say it's not wort tasting doesn't know anything about the subject at hand. This is a perfect whiskey to get into the world of single malts, not overpowering, smooth, fruity and delicious. Also one of my first single malts along with Singleton. This is not supposed to be a overly complex, peaty, rich whisky but a youngish fresh crisp malt that can be you everyday dram.

    18th November 2014

    Good starter

    Great one to start, will make you start enjoying scotch/whiskey

    10th November 2014

    best quality for the money.

    Glenfiddich 12 year is consistent and good quality. Its my "go to" whiskey. More and you, the 18 year simply cannot be beat, but its also a pretty penny ;) buy a bottle of the 12 year, you won't be disappointed.

    2nd November 2014

    Nice but uninspiring

    Great for newbies, same as Aberlour 15 and Singleton. Gets better at 18 and 25 years.

    23rd October 2014

    Not my thing

    I like my whisky powerful and intense so this isn't for me. it's very light, smooth and bland.

    11th October 2014

    Great one!

    It was my first single malt, and it raised the bar very high! The Glenfiddich whiskies are generally my type of malts as I don't really enjoy the strong peaty flavour, they are just perfect, starting with this one, and the price is really affordable so every malt lover can have a great drink in his glass, every day :) Cheers!

    18th September 2014

    Single malt?

    Reading some of the comments, looks like many try this as their first single malt. Guess when I randomly picked this out yesterday I did the right thing! I just tried it, and it was my first single malt too. It tasted like just an above average good blend. I'm no expert, but I didn't taste anything special. I believe all you seasoned drinkers can either detect very very very subtle notes and can hang on to that, or you just appreciate anything thats not complete rubbish. At any rate, this was disappointing. But as I'm no expert Im rating it a 7, same as it is now. So don't hate me. :)

    28th August 2014

    Oak finish

    Not a bad dram, has a nice finish to it but can be a bitter start. best served neat with some whisky stones. Obviously there are smoother whiskers out there but some of you folks need to get over yourselves. :)

    12th July 2014

    Punch For Price

    A fine 12 yr-old whisky, safe & always consistent.

    18th June 2014

    A Good Addition To The Cabinet

    A perfectly decent single malt. Enjoyable chilled over ice.

    16th June 2014


    This is on a par with the cheap blends. Boring nose, almost flavourless, very short finish. induces a nasty headache and general feeling of malaise after only a dram. Do yourself a favour and get a Talisker on offer for the same price.

    13th June 2014

    A trusted classic

    A classic, reliable old friend which is always worth having around.

    5th June 2014

    My first single Malt

    Glenfiddich 12 is not bad whisky but for only a little more Glenfiddich 15 solera is so much nicer. Like many others I started my single malt journey with glenfiddich 12, but find these days I am more partial to the Islay whisky's such as Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig (guess I'm a peathead}. I also enjoy Whiskey from the other distillery area's but never buy Glenfiddich 12 any-more. I am not trying to slag this whisky and they do have some fine whiskies other than the 12 but my tastes have evolved away from the 12 year old expression. A fine starting point to the world of single malts but you will soon crave something more if you start trying other varieties of whisky.

    19th May 2014

    Don't review it if you are not a drinker!

    Honestly, if you have an aversion to alcohol, why would you muddle the overall rating with your judge-mental biased views? Get over yourself and stay off the boards. Glenfiddich 12 year is a solid single malt Scotch with all the characteristics thereof. Don't listen to the haters.

    2nd May 2014

    What am I missing?

    Someone bought me a bottle and to be honest I do not take drugs,I mean drink, social brain washing that one is any different from the other. I digress to be frank not sure why people drink the stuff, so if you took the alcohol out no one would drink it and say it tastes like crap prefer a cup of coffee. So ultimately all it is is a flavour to allow you to ingest the alcohol for the kick It gives. Pear and toffee my a55 if I ate a pear like that I'd puke. I won't make a whiskey drinker still ill probably remember what I did yesterday

    18th April 2014

    Uninspiring speyside malt

    a re-visit ; nose is sweet caramel, apple and young whisky and grain spirit - quite harsh. palate sweet and one dimensional, flavours do not linger watery aftertaste, no oil nothing : very average considering it isn't that cheap.

    27th March 2014

    Not a five-star whisky...

    ..but I'll give it five-stars anyway to offset some of the snobbish reviews here, this is a perfectly fine 12 yr-old whisky, consistent and it tastes nice.

    26th March 2014

    2 words

    Cheap & Dale.

    8th March 2014

    Think logically.

    If this product emerged from some garage distillery in a Scottish backwater within the past few years and had a limited supply, the snobbery would snap it up. Imagine the reviews: "lovely pear, quince, apple and toffee" or " a delightful, mellow honeyed dram", etc, etc. I think you get my point. This is a very solid and interesting whiskey. It has its own character, it's own interesting flavor and a very good quality.

    14th February 2014


    Good entry bottle. Most people start to drink with something god-awful, and then say they'll never drink whisky again. This bottle assures that they don't say that.

    10th January 2014

    Glenfiddich 12

    It's not the best of the cheaper or younger single malts but it is an excellent whisky. We all have different tastes so of course there will be people that won't like it but anyone that says this is a poor whisky frankly does not know what they're talking about or is probably just getting too caught up in what whisky enthusiasts regard as fashionable rather than the appreciation of the spirit.

    10th January 2014

    Good start (I think)

    I chose this as my first foray into the world of single malt scotch. I have few options where I live, but boy, am I glad I went with this one. My first dram has opened my eyes and has gotten me all hot and bothered to continue exploring the vast world of scotch whisky.

    4th January 2014


    Must say I was expecting some snobbery but not to this extent. This and Glenmorangie 10 year old have started my love affair with malt whisky and while I develop my pallet I will not forget where I started from and nor will I stop recommending this fine drink.

    26th December 2013

    I agree...rubbish

    Because people know I like single malt scotch and it is cheap, I keep getting this as gifts. Even free, I can't drink it neat like I do higher quality scotches. I save this or company or for making Godfather's.

    17th December 2013

    stay away!!!

    very nasty stuff and overated it made me make a face off a sip I never make a face this stuff is disgusting brothers stay away glenlivet12 tomatin 12 highland 12 old pultney 12 try something else lol

    13th December 2013

    Go on! Flaunt it!

    oily jam rags, cinnamon thieves, a shoulder to cry on, custard flancies, sump, fist of fury and domestic violence to name but a few of the tasting notes/emotions evoked by this exceptional bellend of a whisky.

    26th November 2013

    Great whisky

    I have been drinking whisky now for 20 or so years now, & trying over 20 diff single malts. Even though i find the Glenfid 15 smoother & more mellow i still come back to the 12 because of its more robust experience

    3rd November 2013

    Smooth, fresh and fruity

    Very nice whisky, smooth and very fruity for me... its good! Recommended.

    30th October 2013

    The Orchard Trading Holland

    We are a big wholwsaker in Holland and Europe I am visiting Scotland next week and looking for special deals overaged stock, cheap prices big volume, prices please and a tour at yr company

    Gerald Boomgaart ( Jerry)

    6th October 2013

    Good starter

    It's a very nice and easy whisky to drink not challenging at all but really pleasant.

    22nd August 2013

    Easy starter

    Light and fresh nose but compared to some other bottles in this price range somewhat uninspiring. Great everyday dram or first glass, not complex at all and I guess that's what some people like.

    17th August 2013

    Excellent pain relief.

    Been using this to clean and alleviate the pains of a Wisdom tooth, works better than salt water and tastes better too but it's a single malt whisky.

    13th August 2013

    My number one

    Amazing scotch, admittedly it took me a few days to start to appreciate it but when i did, i'd found a new love in my life. I'd go as far as to say this is my favourite whisky, although i do plan on treating myself to another Glenfiddich 15 at some point.

    6th August 2013

    Middle of the road single malt

    Not bad not good.

    Has so,e complexity but not enough, it's a wee bit harsh but compared to,other singles at this price point it's not to bad at all.

    The standard one to have in the cupboard for others but not one I would personally have unless my options were limited,

    12th July 2013

    For something a little different...

    Personally, I think it's fine although I am far from an expert. Though if you're into something different, try it with fire roasted marshmallows around a fire pit! Leave an interesting finish, something like caramel and coffee yum!

    11th July 2013


    Light and floral. Not my type of single malt

    4th July 2013

    Way too overratted.

    This is boxing above its class. The Glenfiddich 12 has more in common with J&B Rare Blend and Cutty Sark Blend.
    The nose is just harsh and unappealing. Like someone squeezed a tiny bit of salted grapefruit into a dirty rusted can full of grain alcohol.
    The taste is like I said above. Tastes like a low cost blend. Flat, uninspiring and just plain bad.
    And the finish is actually alright. With little oak and a bit of citrus zest. But that equates to someone giving you 5 dollars after punching your baby in the face.
    I have no idea why people love this scotch so much.

    22nd June 2013

    Unfashionably cool

    It's hip to bash Glenfiddich, but I enjoy a good dram of it. Starter malt maybe...but 10x better than islay Jura for roughly the same price. Oily on the palate, but not overtly with sweet tones of flowers, fruit and tobacco base. Moderate finish with a kick of damp oak. Leaves just enough fire in the belly....what more do you want from a cheap single malt?

    20th June 2013

    My first time...

    This was the first single malt I ever had and I really liked it. Then I had other singles. Now I would never drink this again. They're better at selling scotch than making them!

    18th June 2013

    First time and addicted

    Drank it last week at a friend's place just to be polite, never was a scotch drinker, not much of a drinker at all as a matter of fact. After 3 glasses my husband was wondering where his wife went, lol....I was flying and loving it. Bought a bottle the very next day and drinking a swig right now.................

    16th June 2013

    Johnnie black and this

    I liken this to Johnnie black, the same in so much as they are perfect in their smoothness and so drinkable for their fineness and neutrality. This is the best single malt for me. I drink Woods 100 for a strong hit.

    7th June 2013



    6th June 2013

    You'll always remember your first

    I have always been a blended whiskey drinker. For a first time a friend had me try this 12 yo and I truly think it was a delight. That is all I drank the rest of the weekend. It might be "bottom of the barrel" to some itch more developed tastes but to a newbie I thought it was great. Definitely will have it again and looking forward to trying others.

    2nd May 2013

    Bland and Boring

    It's not bad, it's just not interesting. If you're not a single malt drinker, you can start here without fear, but just know there is a big wide world of intense and complex tastes awaiting you. This is pretty much scotch-with-training-wheels.

    29th April 2013



    17th April 2013

    A nice start into the world of whisky

    Easy to understand, sweet and mellow. Good to start with if you are new to whisky. I would like to try the other expressions of Glenfiddich to.

    1st April 2013

    Redundant review...

    My thoughts have already been summed up:
    It's very pleasent- but that's it. Sweet and simple, no complexity, and too alcoholic to drink quickly.
    I would agree Glenmorangie for this price.

    10th March 2013


    I'm giving this a '10' to compensate for some of the ridiculous criticism on here... actually it is an 8... but an '8' for less than £30 is remarkable. Very good whisky, lovely hint of pear as one reviewer notes here, and slightly mineral taste. Fantastic all-rounder, in most corner shops and high-street wine stores this is head-and-shoulders the best product (of any drinkable kind) on the shelves.

    8th March 2013

    False Start

    I know this Glenfiddich 12 is often called the ideal starter single malt for beginners, but I have to disagree. To me the Glenlivet 12 is better qualified for that, and I am sure some others I've not yet tasted would as well. This Glenfiddich is okay, but has a cheap finish and lingering aftertaste that is something between cut grass and tabacco, and not in the right fashion. I suppose the price is what breeds the popularity, but I'd rather pony up for a bit better quality.

    7th March 2013

    Simple but Beautiful

    Yes this isn't the most complex of single malts, but I actually think that adds something to it. A simple, fine taste that you can enjoy on any day at any time. If you want to try something unusual, then don't go for this, but it is the world's best selling Scotch for good reason.

    5th March 2013

    taste like tuba and its great :-)

    After last holiday in philippines i have brougth various whiskys brandy includes bushmills, corvoisier, jack daniels white mackey, chivas, but glenfiddich tasted the best. My brother liked it,

    2nd March 2013

    A Classic - need a snob alert

    The Green card tube is on every shelf that sells whisky. Its so common it must be rubbish ? Its the Xmas present for Grandad etc. This is a high quality 12 year old speyside malt whisky. Light, delicate nose, lovely fruity honey pallette. A great bottle if you just want a bottle around, and a must as part of any bigger assortment. Enjoy

    26th February 2013


    not very adventurous. not much character but all this is overlooked for the smoothness. much prefer Glenlivet 12 yo. same price but more of an experience.

    14th January 2013

    Ignore the Single Malt Snobs!

    A great 12yr old single malt, lovely taste, one of the best!

    30th December 2012

    Hugh Jass

    Absolutely fabulous!!!!! I drink at least a bottle a day....and particularly love it poured over fried bananas. What could be better for the real drinking man! Screw aroma, peaty flavour and all that other bullshit. This stuff will make your hair stand up and makes a perfectly good anti-freeze for your car on cold Canadian mornings

    23rd December 2012

    My first step into the world of single malts...

    and I have loved it, goes down nice and smooth, hits the spot after a long day at work or on a Friday or Saturday night relaxing. Really enjoyed

    8th December 2012

    I returned the bottle

    Worst single malt I've tasted so far. Found it extremely conservative and devoid of any complexity. Exchanged it for the Aberlour 10 ;)

    23rd September 2012

    Good at what it does

    Well worth the price, great for beginners (like me) nice everyday whiskey when your not looking for anything complex, great to share *so you can keep the good stuff ;)* very crisp and refreshing, lacks the warming refined taste of the 15 and 18 but a great afternoon sipper

    19th September 2012

    I like it. but maybe it's just me

    It has such a fun palate, and such a nice finish that I can't see why people hate it...better then glenlivet 12...better then all the blended whiskeys I have tried, except Green Label. Spend your money on it, it's a treat! :) ( i would go with Highland Park 12 though, but you should try Glenfiddich 12 to)

    23rd August 2012

    It's "cool" not to like this single malt, but it is EXCELLENT.

    Incredibly well balanced, light flavors but a full creamy body. Nothing at all wrong with this whisky. Floral, with light sweetness but heavy and malty at the same time. Just lovely.

    13th August 2012

    Famous for a reason

    People like to knock Glenfiddich because it's the most popular malt in the world, but it remains a 'safe pair of hands' so to speak. Fresh, fruity aromas dominate the nose and the palate doesn't disappoint. A good introduction to the light Speyside style.

    22nd June 2012

    every now and then

    taste is a subjective matter...this one is a safe play in the world of scottish single malts...what they should do is cut the caramel colouring, unchillfilter it and amp it up to at least 43 per cent alcohol...would be a much improved and different whisky...but money rules...

    12th June 2012

    Just awful

    Of all the single malt`s I have drunk to date this is without doubt the worst. If this was all that a single malt had to offer I would drink something else. How it ever won a gold medal is beyond me?

    9th February 2012

    Something to sip in the bathtub.

    A decent sipper - I keep a bottle in the bathroom so I can have a dram whilst sitting in a nice hot bath. Bliss. Also good to have on hand as a general sipper to share with those that might like a whisky but aren't worth wasting the good stuff on. Keep a bottle handy I say. This would be my pick for a 'general purpose whisky'.

    8th January 2012

    Rubbish ???

    I dont knowwhether to be flippant - but - Rubbish equates to Tripple redistilled Cameldung ex Gaddafi's back yard - can ye no be a wee bit mair specific??

    12th November 2011

    Pretty good

    I personally think Glenfiddich is over rated but this is a fine whisky! smooth and sweet. Can't beat the 18 year one though.

    4th November 2011

    Scottish relief in Frankfurt am Main/Germany

    This stuff, bought at the Heathrow Airport gave me sense of being home even in Germany, ie. Frankfurt. Great stuff, great quality, great 'Britishness'. Thumbs up!!!

    29th September 2011


    A very basic scotch. The finish is not what you would expect from the aroma or immediate touch to your tongue. Leaves much to be desired and reminds me of something one would make in their home who has not mastered the art. Price is not proportional to flavor or proportional to others in category. Many others in same price range that are far superior, such as Glenlivet. Unanimously... it's better than a blend though, I'll give it that. But could use some evaluation from the maker, perhaps some tweaking. Kind of like buying a car and getting the most basic model without power windows/locks and some of the features commonly found in all cars now. But again, beats riding a bike.

    20th September 2011


    Also enjoyed my visit around the distillery,ar, and my favourite is the 18 ye all love them all

    12th September 2011

    good job

    delicious, well worth the money, my favourite is the 12 year old. Enjoyed our visit round the distillery.

    12th September 2011


    Much better than Glenmorangie which is far too sweet for me. I have tried most singles, and unless I want to pay near twice the price, I don't think it can be beaten. No, I don't much like peat, I prefer whisky! Balvenie Signature might just beat it though??

    31st August 2011


    Overrated and simply man-hanldles the palate.

    For the price I'd rather go with Glemnorangie 10yo.

    Heck, I'd drink Cutty Sark before I drank this again.

    12th August 2011

    Discount ..

    .. all of the above. It has a lovely bitter taste up front that might put some off, but then the taste develops. It did not get to where it is, in terms of popularity, on the back of the 10 reviews here. I'd rather go by the MoM notes if I were looking to buy.

    4th July 2011

    Lovin' it

    Better than Lambrini

    2nd June 2011

    Balance is the issue

    A good place to start learning whisky (It's where I started) because it doesn't have the sharper edges of the cheaper drams and it's not overly expensive. This was a good benchmark of how far your palette has grown, it was nice to begin with but now I can see that it is uncomplicated and a bit too flat for me. Nice nose but way to much caramel, which spoils any other tastes that may (but I don't think do) exist underneath it's toffee sweetness. In short, poorly balanced and a bit uninspiring but a good beginners malt. Oh, and the guy that said it's better than a blend doesn't quite get the point of whisky, this is more artificial than any blend

    5th May 2011

    Go for the 15 yr

    See above.

    20th April 2011

    Blago Review

    The most adorable facet of this one is the nose - some sweet and slightly bitter-fresh green pear, not too intense but very inviting. On the palate this dram feels quite fresh, a little bit juicy, medium oily. What it lacks is complexity and development. The taste remains almost flat from the first sip throughout the finish, being of short-to-medium lenght. No peat or smoke whatsoever. No burn efect also. A good easydrinker and a quality malt for the price!

    18th March 2011

    Great taste, and fun to drink.

    This was the first scotch I ever drank. As I tried more and more scotch whiskys, and comparing it this inexpensive bottle, I think it has as complicated tastes as more expensive brands. I would definitely buy a bottle of it. It's not peaty, which I don't like, so it's a great buy for the money. You can't go wrong.

    26th December 2010


    its a very good single malt for this price, id say one of the finest.

    25th November 2010

    Still better than a blend !!!

    It is mellow and oliy on the palate with a quite aromatic nose, based on fruits and maltiness. Not a complex malt but much better than even good blends.

    22nd November 2010

    Still better than a blend !!!

    It is mellow and oliy on the palate with a quite aromatic nose, based on fruits and maltiness. Not a complex malt but much better than even good blends.

    22nd November 2010


    Flat and uninspiring, money better spent on the 15 or better yet another single malt altogether.

    17th September 2010



    21st May 2010

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