Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Glen Grant
Style Single Malt Whisky

Major's Reserve

No age statement malt from Glen Grant, The Major's Reserve is very easy to drink, and a great entry level malt from the distillery.

Winner of 1 spirit awards

Single Malt Scotch - to 12 Yrs - 2013
San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Glen Grant The Major's Reserve
Good, easy drinking
Bought this in a local northern France supermarket last month for €19 . Smooth, light and easy drinking - sooo good went back for another 4 and cleared the shelf 🥃😋
Julie , United Kingdom
one year ago
Excellent value for a more than acceptable single malt
Sweet & smooth with a pleasant level of coconut
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Great value!
I tried the Major's Reserve about eight years ago when I was in Nigeria and the price of the established malts was exorbitant. This was less than half the price and I found it more than acceptable. Nothing much to it but very nice and simple. Great for making a rusty nail!
Ian B , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Nice tasting, smooth ,light and a bit of a fragrant taste and slight spice.
Gareth R , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Really not bad dram with age statement at a good price
A glass of sunshine. Lovely easy-drinking stuff and at the price (where I am anyway) , a real bargain. I could sip this anytime anywhere - with a meal, after dinner, before or after breakfast, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon starters, a nightcap.
RJ W , New Zealand
3 years ago
Decent basic scotch for the price
Christ, reading reviews here reminds me why I rarely bother checking them. So much snobbiness and absolute trite. We're not all loaded all the time so cannot afford the ridiculous bottles some suggest, not are we always in a place to find the more specialised drams.

I bought a bottle of this for 19 euros on am island in northern Germany. The selection at the local supermarket wasn't much and, without a local specialist store, I thought I'd give it a go. The purpose of the purchase was to have a solid after-dinner liquor kick, and to cut through the lager I'd been (reluctantly) drinking the past few days.

On that front, did it do the trick? Yes, absolutely. Can't fault it. It's pretty light, fruity and watery. Easy to drink, easy to mix if you like, and quite moreish.

Typically I love my peaty/smokey single malts - preferring Talisker and Caol Ila - and I have a palette that needs a lot of flavour to properly stimulate. (If a scotch tastes like I am eating a bonfire, I'll love it.)

So this Glen Grant is the absolute opposite to what I usually like. Will I likely pour myself a glass while pondering the meaning of life on a winter night? Nope, not if I have Talisker around. Perhaps for a dinner party? Nope, probably not again, but that's because I'd like to break out something special. Does it have the complexity of a scotch twice the price? Not at all.

But for casual, Netflix nights? Sure. For sitting on the balcony? Definitely. For a nightcap? Certainly.

Get real, people. You're paying very little for a basic scotch - what more could you want? It's how I feel about Jamesons too; for the price, it ain't a bad drink. Besides: it's far better than any of the usual supermarket selection of Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's and such.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
For summer and daytime
Great daytime whisky. Goes well with a cup of coffee and some sweet pie.
Not for wintertime nor night time sipping.
But when the sun is shining this is your dram.
Reima C , Finland
4 years ago
An every day whisky to be enjoyed....
So many stuck up snobs on here, by the sounds of it none of yous can tell your ar*e from your elbow.

This is a nice whisky that goes down well, its smooth with very little burn, an easy drinking whisky that should be enjoyed like all others, maybe with a little water or ice........but never with coke,
Gerald , United Kingdom
4 years ago
It surprised me.
Good smooth and fine spirit.
Sherwin P , Latvia
4 years ago
Amazing experience
Wow - about the best quality versus price experience I have ever had. I got 2 bottles for €17 in a supermarket near Avignon (about £7.50 a bottle). Even if it had been paint stripper that would have been a good price (I think the UK tax alone is more than that), but as it was it was a very enjoyable experience. Yes I have had better, but only 10% better, and at five timestamp the price.
Alan , United Kingdom
4 years ago