Country Scotch Whisky
Region Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Glen Elgin
Bottler Master of Malt
Distillation Date April 2006
Style Single Malt Whisky
Bottling Date October 2022

Glen Elgin 16yo 2006 MoM

From the Glen Elgin distillery, nestled in the tiny Speyside hamlet of Fogwatt comes this 16-year-old single malt. Distilled in 2006, the whisky was later treated to a stay in an oloroso hogshead before bottling in 2022, when we felt it had reached liquid perfection, and added 336 bottles to our collection of Master of Malt exclusive releases.

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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Zesty, creamy notes of lemon posset and yellow plum. Buttery madeleines, flaked almond, and sweet key lime pie with a ginger snap base.

Palate A glorious dollop of clotted cream counters fragrant green peppercorns, silky honey, and syrupy fruit suggestions of boiled sweeties. Peaches and cream.

Finish Sweet shop notes linger with chalk candies and barley sugars. Things remain creamy with coatings of vanilla, and beneath, delicate woody spice hovers in perfect harmony.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Glen Elgin 16 Year Old 2006 Single Cask (Master of Malt)
Great whisky
Great whisky
Chris Walker , United Kingdom
8 months ago
Struggling with this one
Struggling with this one, I think there’s a good whisky there, but it’s very dominant on the noise by one smell. But for a 16 year for that price it’s not bad. But you can tell it’s a refill.

I’m hoping it will improve with time
Chris Almond , United Kingdom
one year ago
Hugely disappointing
For this age and strength at this price point, this seemed to be a huge bargain. Then I tasted it.

OK, I don't have a sophisticated palate but my very first sniff suggested urine, or more likely sulfur, as someone else suggested.

The taste was just more of the same acrid sulfur, or whatever. Neither time in the glass nor a little water helped.

This whisky is a stinker, in my opinion.
Anthony S , United Kingdom
one year ago
Gloriously complex showcase of a whiskey...
Another first time reviewer, and as per the previous reviewer please take anything I say with a pinch of salt too...
This a complex and challenging whiskey, one that triggered conversation for over an hour as we discussed the flavour profile. You can't get away from that dominant buttery burnt popcorn...or even akin to pork scratching which really does dominate the palate, until creamy fruity notes intersect. I'm surprised it isn't mentioned at all in the tasting notes. On the nose strangely you get little hint of that smokey overtone to come...just the fruit and cream...
Not my favourite whiskey but definitely one of the most interesting I've ever tasted.
William D , United Kingdom
one year ago
Too dominated by one flavour: an update
To add to my previous review, if I restrict myself to this one malt in one evening, this is a really lovely drink. It is very singular, and it doesn't mix well with other milder whiskies, but it has real character and if you're willing to accept something outside the box, this may be for you. It has similarities to but is much more complex and rewarding than the bourbons to which it has a superficial resemblance.
Ian H , United Kingdom
one year ago
to add to my previous review the , 'farmyard nose' could be sulphur from the sherry cask. I am not an expert. I am really enjoying it and it takes me back to when I worked on farms. Beyond that note it is rich and thick; I am probably going to buy another.
jonathan D , United Kingdom
one year ago
Well made and different. MMMMMmmmmm!
Lovely! Rich, thick and with a little water becomes much more exciting. I get a big farmyard hit to nose and palate. Don't let that put you off because not many malts have this profile. If you want something well made with a natural presentation: age statement, cask strength and with no daft packaging this WILL be for you!
jonathan D , United Kingdom
one year ago
Too dominated by one flavour?
Let me preface this by saying that I am relatively early in my whisky journey. So take everything I say with a pinch of salt.
I think this is a very odd whisky.
There is a singular note to the nose and palate. I found it hard to put a name to it, but I think the closest I can come to it is burnt popcorn. It is a not a million miles away from bourbon. Underneath this flavour I think this is a relatively complex whisky, but I wouldn't get it again because of the predominance of this one burnt flavour. There are pleasant liquorice, herbal, molasses, bitter and biscuity notes underneath. It has a long woody spicy finish. I don't recognise many of the Master of Malt tasting notes, but that may be down to my inexperience. It would be nice to hear the opinion of someone who really knows their whisky
Ian H , United Kingdom
one year ago