The Snow Grouse Whisky 70cl

Scotch Whisky • 70cl • 40%
Product details
The Snow Grouse
Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Famous Grouse
Style Grain Whisky

The Snow Grouse

Wonderfully, the Snow Grouse is a grain whisky, designed to be drunk cold. What a brilliant idea! In fact, they recommend you have this stuff straight from the freezer.

This bottle was part of a private collection - if you'd like more detailed photos just get in touch!

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for The Snow Grouse
utter crap
My first review ever. This is utter crap. Ok i get it you get a less flavours and taste when this is chilled down. I,ve tried it chilled in freezer, ive tried this with ice cubes. Yes great it doesnt feel just as bad chilled down, but still its awfull. This is the the first " grouse" which is awfull however you drink it. Maybe it has some distinct flavours i dont get but compared to any of the shelf malt whisky tis is crap. It doesnt matter whether you want to use 30 or 3000 usd this is crap. I can drink it chilled but any glen-something would beat it to not talk about lavauglin or aphroaig etc etc. But if you need something to drink becuase you cant afford vodka go for it. ive had a lot of bourbouns ( cheap ones ) that beat this, Without insult someone how can any give this 4 or 5 stars. People from Edrington group plese be silent
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Another beauty from The Famous Grouse.
Delicious! Neat or freeze. This whisky remember me the unmalted barley, used in many Irish whisky, and perhaps it has. It's a pity it was discontinued, I hope it will come back.
FRANCISCO G , Portugal
3 years ago
Why was this discontinued?!?
Fucking mint!
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Fantastic, leave it in the freezer and it's like a liquor.
Val H , United Kingdom
4 years ago
It was best whisky for ever. But you mast but in ice and wait 15-30min = NAM!!!!!!!!
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Total perfection
Snow grouse is amazing smooth cold and total perfection no words can some it up the number 1 whiskey ever made
lawrance b , United Kingdom
6 years ago
Mrs Moule
The best whisky I have tasted
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Great Idea
Not much of an after taste at all but great idea. When I lived in Africa I used to keep my whisky in the freezer so that I didn't need to water it down with ice but first time I've tried one that was meant to be kept in the freezer. I think I've found my new every day scotch.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
I'm not a whiskey snob and this is enjoayble if you do as it says and freeze it!
Got given it as a gift. Buzzed it in the freezer for 2 nights. It makes the whiskey thicker and looks almost syrupy when poured! Quite a spin out. The strength isn't as much as room temp whiskeys but this isn't designed to be drunk at room temp, hence the instructions to freeze it...Those bad comments are most likely from those who didn't do as they were told as children and still don't as adults ;-) . If you see it for cheap or at duty free, grab it for the novelty and experience (and grab me another bottle please as this one won't last long and I want to show friends what it's like!). CHEERS!
Justin K , United Kingdom
7 years ago
Ice... literally ice.
I put my bottle to freezer, 2 days later wanted to take a drink. FROZEN. How 40% Whiskey can turn to ice in normal freezer??
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago