Dewar's 12 Year Old Whisky 70cl

Scotch Whisky • 70cl • 40%
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Dewar's 12 Year Old
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Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Dewar's
Style Blended Whisky

Dewar's 12 Year Old

The classic 12 year old blend from Dewars, this stuff is the successor to Dewar's "Double Aged" 12 Year Old - so named in reference to the additional six month marriage the whisky enjoys in oak after the initial maturation and blending. The practice is maintained despite the name change and the result is loads of flavour…

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose A heady note of juicy fruit and thick, creamy malt. Rather floral, and quite sweet with notes of toasted barley, almond and a tinge of honey.

Palate The palate is perfectly poised with notes of barley malt, hot buttered toast, a little honey, and some aniseed spiciness.

Finish A touch of smoke on the tail, alongside plenty of thick malt and sweetness.

Winner of 9 spirit awards

Blends aged up to 12 years old - 2019
The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Blended Scotch between 12 and 20 years old - 2019
International Spirits Challenge
Blended: Premium - 2018
The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Scotch Whisky - Blended - Age Statement - 2018
The Asian Spirits Masters (The Spirits Business)
Blends aged up to 12 years old - 2014
The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

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Reviews for Dewar's 12 Year Old
Good. Quite good...
...for an inexpensive blend. Thick mouthfeel, & tasty, honeyed malt with spicy notes &, as promised, just a touch of smoke, a barely noticeable tease (not enough to please an Islay-lover.) Nevertheless, a warming & satisfying whisky, bringing good, solid value for when one wants a budget-friendly 12-year-old Scotch. Worth a try!
Craig , Canada
one month ago
Just OK
Dewars 12 in my cocktail was so smooth, so approachable I didn’t taste the whisky. JWBlack is a better blended Scotch for my go-to cocktail, a Black/Cynar Rob Roy.
JNOTSILVER , United States
8 months ago
A light, very refreshing and flavourful finish, dont rush it...!
John B , United Kingdom
11 months ago
A Fine drink to share wiyh friends
We have a long tradition after eating fish before eating meat is to wash away fish with a good whiskey. I enjoy this with Dewars 12yr The Ancestor a good drink to share with friend. Thanks
Avroham Yoel Schkloven
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
The best 24 usd I have spent lately
I was very pleased with this choice. Was seeking the Japanese Smooth, but not to be found. Tried this on the advice of a Scottish friend and happy that I took his advice to try it. Sweet fruit and creamy malt on the nose with a strong note of indefinable fruit and the creamy barley malt on the palate with a sweet and mild spice note on the finish. Nothing exciting, nothing to write home about, but a very nice daily drinker if there ever was one.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Well-balanced whisky that could very well be your everyday friend
Really well-balanced in every aspect. It has depth and richness of taste without being too outspoken. It will be liked by many. It's strength is also a bit it's weakness. It's a great drink but not the one you'll remember most.

Henk ten H , Netherlands
2 years ago
Buy Dewar’18 aged years true scotch the vintage Blended scotch whisky?
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Great value for $$$
For a mid-level scotch this is wonderful. I am no Scotch snob. Generally my sweet spot is between 50 and $80 and I have 30 scotches in my collection. However I will pay $100 to $150 for something I especially like. I have 5 bottles in that price range but that is not my norm. I will splurge and pay for more expenses scotch but I cannot see myself regularly paying for something $150 or over unless it absolutely blows my mind. That said, I paid $23, including tax for Dewars 12 and really enjoyed it so had to go back for 2 more bottles. I get oak, apples, honey, vanilla, and spice. Definite Burbon influences. The flavors are between light to medium, closer to medium in taste. At $25 or be low it is a great value.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
5 Star Value
My "go to Scotch" of course there are better Scotch's out there, however, when you add value for money The Ancestor is 5 Star!
Roy W , Thailand
3 years ago
The best!
Love it!
Jennifer P , United States
3 years ago