Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Cameron Bridge
Style Grain Whisky

Cameron Brig

This single grain whisky was distilled at the Cameronbridge distillery in fife. A very light, gentle whisky.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Light, subtle. Honey, spice.

Palate Caramel, mixed peels, a touch of sherry, sultanas.

Finish Medium length, oak and honey, more peels.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Cameron Brig
when you can get it
most excellent whisky knocks all those fancy single malts into a top hat
frank w , United Kingdom
one year ago
Cameron Brig
Best single grain ever but as usual sacrificed for the sake of what is now called The Haig Club which is innit opinion an inferior tipple
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Always seems to be unobtainable
Where can you get it it seems unobtainable
Jennifermacleod , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Cameron Brig Local
Really nice subtle whiskey, it’s the only single grain whiskey made from ingredients obtained locally including grain and water. I’m biased as I live appropriately 2k from Cameron Bridge Distillery or Cameron Brig as we locals call it.
Jim , United Kingdom
5 years ago
Seems to be sold out. where can I get it now
A lovely mild taste and a very comforting night cap
Doreen S , United Kingdom
5 years ago
Best Scotch Whisky I have Had!!!
I am a Texan and this fine Whisky was introduced to me by some of my fine Scottish Brothers and it is my choice of Whisky and all my guest in my home LOVE it and ask me how they can get it. The only problem i have is the last time i ordered I was told that it could not be sent to me here in the USA.
Scrappy K , United States
5 years ago
Best Scotch I've tasted to date.
I was introduced to Cameron Brig in 2002 by a high school classmate who lived in Fife, Scotland for many years. On one of her trips back to the U.S., she brought a bottle to me. I had never been a Scotch drinker but one sip and I was converted. No more bourbon! Cameron Brig is not available here but my son was in London two years ago and picked up two bottles in a shop there. He was told that it was not longer being made. I am happy that it is still available on-line. Until I see some more, I'll just have to get by with Glenfiddich, another fine product.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
I wish more shops would stock it.
it is a lovely dram , very light and smooth with a diferent flavour . A favourite of mine. Hard to get , you'll find it on line no bother.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
It's Ok
I find this just 'Ok' and nothing that special. The fact it's solely grain reminds me too much of cheaper blended scotches that I used to drink years ago, and I suppose it's because I've been a tad spoilt over the years and now pay multiple times the amount I paid for this on better malts. I don't mean this to sound snobbish, as this is certainly drinkable and i have the odd glass for a change as some is still left, so for the money it's ok but I wont be buying again.
Bob N , United Kingdom
6 years ago
Hard to get
I live around 30 miles from the distillery but its very difficult to buy. The main supermarkets and off-licences don't stock it and even in Leven where the distillery is you can't find it with ease. I assume it is sent overseas? Anyhoo it's actually quite good.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago