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Ballantine's Finest

(70cl, 40.0%)
Ballantine's Finest

Awards for Ballantine's Finest


Blended: Standard - 2015

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Liquid Gold Award - 2014

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible


Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Ballantine's Finest Details


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User Rating
(58 Reviews)

Ballantine's Finest Bottling Note

Ballantines Finest was Jim Murray's No Age Statement Blend of the Year with a whopping 96 points! A classic blend.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Expressive, crisp barley sugars. Touch of wood smoke, toffee.

Palate: Rich and sweet. Barley and caramel, very gentle peat.

Finish: Soft and sweet, fudge.

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    User Reviews of the Ballantine's Finest

    This WHISKEY is truly Delicious

    Love it! I normally drink Glenlevit 12, or 18. And I am not a blended whiskey fan. I prefer single malts. I am also not a fan of Johnny Walker..period. Over priced for the quality. This is incredibly underpriced for the quality. I would easily pay $50 for a bottle of this. Delicious. SMOOOOOTH. Only wish it had a longer finish. But at this price just pour another glass.

    14th September 2015

    Very bad whisky

    I have tried many kinds of whisky but this one is really one of the worst whisky I've ever tried.
    If you really drink whisky don't even try this one.

    9th September 2015

    Good Whisky

    I normally drink single malts and just returned from Scotland where I toured many distilleries. For the money, this is the best blended whisky. All of you who think spending the $ for JWB is a good idea are fools. for that money, buy a decent single malt. JWB is rotgut and disgusting.

    27th August 2015

    Honest review from a working Mc in Pittsburgh PA

    I never appreciated Scotch whiskey until I reached my thirties. I tried many scotches but preferred JW black. One day my local Wine & Spirits was out of JW Black, and the manager recommended Ballantines. While I say I will prefer JW Black over it, given the choice, I buy Ballantines every time as it is a very close second.

    In fact, if I can't have the two, previously mentioned whiskeys, then I won't drink any and instead will drink beer.

    For what it's worth, a simple, working man's honest opinion based solely on taste and the power of his wallet.

    24th August 2015


    Malo, no puedo rescatar muchos puntos a favor. No recomiendo. Por ese precio hay whiskys mucho (mucho) mejores.

    23rd August 2015


    Me,and all my friends love this whisky,we have being drinking this brand for at least 40 years,for this price it is very goooooooood.

    17th August 2015


    Wanted to like this after reading some very positive reviews, but was very disappointed. The old sayin, 'you get what you pay for' is almost always true. It is cheap whisky, but drinkable IF you have no good single malts available (JW Black is a much better blend).
    Spend another 10 dollars and buy Highland Park 12 . .. a really good whisky.

    13th July 2015

    Fantastic Stuff!

    have always seen this on the shelf in Scotland but as it was a blend I didn't bother as I'd rather pay a wee bit more for a single Malt. in Duty free in Poland and the selection was either a top end Bowmore or this and Grants on offer.
    as Ballentines was only £16 for 1Litre I thought what the hey.
    well impressed was expecting a smother grouse flavour (bench mark for a blend - but you could fool someone that it was a 10+ year old single malt. don't listen to any review that claim that Teachers is a better whisky - as they must work for company! I do prefer a Isle Whisky and if I want a cheap whisky I'll get a bottle of Black Grouse , but not now! just wish asda sold it!

    20th March 2015

    Sugar hiding the awful flavour

    horrid, cheap whiskey. hideous flavour masked by the added sugar. only good in a hot toddy. for the price there's plenty better

    19th March 2015

    jatt riskey after whisky

    I Drink the best I must say this is one of it.

    18th March 2015

    Nice with Ice & Orange

    There is that lovely fudgy malt that elevates it above its rivals. But it just has too many flaws - There is too much cask charring that produces an ash finish. Sweet grain whisky is also all too evident. Overall the malt flavours are just too distant for my taste. The 12 year old is much better not to mention the sublime 17. You get what you pay for. I like it with ice and a slice of fresh orange.

    4th March 2015


    Wow, I've read your reviews, this is a very good scotch, its smooth and yet has very nice body, if your above it, don't drink it, anyone that enjoys Scotch Whiskey, enjoys different tastes!! It's worth every penny!!

    26th January 2015

    Ted Exley

    I agree with Jim Murray's verdict. It is super stuff. Much better than most of the cheaper single malts currently on sale.

    22nd January 2015

    Better Than You Think

    Bought because of price; will buy again because it's good. ...real good value. Makes a great Hot Toddy! Nice with a cigar...served neat.

    11th January 2015

    Dreadful Stuff - it just evaporates once opened

    A couple of ice cubes slows down the evaporation rate - a little bit ! Discovered this Whisky in Spain about 5 years ago & now I stock up at Duty Free after each trip. Definitely one of the best blended whiskeys on the market.

    26th November 2014

    Great Blended scotch

    Love what is inside the bottle. To bad about the wasted liquid gold dribbling down the outside of the bottle because of the plastic inovation obviously not thought of by a true Scot!

    25th November 2014

    Attractive blend !

    Excellent nose, fine sweet palate and similar sweet finish. Not a complex blend, yet nicely balanced to be attractive to many whisky drinkers.

    19th November 2014


    tastes cheap and syrupy only in a pitch

    14th November 2014


    It's quite good for its price range. Initially felt a little too light but when it is left for 20 minutes, it opens up .. not bad at all

    9th November 2014


    This has to be the smoothest blended whiskey in price category which in my opinion packs a decent amount of flavour, in agreement with tasting notes above.
    After trying it's fair to say I will always keep some of this in my collection as it goes down a treat!

    17th October 2014

    Hate the new plastic cap.

    A pleasant easy drinking whisky, but the new plastic cap is big clumsey and makes it unpleasant to pour.I will not be buying again. There is plenty choice at this level. BNJ for me.

    10th October 2014

    It packs fudge!

    Fudgy goodness

    27th August 2014


    Ballantines Finest can be had straight as well as in your hot drinks also dont miss to mix with juices !

    26th August 2014


    a great taste and aftermath whether with a mixer on just on the rocks strong and a mixture of sweet and boldness well worth its price something not to miss for the taster!

    26th August 2014

    Best blended whisky I've tasted.

    An excellent whisky, well worth drinking straight. I find this much more enjoyable than other highly acclaimed blends like Monkey Shoulder. Very good in cocktails also. Briliant all-rounder.

    26th July 2014



    24th July 2014


    Disappointed initially. Bland and light. Then it or my taste-buds opened up revealing complexity, subtlety, balance. When I(irresponsibly) went on to drink to that point where almost any whisky tastes good- it became delicious- The poor man's Dalwhinnie 15. Perfect for approaching that point where you'd be wasting your best whisky if you continued. Excellent value, a really enjoyable blend.

    5th July 2014

    One of the absolutely best sipping whiskys.

    I drink mainly Speyside single malts and have not been very impressed at all with most blended whiskys. I find Jameson fair and Johnnie Walker Black Label poor. But Ballantines Finest is one of the finest sipping whiskys I've ever come across. I'd put it up there with single malts such as Bushmills 16 yo and even the Macallan 10. Great with just a little water.

    29th June 2014

    Mr. Gary

    I've been purchasing your 1.75ltr for years. I love Ballantine's but don't like the cap on that bottle. Now that you took the handle off, I find that small or arthritic hands can't hold on to the bottle with one hand. Some people only have one!!! Thanks for listening.

    27th June 2014

    Its very smooth

    I've been drinking scotch since i started drinking,i mostly drank Black Label but now i drink this more often as the taste is smoother than many expensive scotch whisky's

    26th June 2014

    так себе

    со льдом и в коктейли потянет

    2nd May 2014

    should try

    I may not know much, but I know what I like, and I like this blend. I much prefer it over the famous grouse. Whiskey bible gave it a 96 in 2011-2012 making it blend of the year, beating out walker black. Give it a try for the price you can't go wrong.

    19th April 2014

    Bad Habits

    Beyond criticism I should have thought. Then again, perhaps the practice of imbibing horse urine is not the best preparation for tasting whisky? Still, each to his own ......

    30th March 2014


    horse piss taste better than this shit

    19th March 2014


    Nose is a little over-alcoholic but fortunately doesn't taste that much. Sweet, mild, pleasantly aromatic on the palate if not complex. Clean aftertaste. Good for back-from-work refreshment.

    24th February 2014


    Been drinking this for donkeys years, tried 100's of the others while travelling world and UK. Glenfiddich, Grouse etc, but always come back to mu favorite Ballantines, It does it for me and always will. Currently have 4 litres which I brought back from Spain.

    25th January 2014

    Perhaps I'm missing something?

    I've only recently stopped being an unintending single malt snob so know even less about blends than I do about singles, however I think this is very ordinary. Unremarkable nose (except, perhaps, the caramel colouring?), peppery on the palate (OK, it's Scotch but this isn't the challenge of a childish nip pinched from dad's old fashioned blend when you he wasn't looking, this just feels a little rough) and in the finish there's the clunking colouring again (remember those bitter, caramel topped, creme-caramel desserts your mum used to make in a teacup?). I've yet to have an undrinkable dram but in my opinion this merits only a "Meh".

    20th January 2014

    Good value

    Sweet, smooth and classy. No off notes. If I wanted to be unkind I could say it is a little dull, but I do rather like this so I wont say that :-)

    5th January 2014


    Excellent taste

    29th December 2013

    Drinkable, but not a great scotch

    Sweet and sort of bland. Not an entirely bad tipple and certainly better than the notorious Johnnie Walker Red Label, but others in that price range are much better (Teachers, Black Bottle come to mind). If you're willing to pay more but want to stay in the Ballantine's range, the 12 year old blend is a huge improvement over this.

    7th October 2013


    Its so sexy and fine just like man

    17th September 2013

    Best of the budget blends

    I've finally settled on Ballantine's as my evening tipple when I'm not in the mood to drink the expensive stuff. It's obviously not up there with the deluxe blends, but IMO it's a better whiskey than its competitors. Definitely worth a try if you don't know it.

    23rd July 2013

    mr T

    it ok

    19th July 2013

    girly but nice

    I'm a whisky noob, but from my limited experience - it tastes mild, sweet and alcoholic, I wouldn't mind more tannin/smoke taste. I would agree with other reviewers who described it as - simple. Nothing wrong with that though, it's like Coca Cola, not a special thing, but everyone can enjoy it.

    7th June 2013


    Juicy and fresh. A bit like a weird barely legal marriage between a Mr Jack Daniels and a young Scottish wench.

    30th May 2013

    Best blend under £20

    Everyone has different tastes but I recommend you ignore any negative reviews as you will not find a better blend for the money. Fantastic whisky.

    18th April 2013

    Best value blend on the market

    At this price it can't be beat! Delicious!

    2nd March 2013

    50 year scotch drinker......

    I have tasted a whole variety of Scotch Whiskeys, but everyday in and out Ballantines everyday is way above the market.

    28th February 2013

    Ballantine's Finest

    I was not very impressed with this. I know you can't expect too much from a blend at this price range but given the fact that it's can be £20+ in some places I was expecting something slightly more interesting than the likes of Teachers and Bells but (in my opinion) it isn't. It is very smooth and well balanced but it has a lot of that sort of rubbery flavour that you tend find in cheap blends and it has a slightly bitter finish. It's very similar to Whyte & Mackay Special which is my least favourite of the main 5 cheap blends so I don't think it's one I'll be buying again.

    30th January 2013

    A "souvenir" picked up in Austria...

    First impression was a little rough, a little woody, a little earthy, dominated by smokey tones. Added some water and some strong fruity notes escaped - blackberries? But still remains dry with a hint of caramel. Wouldn't recommend for those not familiar with whisky, but it you like slightly harsher taste of the peat and smoke then try it.

    21st December 2012

    Ballantines Finest

    I have A botle more than 40 years old

    28th February 2012

    paul adipas

    One of my favorites.Nice and sweet taste and ofcourse value for money.

    1st February 2012

    Primski Dyk

    A bit too sweetish. I find the taste to be a bit too simple. Might be good option for "non-whisky" guests maybe. But really can't even compare it with Laphroaig.

    11th September 2011

    For a cheap blend Ballantines delivers

    For the price point I don't know how much better you could do. It is really approachable, really easy on peat and smoke. A middle ground whiskey that everyone could enjoy if offered a glass.

    31st August 2011

    Holiday tipple.

    This is the one i was drinking on my recent holiday.It is included in the all inclusive deal at the hotel.I drank it as a chaser along with a half of San Miguel beer.I had a very good holiday thank you.The bar staff were very very generous with the took six sips to finish just one drink.Excellent drink.

    11th August 2011

    makes you feel good

    This is the one which makes you feel good.

    19th May 2011


    If you are looking for a complete whisky - this is it. Consistent and robust, rich in aroma and nose. Balanced with just the right amount of peat and gentle smokiness, this blend has stood the test of time as a benchmark of steadfastness.

    29th June 2010



    25th May 2010

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