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Auchentoshan Classic

(70cl, 40.0%)
Auchentoshan Classic

Awards for Auchentoshan Classic


Single Malt Scotch - to 12 Yrs - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Auchentoshan Classic Details


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(43 Reviews)

Auchentoshan Classic Bottling Note

A Lowland single malt whisky from the Auchentoshan distillery, no age statement is given and one assumes it is a younger malt though certainly an enjoyable one. 'Classic' was launched in 2008 to replace the old staple 'Select'.
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Auchentoshan Classic (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Fairly sweet, toasty Bourbon notes and creamy vanilla intertwined with lush, ripe cooked fruit. Perhaps coconut.

Palate: Fruity with typical Auchentoshan refinement. White peach and crème anglaise.

Finish: Clean, a floral freshness, a little more zest with white peach and apple.

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    User Reviews of the Auchentoshan Classic

    Perfectly nice whisky

    This is the entry level Auchentoshan I guess, with no age startement, and well priced. But it's not cheap in any way, and exhibits the sort of class you might expect from bottles twice as expensive. Clean, vanilla hints, fruity taste, but subtle. Light sipping at it's best. Great distillery to visit too.

    20th January 2015

    Bloody awful.

    Smells nice. Tastes like grain. Bad grain. Awful aftertaste and bad hangover the next day. £22? Not worth it. 12 year olds are only 3-5 quid more and will offer consistency at least. This has nothing except a nose - just like most blends.

    17th January 2015

    Rick's view

    not bad at all...a solid weekday dew...don't overlook it and it comes at a fair price

    15th November 2014

    Unfairly dismissed

    Its lowland, so its light and sweet and suitable for beginners. LOL. Just kidding.
    This isn't as bad as people are making out. Its definitely light and sweet.
    Why buy this for £20 and not a bourbon or some Grants mcWhisky? Two reasons. 1. This is a single malt. 2. Its tripple distilled so smooth and has real flavour.
    This is alright with an ice cube. They have eased off on the caramel and chill filtration too as Ralphy predicted. Which is very evident. Great value, easy dram for the price.

    5th November 2014

    joe T

    for a young whisky , 6 yo to my taste , it has to be given a chance . yes it is light , no it is not as complex as a more aged product , but given a little time in the glass ( glencairn with lid ) it does develope into a nice wee dram . don't let the comments below put you off , keep an open mind & experience it for what it is & it can be enjoyed.

    4th October 2014

    Nice Dram when given A chance

    although my first few drams were a bit diffrent to my Tast I found after the bottle was opened & left until following week taste had changed from diffrent to a more enjoyable & pleasent Dram strange but True decent Dram for the money I'd Say IMO 😊🍹

    7th September 2014

    don't recommend

    tastes better than my mom's pee. But only slightly. What kind of wankers are making this stuff over there?

    2nd July 2014


    Didn't like. Just too light to really taste much except the floral (coconut? no, I don't think so.). Hits you a bit hard at first, then just fades into memory . . . nothing stellar. Here in Canada it goes for about $55 CDN, which is about £29, so too much money for too little. Dumped most of the bottle unfortunately as life's too short to drink sub-par scotch.

    24th June 2014


    Bought a bottle from Tesco's for £20. Not surprised by the discount - it smells & tastes to me like nothing so much as vomit. A horrible sour foretaste follwed by what would have been a pleasant fruitiness if it weren't fot the still dominating sick taste. Awful; wish I'd bought the Ballantines blended at the same price. Can I get my money back? Seriously

    8th June 2014

    flowery vodka?

    What's the point in a malt that tastes like a vodka? Just slight oaky flavour with no finish. Grants or Grouse is much more interesting, don't know who would buy this apart from softies scared of flavour.

    28th April 2014

    good for breakfast

    There comes a stage in life where you want a dram after getting up in the morning. This whisky is great for that, its light and slightly floral, a good basic no-age statement whisky, and a Laphroaig isn't really what you want to start your morn with!

    27th April 2014

    Nice but a little thin

    I like the fruity. It's a light drink without much depth. Don't regret buying it but will look for a more character next time.

    26th April 2014


    First time taster. Sour. Boring. Slightly improved with a splash of water. Doesn't taste like Scotch Whiskey.

    18th April 2014

    OK For Price, But Not An Auchentoshan

    OK For Price, But Not An Auchentoshan
    Auchentoshan 12 year is one of my favorite Scothes, and their 3 Wood may be the best Scotch I've ever tried. For 40 bucks, this Auchentoshan Classic is certainly worth the money, but it has none of the depth of smoothness I associate with the brand. I don't think it deserves to bear the Auchentoshan name

    13th April 2014

    OK For Price, But Not An Auchentoshan

    Auchentoshan 12 year is one of my favorite Scothes, and their 3 Wood may be the best Scotch I've ever tried. For 40 bucks, this Auchentoshan Classic is certainly worth the money, but it has none of the depth of smoothness I associate with the brand. I don't think it deserves to bear the Auchentoshan name.

    13th April 2014

    Mr Spencer

    A very pleasant lowland malt. Very nice with a drop Strathmore still water. I would imagine with a couple of cubes of ice it would make a very pleasant summer drink.

    24th March 2014

    Terrible - not worth it

    Though I've never had Auchentoshan before, I thought it might be a nice try at $31. I was wrong. It has a distinctive sour taste but with very little depth - none of the nutty or vanilla flavor it claims.

    No wonder the distillery fails to mention its age - I'm guessing it's something very young and would turn people off.

    When a standard 12 year Glenlivet can be had for less than this, there's no reason to go for the Auchentoshan Classic.

    9th March 2014

    Lots of flavors if you take it neat

    Fruity and slightly medicinal on the nose, and a variety of flavors greet the palate. Vanilla, nuts, banana, dark fruits, straw. It'll keep your attention, but a word to the wise: there is no need to add water. It's only 40% ABV, and water dulls all the flavors, so skip the water and enjoy this one neat.

    4th March 2014

    Auchentoshan Classic

    When I first nosed this straight after opening the bottle the first thing I picked up on was a dumpling/suet pudding character which interestingly I also get from Bowmore. There is also a good chunk of vanilla so although it is fairly young (6 years old I believe) the casks must be mostly or entirely first fill. After a few minutes the dumpling character remains but fades towards the background and a nice soft fruitiness comes forward. Okay it’s not the most incredible whisky experience you will ever have but it’s perfectly pleasant and excellent value.

    26th February 2014


    I cannot expect more for the price as it's not really bad but boring, and it's sweet, with some dry after-taste... though there really is a hint of old socks that annoys me terribly. I was at first informed this was exemplary for Lowlands malt, and I hope it's not.

    31st January 2014

    The Glatisant

    The knockers on this whisky are probably used to the bigger island malts. The lowland malts are very different to highland, island and Campbelltown. They are lighter and sweeter because of the regional differences. I live in a very hot summer climate and this is a perfect summer dram for me - well balanced without the big lingering nose or finish of the island malts which are my favourites, but kept for enjoyment during the cooler months. The Auchentoshan 12 is better, but at this price this represent easy and enjoyable malting. My tip is to allow it a few minutes in the glass before sipping - it comes together ok then.

    11th January 2014


    Upon the nose I thought I was going to be surprised...turned out I was wrong. Still trying to figure out it's rather awkward and unappealing finish.
    Not very impressed but then again I didn't expect to be for the price I paid. It serves it's purpose though, I'll put in the well and let guests who want scotch and soda sort it out.

    30th November 2013

    The Old Funker

    Not over impressed but you can't argue with the price for a single Malt today Nov 11th on the ASDA shelf at £22. Well worth it.

    13th November 2013

    Easy going doesn't mean....rubbish

    Nous devons garder à l'esprit la notion de prix,ce "classic" est une entrée de gamme, il est évident que nous avons tous rencontré des whiskies largement supérieurs....des spirits qui nous ont raconté de belles histoires,mais la petite musique de ce whisky sans prétention est comme une fenêtre sur un bel été gorgé de fruits bien mûrs,cette odeur de prunes est délicieuse.Certes,en bouche la musique est peu complexe et courte,mais il est propre et absolument pas un objet d'opprobe.

    8th November 2013

    Good Value

    Do not be put off by some of the stupid comments on here. For the price this is a very good whisky and a good example of a Lowland malt. Its easy going and a pleasure to drink.

    Johnny Norfolk 01/10/13

    1st October 2013

    Bought by Chance.

    This was my first time to try a whisky from the Auchentoshan line. Bought at the local supermarket on inpulse I was suprised for a young whisky I liked it and it has lead my into wanting to try a bottle of their 3 wood next

    23rd June 2013

    one dimensional

    I bought a bottle of this a while ago as I like to try different malts but although its pleasant enough is just average and too one Dimensional for me. I occasionally have a glass when i'm tasting different scotch's through the evening, but once this bottles gone it wont be replaced 5/10

    5th June 2013

    Lovely drop

    Wonderful whisky at great price, lots of cream and sweet notes, def buy again

    3rd June 2013

    Good starter

    Picked up a bottle for $32. Excellent price for a single malt. While it is not the most complex whiskey in the world I found it to be a very good starter whiskey. Nice light sweet nose. Mild on the palate. Sweet, vanilla, not as complex as a more expensive bottle but excellent for the value. Not a lot of burn for such a young whiskey. I will buy this again and keep it on the shelf for times I don't want to drain my more expensive bottles. Could be a nice go to brand. We should think the distillery for producing such a decent whiskey at such a great price. A very good $32 bottle. Don't expect it to be something you'd pay a lot more for but expect it to be very good in it's price class.

    24th May 2013

    Worth the price

    You gotta compare apples with apples. For a young inexpensive scotch I was surprisingly impressed. A little harsh at first but then seemed easier on the palate as I kept tasting it. Was it the best? No. Was it the worst? No. It was a good scotch for a great price. Worth trying to see how you like it for yourself.

    6th April 2013

    It is what it is...

    It is what it is, and for the price, ( and for less discerning guests) it's not half bad. It's no Ardbeg, but that's not why you buy tho one.

    19th March 2013


    Real easy whisky, laid back and great to sip!

    17th January 2013


    Smells of cedar, tastes of stale walnuts. I don't see the appeal.

    31st December 2012

    It has its merits!

    Fresh barley aroma, like a summer field. Rich apple flavours in there too, sweet and citric. Taste a little of a let down, quite narrow. Tip of tongue acidity, certainly not unpleasant, but not explosive!

    16th December 2012

    Unfair to be too harsh on this entry level whisky

    First one I have bought from this distillery and it has already encouraged me to try the others. Yes, it is young - nobody is claiming otherwise, but with the Classic, the distillery has provided an entry level single malt at a price more people can afford. In marking it, I do so based on what it is rather than falling into the trap of comparing it with more expensive older whiskies. As a young, reasonably priced whisky, it achieves its objective very well indeed.

    27th June 2012

    Distinctly Average

    This is a poor replacement for the SELECT bottling, however, when tasted blind, I found it to be an adequate dram.
    The custard notes MoM noted are present, permeated with vanilla, touches of a tropical fruit punch, and a nice dose of dessicated coconut.
    Not one of Auchentoshan's best... but for a cheap and cheerful tipple, it's not out of consideration.

    17th April 2012


    Im not impressed with this at all I have now changed to another Distillery as the old one this replaced was a delight. This one taste like the inside of a thanks.

    8th December 2011


    well i like this one it not smokey & is very smooth well impressed will be having a few drams of this with my highland friends this weekend

    15th September 2011


    The nose is very sweet, with peaches and Madeira, followed by intense vanilla and coconut.

    On the palate, the dram is very smooth and fruity with a touch of mint. Vanilla ice cream.

    The finish is fresh and floral.

    I think Auchentoshan decided to put this on the market in hopes of attracting a new and younger audience. Very friendly priced and a good entry malt, though.

    Mark Dermul - A Toshan Man!

    14th July 2011

    Not for me...

    Getting it as a present I was delirious... till I tasted it. Terrible!
    Hints of tar and rubber give me the creeps. This is a shame for malt whisky. Very disapointed!

    13th April 2011

    not bad...

    I expected worse from this given the price. I am not a bourbon fan (I don't care for the corn finish) and while this had some bourbon characteristics it had the cleaner finish of a single malt. It's the lack of peat, i think, that is mostly noteable. But I love the really smokey drinks the best! Certainly not going to be a regular go-to drink, but its a nice change of pace. I would definitely dispute the earlier" swill" opinion, but then, it's just that. An opinon.

    9th January 2011

    Pleasantly impressed

    I saw this on offer and was pleasantly surprised how good it was considering it's obviously a young whisky. This is the only Auchentoschan I have tried but will definately look forward to trying others now

    1st July 2010

    Auchentoshan "Classic"

    Mistakenly picked this up instead of my usual delectable 10 Year Old Auchentoshan. Just think, for $5 less, one can partake of this swill: weak, sour, rought, uncouth.

    Shades of Glenfiddich: make as much of it as possible, as quickly as possible, absolute minimum aging, get it on the shelves ASAP. Disgraceful.

    Shame on Auchentoshan.

    15th September 2009

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