Abasolo Whisky 70cl

Mexican Whisky • 70cl • 43%
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Country Mexican Whisky
Distillery/Brand Abasolo
Style Corn Whisky


All the way from Mexico comes Abasolo, an excellent whisky made using 100% Mexican Cacahuazintle corn! Interestingly, a portion of the corn goes through nixtamalization, an ancient cooking technique, while another portion is malted. During the mashing process, the nixtamalized is combined with the malted corn, and then allowed a long fermentation of over 120 hours. It's then double distilled in copper stills, and set aside to age in new and old casks. An impressive expression, suitable for sipping neat or for using in cocktails.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Roasted corn, buttery popcorn and some green, vegetal notes lead in a distinctive, direct nose. Give this time to breathe to allow the aromas to settle and develop and you’re rewarded with notes of vanilla, a hint of toffee and tinned peaches, with earthy black tea, floral honey, new leather, clove and pencil shavings in support. There’s a hint of corn husk throughout as well as a soft, cookie dough element (with chocolate chips).

Palate An initial tannic abrasiveness subsides for plenty of more the same corn-notes as the nose, as well as milk chocolate, soft vanilla and oak char. Touches of baked apple, caramel and salted butter add depth, amongst some spice from white pepper, cinnamon and clove.

Finish Like a big scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with a little salted popcorn and orchard fruit in the backdrop.

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Reviews for Abasolo
Odd old thing with a better taste than nose
Quaffable whiskey. A sniff of its nose made me think I would regret this purchase because it reminded me of smelling the worst US whiskeys. However the flavour is delicate and light - far too delicate to add ice or mix it. If you want a gentle, refreshing, warm-weather whiskey, this is your guy. If you want an Old Fashioned, try something else. If you want a Bourbon, WTF are you doing looking outside Bourbon county and get over yourself you halfwit.
Ian , United Kingdom
5 months ago
Well worth the money
Something a bit different and worth having to share with friends as a curiosity. That said it's very drinkable. Sweet, with an almost candyfloss flavour.
Adam , United Kingdom
10 months ago
No to bourbonists
All I can taste is Corn, I expected more from the product. not bourbon like at all
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
Not for everyone! But amazing if you LOVE PROPER MEXICAN FOOD
Disclaimer. I am MEXICAN....

That being said there is a peculiar process that the corn we use for tortillas undergoes. This is called nixtamalization.

It is a peculiar maize type flavour, that can be found in our food. If you think of that flavour with some mint, licorice and corriander notes.... you would get Abasolo.

That being said... I can see how it can be not for everyone.
Carlos Sanders V , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Rather tasty stuff. On the rocks this stuff is very quaffable. If you've ever made/tasted tacos from masa harina flour this has a very strong note of that running through it, and it is to it's credit. Pushing it a bit pricewise perhaps but it is a unique pour worth trying if you're into corn whiskey.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago