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250,000 Scovilles - Naga Chilli Vodka 50cl

(50cl, 40.0%)
250,000 Scovilles - Naga Chilli Vodka 50cl

Awards for 250,000 Scovilles Vodka


Vodka - Flavoured - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

250,000 Scovilles Vodka Details

(English Vodka)
(The 'Hot Enough' Vodka Co.)

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Contains Allergens

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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User Rating
(74 Reviews)

250,000 Scovilles Vodka Bottling Note

We have created a monster, summoned from the very bowels of hell, formed in a vile carboy filled with a horrid mound of Naga Jolokia chillies (the world’s hottest chillies), steeped in grain vodka. We've packaged it in a handsome, heavy glass bottle with industrial-grade sealing wire and lead security seal (with a skull and crossbones embossed on it). To get to this bottle, you'll literally have to open it with wire cutters, but we strongly recommend you don't. In fact, this unspeakable 250,000 Scovilles vodka is a chilli vodka so horrendous we suggest you don’t even purchase it. Please just shut down your computer and have a nice cup of tea instead. Try to forget what you saw.

Any decent chilli product comes with warnings, here are ours:

By purchasing this bottle, you agree that:

1) I have been warned and fully understand that this product contains extreme heat and should be used and handled responsibly.
2) I use this product entirely at my own risk and I understand the potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly. If I give this product as a gift I will make the recipient aware of the potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly.
3) I accept that the retailer and manufacturer of this product will, under no circumstances, be responsible for, or liable for, any claims of injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of this product and by purchasing this product, whether for myself or as a gift, I acknowledge and agree to this fact without question.
4) I am not inebriated or of unsound mind and am fully able to make a rational decision to purchase this product.
In stock, worldwide delivery available.
Can be dispatched today.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: It smells like the devil’s tears, with a side of Agent Orange mixed with Pepper Spray. Ben, Ben please don’t make me drink this, can’t we just guess how it tastes? It just seems wholly unnecessary to drink it.

Palate: Oh it’s not so bad. No it’s fine really... Oh, actually it’s quite hot… Wait a second… Oh what have you done… Mooo… Moooooooooo. Moooooooooooooooooo. Yaggarrhrhhh….

Finish: [Ed. He’s slipped from his chair and is now rocking back and forth maniacally under his chair, holding his computer mouse for comfort. The DHL delivery man saw this and ran out screaming.]

Overall: [Ed. He’s been shivering in terror for over an hour now, chanting the words “liberate tutemae” over and over.]

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    User Reviews of the 250,000 Scovilles - Naga Chilli Vodka 50cl

    Appeals to mental-children.

    They certainly know their demographic. Nascar, WalMart, Trailer-home decor, and foodstuffs with Scoville ratings have a built-in fanbase.

    Build it...and they will come.

    13th July 2015

    Chocolate Pairing

    Best to make it into chilli chocolate

    7th July 2015

    Aggressively pleasing

    This does not have as good a flavour as the 100,000. What it does have is a vicious and fast kick. The initial impact of the alcohol and chilli fades quickly leaving you feeling as if someone is ramming a red hot poker into your stomach, which can feel somewhat unpleasant if you aren't a chilli head.

    If you don't 'do' chilli, don't do this. You will likely be in far too much pain to enjoy the flavour. If you enjoy chilli, the 100,000 is the way to go. If you enjoy chilli and want novelty, or are a masochist, this is definitely the way to go.

    13th April 2015

    My personal hell

    So I tried a shot of this. I ended up on the floor for about 15-20 minutes unable to do anything but curl up and wish I was dead. I believe some dry retching may have ensued as some point, It's hard to say, I went into an almost catatonic state of panic and fire. It's a blur. Good for parties.

    15th January 2015

    morning after

    I enjoyed drinking it and was burning for a good 10 minutes or so. As i woke up the next day I need the toilet and as it is a liquid I thought it would come out my front end and be over in like 30 secounds, nope it came out the bottom end, as I went to poop hell unleashed on my ass for a good hour. Even after all that i would buy more if we ran out its alot of fun just hurts a bit

    28th July 2014


    The most amazing vodka in the world - perfect to add to a curry and makes the best Bloody Mary I have ever had. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Yes it is hot, but hot is good. The naga adds a beautiful flavour to it. A lot of people saying how it hurt them to do a shot - I would never recommend shooting this. It is a sipping vodka, the flavour needs to be savoured.

    8th July 2014

    The Evil One Behind the Bar

    I keep on running out of this stuff, they just keep on asking for it.
    Its a good one to keep behind the bar when a customer say's come on then do your worst. It cheers us up every time watching their faces change colour.

    30th April 2014


    It is very hot. At first it is not so bad, then you give it 30 sec and you are like what have I done. You feel the liquid hit your throat and slowly move to your stomach. once there it feels like you just ate a boll of angry scorpions. For me it peeked at 5 min. Tried it with my friends and family I think it worth the money. (P.s. i can not taste it but that might be because it was to hot for me, or i chased it with milk)

    6th April 2014


    A truly insane concoction. Definitely worth buying a full bottle, its a great gift or something to just keep for yourself and your worst enemies. Also can be added to food, to spice things up a bit. Brings the heat to parties.

    2nd April 2014

    Not the hottest

    So, we ordered a bottle of the Naga Chili Vodka for the rugby club our eyes all atwinkle at the prospect of something almost 4 times hotter (according to the Scoville ratings) than House of Chili's 75,000 Scoville Vodka and were really disappointed... It lacked the dehabilitating raw heat of the HoC one and whilst smooth had a slightly bitter taste.

    Too hot for a few of the chaps but mildly warm for most (myself included)...

    24th March 2014


    I did a blog post about my experience with this devil juice!

    23rd February 2014

    Drinks by the dram

    Wish you did little samples of this so I can test it with out committing to a full bottle

    27th January 2014

    Nice Stuff

    ...if drinked carefully. Otherwise you'll burn your stomach.

    24th January 2014

    This suck.

    The tast is good. But after well it hurts

    19th January 2014

    My bloody sister got this for me...

    For Christmas of all holidays. I have to say I really enjoyed it. My brother in law (sister's husband), my father, and I all did shots. You can view a video of the results here: - I personally thought it was fantastic and can't wait to start using it in mixed drinks and to screw with my friends at parties. Best present in a long time!

    27th December 2013

    As pleasurable as a .....

    .... kick in the balls.

    11th December 2013

    Take the challenge!

    The most popular drink by far behind our bar and an absolute essential for the guys that ask "OK, give us something crazy". Sold out AGAIN this weekend!!

    4th November 2013

    Stomach Burn!

    Ok, if you buy this have the milk handy (perhaps the ideal mixer?) and be sure not to try it on an empty stomach. I tried it without milk and on an empty stomach, it damn near killed me. If however you do drink it responsibly it has a rather nice taste and isn't all that bad. Just be prepared before drinking, then we wont get whiny little girls making bad reviews on it. (ahem)

    31st October 2013

    Absolutely shit.

    OK. I can see a lot of idiots rate this stuff a 5 stars even though it almost killed them. I had an idiot colleague at work and he gave people one shot with out telling them how hot it was. I collapsed in the office as I had an empty stomach. I vomited and I can still feel my head spin. Let's just say this guy is in serious trouble on Monday. I know there are men out there that try to prove themselves as men but there is nothing macho about having one of the hottest drinks in the world. What's the point? Then again, if you need to make a point and need to prove your man hood. Try it. Personally, I have no need.

    19th October 2013

    Absolutely shit.

    OK. I can see a lot of idiots rate this stuff a 5 starts even though it almost killed them. I had an idiot colleague at work and he gave people one shot with out telling them how hot it was. I collapsed in the office as I had an empty stomach. I vomited and I can still feel my head spin. Let's just say this guy is in serious trouble on Monday. I know there are men out there that try to prove themselves as men but there is nothing macho about having one of the hottest drinks in the world. What's the point? Then again, if you need to make a point and need to prove your man hood. Try it. Personally, I have no need.

    19th October 2013

    Nearly died

    Whoa. Few days ago at a party with a roullete with shots.

    Nearly killed me.

    Really wanna try it agian though.

    19th October 2013

    Cant Wait

    I want to get this for slow cooking like for chili :D

    19th September 2013


    Finished my first bottle of this, with the help of a few friends who may or may not have thought it was normal vodka and then subsequently may or may not hate me. Although this is perfect for making a white Russian with, take my word for it.

    31st August 2013

    GB Special Forces

    We used this to wash down a Tindaloo...tasty.

    9th July 2013

    Vodka Eyeballing Is Very Stupid

    Take my advice, heed it well and stick to it! - do not try and eyeball your vodka with this stuff..... This is from a bloke who now feels stupid, has to wear an eye patch for 2 months, keeps bumping into things & at my age, should really have known better!!!! On the plus side, it tastes great when you use your loaf and drink sensibly with a mixer.

    25th June 2013

    My Halloween party this fall

    ...just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to your product. Pure liquid hell. I salute you for your sadistic creation!

    24th June 2013


    It's pure evil in a bottle, wouldn't give it to my worst enemy.
    It was just horrible!!!

    21st June 2013

    Perfectly cromulent

    I can see through time....

    29th May 2013

    As stated

    Having tasted the 100k version I just had to get this. Took it to a party and made some people angry at me ... hell I didn't force it on them. Awesome stuff.

    26th May 2013


    what if i put these tears of satan on a dogs tongue...will it have trust issues?

    21st May 2013


    tasted so good and suddenly i felt something hot and then the salivation came, i spent quite long time in bathroom just spitting in sink and thinking WTH is happening.
    I gave another bottle to my brother and he tasted it with his friends and everyone got same effect........ what a great drink.... to see your friend spitting in bathroom and keep saying what have you done, go to hell......

    9th April 2013


    Ordered this stuff in a wooden box so the bottle wouldn't accidentally break and blind the poor delivery guy with it's fumes. Will feed it to a chilli-head friend from a safe distance and see what happens.

    Excellent service from the Masters and their delivery service.

    14th March 2013

    US Marine Corps

    Bet you won' balls

    10th March 2013

    Dare To Be Stupid

    Before the first sip I wondered why would someone ever drink this. The looks on my friends faces afterwards gave me my answer.

    7th March 2013

    US Air Force Evaluation

    Good substitute for napalm.

    12th February 2013


    Only use for this shit is for a practical joke, and it's not a funny one. Just extremely cruel.

    11th February 2013

    Oh God

    Soon to be my pledge classes biggest regret

    11th February 2013

    Certainly won't be your apocryphal fire in the belly

    I once tasted Jolokia chilli pickle at a friend's place. Straight Vodka can be harsh enough - this will be like turning the guts inside out and wrapping 'em around a very large, very hot blast furnace covered in stainless steel razor wire. In fact, I'm surprised how y'all managed to make the bottle stay up around it. :)

    11th February 2013


    I want to now buy this so bad for my stubborn friend. I can already hear him sayin' "Bring it!!" Followed by a PERFECT youtube video and a visit to the ER...
    I think I'm going to buy it.. It's worth his pain..

    11th February 2013


    Thank you

    11th February 2013

    1st degree burns to my urethra, had to go to the hospital

    This is not a joke, I had a catheter and was sedated

    11th February 2013

    Best bloody mart ever.

    When I puked in the yard (long night, longer story), I set the bushes on fire. Sublime product. :D

    11th February 2013



    11th February 2013

    Smoth as.......

    ... a fork in the ass.

    8th February 2013

    oh boey

    Well it got the job done boeys, this was one red hot nutty treat that should not be taken lightly!
    Had a shot of this over a friends house after watching the cov lose and it tasted like I was drinking pure fire, sadly it made my lips swell up so for the rest of the evening it looked like I had bright red lip stick on! *sigh* the life of a puffin eh

    6th February 2013

    woah man

    man oh man oh man!
    This was hot stuff! It blew through me like napalm, bog roll in the fridge.
    Karl Harris

    6th February 2013

    scoville virgin

    my friend bought a bottle so this friday ..IT'S ON.!!
    But to be honest i'm already shitting my pants just by reading these comments...feeling like i'm infronts off the gates off hell!
    (I want my mommy)

    5th February 2013

    nice said Borat

    Great for an urethral shot

    26th January 2013

    fantastic evil drink

    Brought one bottle as a Christmas gift for my preferred Indian restaurant which is well known for its naga infused dishes. Its gone down a storm with the regulars and daring naga virgins alike. So much so I got the call at the weekend to order a couple more bottles for a new breed of customers who have heard of the devils life blood and wish to prove themselves.

    16th January 2013


    Smells benign. Takes about 10 seconds after swallowing to feel the long burn. Fairly sure it has drilled a hole in my liver.

    16th January 2013

    Great Fun

    Took a bottle to a recent party. Great to see peoples reactions as the chillis kicked in. Essential to get the party going. Boy does it burn!

    8th January 2013

    Bahahahahaaaaa... Totally bonkers.

    "Really?", I thought. "How hot can it be?", I thought. "Come on, I mean, I've had Naga Chilli curries before. I've beaten people in Habanero eating competitions", I thought.

    People, the disclaimer is not there for fun. Really, it's not.

    By far the hottest & most bonkers thing I've ever consumed and although I've recovered in about 10mins (experience / tolerance helps) I'm a little reluctant to go near it again so soon. Go on people, treat yourself.

    31st December 2012


    A lot of people have fallen out with me after the Christmas party

    22nd December 2012

    Never again!

    This is the most evil, twisted, gut wrenching drink I have ever had. I'm still feeling it a day later and it had me in tears! Try it, you will feel no pain after it, I promise!

    6th December 2012

    nice enough

    If other people drink it so can I, I drunk 3 shots. I almost died. I called in sick from work.....but seriously, you might aswell go to the shops and buy some habanero seed powder and snort it

    21st November 2012

    only for heat lovers and only heat lovers!

    I love it!!even better than 100000 SHU . Epic. I cried a bit after shot of this :) mwahahaha, crazy stuff!!!

    20th November 2012


    This is quite possibly... The worst thing I have ever tasted.. I work in a bar and I've had my customers dropping like flies!! Mawahaha

    18th November 2012

    Great Stuff

    Deadly but also great......looking forwad for next step, what about Trinidad Scorpion Butch T 500.000 line awaits.

    13th November 2012

    Tears and Hiccups

    Shared shots with one of my favorite bands: The District Attorneys from Athens, Georgia.

    3rd November 2012

    Didn't seem twice as hot...

    as the 100,000SHU Vodka, but it IS hotter. The difference between drinking either straight as a shot is about the difference between getting hit with a 100mm cannon shell and a 205mm cannon shell. Either way your dead, I guess the only difference is the size of the crater. I'm evil; I bought the 100k to torture friends. I bought the 250k to torture the friends that'd already tried and thought the 250k was the 100k. It's effective. ;) As a mixer it's got strong potential, but I've yet to find a ratio that wasn't rediculously painful. Still searching for mostly uncomfortable. Quite flavorful when not taken straight.

    2nd November 2012


    I can't even eat curry. So I stupidly tried 3 shots of this in the space of 2 minutes. Bad idea lol.

    2nd November 2012

    Hot by itself

    Done a Bloody Mary 3 shots of hell and 3 shots tomato juice no heat. Added Tabasco and Wooster sause. Had to have more.

    31st October 2012


    My hubby surprised me with a bottle of this as he knows I love Naga chilli .... we tried less than a teaspoon each and MY GOD it is a scorcher. Just need to find a nice mixer to go with it and will be using it to 'spice' up our curry and chillies :)

    30th October 2012

    good fun and great in pot noodles!

    Ridiculously hot, great punishment in a drinking game. DO NOT DRINK THIS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!!

    24th October 2012

    Don't guys, seriously.

    I did a double shot of this last night.
    To say the least, it put my evening to an end.

    My mouth and stomach felt like they were on fire. 24 hours later, I'm still quite fragile.

    They are not joking when they say it's hot!

    21st October 2012


    What's the point? Seriously? You will never want to take another sip again.

    16th October 2012

    Kill it with fire!!

    Every time you take a breath after drinking this for more then an hour the burning pain flares brighter!

    12th October 2012

    College trauma

    This is going straight behind college bar, let's see how these lads can really drink...

    5th October 2012

    The Pain!!!!

    My insides feel like I've been drinking out of a bottle of burning petrol, the pain!!!
    Otherwise damn good vodka, I will use this as an excellent party trick :D

    2nd October 2012

    Can't wait!

    Already have the 100 000 Scovilles Naga Chili Vodka, can't wait till this one drops at my door!

    1st September 2012

    This is going to be the Second hottest vodka,ever.

    I shall order few bottles of this. I have done world strongest and hottest chili-vodka, ever. It was measuring and Scovilles was little below 846,000 Scovilles in 0,5L bottle. But anyway... This vodka is killer and tasty.

    21st August 2012



    21st August 2012


    Saw Phillip Scoffield ruined by this on national tv - thought I'd have to try the next one up. Does not disappoint...

    21st August 2012

    Just ridiculous

    This is just ridiculous - just a sip and I can still taste this nightmare over an hour later

    21st August 2012

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