Smirnoff Red Vodka 70cl

British Vodka • 70cl • 37.5%
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Smirnoff Red Vodka
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Country British Vodka
Distillery/Brand Smirnoff
Style Plain Vodka

Smirnoff Red

Smirnoff Red is triple distilled and ten times filtered for purity. This is the world's best selling vodka.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Smirnoff Red Vodka
It isn't anything mind-blowing, but it is a dependable vodka that you can drink neat or mixed for a fair price, as long as you don't use this on a vodka martini or expect a premium spirit you should be fine.
Alper A , Turkey
2 years ago
Super but not the best
I do not know what kind of Vodka they are taking, if this Smirnoff is not the best in its price range (since I tend to prefer slightly sweeter drinks) it offers true purity and flavors of black pepper and lemon. It is a classic worth giving it a try.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Essentially paint stripper
Smells like acetone. I have never been stupid enough to drink actual acetone, but i don't imagine the taste is that dissimilar. For this price you could get Stoli or Russian Standard which are significantly better, even Absolut comes in at a higher ranking than this and it is cheaper and at a higher percentage. Don't wast your wage on it.
Joe M , United Kingdom
3 years ago
This is basically nail polish remover.
Smells like acetone; tastes like what I imagine acetone would. Avoid.
Jack H , Australia
5 years ago
Acá en Argentina se consigue a buen precio, para mi es como el peor de los mejores. Aprueba 6/10. Es bastante parecido al Eristoff. Particularmente prefiero pagar unos pocos pesos mas y comprar Skyy en ese rango de precios.
De todas formas Smirnoff no se desprecia, esta bien, para mi es como el "`piso" del buen vodka.
hernan , Argentina
8 years ago