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Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka

(70cl, 40%)

Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka

Chase Oak Smoked Bottling Note

A very limited run of just 2,000 bottles, Chase make this superb vodka with English potatoes. The spirit is smoked with English oak for a exquisitely robust, evocative flavour.

Reviews for Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka
It's a very subjective opinion on this one
Beautiful & smokey, as expected.
As mentioned, if you don't like smoked food or drink, then avoid at all costs, every one has a very subjective taste & opinion, & no review is right or wrong on this one.
It's definitely a neat 'sipper' & goes extremely well with cheese, but we know that from other reviews
There's a silky mouthfeel to this, with hints of brine & smoked sausage, with a charcoal finish.
If your unsure, try the samples on offer. Chase has really gone out of their way to make this unusual & different, & succeeded in every way......again, in my opinion.
Pete L , United Kingdom
5 years ago
A delicious vodka which inspires contrasting opinions.
A lot of unique savoury produce often drives consumers to feel strongly negative or strongly positive about them; there is no finer example of this than Chase’s smoke vodka.

Honestly, as a lover or good vodka and lapsang souchong tea, this is brilliant flavoured and makes one hell of a good martini (with lots of big fat green olives, or swirl of orange zest) or Bloody Mary.

Yes it is smokey on flavour, so those who don’t enjoy a smoked taste best avoid.

Truly is a product you’ll either adore or detest. I (and my hubby) adore it!

If you’re unsure, simply go for it or (as a cheaper way to check your palate’s preference) go buy a box of lapsang souchong tea. If you love the tea, you’ll love this.

If you don’t like either, please feel free to send me all your left over tea bags and/or smoked vodkas: they��re too good to waste!
Domie A , United Kingdom
5 years ago
- 10 that's how bad this is, avoid this at all cost
Absolutely disgusting, i have given a taste of this bottle to at least 6-8 people & everyone thinks it is terrible.
JOHN A , United Kingdom
6 years ago
Have tried this over ice and straight from the freezer. Also at room temp absolutely disgusting. My review on it? You might as well buy the cheapest bottle of vodka and drink it by a very smoky bonfire facing into the wind and choking on the smoke!!! I am a vodka drinker and have liked all of the chase products but this........ My advice, avoid at all cost.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Existential drinkers only need apply...
...a brave choice this by Chase, but IMHO it delivers quite brilliantly. As others have said, doesn't really mix with a lot else (certainly not sweet mixers anyway), but the flavour isn't too over-powering so can be sipped comfortably over ice.

Bouquet is unremarkable, but upon swilling the olfactory and oral receptors start to sing in harmony. Initial sensation is that of the smell of a damp bonfire the morning after - one which I personally love - all earthy, charcoaly smokiness. This then develops further into a more woody, savoury sensation and ends up reminiscent of bavarian smoked cheese.

On which note, I can recommend this with cheese and biscuits of every type - begone old school brandy, and let the smoked vodka seize the post-meal sceptre and orb...

Just buy yourself a bottle, you will not be underwhelmed.
David C , United Kingdom
8 years ago
Amazing product. As written before this is best neat with ice, and is superb with cheese.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Smashed a whole bottle of this with Sushi at Angelicas in Leeds. Super smooth with a complex flavour. Doesn't really go with many mixers, perhaps some ginger beer. The best option is to have it straight with lots of ice and the right kind of food. Great with cheeses for example.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Makes a great Bloody Mary or martini.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Not even my father, who has never been known to decline a drink, would touch this.
I love Chase standard vodka but i think they made a bad decision to put this on the market. avoid
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Tastes like smoked bacon!
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago

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