Premium Rum Tasting Set 15cl

Scotch Tasting Set • 15cl • 38.8%
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Premium Rum Tasting Set
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Distillery/Brand Drinks by the Dram
Style Rum Tasting Set

Premium Rum Set

It's not just whisky, we do love other spirits too, and rum will always hold a special place in our hearts. Rum is like liquid sunshine, and we put together this set of five 3cl samples of utterly divine rums for you to try out. That's right, we said it! "Utterly divine". What's more, we think you'll agree once you get a look at what rums are in the set...

Very occasionally, we need to make changes to tasting sets, so contents are subject to change. Rest assured that, in the unlikely event of change, the set will include 5 superb drams of equivalent (or greater) value to those listed.

Premium Rum Tasting Set Contents

- Tanduay Double Rum

- Rum Sixty Six English White Rum

- Dead Man's Fingers Banana Rum

- Angostura 12 Year Old "1824"

- Wing Walker Rum

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Premium Rum Tasting Set
what a great present for a rum drinker
My daughter bought me this testing set for xmas i was over the moon as the only drink I have is a rum so I have got to taste so many different ones from my usual captain morgan they are absolutely delicious some are nicer than others I will be sending for the 2 of my favourites.
Rita Marlene J , United Kingdom
2 years ago
The set needs more "guidance for novices"
My bezzy mate and me are Long time rum cocktail drinkers. Cuba Libre, Mojito, Dark and stormy - that kind of thing.

I'm a fairly regular customer - the gin taster sets make excellent suprise alteratives to flowers for friends and family.

I bought both of us one for a lock down virtual night in so we could both taste the rums independently.

Now I enjoyed 3 out of the 5 - my budggy similarly.

The Eldorado - 21 year old 43% wasn't to either of our tastes - tasted a bit like brandy.

Of the rest we both like the Plantation Barbados - both drank it neat

I liked the Mezan - although when I drunk it neat is was a little tame - it made an awesome cuba libre

Both liked teh Ron Zacapa - will be buying a bottle of this boy.

And my buddy liked the Trois Rivieres - although i found it fairly normal.

Overall we had a good night over Zoom tasting the five drinks and was £50 or so well spent.

Feedback would be EITHER.

Sort out the tasting notes and get rid of the Olly Smith type "buttery caramel" shenanigans or - maybe create another set of 5:

The best neat rum
The best cuba libre rum
the best mojito rum
the best dark and stormy rum
The best Spiced rum? (if there is such a thing)

I think you'd sell a few - well I'd buy two anyway - or maybe you'd give me one as market research!
C a , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Excellent value.
Excellent. Four excellent samples of rum and one that’s ok.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Great sampling opportunity
I'm a rum newbie, learning fast and keen to explore but I don't have the deep pockets to buy bottle after bottle and can't always find miniatures of the ones on my to try list. This set is perfect for that - I got to try 5 different rums in one sitting, perfect for comparing and contrasting styles
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
"Premium" is relative.
Not exactly what I'd call premium. Most of these are heavily sweetened, so not a good or accurate representation of quality-made rum (though they should appeal to those with a penchant for sweeter spirits). The Trois Rivieres VSOP is the exception, and should be a good introduction to aged rhum agricole for the uninitiated. But the others? :-/
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Bought this as a 70th birthday present for a friend. He is delighted, especially with the Plantation 20th.
Peter H , United Kingdom
5 years ago
Very good Rum
Master of Malt Customer
5 years ago
The selector of these rums could do considerably better
4 of the 5 rums in this set are commercial or designer rums that when tested have been found to be contain very high amounts sugar added after distillation and possibly other additives. alongside the unstated actual quantity of aged rum in solera this blends makes them premium price but not in quality of actual spirit and without the designer bottling for which one inadvertently pays for in these brands you'd do better selecting acting a sugar lump to a cheap bacardi or researching 'pure' aged rums and buying them.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
In answer to the below, yes
Expensive to be sure when lookingat £/ml, but that isn't really the right thing to compare against. Instead compare how much it would cost you to try all of those rums by other means. Either buy them in a bar, which would be a bit more expensive and also pretty difficult to find, or buy a bottle of each, which would be hugely more expensive.

Although personally I wouldn't bother with the pre-made sets like this. Instead do a bit of google research on interesting nice things to try, and use MoM's build your own tasting set feature. Fantastic.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
I know they are good rums, but for 1/5th of a bottle it seems a lot of money. Is it worth it?
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago