Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Irish Whiskey Collection 36cl

Scotch Tasting Set • 36cl • 43.1%
Product details
Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Irish Whiskey Collection
Region Other Scotch Tasting Set
Distillery/Brand Drinks by the Dram
Style Whisky Tasting Set

Irish Whiskey 12 Dram

A cracking present for fans of incredible Irish whiskey right here – it's Drinks by the Dram's 12 Dram Irish Whiskey Collection! Hidden behind the 12 windows of this wonderful box sits a different 30ml wax-sealed dram of whiskey from some of Ireland's best producers. A great way to share some excellent Irish whiskeys with friends and family!

SPOILER ALERT! Ideally, each of the 12 drams you uncover should be a total surprise, but we get that you might not want to wait to discover what's in your 12 Dram Collection. If that sounds like you, feel free to click 'Look inside' below to see which drams hide within. However, to keep you guessing, the drams are listed in a random order.

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Reviews for Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Irish Whiskey Collection
Bit pricey but nice
It was an ok selection of Irish Whiskys, new to me. Could definitely do with more malts as the majority are blends, Pretty steep price tag for what is essentially half a bottle. I know buying by the dram is always the most expensive option, but what the hell it's Christmas.
Nick , United Kingdom
2 months ago
An absolutely delightful way to try different irish whisky
Warmed us up on the way to the Stoop.
Mike , United Kingdom
2 months ago