Mature Your Own Kit 100cl

English Spirit • 100cl • 63.5%
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Mature Your Own Kit
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Country English Spirit
Distillery/Brand Mature Your Own

Mature Your Own Kit

What’s all this then? It looks like lots of fun! (Because it is...)

In this kit, you’ll find a 1 litre (well – one and a bit litres) freshly toasted American White Oak barrel of medium to heavy char, and 2 x 50cl bottles of new-make spirit (made entirely from Malted Barley).

Directions: Put the new-make into the barrel (using the dinky little stainless steel funnel provided), wait for a few days or weeks (don't forget about them - the rate of evaporation is quite high), and enjoy! You'll get about three uses before the oak influence wanes, so you can fill 'er back up with more new-make, or something completely different, such as your favourite cocktail!

A few pointers:

First – you’ll need to give the tap a good old whack to ‘seat’ it in the barrel. Don’t go nuts and break the barrel, but ‘pushing it in’ isn’t enough.

Second – if the hoops around the barrel feel a bit loose, or there’s a bit of seepage from the cask ends when you fill it, you might want to bung a bit of hot water in before you fill it to help the wood expand and become watertight (liquor-tight?). Barrels are constructed without the use of any glue, and rely on the tension/compression of the staves against the other staves/hoops to keep them watertight.

Third – The fact that these barrels are made from Fresh Oak means that the first fill will be incredibly powerful in terms of Oak influence. You’ll be able to re-use the barrel at least two more times before the oak influence wanes.

Finally – The rate of evaporation from these puppies is quite large. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the surface area to volume ratio of the barrel is very high, and secondly, you’re probably not going to keep it at as low a temperature as you’d find in a warehouse in Scotland. You can expect to lose a fair old percentage per month if you’re keeping them at room temperature so keep an eye on them!

If you ever find yourself in need of some more new-make, you can simply buy more here.

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Reviews for Mature Your Own Kit
Great Idea, A master Distiller would say it was the wrong wood
I liked the idea, even like the barrel sitting on the side with my other experiments, I had this kit for a year and it basically had seeped out of the barrel, I had a debate if it was evaporation but you could see that it had leaked. Cheaply made barrel
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Nice as a gift if you’re loaded but not worth the money
Nice as a one off but not worth the money and after leaving it to brew (so to speak) for a week or so a lot of it had evaporated and to drink it was lethal
Steven Oldfield , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Always do better research
@ Not Worth the money.

The fact you are supposed to put both bottles into the barrel from the beginning to fill the barrel, you wouldn't have experienced so much leaking and evaporation. If you had have done proper research, I feel your disappointment would have been short-lived.
Graeme H , United Kingdom
3 years ago
More experiments to come????
Bought one of these at the N E C good Food show this month. Wont tell the price. Filled it with Highland spring water for three days to expand the wood bung and tap . have just filled it with three whisky s left over from one of my tasting evenings. Namely Glen Grant Majors Reserve. 40%Raasay While We Wait.46 %and last but not least a glass full of Glenfarclas Heritage at 60% Keeping it in the Garage till we go to the Daughters at Christmas Should be absolutely Fabulous or maybe a complete and utter disaster Ha Ha but will let you know .Cheers
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
tips for using the barrel aging kit
I noticed a few unhappy reviews, and I thought it was worth pointing out a few tips. the woodinville brewing company has a youtube video on how to barrel age your own "white dog" whiskey, which includes tips on how to prevent leakage, choose end proof, and calculate aging time. if you're having trouble with the barrel leaking, or with getting a satisfactory finish, be sure to check out online guides for help
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
@Not worth the money
We are so sorry to hear that the liquid has leaked from your barrel. It is certainly something we would like to have a chat with you about! Please do contact our customer service team via email [email protected] or call us on - 0044 (0)1892 888376, and we will be happy help you. -The Chaps at Master of Malt.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Not worth the money
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. Theres a few things I'm really unsatisfied about. First of all, the barell does leak alot. The package instructions say to first add water to allow the barrel to expand and not leak so much. Well, ours started by leaking a ton. Had to mop up a puddle from under it for the first 3 days. It seemed to stop after that but that could be also due to less weight in the barrel as the liquid was totally evaporating. Within two weeks there were only a couple of ounces in the barrell and although the package says you can start tasting it after that time, it tasted horrible. Basically just like oak soaked pure alcohol. Pretty much all the liquid was gone anyway and we decided to add the second bottle of alcohol and wait to see what that was like. Well, the barrel started leaking again. Slowly every day. It's now lost more liquid and 2 months since we added more liquid still tastes horrifying. Like pure alcohol burning your mouth. I don't know how long it will have to sit there to taste decent but I imagine all the liquid will have leaked out/evaporated by then. So all in all, way too much money for a frustrating experience and no reward.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Lou Mills
I have not tried this, but it looks amazing! Birthday is coming up though!! Fingers crossed
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Joxer the cat
I bought a 1ltr barrel years ago and I enjoyed so much ,that I got a new bigger barrel 3-4ltr and I have great fun with it putting poteen and other neutral spirits in it . I have taken my 1ltr barrel to bit due to an accident.However; instead of the whiskey in the wood , I put the wood in the whiskey and have toasted the oak staves in the oven to char more with honey and cinnamon and the Bell's whiskey I get as prezzies now become drinkable bourbon style's Bell's ..but to my own spec's great !
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
I think that is what they call the 'Angels share'!!!!!
Luke , United Kingdom
9 years ago