Salbertrand Cocktail Mix - 1960s

Italian Spirit • 40%
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Salbertrand Cocktail Mix - 1960s
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Country Italian Spirit
Distillery/Brand Distilleria Erboristica Alpina Salbertrand

Salbertrand Mix - 1960s

Rather surprisingly, this 1960s bottle of Salbertrand Cocktail Mix has a label that is really quite similar to the Worship Street Whistling Shop's Cream Gin label, in that they both have diagrams of stills on them. Sadly, the Salbertrand label is not exactly clear on which cocktails this mix makes, choosing to just go for the generic term "cocktail", so answers on a postcard if you happen to know.

At some point over the years, someone has written a little note about the bottle size on the label with a blue pen. The bottle remains in good condition otherwise.

Please note that the label does not state the volume of this product and that it is being sold as a collectable item only, we make no warranty or undertaking regarding the contents.

This bottle was part of a private collection - if you'd like more detailed photos just get in touch!

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