Rum Bothy Spiced 70cl

Scotch Rum • 70cl • 40%
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Rum Bothy Spiced
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Country Scotch Rum
Region Scotch Rum
Distillery/Brand Gin Bothy
Style Spiced Rum

Rum Bothy Spiced

Those Gin Bothy folks have turned their attention to rum! This Spiced variant sees a base of cask-aged rum infused with spices, including local saffron hand-picked in the Strathmore valley. You can bet it's a winner with ginger beer!

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Distinctive notes of saffron, with baking spices, brown sugar and flamed orange peel.

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Reviews for Rum Bothy Spiced
High quality and unique saffron laced rum.
Only just discovered this at a rum festival and it is something special. Hits the tongue like a sweet liqueur then the sweetness disolves and the exotic saffron flavours roll onto your tongue. Benefits from being chilled and makes one of the best rum old fashions I've enjoyed. The saffron aftertaste is fantastic - a really high quality drink.
Neil M , United Kingdom
one year ago
Recently started getting into spiced rum - particularly those you can sip (as a whisky sort of person - a drink that can hold its own without a mixer appeals to me)!
I was in the Lake District and found this bottle at a local shop in Pooley Bridge; they couldn’t tell much about it, but the label and spice mix read well so I risked it - and Wow!!! The spices really do hit, nothing false or overly flavoured with vanilla. It certainly feels and tastes like there is a cask aged rum in there, and with each sip you explore more of the spices inside! I agree with a previous review where the spices are a little Christmassy, and beautiful and smooth and very very more-ish!!!
As a usual whisky/whiskey drinker I have to say that this is slightly on the sweet side, but the brown sugar / molasses type hit somewhere amongst the other spices is something you start to search for, gives a real mouth feel, and adds to the great complexity of this rum.
Rest assured it is a wonderful balance between brown sugar and complex tasting notes (as a previous review has stated - like cloves, nutmeg, and warmth from saffron) that you might expect from two different styles of rum.
The complexity really appeals to me - a usual whisky drinker, but additionally it is also exceptionally smooth and easy to drink.
We had it during a birthday celebration in the lakes, and found neat sipping was the best way to drink it (the bottle did not last long over the few days we were there). The spices can get a little lost if you have it with Coca Cola - as does the warming kick, but I would imagine it would go well with a ginger ale.
I hope Bothy do not change anything about this rum, it is Amazing (in my exploration of spiced rum, others are not quite measuring up) and I intend to buy more.
Hattie , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Buy it you won't be disappointed!
Probably the best spiced rum ever!
Brian , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Bought a bottle recently at the Game Fair at the producer's stand and I love it. Really lovely christmassy spices of nutmeg and cloves and a background sweetness. The saffron isn't very obvious in the same way it is in food but it adds a gentle warmth. This is so easy to sip neat - not hot at all, you'd actually think it was of a lower abv it's so smooth. Would mix well with ginger ale or make a great hot toddy. Best spiced rum I've tried and would recommend.
Timothy G , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Wow wow wow I amazing taste
Omg I love this gin it’s smooth silky and tastes amazing I travel to this distillery every year just to get this gin ! Amazing
Neil petrie , United Kingdom
3 years ago