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Douro Amontillado Sherry

Amontillado sherry, traditionally associated with the Jerez region in Spain, finds an unexpected yet intriguing connection with the Douro Valley in Portugal, a region world-renowned for its port wine. The introduction of Amontillado sherry bottling in the Douro region represents a fascinating blend of Spanish and Portuguese wine traditions, showcasing the fluidity and exchange of practices within the Iberian Peninsula's wine industry.

Amontillado sherry is a unique and complex fortified wine, known for its distinct nutty flavour, amber hue, and a balance between the freshness of a Fino and the richness of an Oloroso. This style of sherry undergoes a dual ageing process - it begins under a layer of flor yeast, characteristic of Fino sherries, and then transitions to oxidative ageing, akin to Oloroso, resulting in a wine that embodies characteristics of both.

In the Douro Valley, known for its steep terraced vineyards and a climate conducive to the production of fortified wines, local bottlers have ventured into the realm of Amontillado sherry. While the terroir and climatic conditions differ from Jerez, these bottlers leverage their extensive experience in fortified wine production to create Amontillado-style sherries that resonate with the region's character. This initiative is a testament to the Douro's innovative spirit and its capability to diversify beyond its traditional port wine production.

The Douro-bottled Amontillado sherries exhibit a unique profile influenced by the region's distinct terroir. These wines might offer subtle variations from their Jerez counterparts, displaying nuances imparted by the Douro Valley's soil types, topography, and microclimates. Nonetheless, they retain the essential characteristics of classic Amontillado sherry - a dry palate, nuanced layers of flavour, and an elegant structure.

Bottlers in the Douro Valley approach the production of Amontillado sherry with respect for its Andalusian roots, combining traditional methods with local influences. The result is a fortified wine that not only pays homage to the classic Spanish Amontillado but also reflects the rich winemaking heritage of the Douro region. This endeavour enriches the diversity of the global sherry market and signifies a remarkable interplay of Iberian wine cultures.

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