Bán Poitín 70cl

Irish Poitin • 70cl • 48%
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Bán Poitín
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Country Irish Poitin
Distillery/Brand Bán Poitín

Bán Poitín

A new edition of Bán Poitín, released in 2015 at 48% ABV. They use a combination of potatoes, malted barley and sugar beets to create this intense Irish spirit. Poitín was banned in Ireland in the 17th century, but it was only relatively recently that the ban was lifted! This works rather well in cocktails, and can be sipped neat too...

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Reviews for Bán Poitín
A I am just after buying some more !
My son was born in England,and have tasted poteen,he is Irish. God bless all here.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
A pleasant sipping poitin
Upon first opening the bottle I noticed the strong, but not off-putting, smell. Has a smooth, almost chewiness to the drink with a slight aftertaste.
Jacob R , United States
6 years ago
What a beautiful bottle and a great little spirit
Bought on a whim, went back to be sure (to be sure!). Strong stuff but slips down nicely.
Chris , United Kingdom
8 years ago
What is this magic juice?
I have now bought a number of bottles of Ban Poitin and im still waiting for the one thing that usually comes with indulging in alcohol.... namely a hangover. Where is it? What have they done to it? Is this stuff magic?

Not only is it a lovely drink both neat and mixed (tastes fantastic as a substitute in both whiskey and gin cocktails), but even after consuming a little more than I probably should have (2 of us went through the lions share of a bottle at BYOC cocktail bar) I woke up the next day without the usual dry mouth, sore head and regret. Im not sure how they have managed it but I have to congratulate the makers on a very fine product. Highly recommend!
James K , United Kingdom
8 years ago