Ungarnished SOUR agent 50cl

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Ungarnished SOUR agent
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Country English Mixers
Distillery/Brand In Situ Drinks

Ungarnished SOUR agent

Ever struggled to get a sour cocktail exactly how you want it? Well, struggle no more, because Ungarnished SOUR agent was created to substitute the citrus, sugar, and egg white all in one bottle. It's a blend of two natural acids alongside hydrocolloids (aka, thickeners) and natural extracts, and is even vegan friendly. Just shake it over ice with equal parts of your spirit of choice, and voilà! You'll have your sour.

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Sulphur Dioxide / Sulphites Yes
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Reviews for Ungarnished SOUR agent
Successful effortless drinks!
I bought it for my Thanksgiving party to try it for my home made xmas sour cocktails and got amazed with the results!! This product is delicious, foamy and ideal for my vegan buddies! Saved so much time - and money! - in buying ingredients that this product offers in a bottle. Just add it in your favorite spirit and that does the work, definitely buying it again!
EvaMar , United Kingdom
one year ago
Great product
I am using it at my bar, and is absolutely effective! The foam does not go down whatsoever and the flavour of the cocktail is way above the average! Highly recommended!
Sotirios , United Kingdom
one year ago